The 1 Bitcoin Show- Leader dependent Tron, Facebook lobbying, Debt ceiling, Lost or saved coins?

The 1 Bitcoin Show- Leader dependent Tron, Facebook lobbying, Debt ceiling, Lost or saved coins?

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoin meister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is
july the 23rd 2019 strong happy unique peace value welded bitcoin having hype
i’m confiscated all offended by selling one bitcoin me was one big coin and
don’t focus your home insider dick coin insider information be in motion people
check me out TCH be alt on twitter i’ve been tweeting stuff out all day my day
was organized very nicely today began things done early really happy about
being in motion that way love to get things done early you feel very
accomplished that way follow me Oh check out disrupt meister calm watch all my
old videos this week at bitcoin was great philippines Brazil and South
Africa we’re in the house I’m planning this this week’s this week in Bitcoin on
Friday remember to get a new show here every single darn day and so yeah but
doing these shows for a long time and today something that I tweeted out there
was a clip from a January 19 2016 of mine when Bitcoin was three hundred and
eighty seven dollars it’s linked to below retweet it it’s only a minute long
you don’t need a long attention span or anything like that what I say is hey
what about all those articles that are coming out about how Bitcoin is only for
white people hey black people if you’re watching this that means you really
should buy Bitcoin now hey I hope so black people took my advice
back back when it was three hundred eighty seven dollars on January 2 19
2016 you can look at it at yourself and I still believe that today that dude
Bitcoin is for anyone it doesn’t discriminate against anyone don’t let it
if you you think this is only for upper-class winkle Dodd
people you’re gonna miss out and that’s why the Winkle vo the Winkle Vaughn they
don’t care so why do people us lie and say it’s just for white people we’re
gonna buy it so well if you’re if you’re a minority and you hear oh it’s just for
white people that’s the sign right there get in on it someone is trying to fudge
you out or someone is trying to virtru signal or make up some again the media
likes sensational headlines and that was what was going on back in 2016 and I
just said it like it was black people buying freaking Bitcoin and guess what
black people you should still be buying it everybody should be buying it all
right tell Matt light button for all the brothers in Baltimore all right so
what’s going on oh the art of holding let’s talk about the art of holding no
Matt Matt O’Dell and of course of course the Bitcoin that I was buying in 2016
I still got my strong hand oh all over that thing be all over that if you know
of course it’s it’s it’s given birth to some be cash and be gold what since then
all right by the way you can get a shirt like this all good lab link to below all
the shirts that I wear on the show it’s basically a new shirt every day dude
like I don’t like 50 Bitcoin shirts thank you for all the support people who
all the people will send me the bitcoins shirts I I can only take about 10 of
them on my travels with me you got a travel light one big suitcase
that’s it what we talk more about that on Saturdays show so Matt Odell has a
tweet the amount of bitcoins supply that has been untouched IET not transferred
for at least five years recently reached an all-time high and we discussed this
show this potentially singles the Bitcoin is increasingly becoming a store
of value as as opposed to a medium of exchange
all right now some of that Bitcoin unfortunately for the people who
originally owned that Bitcoin it’s lost that’s why some of that Bitcoin hasn’t
moved but the chart that he shows also shows that Bitcoin that’s been held for
two years that amount has increased over
time in three years and four years so clearly more people are holding
unfortunately there are some people that are losing awesome now does this mean
you see the amount of Bitcoin hasn’t moved okay in this chart that’s an
underestimate in terms of strong hands that are out
there okay because over a five year period a lot of people including myself
have altered their cold storage techniques so when you’re altering your
cold sore you’re moving your Bitcoin there’s a lot of strong handers out
there that move their Bitcoin every year okay they’re not spending it it’s very
much a store of value to them but see this is the art of holding it’s yeah you
can be holding but you can be moving it around to different storage devices
whether you be pregnant a lot okay so let’s say you wanted to get the B
diamond crypto dividend okay you would have if you were smart and you were
totally safe about it you would have moved your Bitcoin okay you would have
moved your bigger but you wouldn’t look you would have been nothing Bitcoin
during that time period your hand would have become stronger during that time
period but if you were claiming that B diamond crypto dividend which was a for
perform in the crypt of dividend you would have moved your Bitcoin and then
use the use the private key to get your B diamond and though and then of course
turn to be diamond into more Bitcoin and if you’re interested in that kind of
thing you can watch in yesterday’s video I link to a video that I made about how
you can use the guard o wallet to claim your BS V and I also talked about the
diamond claims in that video that is linked to in yesterday’s video it was a
video I made when I was at it was the video I posted when I was travelling
between LA and Baltimore on July 1st I guess it’s my July first video check
that out but anyway yeah you couldn’t do it at a much more in-depth study uh-huh
to see I’m not gonna get into it today you know
this chart is interesting enough you could go in her death if you wanted to
and if you studied like well what are the big addresses that claim B diamond
let me see once they claim there be diamonds if how often the big coin moved
from the address that it was moved to I mean this is complex stuff so no their
chart will not one day probably all right all right what’s this
so yeah there are there are some great super strong hands out there more so
than the chart implies and you could be a super strong and and moving a Bitcoin
for all sorts of reasons but again those people claiming the encrypt of dividends
claiming the be diamond they’re offended by selling of course they just move
their Bitcoin around for safety reasons okay so they here oh the hell that’s a
political political website newspaper of some sort I’ve written comment I’ve read
in a second if you have questions second bitcoinmeister in a chat I’m read one in
a second Facebook and Amazon set lobbying records each company spent a
little more than filled four million dollars on lobbying in the second
quarter the first time either Fuhrer has spent that much on their influence
operations in the capital so Amazon and Facebook are ramping up their bribes of
various politicians and they could go much higher they can go much higher than
four billion per quarter so that’s a reminder right there to all of you who
are like Oh Facebook might not get their Libre past if they’re just starting that
they’re just they’re just starting out with their bribes baby
we are orbit at low bribes you can call it lobbying you go with it but the other
name that was in there too Amazon’s ramping it up too so yeah they’ll be
able to patent but once they asked for their uh cryptocurrency W able to get
see they’re gonna be able to get it also now speaking of
cryptocurrencies yes some of these things get so centralized you wonder is
this even a real cryptocurrency but typo again you know if you want to buy one of
these all coins that’s clearly Center up centralized around a leader around an
ego that’s your that’s your thing but you’re gonna have to deal with events
that happen something that happened today now I don’t like saying Tron on
this site on bottom to say on my channel at all or Justin son I don’t know if
I’ve even said that dudes name ever but all of a sudden they’re a bunch of
rumors about it today not good rumors about it today and whoa
what happens the price of Tron goes down twelve percent because again as you d
put it in any tweet that I mentioned in a recent video some of these coins
depends so much on their founders that if they if their founders had something
very bad happened to them that their the coins would lose an incredible amount of
value and perhaps the come valueless and that is a tremendous difference between
those guys and Bitcoin okay and this today was another reminder to everyone
needs to learn the hard way the difference between being you know
centralized around one leader or and not having a leader at all and not having a
founder at all a founder who’s probably deceased or who knows no founder who’s
known but clearly Justin’s son is known just in this eventually we all leave
this planet okay so these guys will all leave one day and uh yeah you make your
own judgment call on that so Jenny Gilroy said oh my god the
prices fell talking about Bitcoin pack it up he said about the Fiat price
because of course one Bitcoin he was one Bitcoin it’s all over laugh out loud
strong hand exactly I’m laughing out loud all the way to the bank actually
not all the way to the bank all the way to my hardware storage devices found
that black button okay what was that other I had some other good saying the
other day I forgot what was it Oh always they don’t bitcoins except don’t
gamble ever ever played roulette don’t but always been a Bitcoin alright
so guy Bennet said Anders tweeted out we are now only 300 days to having pound
that like button for round numbers oh yeah obviously Anders is if he’s
pretty I love Anders and so all of you should now worship Him because he said a
round number of 303 I mean that’s what people do with like Bowie BOTS and
everything but he says some some fancy number everybody worships him no Anders
is actually smart though and there Anjali
Anders it doesn’t make up I can’t say that word like you know Bowie bot and
all these other nonsense sensationalized individual sensation Eliza I don’t even
know why I use that word sensationalize entities that people just seem to love
the worship again Anders he’s no sensationalize dude although he does
talk about he’s a big fan of hyperbolas ization but that’s that’s a look that’s
his logical he has some logical reason I’m not a I don’t think the whole
world’s gonna hire Bitcoin nah he’s so one day like Anders does but no Anders
is no he is no Bowie bot or any of these other ridiculous ridiculous
sensational people out there okay but I always good to hear that Anders is
tweeting shoutouts to Los Angeles that’s where he is all right hopefully Anders
why I would say hopefully Anders will be on the show so he won’t be because as
long as I’m in Israel this it doesn’t work I can’t get West Coast guests on
when I’m in Israel it’s just time differences too much unless they get up
like they don’t want to get up that early if you live in LA you don’t get
off that early alright oh my god I’ll be talking about Justin Sun let’s talk
about float a dot a PPF lote maybe it’s just float AK
someone left it in my comments they’re like going to be or they are a social
media platform i that’s use cryptocurrency or that is using
cryptocurrency I checked it out briefly didn’t sign up for you yet maybe all of
you can check it out at least someone’s trying here’s a tweet from them it’s
from a pretty woman that works for them who obviously is partially relying on
her looks for attention but whatever that’s some people got do that hi all
just want to eat introduce myself I am the community manager for float and big
backer so it makes me wonder if this float and big backer have are they
related but guess fit backers pretty cool I use big backers link to below
here for all you folks who are looking for a new social network that doesn’t
censor or ban you for speaking your truth that integrates crypto that is
easy to use okay it sounds good community manager lady um I will look
into it some more I just want to throw it out there I haven’t had time to look
into it some more alright so what an ID right here the USA
will easily be able to get away with having no debt ceiling yet again and the
strong hand Bitcoin holders can enjoy the inflationary ride shtf sugar hits
the fan it’s not happening there so many people are like oh god oh god barricade
for the day when sh t FF and the defecation hits the fan and all these
people who just dream of that day happening when they’ll be just chaos now
eighty percent are gonna do what they’re gonna do they love them they love the
credit they don’t care they love the credit cards they love to spend the
stuff USA will always be they just so basically we just raised the debt
ceiling and and the next time that the word worry about it is 2021 so more debt
the United States is taking on more debt printing yet more money whatever
whatever trick they got a pool they’re gonna be able to do it all the other
countries on the planet are doing it or doing it worse than us on a certain
level and so yeah it’s so you don’t want to bow your wealth in fiat because of
this now does that mean the whole that sh t yeah no of course not no it’s you
guys been saying this for years and years and years and you know what they
ate it for seven their lives keep on getting better and
better they really do I mean they have a lot of envy obviously and they’re just
envious people and they can be easily stirred up to vote for certain people
and have envy and say oh you know in an income inequality but man they live the
good life with their credit cards they can buy
Mercedes they can get anything and then they lose it it gets repossess the
weapons I buy a big-screen TV yeah after that they get another credit card all
right and the cycle keeps going going going as long as they you know they have
their bread and circuses they will be fine they won’t be taken to the streets
at shtf isn’t happening but hey so how can you prepare for this we don’t value
wealth and dollars now your wealth and bitcoin hold Bitcoin hold Bitcoin it’s
in terms of dollars it’s it’s going up it’s going up it is a real asset to
success to be successful in life to not be on this constant credit train and
keeping up with the Joneses and really losing value on your dollars but still
having stuff worthless stuff the key to that is having real assets and we also
have the ability to do that the United States can keep them printing money and
keep on raising the debt ceiling that doesn’t mean you can’t have assets get
the best asset out there bitcoin you will be very much
that’s fine you get to live quite a happy life free of uh of giving these
doom holes these very unnatural do molds it’s not happening people David will
people getting away with it US dollar will continue to rule the fiat
world and that’s just the way it is dudes and it’s because the 80 percenters
buy into it you might not buy into it that’s great you understand the
mathematics behind it that did u.s. dollar since 1907 or whatever 1913 is
lost so much value great you understand it you can brag to everyone how smart
you are or you can actually do something about it and buy a Bitcoin okay or you
can do nothing it’s screaming at the top of your lungs how in 2024 it’s all gonna
fall apart and everyone says yeah dad how will the United States be able to
pay for Medicare in 2024 we’re still oh I can’t tell you how just print a bunch
of money and people some people start no no that’s off there you’re you’re
destroying our wealth my savings account oh my god it’s worth so much less well
you should have got big I mean you knew in advance this is going to happen and
then most people won’t even care about that at all because most people don’t
have savings account at all they just know that their credit card will still
be working they’ll be able to end their EBT card will still be working they’ll
still be able to be fed by the government they’ll still be able to get
free software and all this free stuff this will be able to get and again the
people the so-called smart people who had the savings accounts in the 401
okay’s all valued in our IRAs valued in dollars those are the people who are
gonna be a little angry are gonna be angry wait a second I did the right
thing I valued my wealth and dollars and I saved in dollars on dudes get outside
that dollar mindset value your wealth in Bitcoin it’s not just the same it’s a
way of freaking life comment like button but yeah this is great this is great for
big coin and what was announced today that Dave uh that they’ve all of the
Democrats and Republicans have all agreed to spend like crazy keep the
government open and reah reevaluate the debt ceiling way 2021 of course after
the presidential election because they don’t want to they don’t want that to be
a topic they don’t need to argue about that no
no let it be easy for them again let it be easy for us hey they put it they make
it easy for themselves to push off this issue we make it easy for ourselves by
buying big coin how about that alright again or you just complain and complain
and complain and blame complain and complain and predict the world’s gonna
end it’s not anything all right uh wina no
here who says what this is rock rock 873 do you think bitcoiners will become top
of the social sexual hierarchy above athletes rappers etc um I think certain
bitcoiners but how about this wealthy men no matter what they look like no
matter what their age are no matter what assets they hold are very high up there
so bitcoiners will be no different than they are equivalent in terms of real
estate holders and such in the hierarchy so if a woman finds out how wealthy a
certain Bitcoin or is he/she will rank him similarly to the guy who owns that
much real estate will it be cooler at birth them there might be a little bit
of a cool factor in with this new asset class that might rank the Bitcoin er
ahead of the real estate guy I don’t know I don’t know but uh wherever you
think the real estate holders the the investors the bankers with lots of
assets where they rank right now do you think they rank above athletes yeah I
mean that’s where the big point will be once some people catch on and again I
mean if a Bitcoin er was uh really want to signal you know he’d go out to the
bar and rent right now he could figure it out right now a Bitcoin er could go
to a bar to start and buy the whole bar drinks and say hey I’m buying this whole
bar drinks and then immediately some women would start to converse with him
and then he could explain well they’d be like wow how can you do this and hey
have you ever heard of Bitcoin before and they’d be like no no most likely
they say no and then he would explain well I have you know ten million dollars
worth of Bitcoin permitter there you go that’s uh they would rank him
immediately among you know ten million died
dollars worth of assets of new traditional finance guys okay so hey hey
but I’m not saying to do that dudes you gotta value a ruffle Bitcoin because
if you do that do that if you if you go through that scenario and you’re clearly
valuing your wealth in something other than Bitcoin under that scenario and
you’re very likely to weaken your hand on that Bitcoin and start spending it on
really ridiculous things and you know trusting someone that you shouldn’t
trust with your bitcoins so be very careful right there dudes but a very
very interesting question very interesting question okay so there was a
an I didn’t I didn’t link to this someone again and I am tech bought on
Twitter found that like button someone sent me a DM
and it was it was to a tweet where someone thought it was so so a novel
concept like I’m no matter what happens I’m saving one Bitcoin I’m making it and
this is a person who just you know goes buys all coins all days pumps all coins
all day values their wealth and all coins I mean it’s a ridiculous and it
just reminded me like how far removed we are over here in land of insider
information how we’re not in this world this this sector this huge sector of the
crypto world where they are just gambling off coins where they’re valuing
their wealth and all coins and dollars they’re just trying to get more dollars
and they’re just it’s coming to their heads now like yeah maybe I should just
sit at least one at least one Bitcoin the whole point of this is getting more
and more Bitcoin that should be your if you’re trading all coins you should we
try to get more and more Bitcoin one Bitcoin with the heck what the heck
again the name of this show is the one Bitcoin ship is it sets a goal get that
one big coin that’s the first thing you get you don’t become an altcoin trader
do all this nonsense and then realize oh yeah I’ll save one Bitcoin one of these
days so I have one Chile lately the person was talking about is like
insurance like just the case everything goes wrong I’ll have one big one just in
case everything goes wrong no no no if everything goes wrong they’ll be no
there’ll be no big Bitcoin bitcoin is the way you value well that
is the future so you’re a long-term think of you trying to get as much of
that future wealth as possible okay so I don’t it’s just amazing how it was like
a consider an avocado were like oh yeah it’s a good idea I should I said you
know all of these coins I have better better put one big point aside better
put one big one side somebody just shit sent uh seventy South
African Rand hi adam it’s richard from all coin trader yes i remember you met
me in south africa love what you are doing dude well Rick I guess I’ve been
thinking about you a lot lately actually Richard because when I check you were
like the only exchange that still lists be private on there and it’s weird
they don’t coin market cap hasn’t given you the seal of approval yet I don’t
even know why they have I mean there was someone was tweeting out earlier today
that you know what is what’s taking point Mario you know some of these
exchanges that coin market cap is approved that shouldn’t be approved and
what’s gonna take now but man I I’d love meeting you uh and I’ll quote I mean
again dudes you can get you you can try to pick you get big going on there too
you could turn your South African Rand in the Bitcoin on all coin traitor you
can also turn it into all coins that’s your personal business if you do things
like that again I like the big coin baby I say if you’re
in South Africa better get yourself some big coin alright guy Bennett’s and it’s
Richard it is really good to see you in the chat okay thank you for the support
dude and I glad again I’m glad to see that you were we met in March was it
March the 92018 and a lot has changed since then but you guys are still doing
what you’re doing down in South Africa which is great great great you are in
motion as we say alright so yeah we can be friends with all corners to people he
he’s a good guy rich is a good guy alright so uh was lucky enough to check
oh here’s guy Bennett sent and box thanks dude and he says was
lucky enough to check in with Anders he says he’s always open to an invite to
one biklen show of course he yeah yes he knows he loved his two previous
appearance and is willing to work on a schedule for oh he’s willing to work out
a schedule to the place he’s not gonna be able to that get up that early I know
he’s not confused maybe sometimes he leaves California and you’ll be closer
to here we’ll be able to trust me I got my eye on Anders – I have got four I
have got a Bennet and Anders if you’re watching out there now Andrews is in the
chat now I’m sorry thanks for bringing to my attention guys they always love to
work with Adam he is great of course good to see you here
good to see you’re here Anders I do not want to wake up a family man that early
in the morning la time and but I know you do travel and
so everybody loves with Anders is on the show and everybody loves Anders in the
Los Angeles in the Century City Bitcoin community putting on great events he got
tone there he got vortex there he got me to come out there so again I love you
know real people that I meet in person they end up up a long idea on the show –
man I love it that is in motion that is the bitcoinmeister channel meeting Fiat
real people like Richard in South Africa like Anders in Los Angeles like who
knows who else is going to show up one of these days in the chat all right
dudes that’s the end of the show remember one Bitcoin because one Bitcoin
and don’t just stumble into one pick one so maybe I should keep this no that
should be your aim that should be your goal
Val your wealth in Bitcoin because then you don’t have to worry about the money
printing in the United States and all of that stuff – and again the United States
will be able to get away with it just some people their wealth will be
inflated away gradually you on the other hand your wealth will only grow with
Bitcoin all right I’m animation Vikram I see this rotmeister pound that like
button bang that bail button subscribe to the channel new show here every day
click on those squares I’ll say hi to you dues in the chat by


  1. The problem is that black people are strategically not educated on investment opportunities as part of institution racism & oppression, its not just Bitcoin. I'm over here hodling tho.

  2. Coinbase earn gave me $20 in free bitcoin. i took quiz on XML and EOS.

  3. Yeah it's and they have bitcoin wallet wherein you can receive and send. They had their beta release during AnarchoVegas.

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