The Fix: Examining Rhode Island’s Opioid Epidemic

The Fix: Examining Rhode Island’s Opioid Epidemic


  1. I liked it better during the “ crisis” now major surgery gets you 10 -5 mg codeine that should work. These doctors are so scared now they can’t do their job.being addicted sucks , detoxing sucks, but so does surgery especially now

  2. The pharmaceutical companies got half the population addicted to these opiates & now want to villainize people with actual medical conditions when it is a known fact that if you stop taking these meds suddenly the withdrawl can actually kill certain people and they could care less now that their billions have been made…

  3. Um, if he was trying to give narcan to a guy who was awake and aware and able to reach out to try and stop it, he probably didn't need narcan. This emergency responder probably doesn't realize that narcan cause something called "percipitated withdrawal", which basically means that narcan causes your body to INSTANTLY detox fully from all the opiates bound to receptors that typically takes 3-7 days to happen naturally. It also means that the totality of severe pain, restlessness, diarrhea, vomiting that occurs over 3-7 days in normal detox is all crammed into about 30 minutes when they get narcan. If you think quitting opiates is painful normally, the pain involved in narcan enduced instant detox is something people who haven't felt it couldn't possibly imagine. Picture knives slicing your stomach open and getting dragged behind horses with your intestines as the rope. Then multiply that by 10. It's close to that. ANYONE would go and use as soon as they could having to deal with that. People talk about narcan like it jus magically wakes you up, but it actually turns a 7day detox into a 5 minutes detox.

  4. Just like a typical mother – make her son's drug addiction all about her. And of course she snoops around, why give your kids privacy. Rehab is a TOTAL waste of time and more so a complete waste of money. Of course they relapsed a lot after rehab – rehab gives you NOTHING you can't give yourself. Rehab is about as effective as jail but waaaaay more money. This dude stayed clean once HE finally decided he didn't want it anymore. That's the only way it works.

  5. FYI – their son who they said thought he was buying heroin probably knew it was just fentanyl and was probably happy since it was probably stronger than super weak heroin. There is not much actual heroin around. I'm sure the fentanyl he got was just a little sprinkled into corn starch. It's not like someone sold him pure fentanyl. But if they did he'd be happy since it would last longer and cost him less per day to stay well. But his parents think that just the fact it was fentanyl was why he died. I'm sure all the other times he did "heroin" he was getting fentanyl, and pissed when it wasn't Fent.

  6. What ever happened to personal responsibility? Why aren't the police locking up all opioid dealers and users like they did during the crack epidemic? Houston we have a problem opioid addiction has come to the suburbs.

  7. All of this compassion empathy and understanding for junkies when they are white is funny and disgustingly hypocritical . They are not degenerate criminals who need to be thrown in jail…they are victims of someone else's doing. They are not responsible for setting up legalized drug cartels driven by profit and greed in their own communities. They are not responsible for being mentally weak and having addictive privilege based personalities. They are victims. It's everyone's fault but theirs. And now the whole world should feel sorry for them for something they have done to themselves with absolutely no victimization from anyone outside of their community. Well sorry it's not happening. Everyone knows this is the white Community reaping what they've sown for so many centuries. And the funny thing the compassion and empathy and coddling that they are using as an approach to fix the problem is only making it worse and hastening the extinction of white people. The best thing for them would be if they actually started treating white junkies like they treated junkies from every other community so maybe they would at least have a chance of not having access to their addictive deathstyles. As it is now, the white Community is rehabbing and cuddling themselves into Extinction. LOL

  8. Put all these things in place isn't going to help at all. The Most High is at work here. Back in the early to late 80's the face of crack cocaine was a brown face and the remedy was to lock them up and throw away the key. Fast forward this day and age the the opiods epidemic is a red face. I call you red because you're not white, also that what you are called in the bible. You evil red people are under judgement and it will only get worse. Low child births, suicides up 60%, heroine & opioids & meth, Cancer, deaths of despair, abortions, the red woman is the fastest growing in incarceration, lung disease, Mass shootings up, the red woman having babies outside her demographic. This is all real but the bible states that "ESAU IS THE END OF THE WORLD AND JACOB IS THE BEGINNING"……………u folks are outta here and I see it everyday. But think about it, you folks has been the cancer on earth since the beginning.

  9. Off-topic, perhaps, but in Europe the fire service exists essentially to put out fires. It's interesting that US fire fighters have got for themselves this huge other humanitarian/health role. Love to know how that came about (here we have completely free healthcare)

  10. Im in Australia and the problem with prescription drugs is terrible, i completely agree on that! But for people like my mum who has scoliosis and spondylitis of the spine, there is nothing they can do for her except pain management! She also needs a knee replacement and she is 74!! Her Dr will only give her Targin 10mg slow release, (same as Oxy) to be taken twice a day and the Drs still go on about how it's addictive and not good for her! I'm like, shes 74 with an incurable back disorder! Who cares if she ends up a bit dependant on it!!! She's not going to shoot up anything!! So I feel bad for the people who really do need it for pain relief. It's MUCH harder to get anything here in Australia than in the States too.

  11. Big pharma wins again! Create the illness and provide the remedy! Unproven alchemy that has been implemented into every angle. Vaccines, toxins and DNA altering, mental health based on opinions with no evidence to substantiate and now being questioned by psychologists and medical experts. Big pharma have taken control of the CDC and has funded and mandated all literature and material taught! Cradle to grave for maximum profits! Modern medicine is a profiting tool, holistic doctors being killed to silence their findings and the truth. They have overseen the poisoning of all food, air and water to ensure loss of vitamins from all. Natural holistic treatments being labeled as unsound yet a hit list has been uncovered targeting anyone that admits to having a cure. Cancer induced by the tetanus shot and is huge revenue that has resulted in many being suicided, met with unexplained deaths. Big pharma is part of the eugenics agenda, partly mind control and has been proven that the mental health meds induce depression and suicidal coupled with the inception of technology.

  12. An amazing video a doctor who truly understands and wants to help not make people ashamed politician open enough to speak out on his addiction this video was super impactful and so amazing to see what some states are doing to help people with this horrific disease. So grateful to be in recovery and that others that rent will hopefully have more resources to get help.

  13. The opioid epidemic started in 1977 when the US banned Nolotil (metamizole), a non-opioid, non-adictive pain reliever. A far from perfect drug, no doubt, but one that does not create an epidemic.

  14. They got setup clinics for them to go in and shoot up but people like me has to live in hell bc of these people they are looking to get high not pain what area of space do you come from

  15. These people are using needles we don't is this.Is this what we are going to do for our pain with our disease we don't get a shoot up clinics


  17. At 13:00 , you can tell this woman really truly did not expect that from her child. Remember every drug user was/is someone’s child. Please respect everyone

  18. So sad that a lot of these comments are race based. Yes we know there is a gravely different approach to addiction by race in the government but the core of addiction is still the same, it sees no color. Remember every addict is someone’s child

  19. who brought the Opiod to America ?? starts with 3 letter Agency,… one of the many ways they keep the sheep dumb down …sad the masses don't wake up this madness!!!

  20. I live in rhodeisland all my life I have 2 brothers one is on methadone the other is still active.we grew up in a upper middle class nice house by the beach nice parents nice everything and it didnt make a diffrence addiction has no barriers.The state and the programs it offers are really good they are 100%trying I give them that.

  21. Breaks my heart to hear so many life's taken by addictions. It breaks my heart more when there was a drug problem in the black and brown communities, no rehab stories only criminals on drugs in the gang neighborhoods. It became a whole different story in different neighborhoods. Some they give the option of recovery and some are still in jail for there addictions. We all come from the same creator, mothers from different walks of life suffer the same. And Please know we have addictions and we have people with crippling pain that have no choice.

  22. when govt/media spend So much time on insignificant problems like the worst epidemic ever (since the last one & until the next one🙄) you can cover up BIG problems you don't want discussed like why on earth medical errors account for #3 cause of death & hundreds of times more deaths than opiates.

  23. Question… WHY would a dealer put FENTANYL into a bag of WEED?! The person who smokes probably has little to zero tolerance to opioids and you're giving them a TIDAL WAVE of them! Anyone who smokes your weed will die… Not good for repeat business.

  24. Hi my name is ALEX AN I HAVE A PROBLEM, sad to say but right now I'm doing HEROIN while I'm watching this I started when I was 27 I'm now 43, I'm here in CHICAGO living the night mare hoping an praying that I to will live the AMERICAN DREAM! GOD BLESS ALL WHO READ THIS AN THOSE WHO DONT, MAY THEY BE BLESS TO… (PLEASE PRAY FOR ME I WANT AN NEED TO STOP)!!!

  25. I have chronic kidney stones, hundreds of them. Stenosis of the neck, artificial hip, mesh stomach, artificial wrist, just broke my pelvis, arm, shoulder, fractured back, urethra stents on each side, infected kidney. Next to no meds just a few days worth, if I can do it so can others. fight the pain, push through it, it gets better your body will learn how to cope.

  26. I know the solution!! But it requires taking money away from the pharmacies. I'm addicted to Hydrocodone because i was in a motorcycle accident. I remember getting norcos before my accident for whatever reason but I would throw them away because I just didn't like them. After my accident, the doctors kept giving me Percocet, I broke one leg and left ankle. I would've been fine with some Tylenol or ibuprofen 800mg, they work just as good, vicodin doesn't completely take away the pain, it only gives you a short high. Don't have people get hooked on pills to begin with. NOBODY really need Opioids unless you have a serious injury. I had a serious injury but I know that Advil would've been ok. Now I can't get off these evil pills, I stopped drinking without a problem and also stopped using other drugs, but these damn pills are hard to stay away from, they are evil.

  27. i find it unreal big pharma is not being held at gunpoint have we as men really just chumped out?…are we that weak as a society? we let these people kill us?…its pathetic

  28. STOP with the myth that fentanyl is in pot!!!! This has never actually happened anywhere ever,it's a popular urban myth started by law enforcement.

  29. Canada has school children accused of ADDS , some fictitious syndrome . So single mothers accept the counsellors verdict and place the children on 10 years of talwin/ ridelin opiates. Children now can no longer fail in Canadian school systems and graduates are now opiate addicted ! Canada has an opiate problem . Why ? Those who had private schooling now must deal with the many zombies the canadian goverment produced. Poor service, poor products are the result but we must tolerate and adapt . Why ?

  30. The opioid crisis is HYSTERIA RUN AMOK! Relief from severe chronic incurable pain is a HUMAN RIGHT! WITH THE CURRENT HYSTERIA, doctors are putting their licenses at risk for doing the right thing, for prescribing opioids!!!!! Pain KILLS people when they are denied significant relief. Opioids can provide significant relief. There is no real substitute. BUT even when a doctor will prescribe an opioid, they limit the dose to a less than satisfactory level of relief. IT IS INSANE! Relief from pain is a human right! The hysteria is promoted by sanctimonious meddlers who have never really been in pain. NO ONE WHO HAS EVER REALLY BEEN IN PAIN WOULD DENY ANOTHER PERSON SUFFICIENT RELIEF FROM PAIN. People who suffer severe chronic incurable pain have two choices in getting relief, get opioids or go for the big sleep.

  31. These drug addicts are morons.
    Some people say this is because they had pain and took pills or some bullshit.
    The majority of these fucking addicts simply 'wanted to try drugs' pain had nothing to do with it.

    Fuck them.

  32. The rest of us are superhuman for resisting the temptation to try heroin. It is so difficult. Everything we've ever heard about it is so great. And peer pressure from highschoolers was so compelling! How have we had such iron will power?

  33. What about cancer patients should they be denied opioids? I don't fucking think so! I've had cancer and that's the worst pain in my fucking life.

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