The 10 CRAZIEST DRUGS You Never Knew Existed!

The 10 CRAZIEST DRUGS You Never Knew Existed!

(heavy breathing) – Okay, I don’t think what that guy gave me was Tylenol. So, growing up we’re all told
by our teachers and parents to never do drugs because
they’re addictive and they’ll ruin your life, baby. And the drugs that they
warn up about are always the same ones, it’s always the
crack cocaine, the meth, and the devil weed. But as scary as those drugs
are, they’re nothing compared to some of the lesser known
drugs that exist that are far stronger and have way scarier affects. So, get ready for this
one because here are the 10 craziest drugs you never knew existed. Number one is The Devil’s Breath. The scopolamine is known on
the street as The Devil’s Breath and can cause
suggestibility and amnesia. The plant that it comes from
is common in South America which makes it popular
with Colombian criminals. The scariest part about it
is that it’s a completely odorless and tasteless powder
that can simply be blown into a victim’s face. Once that happens, the
victim will do anything that the robber says. Everything from emptying
their bank account to opening the front door of their own house. And the worst part is,
they’ll remember none of it the next day. Well, it’s just a good thing
it isn’t easily available here. You want to subscribe to my channel. Oh. Doesn’t work through the camera, huh? Number two is Benzo Fury. 6-APB, better known as Benzo
Fury is a synthetic stimulant that’s similar to MDA. The drug is said to be as
dangerous as ecstasy and causes high blood pressure but the
craziest part is that it’s completely legal. By taking advantage of legal
loopholes, its manufacturers label it as a research
drug which makes it freely and easily available
everywhere from clubs to music festivals and even online. It’s manufacturers claim that
it’s not for human consumption as if they are unaware
people are taking it. Yeah, okay, it just so
happens that a whole bunch of young people are repeat
purchasers of this product because they like doing scientific
research on the weekends. Yeah, ’cause that’s what
they’re using it for. Number three is Dipt. Dipt is a unique drug because
unlike other hallucinogenics that make you see crazy
things, the effects of this one are completely auditory. The effects of this
drug are hearing voices, music is distorted, general
confusion and ringing in the ears that lasts for
up to two full weeks. I’m sorry, but exactly what
part of that is supposed to be fun? Why would you want to take
a drug that makes you sound like you’ve been in a
concert for two weeks? (high-pitched ringing and
distorted voice) Ha ha ha,
everything’s crazy right now, man. Your brain could be melting. I’m Darth Vader. Imagine hearing that. (beep) you up. Number four is Bromo-Dragonfly. Well, this one’s a doozy. Bromo-Dragonfly is a
psychedelic similar to LSD but instead of lasting three
hours, it lasts three days. The drug has such lovely
effects such as seizures, asphyxia, vomiting blood,
spasms in your veins, and can screw up your
blood vessels so badly that you might need an amputation or two. Man, that sounds like fun. You know, call me
unadventurous but I think I’ll stick to having a good
‘ole beer on my night out as opposed to trying a drug
that might transform me into something that look
like the offspring of a meth head and Satan. Call me old-fashioned. Number five is Jenkem. This one’s made of poop. No, seriously, it is. Jenkem also known as butt hash is a hallucinogenic inhalant that’s made from fermented human waste. It’s popular among Zambian
children that store the dookie in a bottle for a week or so. The methane that forms
in the bottle is inhaled which creates visual and
auditory hallucinations for about an hour. A recent interview with a
user of Jenkem described his trip on it as making him
forget all of his worries and on top of that, he saw
visions of his dead mother. You know, all joking aside, I’m
not really one to believe in spirits, but to this guy,
I would just like to say it probably was your mother
you saw in your vision and she probably came
back to earth to ask you why you’re inhaling your own
(beep) you freakin’ psycho. The hell’s wrong wit’ you? Number six is DNP. 2,4-Dinitrophenol, better
known as DNP is popularily taken for weight loss. Essentially what it does is
severely ramp up your body’s energy consumption meaning
that you could literally sit around all day eating
burgers and fries and still lose a ton of weight. Sounds pretty good, right? Well, not exactly because
all of that energy used massively raises your body temperature. So much so that you literally
cook from the inside. Now the drug is officially
discontinued, although it’s still widely available,
especially in online pharmacies. Friends, trust me, if you
wanna lose weight, the only way to do it is to hit up the gym. I mean, that’s how I stay in shape. I would never touch this stuff, what? (smacking) I’m not on it, I swear. Number seven is Etorphine. Etorphine, or M99, works the
exact same way as morphine and heroin except it’s three
to 5000 times stronger. Primarily used to knock out
large animals, it’s so strong that 1/100 of a gram can
knock out an elephant. This drug is so crazy that
simple contact with human skin will cause an overdose. It’s available on the streets
but as you could imagine, it’s not super popular as the
biggest side effect is death. Interestingly Etorphine has
been used in multiple TV shows from The Office to The
Vampire Diaries to Dexter. In fact, that’s the drug
that he uses every episode to knock out his victims. Damn Hollywood, you better
be careful or you’re gonna create some real life psychos. They could be anywhere. Even your computer screen. (ominous music) No, I’m not crazy. No really, I’m not. Number eight is Yage. This drink is a psychedelic
brew of various plants prepared mainly with a
special South American vine that contains the compound DMT. It’s said to be one of the
most effective tools of enlightenment and those
who consume it experience profound positive changes
in their lives afterwards. Of course, I’m not referring
to the side effects of the drug which include potentially
losing your mind, explosive diarrhea, and intense vomiting. But don’t let that scare you. And if that doesn’t
convince you, Courtney Love is a huge proponent of
this stuff and look at how she’s doing. Convincing, I know. Number nine is DMHP. This drug is a super strong
synthetic version of THC which is the active
ingredient in marijuana. It’s a pale yellow oil that
was developed as a non-lethal alternative to fighting by the US Army. Just to give you an idea of
how strong this stuff is, 0.0002 grams of DMHP is
enough to make anybody high as a kite. The way that the Army wants
to use it is in one milligram doses, which is enough to
render an entire group of soldiers inoperative for
up to three full days. Unfortunately but the
1970s, they had developed more effective chemical
warfare agents so research on DMHP was stopped. But I say why? This is literally the perfect
non-lethal alternative to fighting. One single spray of this
stuff over the enemy forces and they’ll go from fierce
fighting enemies to friends that are just looking for
munchies and somebody to watch Netflix with all day. And finally, number 10, Krokodil. This one has to be the
nastiest drug on this list. Desomorphine, known on
the street as Krokodil, is a cheaply made synthetic
morphine that’s made from codeine, iodine, and red phosphorus. It’s essentially a brown
sludge that has similar effects to heroin except it has way
more serious side effects. The users of this drug develop
severely dried out skin that gets quickly eaten away by the toxic ingredients within it. Disturbingly, that’s where
the drug gets its name from because it leaves its
victims looking like they’ve developed crocodile skin. God damn, seriously? Who would ever inject this stuff? You are literally better
off inhaling poop fumes, drinking a hallucinogenic
brew, and getting super high off DMHP all at once
than using this stuff. But no matter what, don’t do drugs, kids. ‘Cause drugs are bad, mm-kay? And that’s it for this video guys. I just wanted to give a
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shooting mud into your arm. That’s gross.
Anyways, bye.


  1. Btw, ecstasy isn't dangerous . There's never been a death on it, only drugs that it has been cut with . It's a great antidepressant drug and helps great with ptsd

  2. I feel like all the people insulting you are the same people that do the harder drugs that actual kill you, or just ruin lives in general lmao. Do your thing Matt.

  3. Like the video but when u compared bromodragonfly to lsd you stated it lasts 3 days instead of 3 hours, lsd doesn't last 3 hours, it can last up to 12 and I've never had a trip last less that 6

  4. Also the yage brew does come with side effects but the vomiting is a purge it is literally your body attempting to rid itself of bile and it's all part of the experience. Mushrooms occasionally are accompanied by a purge as well

  5. Matt, can I talk to you, as a friend ?
    I love your vids and you are a funny man, but sometimes you try a little too hard bro.
    Back up the gas a smidge, homie. Much luv.💖

  6. Hi 👋🏼 Mathew!!
    My story is about that Devil’s Clllaaaww
    This really freakin happened to my
    coworker. He was on vacation. It was blown in his face! And he was left. With nothing but his pants 👖 on..😮. People, would ignore him and thought he was a bum!? Finally,! Another person was on vacation too. So they lent him their phone.. this sh:t. is real.
    Crazy real… you are so freakin cool 😎
    To watch and learn or not!? 😁

  7. Yage is ayahuasca, and DMT is not a vine, it’s a plant, the vine is used to pre occupy what breaks down DMT in your body allowing the DMT to travel to your brain

  8. This dude sucks! He's so far beyond cheesy there's not even a word for it. I would bet my favorite blue bandana and guess that he's never done a drug in his life. He seems like the type of guy who would say "dope" when he's referring to weed. Bring it down a notch and you've got a decent video here, but as is, you might be making a few 9 year olds and a handful of geriatrics laugh. Otherwise, you're just wasting good breathin' air.

  9. That description of yage(ayahuasca) is pretty unfair.

    Most consider that vomiting/diarrhea to be a pretty beneficial purging process.

    Coolest part is it's usually followed by usually equally if not more beneficial set of hallucinations that are pretty damn life changing, good or bad is matter of opinion but what's certain is you're going to learn something regardless

  10. Drugs are just so horrible): people are literally so stupid to put dangerous poison in ur body just bc thay wonder what its like

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