The 3 Main Causes of Depression – Marisa Peer

The 3 Main Causes of Depression – Marisa Peer

– I’m Marisa Peer and
today I’m going to show you how you can naturally beat depression. (upbeat music) If you wanna cure depression you really need to understand what the depression is all about. In my experience, I’ve
worked with depressed people for more than 30 years, I found
there are three big things that cause depression. And if you know what they
are that will help you to get over depression. Here’s number one, and this is huge. In my opinion and in the opinion of many, many people I’ve trained, depression is caused by
harsh, hurtful, critical words that you say to yourself on a daily basis. When you are harsh, hurtful
and critical about yourself it will make you depressed. Imagine you had a roommate who everyday was hurtful, harsh and critical to you. You try to get them out of your life but when you’re the critic, when you’re harsh, hurtful and critical you can’t get out of your own life. So I want you to stop
criticising yourself. I want you to remember this, criticism withers people’s soul, whereas praise builds it up. So just be alert to how often you go, “I’m a loser.” “I can’t get that right.” “I’m no good at that.” “I’m just no good at confrontation.” “I can’t talk,” or “I’m
no good under pressure.” “I don’t have any talents.” When you do that you’re
withering your own soul. So I want you to make a commitment today to stop being your own worst critic. Critical people are unhappy
people, and most critical people reflect out their own dissatisfaction. But when you are critical of yourself, you’re hurting yourself. You are allowed to make mistakes, many, many, many mistakes. But you are not allowed to punish and beat up your own body for being human. So that’s the first cause of depression. The second cause of depression is failing to follow your heart’s desire. I couldn’t even tell
you the number of people who come to see me who say,
“I always wanted to be a vet.” “I always wanted to be an actor.” “Always wanted to be a lawyer,
but I just couldn’t do it.” You know, “I got married at
22, I already had two children. “I never followed my heart’s desire. “And here I am in my 50s,
chronically depressed.” They don’t know why they’re
chronically depressed. They don’t even know
why they’re depressed, but I have done a lot of
unpicking with my clients and I’ll tell you some stories. I had a client who wanted to be a vet. And she was asked to
leave vet school twice, she just didn’t have
the intellectual ability to study to be a vet. And when I told her she
could be something else she got very cross and went, “I’m not gonna be a dog walker.” I said, “No, it’s not black or white.” “It isn’t about I can’t be a
vet, so I’m gonna walk dogs. “There’s many things you could do.” Happen to have a great friend who used to be in the Boomtown Rats, who is a dog behavioural expert, in fact, an animal behavioural expert. Introduced them. And she realised that she could become a animal behavioural expert. And not only did she do that, she actually got her own television show. She made more money than
she would of made as a vet. She had a phenomenal
life because she realised her heart’s desire was,
“I must work with animals. “I have to work with animals.” “But that doesn’t mean I’ve got
to be a vet or a dog walker, “there’s a middle way.” I had another client who
always wanted to be a doctor, but she didn’t have the money
to go to medical school. She just didn’t have the privilege to do seven years of medical school. And so all her life she
worked as a waitress. And all her life she was depressed ’cause she had a calling to be a doctor. And I said, “Well, why
do you wanna be a doctor? “Tell me why?” She says, “Well, I want to help people.” I’m like, “Well, there are other ways.” She realised that she
could work in a hospice. She could have been a healer, she could have been an aromatherapist, but she actually, that’s what she did. She worked in a hospice,
putting her hands on people, helping them, the end of their life, and she got everything would
have got being a doctor. She didn’t save lives but
she made lives better. And that’s what happens when people do not follow their hearts desire. Frank McCourt who wrote “Angela’s Ashes”, was a teacher all his life. At 62 he realised he wanted to write, and he wrote a worldwide bestseller. One of many, many, many
people who did that. Many writers write at 60. Many people find success
in their 40s and 50s. It’s a myth if you haven’t
made it by 35, you never will. Some of our most eminent
writers, performers, artists, find success later in
life because they realise, “I’ve got a calling, I
must follow my passion,” and they do. My grandmother always wanted
to work in the theatre, she didn’t, but she was a dresser. She loved dressing actors,
helping get ready to go on stage, ’cause she was in the theatre, surrounded by the excitement,
the drama of the theatre. You don’t have to be a
famous actor to be on set. You don’t have to be a famous
artist to be in the art world, but you do have to take
a minute and think, “What is my passion? “What is my heart’s desire? “Why have I failed to follow it?” Often that’s financial. “Could I follow it now? “Is there some way I could
follow my heart’s desire?” The answer is yes, absolutely. It’s never ever, ever too late to follow your heart’s desire. The man who played Martin
and “Frasier”, Frasier’s dad. He wanted to be an actor all his life, but at 50 he decided to do it. And he was just working in
a local community theatre and he got cast as
Martin, changed his life. And he said, “I was so depressed “just before that happened
because that was my calling.” You have a calling, you
have a heart’s desire, you need to follow it. I work with many people said, “I left it too late to have a child “and now I’m so depressed.” I’m like, “Well, you can still
have a child in your life.” Of course it’s not the same. But you can mentor children, you can sponsor children orphanages. There’s always a way
to get into your life. Maybe you’ve always wanted
animals but you can’t have them because your apartment doesn’t allow it. You can still look after
other people’s animals, walk older people’s animals. It’s not black or white,
look outside the box. Please follow your heart’s desire, ’cause it will stop
depression in its tracks. Here is a third major cause of depression, and it’s another biggie,
being disconnected. It is wired into our DNA, we need people. We are tribal people
living in modern bodies. In a tribe you were part of a community. You are never alone. And now we live in our apartment, we go on Facebook, we
have everything delivered, we don’t need to ever speak
to anyone or see people. And that is making people sick. I go to Africa a lot and
there’s intense poverty there, but, strange enough,
very little depression because they have communities. The more of a community you have the less depression you have. One of the things I found
with depressed people, which is immensely sad,
is they have a belief, “There’s no cure for depression “and even if there was,
I don’t deserve it.” You do deserve it, and there is the cure. So let me tell you the
three things, again, that will cure your depression. Stop criticising yourself. Stop those harsh, hurtful, critical words. Cut them out of your life. Make that a dim, distant memory. Find a way, anyway at all, of
following your heart’s desire. Maybe you want to write a book,
you can still write a book. You can write for a local paper. It doesn’t matter if it’s not published, it just matters that
you follow your calling. And finally, remember connection
is vital to your soul. People need people. You need a community, you need a tribe. And you can find a tribe. And you can actually start
finding a tribe here. I want you to go into the
comments and talk about how you avoid stuff. I want you to talk about
the things you find it the hardest to do. Because you have to do
what you don’t want to do. When you don’t want to exercise, exercise. You don’t wanna eat healthy
food, make healthy food. You don’t want to go
out and talk to someone or even have people around ’cause they expect something from you, you’ve got to do that anyway. So help other people who are depressed and help you find your tribe. Go into the comments and
talk about the things that you find hardest to do. Talk about the things you’re not doing. Talk about how critical you
have been about yourself. Talk about the hearts desire, the calling that you haven’t followed. And talk about the
community, the disconnection, the epidemic of
disconnection we live in now that is making people depressed. You don’t need a pill to feel better, you need to wire and fire
those actions into your life, and I know you can do it. I’ve worked with people who is suicidal, whose life has changed immensely. And that doesn’t mean, of
course, that some people aren’t helped by medication, it just means that there is
more to life than medication. This is your life, in your hands, you don’t need to give
that to someone else. But I do need to add one
thing, it’s very important, if you’re on medication
do not come off it. Don’t think, “Oh, I’ll just do that “and throw away my pills.” The side effects of coming
off antidepressant medication are something that you need to go through with a physician, with a doctor. So if you’re on medication,
please don’t give it up. You can give it up over time
but there’s a way to do that. So in the comments section I want you to share your heart’s desire. Share your calling. Share the thing you
haven’t found by sharing it probably you’re going to find it. You can do these three things,
they will change your life, I promise. Thanks for tuning in. (gentle music)


  1. I am on the edge and very depressed. My entire life has been altered, not by my choice at all. I feel powerless and do self destructive talk all day as I am fearful of the life I have been forced into because I wasn't enough. I can't follow my dream and support myself and my gifts are being blocked by my depression. The pain won't just go away because I tell it to. I have been reaching out and connecting with people and still feel disconnect to all of life. I won't take the antidepressants suggestions by my doctor due to the side effects and the suicidal effects after stopping them that can occur. I'm giving up.

  2. Do you answer any comments? I finally was brave enough to follow my hearts desire and was ssd o very happy doing it! It was not without risk of public ridicule and I was succeeding when my husband left me for another woman. Compromised my very life with this low self esteem and worthlessness that I can't work as my gifts are tied to my intuition and abilities. Catch 22…

  3. OMG this is amazing! I need to implement these 3 things immediately in my life – all of them – seems if we do the first one the second one will be easier to figure out and then the third one will fall into place. The third one affects me daily I get cabin fever and have to get out of the house by noon – TY Marisa 🤗

  4. Whenever a friend would criticize themselves, I would try to make them feel better by saying something like "We are our own worst critics. Nobody thinks that about you." What I've come to realize now is by me saying that, I had been reinforcing that belief and letting myself remain my own worst critic as well. I'm just now learning that the words we say to ourselves do help shape our reality. I'm glad I'm able to share this with my students now, too. When they tell me their dreams are too big or unattainable, I let them know that they are right, as long as they keep thinking and saying that. I encourage them to follow their passion and do what makes them happy, no matter how big or impossible it might seem. Sometimes I feel like I work too much (yet don't make enough money) to be able to have an interesting life outside of work. For a long time I've felt I don't belong or don't quite fit in. I think I need to begin telling myself just the opposite, so I can make the meaningful connections I desire. I love your videos, Marisa. Thank You <3

  5. I'm a big lover of Tony Robbin's. He so impressed me I became a Neurolinguistic Programmer. Even though in 1992 the training glorified my life it has been such an enormous pleasure to listen to you and the message you impart. I have to tell you, where you are right now is probably where you are at your most elegant. Because of my history with Trancendental Meditaton, Siva Mind Control and much more it makes your words Express themselves in practical foundation that is rock solid right.i just love it!

  6. Awww this is deep, i have been waiting for someone who will look at depression differently in a way that creates hope from within to overcome it…and you just brought it out so well Marisa …You are a blessing. I love you.

  7. Back when I was younger I wanted to attend cocking school, but it was really expensive and I decided to choose a different career path… 6 months ago I started attend a cocking course, and I gotta say that the feeling of fulfillment and joy when I'm in the kitchen, whether cocking for me or my family and friends it's awesome… I feels as if a part of me, that I didn't knew that was missing, suddenly it's complete.

    I totally agree with Marisa about following your passions.

  8. My calling is to be ballerina but my parents wanted me to get a good university education. How can I bacome balletina at 40? I still strongly feel this calling inside of me.

  9. I dreamt from a young age of being a medical doctor. It didn’t happen. My marks weren’t nearly good enough, I lacked confidence and grew up in a neglectful and abusive family. As I got older I had the opportunity to do a master’s degree. I dared not think about doing a PhD. But I did well in my masters and then had the opportunity to undertake a PhD. I completed my PhD and no longer feel the need to take on a medical degree. Someone said to me yesterday ‘Monica you’re so smart’. I don’t feel I really am, just worked hard, but I was so happy. After being brought up feeling stupid and inadequate, I had made it. Yes, there are always alternatives that can make you happy. ☺️

  10. The criticism part is the hardest specially when you go about sabotaging yourself in the way when things go wrong where I could have prevented the situation with a more reliable behavior; half of my problems come from my reactivity

  11. I used to be very harsh on myself. I guess towards others too… I grew to be more gentle through tough life experience and just very recently learned to muffler my critical inner voice 😄 I learned from Marisa, how to treat myself like that newborn who’s perfect 💜 I am enough!
    I am very lucky that I am working artist making my living. Even supported my family. I still have a calling for more…helping others has become a stronger need over the years. I love how Marisa gives so smart alternatives!! 👌
    The loneliness is a modern epidemic…I’d love to combine all THREE: Helping ppl, creative expression and community/tribe. I think that could be my new calling 🥰

  12. I think I face all of these 3 symptoms/ causes that make me very very sad, depressed or lonely as well. I have some how known these reasons too. But either i don't have the courage to follow or if I know what action to take there is a lot of inertia. And I keep. Falling back into the loop. I am in my late 20 s and i have started feeling like a failure already. Not good at any of these three areas in spite of trying. I lack being connected too… Sometimes it's coz the experiences that I have had with people is closing my once very welcoming and open personality. People deceive, they are secretive and do not feel the need to connect. So how long can we go on without losing self respect? I have known I deserve better but unable to leave my fears and inhibitions in all areas of life…
    Also the way the community the world is changing right now , I feel I dont belong to this generation which is so okay being disconnected and fakely connected, my principles seem to belong to the 16 th century. It's difficult for me to move on and change according to situations and that's why I feel like a misfit many a times…
    My hopes seem to be dying out

  13. For the first time a comment section has brought me pure peace. I have struggled with my health for years and I’ve realised it has made me afraid, depressed and disconnected. All of the lovely comments has brought a tear to my eye. I hope everyone finds bliss and happiness. I think it’s more a case of becoming okay with these feelings and gaining a new perspective about why we feel this way. Good luck everyone, you deserve it ❤️

  14. So true. In my teens and twenties I wanted to be a dental hygienist, but could only become a dental assistant. It was great.

    In my thirties I wanted a family. Had 3 pregnancies.

    In my 40’s I want to go back to work, workout, and have fun.

    In my 50’s I want to help people

    In my 60’s I want to have a farm

    In my 70’s in want to run and be active.

    Just have fun goals for each 10 years of your life.

    Have fun in life, enjoy your life, laugh a lot, watch funny shows, eat healthy, stop drinking alcohol, stop consuming caffeine, stop consuming sugar, exercise, join a church/community, attend classes (college, gym, library).

  15. I see that the biggest problem of our days is disconnection. And it seems to get bigger and bigger with technologies. At least this is the biggest problem in my life. I have financial income from online shop, but have no connection with people. I don't know how to overcome this. Because I go somewhere, I meet people, but then everyone go on with their life…

  16. Marisa these postings are wonderful and uplifting. Solid advice which rings true and is delivered in comforting sincere tones.

  17. I've been married for 24 yrs I don't know my hearts desires anymore my husband physically and mentally abuse me i can't see any thing anymore i use to want to be a social worker so i could help people but then i wanted to be a psychiatrist but i have a good imagination i used to get m myself out of the beatings so i could write short stories.i used to be a pharmacy technician i like that but not my hearts desires I'm a hopeless case……..

  18. Feeling alone and depressed? This site has helped me get through life's challenges. Hope it will also do the same for you. God Bless. "7 Days Prayer Miracle".

  19. I just want to be a professional dancer and in the arts world but I just don’t think I’m good enough. I need to work on #1, stop criticising!

  20. I left my church and got lonely.I started doing cat rescue and made some good friends that way.helping the people who feed stray cats by bringing their cats to the vet.and just walking my dog in the summer I met my neighbors and made some friends that way.but caring for the cats and making friends helped me feel better.and I am still looking into ways I can be in a church community.I was part of a messianic Judeo/christian church and there aren't many near me.

  21. I think it's cute that she says thanks for tuning in like it's TV. This video was very helpful. Unfortunately I'm struggling with all the three main points you've mentioned. Except there's a fourth one, bullying at my job. I work in a small office where there are two women that share a home together, there's also their personal friend that works there, and another woman whom they control. My boss likes the bully because the bully is a great kiss up. They are also friends with HR. Everything is so biased and unfair. So it's their word against mine. I'm fighting this battle alone. I have no one to talk to. I could just quit, but this is my job! And I need the great medical insurance.

  22. I did go through a difficult like and in my 40s I developed the vision of starting a "well women center" that would help the women in my local community with all sorts of difficulties. But haven't done it yet. I woke up to the realization that swimming again the odds of life has physical and mental side effects, and in my late 55s, I am still surviving life. Never had the "freedom" to be depressed.

  23. My hearts desire is to perform comedy and to help people with their health, I would love to combine these on a huge scale! 😍

  24. totally agree Marissa but would add it also comes from feeling stuck, from anger and past experiences. I was very depressed for a few years , not on med but self medicating with food. got cbt, lost nearly 5st and decided to stop feeling scared and step outside my comfort zone.. I have returned to college to retrain as a counsellor and would love to do psychology at uni but again fear, self limiting beliefs set in.. also my age as well. I'm 44 soon

  25. Dear Marisa, what to do if im not social and if i want to connect i feel the topics discussed are soo shallow, i cant find people with same deeper thinking in my community, i feel soo lonely and cant figure whos wrong. If feel are soo shallow but happy, and me deep but alone.. I feel im born at a wrong world…

  26. I did managed to get nearly everything I wanted as education, carrière, money but I forget to make myself a happy woman in a love relationship . Once I thought I would do something about it, it was too late. I felt completely empty and disappointed. I had a very hard year to accept it. I think it is a kind of depressive stage but I am going over it slowly know by accepting my the situation which was always there but faced it up recently

  27. Thankx for sharing 😍. Everything Happens for ur highest good 😍 I wanted to be Radio Jockey but then I had to do job in Sales & Now M Spritual Love & Sales Coach

  28. Also, something to look into. It is said that over 50 percent of serotonin is produced in/by the gut. While trying to beat depression myself I came across that statistic. Sometimes (has helped me to some degree) cutting out /adding certain foods you will feel some helpful results.

  29. Absolutely spot on Marisa. It just seems hard to find friends. I have never felt this lonely before. I am confident in talking to people but making meaningful longer term friendships just seems impossible as a foreigner in the uk. I don’t have any family here and my marriage broke down a few years ago. For the children’s sake I am still here but I can’t seem to be able to improve my situation. And with that comes the critical voice. It’s a vicious circle.

  30. I believe that anyone who wants a friend should have one. My calling is to help and encourage people. Right now I'm doing work that is not fulfilling, and not sure how to incorporate my hearts desire into my work. I do help and encourage my customers but I want more…this video has my wheels turning. Thank you Marissa, you are an amazing soul!!

  31. Thank you Marisa. I always felt I wasn't enough, because my parent's said I wasn't. I didn't go to girls school I wasn't smart enough. Been criticised so much, but you know I think I might be enough after following you. Yours hearts desire has got me thinking. How interesting. Big hugs.xx

  32. I always wanted to start my own business and help others. I went to college and even grad school to please everyone besides myself. I worked a 9-5 job in a cubicle and my soul ached for more. I'm almost 40 and realized over the last year to follow my heart, my passion….after all, it is MY life. ✌️❤️

  33. In the last few months major changes happened that allowed me to be more aware. I had a lot of time to think. I realised that I was a people pleaser. I always put the others first. I didn’ t bother to ask myself if I want to do things because to me it was more important what the others needed and what they expected from me. I don’t want to be like that anymore. I am working on myself to fully accomplish that and I am learning to be patient, kind and loving to myself. I am starting to learn how to love and respect myself. So about the video I’m being more conscious about the self criticism and every time I say bad things to myself, I stop, I realise what I just said and correct it. I am also trying to figure out what I am really passionate about. I have a lot of ideas but I need to start doing instead of just thinking. The last thing that makes me sad is that the people I meet doesn’t really want to connect. I want to talk about interesting topics. I just don’t want to spent my time hearing people complaining and gossiping. But I don’t know where to start. That’s why I want to spent time alone doing nothing or doing things that I like and inspire me. I live in a small town where everybody know everybody. I am doing new experiences because I want to know myself, hanging out with new people but if I need to talk to someone I don’t really have true friends that don’t judge me and with whom I can really open up with. Maybe it is just in my mind and I am scared of people🤣 That’s funny because I worked as a bartender for many years and I didn’t have any issue to talk to people.

  34. When I was young I was feisty, assertive, more playful, determined, focus and centered. But then some people in my family and life were too critical of myself. That sunk in and I quit loving myself. I lost all iniciative, personal and artsy projects; all happynness was gone. I found refuge in music, films and loneliness. I was self critizing myself all time and that led to drinking issues, meeting the wrong people and major disapointments Even in the espiritual sense I was disconnected with my Self and my purpose in life. It took me more than 30 years of my life of self theraphy and wanting to be happy and really going for it without having to please other people. Now I take care of myself, and I'm kind to myself even when I fail or in more challenging situactions. Self love is the way of changing your life, believe it. And stay true to yourself no matter what others think of you.

  35. I believe in God and sometimes I find myself feeling like I'm not religious enough and comparing myself to people who talk about God every two minutes and feeling less than and kind of judged. I also at times feel that I am not love able and that I could possibly end up alone and because of that I find myself being hesitant to kick out toxic people in my life in fear that there will be no one else. It's like your wrestling 🤼‍♀️ between the fear and your overall happiness. When you write it out it's so clear that this untrue but I have to get it in my soul and spirit.

  36. Hi Marissa. Thank you for talking about depression. It is not often a public figure will contribute to the debate. I have suffered severe depression to the point of not functioning/locked down for the past 3 years. It is not as simple as you make out for solutions sadly. While the critical inner voice, disconnect from meaningful work and a community all play a part, they are probably contributory not causal. Depression is linked to the default mode network and the habitual cognitive pathways formed by adverse childhood experience and trauma. It is a survival mechanism for very young minds to cope, usually the experience of a cruel and unloving parent. There is also a strong causal link to poverty and hardship in everyday life, high stress in work and non work, hormone balance esp for women, poor diet if low on micro and macro nutrient, and also in environmental pollution / chemical exposure. It is a complex problem and needs a multi-solution approach. Yes hypnosis can be a part of this along with meditation, CBT and psychedelics, and maybe antidepressants. But the biggest factors are removing the past trauma and wiring, and removing current stressors especially financial hardship and isolation.

  37. I find hard to keep my temper when my community just does not stop criticizing me all the time and to connect with my community when I feel it is so hostile.

  38. i am 35 years old and i have depression history . I never had a good friend for almost 17 years. for the past 10 years i don’t wat to have small talk when we meet girls in any where even my own community. I have seen people want have conversation with me and they interested in me in my mind i start feeling annoying and i start ending conversation.. Any suggestion please?

  39. Becore i watch i understand depression as repressed anger and feelings. I grew up with an abusive father and i had to clam to survive.

  40. As I get older I am losing friendships. I always had a best friend and now I do not. I always had at least one person to love who loved me back. I don't understand why it seems harder to make connections these days.
    I love so many things about my life but I miss laughing with my friends and knowing I can call them or that they will call me. #cravingconnection, while I also feel gratitude for my life.

  41. Marissa I saw you in London this year. I love listening to you. Regret and deep remorse keeps my depression lingering. My only child, who is thirty with children, will not have me in his life. I am not in contact with any of my family, because of the trauma in my background. Is self forgiveness ever possible lovely lady?

  42. Another fabulous video by Marisa, and how right you are! Share this information with everyone you know it’s important

  43. My calling is to become an RTT therapist. I have been following Marisa Peer since May and i know that i want to do that even part-time. I was very unwell and almost depressed to go back to my teaching job in September ans then i realized i could help my students using some materials, advice and tips during my lessons when i felt my students needed them to overcome their fears and challenges. I know that soon i will find the money to finance the training but in the meantime i am testing RTT on my students and colleagues and they love it. Thank you Marisa.

  44. Thank you for addressing the older persons. I’ll be 60 next year and yes alone depressed lost as what ? I think I have a self worth problem I have very difficult time getting in shower I pace back and forth have anxiety just getting in shower to clean myself once in I’m okay . I find that odd . That’s just one issue … haven’t always been this way just changes in life we all have changes I’m sure. Love 💕 to all thank you for video

  45. My heart’s desire is:
    1. To have a family and a healthy romantic relationship that makes me happy.
    2. To live in a beautiful environment in a great house, surrounded by nature.
    3. To be a full-time writer on creative projects that excite me and that I am passionate about.
    4. To have a great social life and amazing friends, colleagues, and just great people around me.

  46. I have been dealing with depression since my early teens. Have been feeling lonely ever since. Because of that I started a relationship with a friend I knew I could trust 100%. There was no chemistry. I really thought that I couldnt do better. (And I still do). More then 10 years later I am stuck in this relationship. Unhappy and still feeling lonely. He is not as succesful as I am and does not earn as much money as I do. We are not married but we have a little child together. He's less adventurious as I am. Always tired and wants to be in the house. Im not even 30 yet and dont know if this really is how I want to live for the rest of my life. These thoughts really make me feel depressed.

  47. I worked in sales for 12 years and in 2000 went back to Durham university to retrain as a person centred therapist….going through the self discovery,that came with that process,was priceless.I discovered I didn’t want to be a therapist and became a property developer instead.
    The unfortunate thing about that was I took a job as a civil servant while doing the property on the side,didn’t like the job and then with the recession of 2008 ended up stuck in that job……by 2013 I,d had enough….and here,s the point….since 2013 I’ve only done jobs that would make me happy,when I stop being happy,I move on and it looks odd to other people and maybe they wish they could do it but feel they can’t….but I’ve never been happier,I,m 54 and it’s been said so many times that life is too short to do stuff I don’t like and if I do,I may end up shortening my life as welll… answer is do what you want as often as you can given your circumstances,and think creatively….I really like working with people I like…so I interview the boss at job interviews…and if I don’t feel I,ll get on with them then I won’t take the job if it’s offered…I’ve taken back control…and I,m doing what I like….my CV looks like a patchwork quilt,with all sorts of unrelated bits here and there,but I,m happy and I,m helping people

  48. Yes and why do most people feel worthless because it’s drilled into there head. By their parents and then their husband.

  49. I followed my heart's desire and i have a great job that i have dreamt all the time. However, still i am incomplete, feeling incomplete due to third fact you mentioned. Being disconnected…Although i need to find my tribe to join a community, i feel to stay disconnected due to my past and bad experiences. I am unable to leave behind all bads and this drifts me into feeling insecure again and eventually depression. Like a loop.
    Thanks for your wise video , it is covering great suggestions.

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