Teens React To Creeper Aw Man Discord Game (Ft. CaptainSparklez)

Teens React To Creeper Aw Man Discord Game (Ft. CaptainSparklez)

– ♪ …diamonds tonight– ♪ – ♪ Somebody once… ♪
– Oh, why did you do that? – That’s what’s impressive to me
is they’re not like, “What is this? I have no idea what we’re doing.”
They’re getting on board even if it is the wrong lyric. ♪ (punk rock intro) ♪ – ♪ Creep, creeper ♪
– Yo, I used to listen to this! – ♪ Creep, creeper ♪
– I just saw this. (chuckles) – ♪ Creeper ♪
– (chuckles) – ♪ Aw, man ♪
– Wait, I have no clue what this is.
– Is this a Minecraft song? – (sings along) ♪ Aww, man! ♪
– (sings along) ♪ So, we back in the mine ♪
♪ Got our pickaxe swinging from side to side ♪
♪ Side, side to side ♪ – (voice-over) What the [bleep]?
– (laughs) – ♪ Side to– ♪
– (voice-over) Ame, that’s wrong. – (voice-over) What the [bleep]?
– (voice-over) No, it’s not you. – Are you they trying
to make a song out of it? – It started off with CaptainSparklez,
who’s the man, the myth, the legend of YouTube.
He made this music video, probably five or six years ago.
So, the whole joke is when someone says “creeper,” someone has
to respond with, “Aww, man!” And then you have to sing
the song step by step. If you mess up,
you have to start over. – (sings along) ♪ Aww, man ♪
♪ So, we back in the mine ♪ ♪ Got our pick– ♪
(gun clicks) (laughs)
– I have absolutely no idea what this is other than
that it’s talking about Minecraft. – (FBE) So Jordan, you are here today,
because this trend involves the hugely popular song you made,
so we wanted your perspective, even though, of course,
you are not teen. – Yeah. No, it’s kind of weird,
’cause this is, like– I never expected that this
would be recycling so many years later,
’cause I was on here– or my videos were on here
a while back, and it included this, but now we’re here again.
– (FBE) To give you a little bit of context, this is a game
based on the song lyrics where Discord users try to sing
the entire song by posting one lyric at a time.
And then if they repeat any of the lyrics
or get the lyrics wrong, they kind of have to start over
from the first lyric of the song again.
– Ohh, okay. – ♪ Creeper ♪
♪ Aww, man ♪ ♪ So, we’re back in the… ♪
– Who’s editing these? – ♪ …pickaxe swinging from… ♪
– Oh my god. These edits are really chaotic.
– ♪ This task, a grueling one ♪ – This is the kind of thing
that would make me leave a Discord chat.
– On one hand, I feel like I need to apologize to everyone,
’cause so many people who moderate Discords
and Twitch chats have had to blacklist the word “creeper.”
I’m sorry to you guys. I never intended this to be a thing.
I don’t know how it happened. – ♪ Hope to find diamonds tonight– ♪
– ♪ Somebody once… ♪ – (laughs)
– ♪ Hope to find diamonds tonight– ♪ – ♪ Somebody once… ♪
– Ah, why did you do that? – (man) Toki yo tomare!
– (chuckles) – (voice-over) Great work,
team. We killed Polnareff! [Bleep] was late.
– It’s just funny. I don’t know why,
but it’s funny. – I would not have patience for that.
I would be like, “Oh, we messed it up? Okay, bye internet.” (chuckles)
– ♪ Aww, man ♪ – ♪ Somebody– ♪
– (laughs) I appreciate how much
free time people have. – ♪ Creeper ♪
♪ Aww, man ♪ – This song is gonna
start giving me PTSD soon. – ♪ …side to side ♪
♪ Side, side to side ♪ ♪ This task, a grueling one ♪
– Okay, here we go. – ♪ …diamonds tonight,
night, night ♪ – I just wanna see some resolution.
I wanna see this song just finish itself.
– ♪ Total shock fills your body ♪ ♪ Oh no, it’s you again ♪
– Wow, we’re getting kind of far. – ♪ …forget those eyes, eyes, eyes ♪
– That’s clever. That’s good. That’s good.
– ♪ …baby tonight ♪ – (laughs)
– ♪ The creepers tryna steal ♪ – (sings along) ♪ The stuff again ♪ – Are you gonna actually
make it all the way through? ‘Cause people were saying online
that they hadn’t seen it before, so… – ♪ ‘Cause baby, tonight ♪
♪ The creepers tryna steal all your stuff again ♪
– Yo, they’re gonna get this done. – ♪ Stuff agai– ♪
– (voice-over) I gotta sleep, sdvsdfv.
– (laughs) – I don’t know if anyone actually
has made it all the way through yet other than me on my Discord.
– ♪ Creeper ♪ ♪ Aw, man ♪
– I’ve seen this one. They posted it on my subreddit,
and I think it’s one of the top posts of the week right now.
– No way. – So, they’re doing it on Minecraft.
Oh, is this a music video? – ♪ Creeper ♪
– (chuckles) – ♪ Aww, man ♪
– What the? This is like another level
of Minecraft. – What did they just build?
Are those drums, like music boxes? – Oh, that is so cool!
– ♪ …our pickaxe ♪ ♪ Swing it from side to side ♪
– This is what Minecraft’s all about. – ♪ Side, side to side ♪
– I used to play these mini games all the time as a kid
when Minecraft was my only worry, before high school. (chuckles) It just brings back
so, so many memories. – ♪ ‘Cause baby, tonight ♪
– It’s in Skywars too! How?! How do you manage to do that?
– This is so crazy actually. – This is why people spend hours
and hours on this app and become so good and addicted,
because it’s honestly addicting. There’s always something to do.
I mean, look at these people. They literally just made a song. – (FBE) So, the song being used here was released back in 2011
by the YouTuber CaptainSparklez. – I love CaptainSparklez. (laughs)
I used to watch him all the time. – I used to watch his video
a lot as a kid. He was one of the big YouTubers
when it all just kicked off, and I’m so happy he’s still around.
– (FBE) Now, we’re gonna be showing you a bit of the original
CaptainSparklez video that started this whole thing.
– Yeah, let’s see what was so magnetic about this video.
♪ (upbeat dance music) ♪ – Oh, this really brings me back
to when everyone would make these, and I used to watch
all the Minecraft parodies. – ♪ So, we back in the mine ♪
– This is so cool. – (sings along) ♪ So,
we back in the mine ♪ ♪ Got our pickaxe swinging
from side to side ♪ I don’t know what it is about it
where I could still remember all the lyrics back from 2011. It’s weird, you know?!
– ♪ …side to side ♪ ♪ Side, side, to side ♪
– Oh, yeah. That’s cool. He got his sunnies on pretty good.
– I bet you this took so much time and effort, so I respect that.
That’s a lot. – ♪ You hear a sound,
turn around and woke up ♪ – See, when I rewatch it
at this point, I’m just like, it’s so basic versus
the later music videos, which were mostly not animated
by me at that point. But this was all my animation,
and I had never done animation before, so it’s just… I was trying my best,
and I guess people still enjoy it, so it’s good to see.
– This is so accurate, though. I get so nervous if a creeper
comes on my screen. – ♪ I can never forget
those eyes, eyes, eyes ♪ – (sings along) ♪ Eye, eye, eyes ♪
– ♪ ‘Cause baby, tonight ♪ – I love it. It’s so great.
It’s so perfect. – ♪ …steal our stuff again ♪
– Wow. Honestly, pretty good quality for a music video.
– Specifically, watching this video, it brought nostalgia,
which is kind of weird. But yeah, Minecraft is one
of my favorite video games. I’m not gonna lie.
– (FBE) So, we wanted to show you a graphic of your “Revenge”
music video, showing you what’s happened from this trend.
– Yes, give me my data and analytics please.
This is so weird. What the heck?
A couple weeks ago, by the time this go up,
I had my highest view day ever on YouTube. I thought
I had peaked already. Now, though,
I know I’ve peaked. And it’s all downhill
from here. (laughs) – (FBE) Before we talk about all this,
we’re curious to know why do you think this trend
got so big. – I feel like– (chuckles)
I feel like the people who like this song and are into
the Minecraft memes and the fandom, I really think they’re the ones
driving this force. – Minecraft was something
I played a lot in elementary school and middle school,
and then it kind of died off. All the memories are coming back,
and all those music videos and things are floating back in,
and I think that was the biggest one. – People kind of wanna feel nostalgic,
and once they saw how big it blew up back then, they kinda
wanna bring it back. And younger kids that
still play Minecraft, they can now enjoy it
with the people who are older. – You have Reddit to thank.
You have PewDiePie to thank and a whole bunch
of other major YouTubers that all jumped on that train
when they could. And it’s a great train.
– It got in the top spot in a couple categories
for United States at the very least, home page, so it was right there.
And I think it was probably at a couple million views
in the first day or two before the home page cycled out.
And then it being a music video, it kind of just keeps
that upward trajectory, because people rewatch it,
and YouTube likes music in general. It seems like it’s still
going a little bit, but I’m sure like anything else,
it’s gonna fizzle out. It’s nice that Minecraft
is back on top. – (FBE) So, some people are thinking
part of why this is happening is how Minecraft recently
once again became the most-searched game on YouTube,
surpassing Fortnite for the first time since 2017.
– Surpassed Fortnite in 2019? What?!
– Most searched game on YouTube. It’s always been the most popular.
It still had the most players out of any game still.
And that’s crazy to me, ’cause it’s never died.
– (FBE) So, as someone who spends a lot of time on the platform and is
well-versed in this whole world, why do you think Minecraft
has this type of massive following? – I mean, I can say why it has
a massive following in general. I don’t know why it’s resurged.
That is still a mystery to me. The game has always had a ton
of community-generated mods and maps and just content in general.
And that’s what’s kept the game alive. There’s some mystery spark
that kind of got the interest in, and once other creators saw that,
then they were like, “Oh, I can play this.
My audience might be interested.” And then it brought more people
who had forgotten about it or hadn’t played it before.
And all of a sudden, they’re interested,
then more YouTubers get on board. And it’s just kind of this cycle.
– (FBE) So, versions of Minecraft were released back in 2009, which means you really grew up with Minecraft. – I did. I love Minecraft.
I don’t care what people say. Y’all can make fun of me.
I don’t care! – It was a big part of my childhood.
And even now, I’ll play it. – I had Minecraft sleepovers,
I think, (laughs) with my cousins, and we’d play Minecraft together.
– It was a big part of my childhood. I played a lot with my brothers.
I played hours and hours. I have so many worlds I built.
– (FBE) So, from a teen perspective, how would you say Minecraft
is viewed now amongst you and your friends?
– I think for a long time, like end of middle school,
most of high school for me, it was not cool anymore.
Everyone stopped playing it. Everyone was like,
“That’s for little kids,” ’cause they started
marketing it towards that. Now, we have a server together
with everyone who graduated my high school.
And we’re all playing together and having fun again.
– I still do have a lot of friends my age that play Minecraft.
They recently bought Minecraft. So, I actually think
that Minecraft is growing more than when I was growing up.
– It’s very timeless. If you liked Minecraft
when you were younger, you still like it now.
– There’s not a person that I’m friends with
that doesn’t like it. Everyone grew up with Minecraft.
Everyone has that nostalgia factor, and everyone loves it.
What’s not to like about it, you know? It’s great.
– (FBE) Since CaptainSparklez played such an important role in all this,
we really wanted to include him in this discussion,
so he’s actually gonna be in this episode with you.
– Really? Oh, hey, CaptainSparklez! – No way! CaptainSparklez!
How you doing?! That’s so cool. – CaptainSparklez, I love you! I was definitely
your number one fan before. – You have made a big,
big impact on my life. You influenced my childhood,
and I think it’s absolutely sick that you blew up again, you know?
You really deserve it. – (FBE) Finally, since this trend
is so big right now, we really wanted to have
you try it out. – Ooh, okay! I’m excited!
I don’t know what I’m gonna do. – (FBE) So, the FBE Discord
is 8,000 users strong. And they include members
of our SuperFam, so let’s see if anybody
is over there. – Yes, let’s do it!
– Oh, are all these people– are they on right now?
– They’re gonna be like, “Yeah, right. This is probably not you.”
(laughs) – All right, here we go. Creeper.
– Creeper. Oh, god. I hope this one works out.
“Aw, man.” Okay. Someone hit it with me
back in the mine. Someone gotta do it.
“So, we back in the mine.” Okay! It’s working out so far.
(laughs) And here’s where my memory stops.
– “Got out pickaxe swinging from side to side.”
Okay. I think they’re waiting
for each other to do it, so they don’t mess up.
“Side, side to side.” – Okay.
– ♪ Side to side ♪ ♪ Side, side ♪
Side, side to side. ♪ This task, a grueling one ♪
Back. That’s Agus.
Thank you, Agus! Then Liz, take it away!
Oh, she’s listening to it. I could tell.
I see her. ♪ Hope to find some diamonds
tonight, night, night ♪ – What?! (claps) Gomi! – Uh… still some
aw, man’s going on. We’re– (laughs) This task–
oh, no. He got it. Hope to find some diamonds.
– This is pretty awesome. (chuckles) I understand now.
I’m in it. I just posted one,
and then people are coming back, like, “Yeah!
I know the lyrics! Let’s do this!”
And then they’re singing the lyrics. – “Total shock fills your body.”
“Got our pickaxe”– (chuckles) I’m flattered that most of the people
know what’s going on here at least. That’s what’s impressive to me
is they’re not like, “What is this?
I have no idea what we’re doing.” They’re getting on board
even if it is the wrong lyric. All right, everyone.
I think we got the bit. Thanks for your participation. Sorry for ruining
your Discord channel. – Thanks for watching
this episode of Teens React. – Subscribe and hit the bell,
so you never miss an episode. – Thanks for watching. Bye!
– Hey, everyone! Lauren, producer here at FBE.
Thank you so much for watching this episode of Teens React,
and thank you so much to CaptainSparklez for coming out
and filming with us today. Make sure you go support
his channel and subscribe. Links are gonna be
down in the description. Bye, everyone!


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