The 9 Most Satisfying Toys You Can’t Put Down

The 9 Most Satisfying Toys You Can’t Put Down

(melodic upbeat music) – [Narrator] You know
that blissful feeling of romping through fresh fallen snow? Now with the Crunchy Snow Stress Ball, you can mimic that
satisfying sound and texture. The sensation is pretty
much the opposite feeling of waiting on hold for
the Fire Department. – [Woman] This is the Emergency Hotline. Your call is important to
us, please continue to hold. – [Narrator] Maybe that’s
a bit of a stretch, but squeezing this stress ball can help melt away your anxiety. Even though it captures the feeling of crushing a snowball so realistically, this snowball never melts and it crunches again and again
for thousands of squeezes, a winter wonderland enclosed
in a rubbery, gel like balloon and it is oh, so satisfying. (phone ringing)
So whenever you need a break from the harsh environment of real life, bust your stress with this
little piece of the mountainside. Get your satisfying squeeze on and find the Crunchy Snow Stress Ball along with hundreds
more gifts at – This thing is crazy satisfying. Keep on watching to see some more stuff that you’re definitely going
to wanna get your hands on. You probably haven’t seen the videos yet, but even if you have, the satisfaction you’re
gonna get from watching is gonna make your day better, enjoy. – More like tamp-off! Women, am I right? – Uh, I wish I had some crap
to throw right now, you know. – Don’t say that, not throwing our poop is what separates us from the primates. – Separate your privates? Careful what you wish for, Pam. – No, I said primates,
get lost, Jiminy Rickets. – I don’t hear so good
on account of my ears being smaller than flakes of dandruff. But what if I show you both a world in which it’s perfectly
acceptable to throw your own poo? – That sounds terrible. – I’ll tell what’s terrible, having fewer than 50,000
likes on this video. (melodic slot machine music) ♪ Ah ♪ Now let me show you both some (bleep). – Oh, let’s get this over with. (melodic harp music) – [Jiminy] Now going number two can be a number one pastime. – Yeah.
– Nice, man. (light upbeat music) – [Jiminy] Try throwing your
poo to get the traffic to move. Or pick out color samples in a new way. – Mint? – Hm. Mocha. – You have a baby in that world? – YouTube fans are my babies. (baby laughing) – That looked like fun. – Oh, it is, give her a hurl. – Am I right? (laughing)
Hey! – Oh, I gotta split, I’m already wanted in New
Jersey and Wonderland. – Let’s name the baby Jiminy.
– No. – [Narrator] Stick your poo
to surfaces again and again or just squish it around as a stress ball with Sticky the Poo. Buy it and shop for hundreds
more gifts at Sink your fingers into Mad Mattr, a mystifying molding material unlike anything you’ve felt before. The modeling compound packs and shapes like classic Play-Doh, but pull it thin and it disintegrates with
a soft, pillowy texture that can only be described
as smushy, stretchy stuff. Mad Mattr is part clay, part
sand and completely awesome, so how did something
so strange come about? (quirky melodic music) – Hm. – Did you just pull that out of a secret doorway
to a magical realm? But that’s impossible–
– Sh! Hm, hm. – [Narrator] Whatever its origins, creating with Mad Mattr
feels out of this world. The stick to itself stuff
is even fun to clean up and since it never dries out, you can create and crush
and create again and again. Buy Mad Mattr and shop for
hundreds more gifts at Super Illusions Putty is the
perfect kinetic plaything, kids and adults alike will love its shiny, marbled
appearance, which shifts color depending on its relationship
to a light source. Like its cousin, Magnetic Thinking Putty. ♪ Cross promote ♪ – [Narrator] The elastic toy
is addictively sculpt-able, squeezable, stretchable, bounce-able, rip-able and combustible, except that last one, that’s not true. The color confusing putty also
boasts a few unique tricks, twist it and it will
start to untwist itself, stretch and coil it and this happens. When stretched thinly, the amazing colors give way
to a translucent window, but if you give it a quick rip, the same material appears dark,
these changes are temporary, knead the putty back together to restore its magnificent luster. Depending on the style, the
putty can appear to shift from yellow to red, purple
to blue or green to yellow. With more than six eggs’ worth of putty, there’s enough for kids to
share or an adult sized handful and the safe silicone based putty leaves no sticky residue
and never dries out. So busy your hands with
Super Illusions Putty, check out all the available styles and buy yours now at When you’re ready for a
ball with unexpected fun, grab Stik Ball! Stik Ball is a soft, rubbery
toy with an adhesive surface that’s easy to throw and
lands with a (plopping). Use it as a stress ball. – [Commentator] Bottom
of the ninth, two outs, a perfect time for a commercial break! – [Narrator] Throw it around indoors or invent your own game. – Ooh! D3, ground rule double. – No, no, no, no, no,
C3’s ground rule double, D3 is you got hit by a
pitch and now you harbor a lifelong resentment
against that pitcher. – I thought that was C7. – No, no, no, no, C7 is
you get caught using PEDs or maybe it’s you date a Kardashian, either way, your career’s never the same. – [Narrator] Play with a
friend using Stik Ball Mitts for a new, old-fashioned game of catch. Buy Stik Ball with Stik Ball Mitts and shop for hundreds
more gifts at This is a snowball indoors, this is an indoor
snowball made with Floof, amazingly weird stuff
made with mess free fun. Floof has the look of compacted snow and the feel of moldable marshmallow, just make sure not to eat it. – I knew that, I knew that. – [Narrator] The included
molds can also help you craft squishy projectiles
for indoor combat. When the snowball fight’s finished, build a snowman, create dramatic face art or construct a historic
piece of architecture, the sky’s the limit. More than a mere toy, Floof also acts as a
fantastic stress reliever for when things aren’t going your way. – That’s your problem right there. Now you tried to Spackle your
ceiling with a plaything, now it’s fun, but it will not
hold up against the elements. (bird squawking)
Whoa! Now that is probably here to stay. – [Narrator] Buy the
Floof Snowball Maker Kit and get creating and throwing, shop for it and many
more gifts at Hey, check this out,
no, the tin’s not empty, it’s Liquid Glass Thinking Putty. When at rest, Liquid
Glass is crystal clear, as you knead it, the putty
temporarily turns cloudy, but give it time and it returns to a completely transparent state, it’s like playing with molten glass, which is clearly awesome. The transparent formula lends the putty a unique consistency, the generous handful of putty
is a pleasure to sculpt, knead, stretch, twist and tear. If a lack of color bums you out. – Colorless! – [Narrator] Just shine
some light through it. – Oh, colors!
(upbeat dance music) – [Narrator] Thinking
Putty never dries out, no matter how much you use it. – [Man] Thank you for holding. Your remaining wait time is four hours. – [Narrator] So get busy playing with Liquid Glass Thinking
Putty, buy it now at If you’ve already discovered how satisfying pimple popping can be, then you’re always looking
for new acne to play with. – And now we play the waiting game. – [Narrator] Pop It
Pal scratches that itch without putting a scratch on your skin. Just fill the silicone pad with the included all natural fake pus and squeeze out every spurt
of sickening satisfaction. – We find this thing so addicting, oh! It needs its own highlight reel. (cheerful upbeat music) – Oh yes! Yes, oh! – [Narrator] The Pop It Pal is disgusting, addictive and available now at They say idle hands are
the Devil’s playthings. (yawning) (computer alerting) – [Idle Hand] Oh, what do we have here? Facebook messaged
ex-girlfriend, (laughing) inappropriate work emails. (laughing) Now let’s max out a credit card. Oh, dang it, I need a
thumbprint for this purchase. Hey, look who’s come crawling back. – [Narrator] Keep your hands hard at play, when you pick up Micro Magnets. These two and a half
millimeter spherical magnets are big fun on a small a scale. The included viewing card shows
you hidden magnetic fields and it doubles as a tool
to seperate the magnets helping you make simple shapes and form more complex ones. Master your magnetic manipulation to complete intricate designs or just fidget to create
infinite distractions. The tiny balls are a tactile treat, it’s like a massage for your fingers. – Oh, feeling very tense. Doing a lot of texting? – [Idle Hands] Oh, we’ve been busy. – [Narrator] Buy Micro Magnets and shop for hundreds
more gifts at (melodic upbeat music) ♪ ♪


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    Edit: I now realize that you can't do this because Eric quit… :C

  3. Alright…. all these things… you can buy without fancy names… but what makes THESE so special and unique… is that unicorns… and tiny angels created them! xD

  4. Bought it. 1 month delivery. Got it. Played with it. Got to sleep. Woke up. Played with it. It broke. (The snow stressball)

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    5. Cool!
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    I love your videos keep making more!

  6. That isn't snow snow isn't like that at all snow is like sand but cold and frozen and white how do I know this well I've been on Denver it's horrible ☹️☹️my feet litiarly froze

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    Jamie in this video: We find this so addicting.
    Everybody else in White Elphant 6: EWWW
    I don't think everybody thinks it is addiction Jamie.

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