The Elder Scrolls Online – Opening 15 Scalecaller Crown Crates

The Elder Scrolls Online – Opening 15 Scalecaller Crown Crates

Hello, my friend! You seem to think that Pacrooti is a good egg, even though you know he is…slightly cracked. Pacrooti appreciates that. Hmm. Jone and Jode, a bonus reward! Uninspired, but admirable. A spotless choice! Shall we try again? Select your reward, my friend. Hahaha! Ooh! Ah! Bright moons, a bonus reward! Most fragrant. Just outstanding! A suitable reward. Hmm, time for a repeat performance? Make a selection to reveal your rewards. A suitable reward. Once more, my good friend? Very lucky, indeed! Are you ready to reveal your rewards? Most excellent! Choose a reward! Hmm! Perfectly respectable. Pacrooti admires your persistence! [Wabbacat?], a bonus reward! You’ve done well! Congratulations! This one invites you to try again. Sweet Riddle’Thar, a bonus reward! A lovely sweet meat! Haha! Pacrooti sees that you are ready to play. Excellent! Uninspired, but admirable. Are you ready to to reveal your rewards? Not bad at all! Haha! Heart of Mara, a bonus reward! Hmmhmm. A solid pick! Look at those gems! Quite valuable! Superrrlative! Select your rewards, my friend. A favorable selection. Hoo, hoo hoo! Are you ready to reveal your rewards? to reveal your rewards? Sadly, you have no more crates, but you can always purchase more! This one recommends that you purchase a crate from the store.

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  1. oh very close to what i got today in my 15 crates. i got the zombie skin, that i didnt want to have, the striped horse mount…the only mount i did not want… and a ton of duplicates of 16 gem items and eventually a few 16 gem actions like those. Yea well and after turning all i had to gems it might have made 40-50. I have enough for a frostbane mount now, but I donĀ“t even know if i want that anymore, maybe i just spare them and get all normal wolf mounts in all seasons. or wait for storm atronach wolf which is pretty nice actually. idk

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