The Final Update From Inside Britain’s Legal Red Light District | Sex, Drugs & Murder – Episode 13

That fat bird just drove past
in t’car shouting, “How much do you charge with
t’camera on, then?” Do you know what I mean?
On t’phone. You get ’em all night, every night. Nine times out of ten I end up
shouting something back. Like, “Same price your mum charges.” I’ve been given a fine
of £150 today. How the hell do they expect me
to pay the fine? As well as survive, and pay my rent,
and feed myself. My leg’s fucked. I did one in my ankle last week. I must have fucking missed
in my leg. That part of my life is done. Over, finished with. It is a complete turnaround for me. I don’t like coming down here, but
obviously, it’s a risk we all take. We don’t know who we’re getting in
the car with. It could be a serial killer,
it could be a rapist, it could be anybody you’re getting
in the car with. Obviously, like, now that
it’s legalised, girls feel more comfortable
going to the police, knowing that they’re not going to
get into trouble about things. But it’s still dangerous. I had a guy get funny with me
the other night, he was taking the piss,
basically, yeah? He was getting hard,
then going limp, getting hard and going limp,
and I said to him, “Look, at the end of the day,
yeah, time is money. “Do you know what I mean? “You’re just wasting my time,
me being here.” Then he got funny about it, I ended up having to give him
a tenner back out of the money, do you know what I mean? For him to let me go. It can be quite scary. Especially,
like, when it’s dark, you know? You can sense it and all. A lot of the idiots drive around
being idiots, pulling up to you
with their pants down, wanking and stuff like that. Driving around, just being idiots. With their phones out, so you know
not to get in with them. I can’t get into my house, can I? Somebody squirted something
through my lock, on my lock, some kind of filler, glue, well,
it’s expanding foam. I’m able to get in there. All of this was covered,
I’ve managed to get that off, but it’s inside there,
do you know what I mean? It is like a glue, isn’t it? I haven’t got a clue who’s done it,
or who would do it, or for what reason. Cos I haven’t had any arguments
with anybody, I haven’t fallen out with nobody. What if someone did it to me
while I was inside? Do you know what I mean?
Would I be able to get out? I wouldn’t, would I? It’s like victimising, ain’t it? Am I being victimised? None of my neighbours have heard
anything. Nobody knows nowt.
Nobody knows nowt at all. It’s weird, isn’t it? It’s really expensive to live here.
I’ve got to get at least £70 a day. And that’s just for me,
for a packet of cigarettes, that’s £3 cheap fags, that is. And then two… burger meals. That’s without me going for any,
like, deodorant, a bit of lipstick… It’s not like I can just go and get
a property to rent, when I’m living here, and I’m having to pay every single
flipping day. I can’t sofa-surf and be partying,
be up and about all night, and… I’m too old for all that now,
do you know what I mean? I want to just feel safe, secure,
be in my own place, do you know what I mean? I’ve got nowhere to go, though,
really. You never expect to be put in
this predicament at my age, do you know what I mean? All this should have been
done and dusted years ago. When I were young. I just feel like I’m going fucking
backwards, rather than forwards. Every time I’m trying to go
fucking forward it’s like I’m getting pushed
backwards. Fucking hell, stop crying, Bee. It’s fucked. Hiya, love. Hiya, love.
Are you all right? I needed to ask you something,
but I don’t know if I can, kind of… What? I need your help. What with? Majorly. Majorly. What’s up?
Come on, spit it out. I need somewhere to stay, Adele. Have you been kicked out? Yeah. Fucking hell. You can see I’m not going to
fucking see you on the street. You look down. I am, babe. I am. When you need to come around,
come around. There’s a bedroom upstairs. I’m in an all-right place, mentally,
at the minute, and I’m not going to see her on
the street, you know what I mean? You get people that will meet you,
and they’ll say, “I want to look after you, “and ra, ra, ra. “You can come and stay with me, I’ll
make sure that you’re all right, “you won’t need to go out to work.” All that sort of bullshit,
and then… Just typical men, isn’t it? Do you know what I mean? It’s kind to be expected when you’re
a working girl, you just think, “Oh, I’ll bring a working girl
to live with me, and, yeah, “I’ll get sex free every day,
do you know what I mean?” And it doesn’t work like that. He dropped me off in Holbeck, threw
all my bags out of the van, and drove off and left me. You live with them,
everything will be all right for the first couple of weeks, and then he’d ask me for
a cuddle and that, so I’d give him a cuddle,
do you know what I mean? He’d constantly be trying to touch
me up, do you know what I mean? It happens a lot. This is what gets me out, to
be honest. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t
come out of the house. Unless I were going to work. Obviously, when you’re sofa surfing
and that, the person who you’re staying with
could kick you out at any moment. I’m not letting him go, do you know
what I mean? Just because no-one wants to house
me. I love him to bits. I don’t need a man, really, I’ve got
my dog, do you know what I mean? It’s responsibility, for me,
do you know what I mean? Like, rather than blowing
all my money on drugs and stuff like that, like, I think of him first. If I carry on like this, I’ll probably be fucking dead
in five years’ time. Where I’d want to be? I’d love to be 100% clean from drugs, and… ..have a life where I’m happy. Where I know where
I’m going to be next week. I know what day it is, and the date,
you can ask me the day and date, and I can tell you, instead of not knowing what day of
the fucking week it is. You know, getting up in the morning,
like everyone else, and going to bed on a night. And… ..stuff like that. I want to do it. And I’ve got the potential to do it,
it’s just getting… head on that track. And… ..getting some backbone, and
some confidence and some willpower. You’ve just got to get to a point
where you’re totally fed up, and it’s been a long time coming. I’ll turn 29 next month, and
I’ve been doing it since I was 16, so it’s been, like, 13 years. My health’s fucked. And I’m just sick and tired of it. I can’t cope with it any more. This ain’t really a life. It’s just a fucking miserable
existence, innit? Something I’ve got in my hopes,
for the near future, to get back in contact with my dad
before Christmas period starts. I love my dad. And… dad doesn’t deserve… ..the way that I’ve been,
do you know… For a man, with his daughter, this would probably be the worst
thing in the world, innit? Methadone, it’s not
an instant cure, is it? It doesn’t deal with
the mental side, but it deals with
the physical side. I’m not going to rattle any more.
I can wake up in the morning, and I don’t instantly feel ill. So… I’ve put other things first instead
of always putting drugs first. I don’t need drugs to be on my mind as soon as I wake up in the morning,
first thing. 10, 20, 30, 35, 40. I go to the chemist once a day, and
I’ve got to drink it in the chemist. What they do is, like, if you start providing negative
tests on a regular basis, it gets to a point where
they let you maybe go twice a week to pick your methadone up, so they’d give you, say,
three days, then four days. But at the minute, it’s supervised
daily in the chemist. All right, thank you. I suppose, in a way, it’s like the start of being a
bit…responsibility, do you know? Of getting myself to the chemist
and making sure I pick it up. I just want to get myself right. CRIES: I’ve missed you so much. She was doing really, really well
for a short period of time. We gave her that little bit more
freedom, that little bit more responsibility
for herself, and we had fun. We had a great time
while she was here. I was getting my sister back. As time went on,
she became quite snappy, quite paranoid, that
everybody was on at her. She would go into the bathroom
for long periods of time. She would just go for a walk, and
she would say that she was going, you know, to get something, and
come back without anything at all. And then you could see in her face
that her complexion was changing, she was becoming pale. I was having knocks on the doors
from complete strangers, my neighbours were telling me that
cars kept turning up at my address when I wasn’t here. There was a lot of love, a lot of
support, a lot of help… ..but it just… ..wasn’t enough. The Holbeck area comes to life
at night, really. It’s not a fascinating place. It’s not glamorous or anything,
but it does come to life at night. The police drive around, just to
make sure everything is all right, but they’re less on your case if you’re down within
the managed diamond, the managed area. People just think,
“Oh, a prostitute, “they’re doing it just for
the drugs and that,” people don’t actually realise that
there’s reasons and stuff behind it. That every different person
has got a story as to why they’ve ended up
in the situation that they have, do you know what I mean? With Holbeck, it’s like there’s never
no closing time. It’s like once you get in…’s hard to get out,
cos it just goes on. I know that every
single time I work, I’m putting my life in danger. I’m playing Russian roulette
with my own life. I’m angry with myself,
disgusted in myself. I’ve got three beautiful children
that live with my mum, because I can’t look after them. They should have been enough… ..but they weren’t. I do worry. What happens if
I’m getting in that car and it’s the very last car
I ever get in? It could be, one day. I’ve got to do it, haven’t I?
Go out shagging men for money. Dirty old men. I’ve got no choice,
really, have I, when I’m an addict? Do you want business, love?

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