The Drug Users Bible: A Guide to Safe Drug Use

The Drug Users Bible: A Guide to Safe Drug Use

– Methamphetamine is a stimulant, it’s prone to extreme highs, Is a very very pleasant experience, but in the morning I was drained. Oxycodone, it’s a opioid but induced a sort of mellow effect. Ephenidine, it’s a dissociative. Changa, it’s a psychedelic drug. Heroin, I found that to be enjoyable, however I vomited after a few hours. The worst experience, nutmeg, which is a spice used on food, but if you consume more of it
you enter a delirious state. Basically you’ve been poisoned. It never even occurred to me that I would do anything like this. I thought, maybe I will take
the odd drug occasionally if the circumstances
presented themselves, perhaps. Take lots and lots of drugs, nah. (upbeat music) I’m Dominic Milton Trott.
(peppy music) Over a 10 year period I self-administered 157 different psychoactive drugs. And wrote a book called
The Drug Users Bible. Documents the vital safety
information for each. I lived a relatively normal life. Got a job as a programmer,
I worked for a bank, started an internet company, a startup. Eventually got to that time of life where I started reflecting upon, there’s gotta be more to living than this. I was asking fundamental questions about the nature of life and reality, and that’s what led me into
researching psychedelics. There was references to a drug called ayahuasca, a botanical. And that produces a four or
five hour visionary experience. And it was during the research for that particular adventure, obviously the forums and the social media platforms, it was hard to miss the fact that posters would occasionally just
disappear off the radar. They’d made a mistake and they died. And that’s when it started to occur to me that there’s a real problem here. And the problem is that
people are dying of ignorance. They’re dying because they’re
making fundamental mistakes. It was so obvious that this was a lack of fundamental access to data, safety data. And if I could actually make
something more fundamental and deeper, like a book,
it might make a difference and save some lives. It was then a case of, what
drugs are people taking? What are the popular drugs? The Drug Users Bible
includes the onset time, the duration, proper
dosage, and anything else which might be central to mitigate and reduce the risk of users. I provide a subjective experience report of what it was like for me. The reason that’s important is, first to give people a feel
for what it’s going to be like. But also have some sort of idea of how much loss of subjectivity they’re going to actually experience. Is there a compulsion to take more? Am I gonna lose my sensibilities
in terms of balance? Am I gonna be safe in a public place? I developed a process, a procedure, the ten commandments of safer drug use, to follow rigorously to try and reduce whatever risk there is with
whatever drug you were taking. Number one, research, research, research. You’re gonna take a drug,
if you are gonna do that, and embark on that course,
know what you’re taking. Know what its effects are
broadly or lightly to be. “Test it” is a specific third step, and the reason is, is
however confident you are in your supplier, you can’t be 100%. A lot of drugs have different effects dependent upon how much you take. And always remember
that you can take more, but you can’t take less. A lot of the time you’re putting a strain upon your body, your heart,
your organs, and yourself. If you’re already feeling ill, or you’re not quite well, don’t do it. Things do go wrong, and
if you do have a problem, if you become ill, or there’s
an issue, or you overdose, then the first thing that
the emergency services need to know is what have you had. So it’s a wise precaution
to have that somewhere prominent on your body. Ignorance kills, and it
certainly does in this arena. If your son or daughter
are gonna take a drug, would you prefer that
they went into this blind without any safety knowledge at all? Or would you prefer that
they were armed with risk mitigation procedures,
accurate dosing information, onset values, and all the
data that will help them to take it and navigate it safely. All these people are dying, I’d have had to carry that with me if
I hadn’t have done the book. That was the entire objective of the book. And I know to some degree
it’s been successful, but obviously there’s a huge potential for it to save a lot more lives. – Thanks for watching. For more Dope Science content
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  2. I’d like to know if he has any addictions, if so how many, how do they feel, and how do they feel when you pile them up.

  3. This is a great idea for a book! I want a copy.
    Anyone who needs info on drugs should try as it is legit.

  4. I would never do that to my brain. I like being sober. People who experiment with drugs or even wild things that they know will cause hallucinations are just plain dumb, in my opinion. I knew and cared about people who overdosed themselves to death, and people who are bad addicts who do not care anymore about much except to get that high again. Look at California homeless. Don't be stupid. Do not experiment with mind drugs especially prescriptions. The government brings that stuff black market in to destroy you!

  5. I mean, I would have titled it "Expanded quadratics of quasi-linear comoving charges in non-euclidian space" so people could bring it in public, but that's still pretty dang neat. Glad you survived.

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