The Best Joke Ever!

The Best Joke Ever!

Two guys walk into a bar, but the third one is a duck… [SIGH] [Sound of door knocking] Joke! What? It was a knock knock joke! Get it? Knock knock… joke? [D-TRIX HOLDS IN LAUGHTER] That was terrible. Oh… You think you could do better? Uhhh… Yeah? Ok, Go ahead. Wanna hear two short jokes and a long joke? Sure. Joke joke, joooooooooke! That’s a pretty deep joke. Almost as deep as this one. [IN A DEEP VOICE] Jooooke. Jooo~ Oh, I’m sorry, I was only half joking. JOOOKE!… Blonde joke. JOKURU!… Asian joke. [DRAMATIC MUSIC]
This is really getting Sirius now! Are you serious? Black jokes? That’s the one type of joke I can’t stand. [MUSIC STOPS] [MUSIC RESUMES]
Why, you can’t handle it? Oh, I can! Well then stop your WINE-ning… …and suck it up! I know your type. You walk around with a chip on your shoulder thinking you’re punnier than everyone else! Well, guess what? I got news for you, buddy: you’re KNOT . You shut UP. You think this is going to be a piece of cake, don’t you? Like a walk in the park. [SNAP]
[MUSIC STOPS] Well, I’ve got a few aces up my sleeve. [DIFFERENT DRAMATIC MUSIC]
So do I. Well then, let’s stop beating around the bush, and cut to the chase. [MUSIC CUTS OFF] Wait! Stop. This is POINTless You’re right. This IS pointless! Wait… why are we doing this again? I don’t know, I’m still drawing a blank! I know, it got so purse-onal! Siriously! You wanna just call a truce? Shake on it? Fine. AAAHHHH!!! Ohhh, thank god that’s over. Seriously, I’m so tired of doing that! Wasn’t even funny anymore! It never was! You wanna just go grab a drink or something? Sure, there’s like a bar 5 minutes away. Alright. [GASPS DRAMATICALLY] I got it! Got what? The best joke ever! It’s a knock knock joke! Oh my gosh! Seriously, again, Ryan? Whoa, wait, just… Just hear me out, just hear me out, alright? These two guys, walk into a bar, and— [KNOCK] [KNOCK] [GRUNTS] You get it? Knock knock, ’cause they both walked into the bar— [IRRITATED] I get it! TEEHEE


  1. Pedophiles are fucking immature assholes.

    Dark jokes are like clean water. Not everyone gets it :/

    Edit: I should probably delete this joke

  2. My friend told me white rice is better than brown rice.I stopped talking to him because I didn't support ricism.😂

  3. As soon as he said "get it? Knock knock joke?" I started laughing and legit never stopped XD LMFAO

    I really loved the weight, stop, pointless, and ofcourse the 2 guys WALKED INTO A "BAR" XDXDXD

  4. Why do blondes tip-toe past medicine cabinets?

    So they don’t wake up the sleeping pills.😂😂😂😂😂

  5. Knock knock
    Who’s there
    Jeez I was gonna say doctor strange
    Wait what
    Yeah cause who’s calls themselves doctor strange it’s just strange
    Wait then who are you
    I am doctor w-
    Tee hee

  6. "One guy forget that using a gun replicate, pellet and Airsoft on his Web page WILL get him an extremely unpleasant conversation with the police.

  7. I have a very touching story

    There is an injured dog lying on the floor. Then come a boy who see it then he touch it, he touch it again, and before he leave he touch it again.. then he touch the dog again and again

  8. It smells like updog in here.

    Okay, but what’s updog?

    Updog is a long sausage served on a bun often with relish or mustard.

    No, that’s a hotdog. An updog is when there’s a lot of built up jobs not done yet.

    No, that’s backlog. An updog is when a new version of an app is released.

    You're thinking of an update. Updog is when you end a sentence with a rising intonation.

    No, that’s uptalk. You’re thinking of the fourth largest city in sweden.

    Surely that’s Uppsala, whereas updog was the big spider in harry potter.

    That's aragog, updog is a holiday drink made with eggs and sweetened milk.

    You’re thinking of eggnog, updog is an upward moving air current.

    Noo that’s an updraft,
    updog isn’t a noun at all, it means to harshly lecture somebody.

    You’re thinking of upbraid, an updog is a small dog that likes cuddling on people’s laps.

    No, that’s a puppy dog. an updog is a north american frog with a deep pitched voice.

    No, that’s a bullfrog. An updog is when the mets win.

    No, that’s an upset. an updog is a russian camp for political prisoners.

    No, that’s a gulag. An updog is what often starts a story before the first chapter.

    No, that’s a prologue. An updog is the modern version of a henway.

    Well, what’s a henway?

  9. So how did Sirius Black get here? I'm gonna tell Harry that you're making fun of his dead godfather. Thats a one way trip to Azkaban.
    -Ron Weasley

  10. Wanna hear my joke?

    Oh, my apologizes, not just even blind people are unable to hear my joke, but even the thing that youtube does not support voice comments.

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