Assalamualaikum guys welcome to this
special slightly controversial but interesting episode of Smile2jannah This video is thanks to AliDawah Who called me up and said “Let’s do a video on Pablo Escobar” and I was like “yes” while I
was researching it was like going down the rabbit hole. I just found out so many
things from so many sources and it was just really really interesting. I managed
to you know learn a lot of stuff and I found a lot of things interesting, so I
wanted to make a separate video which is here right now and I thought I’d add a
bit more detail in a bit more context that I’d be able to do on, say, his
channel And err let’s start… Now drugs… we’ve all been told drugs
is (are…oops) bad for us Why? Because it’s true But has everybody been actively working
towards curbing this habit? Or is it in some people’s interests to ensure that
we stay “crack and coke heads”? My name is Gary Webb I am an
investigative journalist I’ve been an investigative journalist for about 25
years for daily newspapers and in 1996 I wrote a series of stories and Dark
Alliance which is about CIA involvement in drug trafficking I am a former Los Angeles
police narcotics detective and I worked South Central Los Angeles and I will
tell you director Deutsch: The agency has dealt drugs throughout this country
for a long time I was able to name operations. Director Deutsch i will refer you to three specific agency operations
known as Amadeus, Pegasus and Watchtower. Now, since World War two, America has been
obsessed with the “communist threat” so So what they’ve done is intervened in many
countries. In fact the bare minimum countries they’ve intervened in since
World War two is 70 Under the pretense of curbing communism in fact the Bavarian Illuminati was an issue in the 1790s, Catholicism 1850s and
then communism of course 1900s and now Islam in the 2000s. The point is if you
want to know what is going on now, just check your history. Not from the
textbooks, not from the media and terrestrial TV or
sky digital or whatever, not getting your books from WH Smith. You’ll have to get
your information from alternative media But anyway I digress. I’m gonna jump
straight to Laos. In 1957 America invaded Laos because of communism. Now let’s
fast-forward that a bit. They’re in the country but suddenly they are flying out
Opium, they’re refining opium and they’re importing opium as well.
What’s opium? I hear you ask. Well, Opium is used to make heroin and Laos (if you
guys didn’t know) it’s part of something known as ‘the Golden Triangle’ which is
pretty much the centre of heroin trade. The three main countries which is Laos
Myanmar and Thailand. And alongside that is something called ‘the golden Crescent’
yeah which is in the centre of Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. So these are
the heroin hotspots. So America used Laos, to backpedal, push heroin to such a
degree that Laos became the supplier of seventy percent of the world’s heroin 30% of US Heroin. Why am I telling you all
this? Well I’m telling you this because sometimes in order to understand what’s
going on now, what the governments are capable of, it’s important for us to
learn a bit about our history, to see what the governments were capable of in
the past. In 1980 America saw the threat of communism in Nicaragua.
Nicaragua was very close to home. So America was very interested in what’s
going on in Nicaragua. So there was a group called the Sandinistas. Now,
America was worried that they’re very close to communism, and the
Communists might use them to gain control and then eventually come to
America. Opposing the Sandinistas were some people known as the Contras.
The Contras were very dodgy people. They were raping the people… there were
loads of human rights violations. The Americans were supporting the
Contras to get rid of the Sandinistas, this was public news, but then after
the Human Rights scandals and everything, America couldn’t publicly support the
Contras so they had to find another way. Nicaragua (a side note) was very well
known for its cocaine. So then America had to found another way that they could fund
the Contras, which is known as the ‘Iran-Contra scandal’ this happened in
1985. America was secretly giving arms to Iran. Iran’s leader at the time was
Ayatollah Khomeini which the Americans did not like. In fact they had hostages
of Americans as well. So America was giving arms to Iran. Now this was crazy!
Why were they doing that? Because they knew the money that they would get, they
would take some but the rest they would give to the Contras to help them beat
the Sandinistas. The other way was that the CIA allowed cocaine to come into the
U.S. so they could make money through drug sales. Now in the 1980s there was a
big influx of Crack Cocaine. Men who were working for the CIA’s army
were responsible for bringing all that cocaine in Los Angeles that sparked the crack epidemic. This gave rise to the big names. You
got Pablo Escobar, who became big. Were you aware of whether or not narcotics proceeds at some time, may or may not have supported contra efforts Yes sir, narcotics proceeds were used to shore off the Contra effort I’m gonna tell you about this guy called Rick Ross. No… not the fat guy with, you know…? He’s actually taken the name from one of
the biggest kingpins of LA at that time Freeway Ricky Ross. So Freeway Ricky
Ross was such a big timer that he was literally making millions in a day. 3 million per day. In fact after his drug-dealing lifestyle they estimate him to have made
about a billion dollars (off course you can watch his documentary. Al Jazeera’s
done a two-part documentary called ‘Freeway: Crack in the system.
I’d recommend you to watch that.) He actually admits in coming into contact
with Contras, and then they would be the suppliers and they would of course
import crack cocaine into America. Then they started the “War on drugs”. Hang on a minute… you’re probably thinking, the war on drugs? Which war drugs? CIA are
allowing crack cocaine to enter the country! But that was higher up. Lower down you gotta keep the people in control you see. What the government would do is, for small possession people would be slung in prison, long sentences and it was just…
the war on drugs was mad and when the drugs did come in they they were coming into
the poor African neighborhoods. Not the rich neighborhood, the African
neighborhoods because they’re just black people and if they die who’s gonna
really notice to be honest? These aren’t my words, it’s from the
documentary. Third on the list was Afghanistan. In the 1979 till around 1992, the Mujahideen in Afghanistan were funded by the CIA and America (and off
course… I’m sure you guys have seen the documentary film by Michael Moore called
‘Fahrenheit 9/11’ where Mujahideen were (and the Taliban) were invited into the US,
and they were you know given a tour and they were seen as the good guys.) So the
Americans funded the Taliban but the Taliban in those days, were exactly the
same. The women supposedly (according to American standards) didn’t have rights
etc. But that didnt bother them… why because the Taliban were useful. So they supported the
Taliban to fight the Soviet Union. It’s estimated that they were given
billions and billions of dollars Those of you that were paying attention
at the start… I was talking about the Golden Triangle and of course the Golden
Crescent. Center of the golden Crescent is…? Yes Afghanistan, which is a major
exporter of opium. So America used opium and facilitated the selling of opium and
then used that to fund Al Qaeda… (whatever name you want to give them) to fight against
the Soviets and against Communism 50% of the Heroin that came into the U.S. was from Afghanistan and 80% that went into
the world it was from Afghanistan. When the Mujahideen were there, there was also a party that was opposing the Taliban They were standing up for women’s
rights and all of this sort of stuff but they were not supported by America, nor was this made into a central issue. That brings us into Colombia. Colombia is the highest exporter of Cocaine. Now Colombia is very close to America In fact its called the ‘surrogate country’ to
America (like you know a surrogate baby?) and they are the fourth largest receiver of money/benefits from the U.S. Off
course America is present in Colombia but to the outside world the excuse that’s
given is drugs, but of course the internal reason is
something different, because Colombia is very close, America can kind of keep an
eye on the other kind of “rogue” countries like Venezuela and Bolivia. These
countries aren’t very Pro U.S. and Venezuela is neck-and-neck
with Saudi in producing oil (very oil-rich countries) so American needs to
be there just to keep an eye on them, so they’re using Colombia to train an army
called the Southern Unified Army, so they’re using the people from those
nations and training them up just in case something goes wrong. So
government’s prefer drug money because you don’t have to disclose drug
money, you don’t have to put it through Congress, the Senate or get permission
from the public. It’s done through the back, backdoor way. And it’s important that we know about this so that when we are in an influential
position or when our children grow up, then they know what sort of society
they’re living in…so they can correct it. If you don’t know what the problem
is how are you gonna fix it? Some of you probably wondering “you said a lot of
stuff mate, where’d you get this from?” I recommend a very good book, it’s
called killing hope by William Blum what he does is, he goes through
the countries since World War two. So he’s gone through around about I
think 50 countries… just over 50 countries, that the US has interfered in.
In fact if you’re not really into reading big books (this is more like a
reference book) then I’ll put a link in the description which is a link to the
article that has summarized this book page by page There’s another good book by John Perkins called The secret history of the American Empire This is another good book called secrets and lies by David southwell Don’t forget to check out the video on Alidawah’s channel Until next time… keep reading guys and if you made it to the end of the video,
congratulations mashallah excellent! Don’t forget to Like
this video because the likes that accumulate really do help… and until next
time… Asalaamu alaikum


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