1. I lost it when the druggies started demanding better education from the government about how much of an illegal drug they should take!

  2. Wow Call me old ( and I am ) but I find it incredible that people will just ingest a chemical that they have no idea of its origin. Glad I won’t be around when the zombie apocalypse happens.

  3. G was causing dead ravers in the 90's. I OD once on it, BEST SLEEP EVER. Though the loss of breathing was a bitch and was a trip to the ER. After it was made illegal, mixing up batches of G was rampant. It's actually a hell of a fun drug, drunk and euphoric with no hangover. Just different concentrations can fuck you up. One cap of one mix might do you good, the next dealer one cap might be 4 times as potent and make you stop breathing.

  4. Big name international hardstyle Djs refused years ago to ever come to Melbourne again because of how filthy aussies got with the ghb, slowly all the hardstyle clubs closed down too. PhD, hard kandy, bubble, infected…..list goes on. All gone after ghb hit bad

  5. They are spreading awareness but they could have educated the viewers and said what a regulated dose of G is. If you know, comment it to potentially help others.

  6. Anyone else mildly freaked out by the ghost cameraman during the interview with the doctor from 12:15? Was kinda freaking me out when they change the camera to show the other person and in the place where you would expect a cameraman there is no one. My best guess is they mirror flipped one of the footage (of the reporter or the doctor).

  7. Alcohol-Related Deaths:
    An estimated 88,0006people(approximately 62,000 men and 26,000 women6) die from alcohol-related causes annually, making alcoholthe third leading preventable cause of death in theUnited States

    The 226 deathsthat we identified included 155 men and 71 women, including 209 in the U.S. (36 states), 4 in Canada (Quebec), and 13 in the UK. Ages ranged from 15-53 years (average: 28 years). Of the 226, 207 deathswere classified as GHB-caused, in which toxic effects of GHBcaused or contributed to death.

    3 total countries. contributed… anything thats not used correctly or in moderation can kill.

  8. GHB is medically prescribed for people with narcolepsy in some countries. I think its to get you into a deeper level of sleep. Not sure how it can keep u up and/or knock u out. Prolly dosage. But that nurse makes it sound like its only for "recreation"

  9. Scary shit, people confuse the hell out of me. You don’t know a safe dose, can’t tell who’s died from it, and like to pare it with other toxic stuff. I’m struggling so hard to be healthy and live with type 1 diabetes and ppl just out there destroying their bodies and all to party longer and probably OD or watch your mate die. Priorities guys.

  10. Gay chemsex scene? Oh hell no, I bet that room this takes place smells of asshole and sweat… nasty and disease ridden. That just doesn't sit right…I'm going to vomit now

  11. My friend od on this recently. He died and was found 4 days later in the bathroom in the shower with the water still running. Its not worth it. Please all get sober you are loved and your life is precious.

  12. It's really popular in my country and unfortunately it is mainly used as a trap for girls like my friend got raped and left in the forrest without clothes it is really scary thing and so easy to get….

  13. Omg. No ones actually dying from it, they just blow out and it looks really scary. They wake up 4 hours later fresh as a daisy

  14. Also, this isn’t ‘hardcore’ music. Don’t mix two dramatically different types of music and lifestyle with this brain dead crap.

  15. This documentary should show the results of overdoses, the dead young people in the prime of their lives, the lost lives, devastated girlfriends, boyfriends, children, bothers, sisters, parents and friends, victims(for there are victims) those in prison etc.
    If it were a bit longer, it should also really ask why some(but not all) people seem to need these drugs and need to be out of their heads to this extent? That is not to judge people but to try to understand because I think many people don't understand. People wonder if there is another way those using G etc could get joy, fun, pleasure, etc in their lives without risking death from overdose. I think its a legitimate question. Is the growth in this type of drug use societal? Is it spiritual? Is it a lack of supports? I dont know but I can see their use is growing.
    Drugs have always been used and probably always will be, but it is interesting to ask why in some countries drugs are used in one way and in others they are used in another. Some countries do a lot of cocaine, some drink a lot of alcohol, elsewhere it is weed and pills etc. All addictions seem more common now than in previous generations, so what it behind all this. I think this matters. Otherwise this documentary can just be seen as prurient and to an extent exploitative. Are we just to look at these people with shock? or are we to think, ''good for them''? Are we to think, ''sounds like a party?''
    If I was documenting something like people who free climb cliff faces etc and take massive risks with their lives, it would be expected to ask, why do it? The answer here seems to be 'because its fun'' or 'it makes people's libidos soar''?? Is that a sufficient answer? It leaves me wondering.

  16. The only drugs worth it " only positive outcomes" for me are

    Edible Marijuana ' never smoked'
    MDMA ' only tested and pure '

    Do it once and youre okay for another month. No. Taking anti depressants your life when you can take Mushrooms or MDMA once and be okay and happy for the rest of the month

    They never made me feel like i had to get up and do it again. I am happy with once in a while…

    Idk why people fuck w this GHB, crack, heroin, speed, alcohol etc…. Shits not fun and has nasty crashes.

  17. You don't spread awareness by making a overly dramatic inaccurate 'documentairy'.. If you did your homework you 'd end up with a very different documentairy. This is just sensationalisme..

  18. The ending of this doc was really week. In London, "yeah we see 2 a week", okay so 100 people a year and they normally don't die. And even England which cracks down on shit like Salvia doesn't really care about it or classify it as that bad even though it's been around decades. I think you're clutching at straws here.

  19. "One milliliter too much can land you in a coma or killed" …. wow, I'm using 1, 2, and 3 ml syringes for bicycle suspension work for measuring oil volumes and couldn't imagine adding 1 ml more than necessary. I guess I'm more careful with my bicycle than plenty of ravers are with their body? Yikes

  20. GHB by itself is not dangerous. The problem with GHB is that dosage is problematic… The line between feeling no effect and getting an overdose is very narrow, making it increasingly likely to get intoxication while you don't want it. It's not like alcohol or most other drugs, where the line is much wider and easier to dosage.

  21. I mean, this is what 90s US ravers took, too. It was an epidemic then, I don't know why Europe is so late to the party. LOL

  22. First time I did ghb I blocked out in the bathroom thank God my friends helped me sex on ghb is also great kids stick to weed and booze

  23. I took G for one week, timed my dosage and enjoyed it so much. Had 500ml, decided to poor the remaining portion down the drain. (NEVER AGAIN).

  24. you guys should do a bit on the counterfeit Fentanyl pill epidemic happening in Phoenix, AZ. Everybody around me has been affected big time.

  25. Lol die shit is zo makkelijk te traceren die gap met krullen, ze stem, ze matties en de locatie… shit is to easy for the cops now

  26. Drugs will eventually take away your brains natural ability to be happy.
    Its all temporary, and its all an illusion,nothing is real,lgbt and drug advertisement other than cannabis, is not real,its all an illusion, it will all break society, falsities plague modern society.
    Educate yourself with real education.
    dont be fake woke.

  27. I’m in my 50s and I don’t need drugs to be horny – all I need is a gentle breeze to get me 🍆 lol
    This is so sad these young people need this to get horny

  28. I blame this on white people's shyness about dancing sober. In public. The only white people who dance freely in public without being intoxicated are kids, old people and people who pronounce Barcelona as BarTHElona.

  29. GHB is pretty old. I remember it being popular, like a decade ago. Shitbag raver kids. May their sensation-seeking lead them to their graves.

  30. Drop a mill on your table/wall and watch it chew through the paint and make it bubble lol. Imagine that going through your throat

  31. This reporting makes me question the truth of all the previous Vice videos I have ever watched. This is fear-mongering to a T

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