Terence Mckenna – A species addicted

Terence Mckenna – A species addicted

Our unhappy addicted ego driven condition
has become not simply the source of our own unhappiness that was bad enough but now its
the source of great discomfort and dislocation for all life and human society on the planet.
We are out of control. We are basically severely addicted to things, and cant not stop ourselves.
And we know, or we should know, that there is not enough petroleum or heavy metals in
the planet to give all the thing addicts all the things that we know they must have in
order to be happy We have spread this intellectual virus from
pole to pole, from Turkmenistan Borneo, to the upper amazon to the Himalayas, what are
we going to do about this? Well so far we’ve been treating this like an endless garden
party, there’s no serious plan on the table to deal with this at all. Culture is a shabby lie. Well at least this
culture is a shabby lie. If you work like a dog you get 260 channels of bad television
and a German automobile, what sort of perfection is that? Religion is completely devalued,
and consumer object fetishism is the only value that we collectively recognize. I’m
sure you’ve seen the T-shirt that says ‘he who dies with the most toys wins’ That is
in fact the banner under which we are all flying here. And the level of unhappiness
is immense, I mean the level of unhappiness between the poor they’ve always been miserable,
but we’ve created something entirely new in the human history, and utterly miserable ruling
class! Where is life carrying us? What is this all
about? its is carrying us towards extinction so the rest of nature can heave an enormous
sign of relief and get back to the business of whatever they are doing out there, or is
it in fact carrying us towards some kind of transition? No one of us, I think, can imagine that history
could go on for another thousand years. I mean, what would it look like? At the current
rate of population growth, spread of epidemic disease, rate of invention, connectivity,
depletion of resources, the atmosphere… it is impossible to conceive of another thousand
years of human history. History, then, is ending. History is a kind of gestation process;
it’s a kind of metamorphosis; it’s an episode in
the life of a species. If you think of the simple example of metamorphosis
— that of caterpillar to butterfly — we all know that there is this intermediate resting
stage where the caterpillar is, for all practical purposes, enzymatically dissolved, and then
reconstituted as an entirely different kind of organism, with different physical structures,
different eyes, different legs, a different way of breathing; with wings, where no wings were before; with a different kind of feeding apparatus — this is what’s happening to us. History is a process of metamorphosis. It’s a pupation stage. It begins with naked monkeys, and it ends with a human machine planet-girdling interface capable of releasing the energies
that light the stars. And it lasts about fifteen or twenty thousand years, and during that
period the entire process hangs in the balance. It’s a period of high risk. It’s like what
a butterfly is doing in a cocoon, or what is happening to a child in the womb: it’s
a gestation process, where one form of life is being changed into another.


  1. Awesome. I'm glad there are many of us doing this. I used some of the same works in my first video – "A Species Out Of Control".
    I will share this on Omega Point's facebook page this weekend.
    Keep up the great work.

  2. None of these changes, none of this hope…. applies to me. I will never set foot on Mars, I will only see it through a telescope. My children 'might' have a chance, if they devote themselves to acquiring a skill set needed to get off-planet, or if they're boneheads they could become pilots in the airforce and at least FLY the ships. This all requires an investment in time that INDIVIDUALLY means I just plug away at attaining a better future for my spawn or their spawn.

  3. Maybe it's just my ego talking…but I would have liked to see something amazing in my own lifetime. Not that the internet or ion-drives or designer organisms aren't amazing mind you… I just don't feel 'safe' in general. It feels like I'm living hand to mouth (in the first world) and I don't feel like I have time to teach my kids to be good primates first, good humans second, and good gods later. I want to see a different 'plan' implemented NOW damnit.

  4. "object fetishism"
    "history is a metamorphoses proces"
    "a gestation proces"
    "what can be imagined, can be made"
    "halucinogens dissolve boundaries"
    😀 "it's just so two minutes ago!"
    — just how perfectly articulated, don't you think 🙂

  5. if you roll off the bottom end of the audio track it will add clarity to the video.. Hi Pass filter set around 90Hz.. Thanks for sharing these awesome videos, I really appreciate them

  6. "One moment you're hunting ungulates on the plains of Africa, the next moment you're hurling a gold terbium super-conducting extra-stellar device towards Alpha Centauri with all of mankind aboard in virtual space that's being run as a simulation in circuitry, ya know?"

  7. Preaach. I ive written down a theory and I think its pretty guud guys. Great to comeback to this video and confirm.

  8. This will help you to evercome addiction and every negative thing your mind creates: go to TruthContest◙com and read ~The Present~

  9. I favorited this video. This video blew my mind.. I feel like i understand so much about ourselves and where we are going. I also worry about how much we are damaging nature… I know no major damage to nature will be very noticeable in my lifetime.. But it makes me sad to think about earth's life in the future.. Hopefully we stop polluting the air and water and everything … Hopefully we as a species get our shit together soon..

  10. We are a species addicted to thinking and it's the veil of thoughts that hides true life from us. Read The Present at TruthContest♦Com

  11. ty channel for the vids of this mind that spoke in the past presence i would like to know is there any minds today that speak knowledge in a similar way i cant categories it because only way i can describe it is a presence of knowing everything but not knowing anything at the same time 0_0?

  12. Great video bro! A great collection of some of Terence's most profound thoughts! The music could stand to be a tad lower, but overall I can't really complain! Thanks for your work!

  13. I just found on an old hard drive the music track to this. I will reupload it soon with the music at half the volume.

  14. Personally, the music playing is irrelevant. You should learn to be able to tune out the music to a certain extent and leave it in the back of your mind, just focus on what he's saying.

  15. Version with half the music volume can be watched here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSgPN1jcr1E

  16. I cannot have my drugs, therefore I blame on society not being perfect. I come up with a BS theory we can save the world by smoking crack. Im going to make all substance abuse loser feels like some worth while shinola.

  17. We live in a culture where brain stimulating things are at our finger tips.. tv, radio, music, sport events, internet, porn, coffee shops, sugar(everything), anti depressants, alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, books, magazines, ipods, ipads, And im sure the list can go on and on.
    psychedelics can pull you back from all of it and focus on whats really important. Everything is a tool on this earth, what you do with that tool can be a generative or degenerative thing. You are the constructor of yourself and society around you.

  18. How many here live environmentally friendly life? Start by becoming vegetarians or even vegans as animal farming is major reason causing deforestation, fresh water depletion and suffering. Better to grow own food. Also important problem is human overpopulation which amplifies damage to planet.

  19. I feel life is some kind of phase transition. Similar to how gas condenses into water when the conditions are right. It will keep going and going now like the energizer bunny until we stop it or something else does. What else will be do when we reach some kind of divine technological era? Jump from one universe to another for eternity?

  20. Yeah cheers I wanted some strange psychedelic music video with the faint inaudible sound of terrace somewhere in the background 👍🏻

  21. Terence is amazing. Also, hearing 'Late October' in this video was a special treat. I want to recommend everyone check out the record 'The Pearl.' A truly brilliant ambient record.

  22. The economic machine and the intentions and mindset which has built it drives masses of humans to become mindless consumers.

  23. We are since Terence 2/3 steps more forward than we are thinking about in the ‘80. (If you have any questions talk to your shaman of interest).

  24. A dopehead like mckenna talking about "a species addicted?" That's fucking hilarious. Must be one of those self-referential jokes.

  25. 1. people with strong boundaries who want to see more. well integrated ego.
    2. people building boundaries who can hardly make sense of the sober world. still developing to fit social constructs.
    1. take psychedelics. traditionally
    2. meditate. traditionally

  26. It's an amazing piece. A work of art. Thank u for making this! Btw, the people bitching about the sound are being ridiculous. It only serves to amplify the intent. It's good choice of music. Imo, of course. Ppl need to learn to listen. The folks probably have never done an ambitious work like this. Fools

  27. Mars is our warning sign; what we are destined to do to ourselves if we don't change course. Getting back in tune with Nature, internal and external, that's our priority. Anything that doesn't align with our Nature should be quarantined. Poisoning our water, air, land should be a sin, and against the law. Pollution of planet or each other. Pollution of ourselves.

  28. The more I watch this man's stuff, the more I realize how wise and intelligent he was. Truly one of the greatest minds of this generation and perhaps one of the great minds in human history. Great video accompanying him as well.

  29. We are ugly as fuck and need to go away. Antinatalism = Love I think most of the Ancient Romans were miserable too. We are nothing new.

  30. 012345678910*019876543210
    Th1s is likely not a good or bad exp1erence in-fact these subjective dualities are completely out of place here, it accepts the 3rd option Rejecting BOTH it is simply effective… Control has many faces.

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