Teens React to The Hunger Games

Teens React to The Hunger Games

Cool a movie. It’s the Hunger Games trailer isn’t it EEEEE I’m so excited for this movie Ahhh Primrose Everdeen I volunteer as tribute I’m excited Oh my god One more Week, One more week God, I love him Oh, he’s cute That looks badass, I get the butterflies
everytime I see that I love when I actually read books, and like I’m actually reading that book, I’m actually reading! so what did you just watch I just watched The Hunger Games trailer The Hunger Games trailer The Hunger Games trailer And have you ever heard of the Hunger Games? Yes, yes No, of course I have! People at
school have been talking about it Did you know that the Hunger Games was originally a book series? Yes, yes, I didn’t know there was three I just thought it was that one book But then my friends were like, “Oh, I’m reading the third one,” and it’s like, “Oh.” They did a Kermit voice? Have you read The Hunger Games books? Yeah, yes, yes I read the first one I just finished reading the last book in the series. Yeah, like, I asked my friend to borrow the books They was right, basically, when they started filming. Day 1, like I have a website where I was checking, every day, all the new Hunger Games updates Have you read the books? No, I really want to, kinda got bored in the middle so I didn’t finish it, it looked like a really interesting story, but I’m too lazy to read books I’m not a big reader, I’d rather watch the movies. Movies over books any day. Do you know what the Hunger Games is about? Nope The United States has been split into 12 districts by the Capital Every year they have what they call “The Hunger Games” They take two kids from each district, one boy and one girl, and they send them off to fight to the death Katniss, she volunteers for her sister because her sister gets chosen The Capitol does this now to, like, control the districts and be like, we still have power over you, like, we can kill your kid If you don’t win, you die Like, can you imagine? It’d be so scary Does it remind you of any other story or movie? Well, it reminds me of communism The Island It’s kinda like gladiators It kinda reminds me of Robin Hood ’cause she’s like, bow and arrow No, it’s so unique and such an original idea And do you have a favorite character in the Hunger Games? I’m gonna be really cliché, Katniss Katniss, Katniss, of course As a feminist, she’s a strong, powerful woman, but, Josh Hutcherson is like the cutest thing ever She’s a strong female, she’s not like Bella where she doesn’t do anything except love someone Do you want Katniss to be with Peeta or Gale? Peeta, Peeta, Gale, Gale Peeta, Peeta sounds like a piece of bread, so I’m gonna say Gale, just because it sounds like wind Peeta, Peeta, Gale, Peeta because he sounds British Gale’s played by Liam Hensworth, who’s an idiot because he dated Miley Cyrus, talk about gross Ew, Peeta, yes, done, decision made It is not Twilight people, these are not teams! Why does anything that comes along after Twilight have to be, “It’s team this vs. team this?” Do you think the movie will be as good as the book? I never think that the movie is as good as the book It’s never as good as the books, so no I hope so, I hope it doesn’t like, ruin it They have an A-list cast, I mean Jennifer Lawrence who was already nominated for a fricking Oscar Oh my god, I think the movie’s gonna be so good I hope they don’t do the movie like The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo where they completely ruined the second book by adding something into the first movie Do you think The Hunger Games is the next big movie franchise like Harry Potter or Twilight? Yeah, I would say so Everyone’s excited about it, everyone’s like, “Oh, I’m gonna go see it at midnight.” Probably will be because Harry Potter ended. Most of the Potter fans are Hunger Games fans It’s like the one big thing that I actually group with people about. Other than that, I’m just like, “Nope.” If you had to compete in a fight to the death with other teens would you do it? You mean you’re giving me an option? Course I’d do it, I don’t wanna die. Well, I’ll probably die anyway, but, you know, still. I would fight, I would wanna go back to my family You gotta go down with a fight, you know what I mean? You gotta at least try Yeah, ’cause I’m a ninja What would be your strategy? Uh, kill everyone Stalk people as they’re walking through the forest and when they get close to me, jump up and stab them in the neck And then run away, laughing like a maniac I’d probably pull a Foxface I wouldn’t want to kill someone unless I had to I have a twin brother, so do you want to know what that means? I’d play for half the game, and then when I get tired, switch out And then he’d be at full energy like smack, smack, smack, boom, boom, pow, pow, cut, cut, easy Would you volunteer for the Hunger Games if you were gonna save a sibling? Absolutely, I would volunteer If my little sister got called, I’d volunteer as tribute No, un-un, I’d let them go My brother annoys me, probably not Not for my siblings, me and my brother don’t get along Maybe my baby brother, when he gets older If you don’t be a good brother, I’m not gonna volunteer and save your life And do you think the story has symbolism the idea of a bunch of young people being forced into a fight to the death? Ya, like, the war. Like, there are two many 18-year-old and 19-year-old boys over to fight in the war Society is going to take your kids, chew em up and spit em out It’s like a dog eat dog world It’s a big comparison to how, reality TV has kinda, taken over our world Some day that could be us, and that’s really scary, like watching people die on TV Why do you think people like the Hunger Games so much? It appeals to a lot of different people I don’t know what it was about, I just couldn’t put the book down I don’t know, like, it’s so addicting Well, some people just like it because everybody else like it, band wagoners I think competition is a big thing, they wanna see who’s gonna win It’s a great story about what would happen if you’re pushed to the limits and what you would do to survive It makes you laugh at some parts, it makes you cry. Like, I was bawling in the first book Some people say that the Hunger Games is too violent for teens (mocking) That’s so dumb Do you agree with that? I disagree with that Not now-a-days, no. Video games that kids play now, no way, like, no Some of the stuff that I’ve seen on Law & Order, that’s pretty much worse than just a bunch of kids fighting You’re not gonna be like, “Oh, I’m gonna go and kill this person with a bow because I saw it in the Hunger Games.” That’s not, the creator of The Hunger Game’s responsibility to make sure that they’re not killing 23 children The person who gives the child the book The Hunger Games to read should be the same person who explains the concepts death and violence and killing And, are you going to see The Hunger Games? Yes Yeah No Yeah, definitely Yes No Yes I will be the first in line YES! I’m trying to find people who will go with me at midnight. Yes, I am. Camping out for the star premiere and the midnight premiere Yeah, that author, she’s gonna get bank from this, huh? Susan Collins is rolling in dough, huh? 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  1. If u r on team Gale then eff u! (Just my opinion but seriously,PEETA IS THE SEXIEST MAN ALIVE). Peeta makes me melt into a puddle of warm loviness that is unexplainable but the closest thing to it is true wonderful love.

  2. If I was on there I would have been jumping up and down screaming every word of the trailer I memorized it the first day I came out!!!!!!!!!

  3. They missed so much in thg or changed it. Like how kat is gets the pin from the store instead of Madge. Magde isn't even included!

  4. I have a problem! I am so obsessed with both the movies and the books! SO OBSESSED with the Hunger Games!

  5. PErsonally I watch all the Harry Potters, LoTRs and Star Wars movies once a year… Why? It's my civic duty to help defeat the dark powers once a year^^

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