The Best Skyrim Mods (2019)

The Best Skyrim Mods (2019)

– What’s up everyone? Welcome to Josh Burns Tech. In today’s video, we’re gonna be taking a look at my favorite Skyrim mods in 2019. These mods truly take
Skyrim to another level of immersion, gameplay and
continuously rejuvenate the game for me, always bringing me back. So, my favorite Skyrim mods in 2019 that I can’t live without
are coming right up. (synth music) Now, at the time of making
this video, Skyrim is over seven years old and
I’ve personally purchased the game on multiple platforms. You’re welcome Bethesda. And with Elder Scrolls VI in the works, my Skyrim hype is at an all time high. Links to every mod in this
video are in the description. Now for the list. There are so many amazing mods that the community has
made over the years. So take a second, leave a comment with your favorite Skyrim mod or mods. I’m always intrigued to find out about Skyrim mods that
I’ve been missing out on. So, if you enjoy the video
and you love Skyrim mods, please like the video and
subscribe to the channel as well. Without any further ado, let’s go ahead and just jump right into it. Starting off the list with the first mod is no other than SkyUI. This mod is by far one of the keystone Skyrim mods that everyone should have. This is an elegant UI mod for Skyrim with many advanced features. All improvements seamlessly integrate with the style of the original interface. Version five includes better crafting, enchanting, alchemy and smithing menus and several other enhancements as well. Now, if you’re familiar with the original Vanilla Skyrim menus
before SkyUI was released, they were all scroll-based
and basically made managing your inventory
and loot a true nightmare. I know personally, from my perspective, I spent an excessive
amount of time scrolling through my inventory trying to find that one sword, that one piece of armor that I could not find from scrolling through numerous amounts of
loot that I had collected. Thankfully, SkyUI completely overhauled the Skyrim menu system, providing a seamless experience allowing you to sort things by weight and value and the icons are designed very well. So, instead of scrolling
through your entire inventory looking for certain items to drop, trade or store at your homestead, you can simply filter and find the item in literally seconds with SkyUI. SkyUI has over 20.6 million downloads and 40.7 million views
on Nexus Mods making it an absolute essential Skyrim
mod to have in your collection. The second mod, and honestly the mod that has took Skyrim
to another level for me as far as visually making it look like a NexGen game, is Vividian ENB. Now visual mods are really subjective and everyone’s gonna
have their own opinion as far as which are the most impactful. Also, some may prefer to not use ENBs and just use different types of mods to increase their graphic performance. However, powerful ENBs
are the most impactful way to completely overhaul the
appearance of your game. Vividian ENB has been my personal favorite and has honestly took Skyrim to a whole ‘nother level for me using a weather and lighting overhaul made of three immensely amazing parts,
number one being Vividian ENB. Now this is a general
solution for better color, effect and weather experience as well. It’s fully compatible
and you can also build around it with Vanilla,
Climates of Tamriel 5.0, Purity, Pure Weather and others as well. The second part is vivid clouds and fogs. It replaces all Vanilla, and
Climates of Tamriel clouds against high res, high
quality, ENB-compatible clouds. So, essentially what you’re
getting with this part is all fogs, ground fogs, smokes, sprays, everything like that is gonna be replaced with high res, high quality ones that are made from scratch with this ENB. And the third part
being extended weathers. So this is basically an
extended weather system that adds onto different
components of the weather, first off being extended ground fogs. This adds a massive amount of fog and cloud effects on all weathers. It will render large distant clouds that pass through the mountains, as well as add new fog
effects to foggy weathers. Cloud speed is increased, making them more lively, vivid and more realistic. Now this also adds in
real Skyrim snowflakes, or vivid snow which are
real Skyrim snowflakes that differ from almost another
snowflake mod out there. It removes the fake Skyrim
snow particle system and adds in a new one,
basically allowing snow to get lit by more light sources, giving it more effective lighting. It also dramatically increases the feeling of snowy days and nights that is truly such an incredible experience. So when you’re out in Skyrim on snowy days or nights, passing
through towns, traveling to a distant location,
the snow’s coming down. It looks absolutely
gorgeous with this mod. Like I said before, there are so many amazing visual ENBs out there, but the Vividian ENB has always been my personal favorite
that has made a 2011 game look NexGen and next
level for me in Skyrim. Next up is Audio Overhaul 2. (explosive bursts) (explosion) This is an extensive sound overhaul aiming to make the
soundscape more immersive, clear, responsive, impactful,
and ultimately fun. Now it accomplishes all these things while also aiming for
maximum compatibility, performance and coherency
within the main game. Key areas that are enhanced and magnified by Audio Overhaul 2 include ambiance, weapons, magic, movement, reverb system, sound propagation, and creatures as well. The system also provides
more realistic sounds depending on the services around you. You can hear explosions in the distance, echoing of speaking in
large, high-ceiling rooms, and blacksmith hammering in the distance while you’re out exploring
towns and villages. So here’s an example of how impressive the Audio Overhaul 2 mod actually is. – Tell me, why does a foreigner
want to fight for Skyrim? Fair enough, but are you
willing to die for your home? (breezes blowing and trees rustling) (birds singing and water flowing) – [Josh] As you could hear,
there’s a drastic difference in overall sound. So speaking in large
rooms with high ceilings you can now hear echoing as
you heard in the first clip. In the second clip you
could hear wind blowing, trees rustling, your footsteps running through the woods, heavy snowfall. All of this makes for even
a more drastic experience in Skyrim which is much more immersive and captivating as well. This is easily one of the
most important mods to date which has over 1.5 million
downloads in Nexus Mods. So if you’re not currently
using Audio Overhaul 2, it’s one that I definitely recommend that you add to your mod list. Up next at number four, we have A Quality World Map with Roads. So this mod greatly improves the quality of the world map, including
accurate hand-drawn roads. Now this mod gives you a map that’s fun to look at and extravagant as well. You can choose between all
roads or just the main roads. This mod significantly makes the map more visually appealing,
including better textures and all roads in the game are
included on the map as well. There’s a classic option that gives you a more old-school map which
is a really cool feature. And then my personal
favorite, just because of how insanely cool that this really is, is a paper version of the map. It’s insanely cool. I completely nerded out on this version the first time that I
witnessed is as it looks like it’s straight from Lord of The Rings, The Hobbit or Game of Thrones. Say you open of Lord of
The Rings, The Hobbit, Game of Thrones and you
flip to where the map is within the book, this
is what you’re gonna get with the paper version
of A Quality World Map. Now there are some marker elevation issues with the paper maps. So, say you had a location
that was up on top of a mountain, when it’s
flat on the paper version, it’s gonna look a little
different than it would if it was a 3D realistic map where you have the mountains included as well. However, I really love it and
I think it’s a phenomenal idea that was added into A Quality World Map. Overall, this mod completely revitalizes the Vanilla map which is why it has over 10.3 million downloads on Nexus Mods. So if you’re using the
Vanilla map, go ahead and download this from Nexus Mods. Add it in to your mod
list and start taking advantage of the amazing
quality world map. Up next at number five are two mods that I believe should be grouped together which are Immersive Armor
and Immersive Weapons. So these are separate
mods, however, they’re made by the same mod author and
they really go hand in hand. So that’s why I’m grouping these together. Immersive Armor seeks
to drastically enhance the variety of armors in the world of Skyrim in a lore-friendly way. If you’re seeking to enhance your Skyrim with a greater selection of armor without breaking the
natural feel of the game, this mod is definitely for you. On subsequent play-throughs of Skyrim, you’re gonna keep repetitively seeing the same armor over and
over and over again. That’s why Immersive Armor is great. It adds in new armor sets that have been seamlessly integrated into the world. The items are balanced and spread across your gaming experience. You will be finding new
power-appropriate armor sets starting from level one
up to level 50 and beyond. So, on one hand, you can
keep the Vanilla armors in place, keep seeing
the same NPCs wearing the same armor over and
over and over again, or you can install the
Immersive Armors mod which offers a wider variety of armors, making it way more immersive. On Nexus Mods, Immersive Armor has over 11.1 million downloads. Now, for Immersive Weapons, this mod will be constantly evolving to
bring new life into your world. Currently, this mod adds
230 new weapons into Skyrim. They are craftable, upgradable
and enchantable, as well. They are integrated into the game through leveled list, vendors, placement in dungeons and on to specific people. The weapons are all amazingly made, and they really add a greater visual appeal than the Vanilla weapons. Again, if you’re looking
for a wider variety of armor and weapons to
be added into your Skyrim experience, make sure
you check these mods out. Moving on, next step we
have a perk overhaul mod. Now there are various options for this. This is one of the most popular ones. So, if you have another favorite, I’m sorry, this one’s my favorite. So anyway, my favorite perk overhaul mod is Ordinator – Perks of Skyrim. If you’ve already been
through play-throughs of Skyrim, I can’t stress enough how adding in a perk overhaul mod can drastically change your gaming experience. Ordinator specifically overhauls the perk trees of Skyrim, replacing them with over 400 new perks
to improve the depth and fun of building your
character in Skyrim. It also accomplishes
this in a lightweight, compatible and clean-fashion way. So, if you’re starting a new play-through of Skyrim, then this mod is one that I would highly recommend for you. For instance, as an archer, there are new perks and rewards as well. A specific perk call Long
Shot rewards you for hitting long archery shots
resulting in up to 40, 60 and even 80% more damage
to targets beyond 50 feet. Another archery perk
called Perfect Aim deals 25% more damage if the
shot strikes a target within two seconds after
the bow is fully drawn. So there are other perks like this that really reward skill-based play. Overall, with the Ordinator
you’re getting tons of new perks which you
can view all of them, and the descriptions of the
new perks on Nexus Mods. These are all categorized by the type of perk they fall into; so, archery, for instance, has a
whole list of new perks. Under archery you can go
through, read the names of them, and all the descriptions as well. So if you’re getting ready to start a new play-through of Skyrim, be sure to check out Ordinator – Perks of Skyrim if you really want to
add a lot of new perks and completely revamp that experience. This next mod, even
being relatively subtle, is one of the best mods on the entire list which is Skyrim – Enhanced Camera. Enhanced Camera is honestly
one of the most important mods if you love first person game play. It enables a visible
body while maintaining the look and feel of Vanilla first person. As you know, in Vanilla the game force switches to third person while sitting, crafting, riding, turning into a werewolf, and also in knock-out or death situations. Enhanced Camera takes all these situations and keeps them in first person. It takes immersion to a
completely ‘nother level when you can look down at your body, while walking and also riding a horse, being able to stay in first person without being ripped
away into third person. You also stay in first person while using a forge or mining, which I think is really cool in first person. So, with over 2.4 million
downloads in Nexus, this is obviously a mod
that I recommend for you. Coming up next with the
eighth mod on the list, we have Ultimate Follower Overhaul. This mod is actually a great
one to have and it adds a set of enhancements
to the follower system allowing you to have more followers, and additional dialogue
for the followers as well. With Ultimate Follower
Overhaul, it gives you more of a clan feeling of having more than one follower with you. It also allows you to fully customize your followers gear and loot and you can give them items from
your inventory as well. Out of all the follower mods
that I’ve seen on Nexus, this is the most
impressive and complete mod follower system available in my opinion. It’s easily the most popular follower overhaul on Nexus as well with
over seven million downloads. Moving on, we have a mod
that adds some realism and also adds another
unique skill system as well. This mod is no other than Campfire, the Complete Camping System. Campfire is without a doubt
the most feature-rich, standalone camping mod for Skyrim created from Frostfalls’ immersive
and detailed camping system. Campfire is also a modder’s
framework which allows anyone to create their own
unique camping equipment. Most impressively, Campfire
adds another unique skill system as well which
is called the camping skill. This allows you to build
longer-lasting campfires, find more resources, see
more with the instincts ability and more. The tent and campfire can hold more than one follower and if you’re an animal lover, you’re
gonna love this one because you can also bring your pets into your tent as well, and
they can sleep with you. Up next at number 10
is a personal favorite of mine which is Sjel Blad Castle. Sjel Blad Castle is a beautiful, massive player home mod located due south of the Throat of the World
with numerous character perks including an armory,
forge, barracks, sanctuary, living quarters, vault,
trophy hall, stables, guards, humanoid creature companions and so much more even though
that list was not short. Some of the great features of this massive castle include an in-house
teleportation system that allows you to travel
anywhere in the castle with ease. Auto-storage and retrieval, you can store and remove all items from chests or containers with one
click or by presets. With barracks, there
are over 20 companions and followers based on the
Oblivion character classes. The castle also has a sparring pit, allowing the player to test their skills against a variety of opponents in a free-for-all
environment while earning rewards at the same time. One of the things I love
about this castle is it makes you feel like a
king running your kingdom. You have your own living
quarters, sleeping area, clothing storage and balcony that is huge and has a great view of Skyrim. In the stables there are over
30 purchasable creature mounts and you can use the conjure mount spell to instantly summon
your mount to your side. There are also exterior towers which feel like they’re in the clouds, and they offer a beautiful view of the Skyrim landscape. Personally, I love this mod. It’s one of my favorites,
and it really makes you feel like you’re running
your own kingdom in Skyrim. Next up, and one of the best
mods on the entire list, is Diverse Dragons Collection or DDC. This mod adds 28 leveled enemy dragons with unique models, textures
and abilities as well, uniting resources from
13 different mod authors. This is really a dragon mod like you’ve never seen before and absolutely
the best on Nexus Mods. There are seven ranks of
strength for each dragon, creating a challenge that
scales with your level. There are also 16 new breath attacks and 19 new abilities used by the dragons. Now all of this is integrated
into Vanilla leveled list to appear in your game
seamlessly without issues. It’s also now fully
customizable so you can only see the dragons that you want to see. If you’re becoming bored
with the Vanilla dragons and they’re getting really repetitive for you as well, go check out this mod. It’s one that you don’t
want to miss out on. Coming up next at number 12, we have Lanterns of Skyrim – All In One. This mod adds lanterns to main roads, villages, towns and settlements. It adds more lighting to roads and towns which provides
a great, eccentric, and realistic homely feel to Skyrim. So when you’re walking through a town, you see the lanterns hanging up on sides of homes, on
the side of the road, it’s really such a great experience, and it’s a nice change
from the Vanilla version which brings more life into the game. Now the next mod that I’m gonna throw in here because I’m a
huge fan of this series they are Game of Thrones Skyrim mods. So with Game of Thrones season eight, the final season starting
in a couple of weeks on April 14th, after the last episode, I’m gonna be extremely
sad to say the least. So, Game of Thrones
mods in Skyrim have been some of my favorite
ones to play around with just because I love the
show and the books so much. So if you’re a Game of Thrones fan, you’re gonna love these next mods. The first one is Game of
Thrones followers mod. So this mod adds 40 Game
of Thrones companions into the game, including 24
craftable, unique armor sets. For instance, during my last play-through, at the beginning of the game I had Bran and Robb Stark as my followers. They were created immensely well and really look like the
characters from Game of Thrones. The followers are basically
everywhere throughout Skyrim, however, on Nexus Mods you can see a list of the characters, and they actually have descriptions of where you can find them. And the next Game of Thrones mod that I love is Game of Thrones Armor. So, this mod adds 20 armor sets to the game and weapons as well, including armor from Jon Snow, the Mountain, Lannister Armor, Robb Stark’s armor and many more as well. For the weapons, which is
one of my favorite parts, this is really cool, get ready for it, it also adds Ice, Oathkeeper,
Longclaw, and many others. The full list can be found
on the Nexus Mod link. So if you’re a Game of Thrones fan, you’re obsessed with the show, you’re ready for this new season, you’re pumped for it, be sure to check out the Game of Thrones mods for Skyrim, including Game of Thrones followers, and Game of Thrones Armor. Those are only a couple,
there’s a lot more. But be sure to check
those out on Nexus Mods. So, those were my favorite Skyrim mods and some of the best Skyrim mods in 2019. It’s such a small list
considering the vast amount of Skyrim mods
that have been created over the years, and still
continue to be created. Again, if I left out
some of your favorites, be sure to throw those
in the comment section below so I can go through those, and see what I’m missing out on. On this end screen, I
recommend checking out my video of the top 10 upcoming VR games for 2019 and again, if
you’re not subscribed to the channel, be sure to go ahead and do that now for more
videos just like this. Until next time.


  1. Announcement! For everyone who has been asking for links to Skyrim SE versions of the Mods, I added a new section to the Description of this video titled "SKYRIM SPECIAL EDITION NEXUSMODS PC Download Links". This section contains links to the SE versions of the mods, which only a couple were not available in SE. I am completely blown away by everyone taking time to comment on this video and have found out about mods that I never knew about, because of each of your comments. Let's keep the train rolling! I am going to create some Mod specific videos soon, where I focus on a single mod or group of mods that all relate together. Again, thank you so much for your support and love that you have shown this video! 😁

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  6. I love mods like Time flies (makes crafting much longer and everything really takes time), timing is everything (lets you set your level when certain situations start like the cultists) or experience (changes the gameplay so that u dont earn experierence by weilding your sword, you actually have to complete a dungeon or quest to earn your points). Also SkyrimSouls that makes it so much harder to pause because there is no more pause, when u type the esc button. And some other immersion mods like open civil war, the parthunaax dilemma, immersive npcs in the dark, better ai for npcs, etc etc. Plus Enhanced lights and effects for more atmosphere and darker nights. And death alternative for some situations that trigger when u die or get captured. The list goes on and on 😀

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  13. Oh boy. Bought Skyrim when it came out and stuck with it until a few months ago, upgrading to Skyrim SE. I remember installing the GOT overhaul and geeking out before getting lost from the storyline. To be fair, I only moved to SE due to Skyrim Together, which has been a blast, despite it's bugs. Still a great game, and the mod authors really do add to the enjoyment.

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