The ARN: Antonio’s Battle with Addiction

The ARN: Antonio’s Battle with Addiction

Narrator: Antonio’s alcohol addiction nearly
killed him. Antonio: I came to in a hospital bed strapped
in with IV and blood all over my shirt, and I was experiencing an alcohol psychosis. My
blood alcohol content was .345. That’s near comatose, near death. Narrator: Finding the right treatment center
was almost impossible. Antonio: The focus I found on a lot of the
treatment centers were more along the lines of how much money can I get out of you. Narrator: The Addiction Recovery Network specializes
in helping you find the right treatment center. Antonio: There isn’t a one size fits all program.
There are resources out there that can help you with the underlying issues of your addiction.
I believe that ARN would meet those needs. Narrator: Let the Addiction Recovery Network
help you get it right the first time. Call now, 800-555-5555. Antonio: ARN is important because they take
the time to match my needs to a particular treatment center. Narrator: Most private insurance can cover
100% of the costs. Call 800-555-5555, 800-555-5555.


  1. Help I can no longer deal with my adult children's addiction to methamphetamine. Where do I go from here.

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