The House I Live In Official Trailer #1 (2012) Drugs Documentary Movie HD

The House I Live In Official Trailer #1 (2012) Drugs Documentary Movie HD


  1. the whole point is, they don't want to fix the problem because it is working exactly how they set it up to work.. which is….

    the private prisons pay–> campaign money to govt> g–ovt makes more laws–> which grows police force–> which creates more prisoners–> which makes the prisons more money because they get paid per prisoner–> and start back at the top..

    you see, as long as there is monetary incentive not to fix something… it will never get fixed.

  2. the whole point is, they don't want to fix the problem because it is working exactly how they set it up to work.. which is….

    the private prisons pay–> campaign money to govt> g–ovt makes more laws–> which grows police force–> which creates more prisoners–> which makes the prisons more money because they get paid per prisoner–> and start back at the top..

    you see, as long as there is monetary incentive not to fix something… it will never get fixed.

  3. Please visit the Free Kevin Ott page on Facebook and sign the petition to chnage mandatory sentencing laws and let Kevin come home to his family. Life without parole for a nonviolent drug crime is craziness. 17 years is enough! Please sign the petition today! Thank you!

  4. PROFIT by damaging, injustice and illnesses. the system sustains such "policies".

  5. yuppp, if i could go just buy oxys in a store and scoop them out a fucken bin and buy them buy the pound. god damn id be a happy man. and any drug for that matter, make them cheap as hell and all legal. the world would be a much happier place.

  6. This is one of the best documentaries i've seen in a long time, some of the fact's are shocking. America has 5% of the worlds population and 25% of the world's prison population. crazy but excellent stuff.

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  9. Unbelievable! Due to the laws in Canada, we had to download this movie to watch it. It's the drug profiteers that have orchestrated the laws – including Clinton – Nixon ettc. that need to be locked up for crimes against humanity! It's criminal what they have caused and what they are doing for their selfish interest

  10. when you legalise drugs-you take away the power from the sellers, distributors, and makers because its no longer a highly prized item due to it being illegal. When you legalise , it can be produced properly and not the synthetic shit that kills people and makes them go crazy in the head. Its like cigarettes. When it was illegal, the gangs took control over its citizens and crime sky rocketed.Since its legal to purchase,you dont see any problems or crimes related to cigarettes.

  11. plus you wont see prisons filled up with inmates on petty drug charges over small amounts-less inmates=less tax payer money spent to keep inmates in jail. People wouldn't need to commit crimes such as theft, murder,scams in order to get thier hands on drugs because it now freely available. People dont need to feed thier habits due to the cost. Cost of drugs can be less expensive if it were legal because drug dealers arent ripping thier customers off 99% of the time.

  12. history (prohibition vs non-prohibition in early 20th century) and experience (countries such as the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Portugal, where some drugs have been legalized for years or decades) prove the contrary… what facts do you have to support your claim?

  13. The BEST documentary on the war on drugs I have ever seen. Best documentary of the year, hands down.

  14. "The reason my voice is so clear is because there is no SMACK in my veins". Song lyrics from the Prince song "I Know".

  15. good flick. exposes the problem. but the lady gushing over obama in the end is part of the problem. obama cranked up the war on drugs to new levels, especially the war on marijuana. the destruction goes on, but people look the other way. time to get the government out of the drug business.

  16. Or not. We can never predict how a situation might evolve, who knows? If Cocaine'd be sold in a supermarket for 10cents a line then I think everybody'd be snorting coke. Its really hard to say and its even harder to understand for people who haven't done drugs or haven't had an addiction.

  17. A vote for a democrat is a vote for bigger government and this is exactly what you retards get. Libertarians (right wing) support ending the drug war… but that doesn't matter to you food stamp using, obama phone calling, subsidized house living mother fuckers. Keep smoking your crack and blaming the white man for all yo problems… Welfare is not designed to lift you from poverty, it is there to keep your ass poor and dependent on democrats.

  18. Obama at the end was the only part of the movie I didn't like. But again, the scene was objective. I think the message was people want change, but don't really know how to go about it, so they just elect another president that whispers nice things in their ears.

  19. So I'm supposing there were no poor people back in the 19th century since there was no social welfare state keeping people poor? Or what's more likely, that you don't know what the hell you're talking about? Look the Libertarian cause tends to be hard to take seriously precisely because it's full of a bunch of crackpots like yourself who think somehow before Lincoln the country was a capitalist paradise where nothing bad ever happened (except people owning other people, but that's capitalism!).

  20. Man….
    I just finished watching this.
    I always knew the Drug War was unjust, immoral, and solved nothing.
    But, I had NO IDEA how bad it really is.
    Had they made the case that the US Drug War was nothing short of a slow-motion concentration camp program targeting working class people at the beginning of the movie(and not at the end)…I would have dismissed it as extreme.
    But, after watching, I'm honestly left shaken.
    This is literally one of the top 10 systematic evils this world has ever seen.

  21. I took obama at the end to be symbolic as now this is no longer about race but about rich vs poor. Obama has a very well off background & education something typical incarnated people do not.

  22. This movie is a total farce. We are accountable for our actions and in-actions. I am where I am today in life because of decisions that I made, not my racial or socio-economic predisposition. The war on drugs is not some widespread conspiracy to destroy blacks, asians, and hispanics. I fully agree that the system should concentrate more on corrections and rehabilitation, the simple fact remains that this movie does not address individual accountability; it simply passes blame to others.

  23. I think religion also plays a big role in this massive problem. If everyone did their own research we'd have an informed society, but instead many people form their views in church. If the priest say's its bad, than the people just take it on faith. Faith is the worlds greatest enemy. It's the main reason (in my opinion) why this world is in the toilet.

  24. The whole point is that the "problem" is not one or even two dimensional, and that the solutions are NOT as simplistic as "just say no," and, moreover, the system is now set to keep fighting this war, not for moral or health concerns, but purely for profit potential…if you don't find those facts disturbing, prescottaj1, you dont need a heart transplant…you need a starter kit!

  25. You are definitely where you are because of your racial predisposition, which informs your socio-economic predisposition. Because you are white, you are born with 20 times the wealth of your black counterparts. People inherit their socio-economic status and you can't tell me that that isn't white privilege. And personal accountability? According to the justice department, white people are 5 times more likely to be found with drugs but black are 10 times more likely to go to jail for them.

  26. Police concentrate all of their efforts into black and brown communities but most drugs are in white communities. According to the justice department, in 1964 two thirds of all American prisoners were white and 1/3 was people of color. Today, they are exactly opposite. The fact that u can say something so ill informed and not be challenged on it comes directly from your racial predisposition and that's called white privilege. The war on drugs IS white privilege. Read any book by Tim Wise.

  27. An intelligent person has to ask himself why any "authority" should have the standing to decide whether or not an informed, free adult human cannot choose for himself what he wishes to put into his body, for any reason.

    The "war on drugs" has destroyed more lives than the drugs themselves ever could have.

    It's not a war on drugs, it's a war on people.

  28. Portugal decriminalized all drugs just a few years ago and their addiction rates dropped by half.

    Drugs aren't the healthiest thing, by nature, but the awful crime and violence associated with drugs is driven *NOT* by the drug users, but by the black market which drug prohibition supports and encourages.

  29. bullshit. i have some money, i have the possibility to smoke and snort everything i could ever imagine. i could've done that a hundred times for free. i never did it. and i will never do it. you gotta have some brains inside that head of yours. that's like natural selection. people who wanna use drugs and don't want to be helped will use drugs. whatever "war" and whatever "fight" you try on them. like the film said, the drug use NEVER decreased. that's all.

  30. why do you assume EVERYBODY gotta be useful? useful to whom? it's people's life, let them do whatever they want (since they're not provoking and harm to you)

  31. Same sentiment here. I watched it with my husband one night, by chance. We were tired, but couldn't stop watching. So infuriating!!!

  32. That said. Doing drugs in itself is a curse. It is mostly a symptoms of things not going well for whoever does them. Yes, it can be recreational, inspirational, but for most it's an escape. We ought to work on fixing those reasons. If everybody was just using to expand his/her mind or have some fun, this would not be an issue.

    I agree with you though that the "war", the way it is fought is all what you said!

  33. Unfortunately we live in a corporate world right now that is fueled on profit and not humanity, If you want to make some money create a problem, then rake in the money by pretending you are solving the problem when actually the problem is just being prolonged, the same reason we won't have a cure for cancer in a society/system like this, there is more money to made in treating it rather than curing it, I have faith that people are opening their eyes to the oppression that enslaves us all.

  34. What Steve T; said this film should be watched by every human being on our earth. I live in an area that has 9-15 prison's and we keep adding more every year.

  35. about drugs?
    try watching "How to Make Money Selling Drugs"
    not as powerful as this film; however, it's still very informative & makes many of the same points about the war on drugs that this film makes.

  36. One of the most powerful documentaries I've ever seen, if anyone had any doubt about the drug war and the motives behind it, watch this film!

  37. The War on Drugs has been a complete Failure!! We need to treat Drugs as a Public Health Issue not a Criminal Justice Issue!  Locking up people for drug possession changes nothing. Lets offer counseling and or rehab, those type of things. Putting somebody behind bars does not make addiction go away!

  38. Okay LETS GET SOMETHING STRAIGHT HERE: Pot a.k.a Marijuana isn't as bad as meth, coke and heroine. Those people being locked up? a majority of them are being locked up for selling coke, meth and heroine but the latter are locked up for marijuana which is ridiculous. I don't agree with Marijuana being illegal and people who sell and have been caught in possession of it shouldn't be sentenced at all or even go to jail but the other drugs? should. This should be a war against the people who want to lock you up for profit. Marijuana should be legalized & sold by the people but if you sell coke, meth and heroine? jail

  39. The documentary is a joke. We should find a different way to combat drug addiction and NOTHING IS FREE, this documentary isn't free, youtube isn't free, etc so of coarse people are going to profit off imprisoning people who brake the law.

  40. The war on drugs is a disgrace. Marijuana should have been legal years ago. The law enforcement people are making big money incarcerating good average honest hard working Americans for smoking pot. This is a tragic shame. .America now has more people in prison than any other country in the world. It is no longer the land of the free. As a war veteran it turns my stomach to think I fought for this country which punishes people in order to profit from it.

  41. Where there is a Demand, there will be a Supply, example prohibition of alcohol… I belong to LEAP – Law Enforcement Against Prohibition.

  42.  WHY HAS THERE BEEN A HUSH? I never heard of this film and there are major mega executive producers, Danny Glover, John Legend and Russel Simmons……… did the this film go under the radar…….and why is it my friend that lives in England had to tell me about this AMERICAN DOC!

  43. Watch How To Make Money Selling Drugs, despite the name of the documentary. It talks about the corruptions in police force as well as government i.e.) CIA, past presidents and current politics, lawyers and etc. on the wars on drugs. 





  45. +RayWilliamJohansen I don't know what your fixation with California is, but the drug war problem is nationwide. Perhaps you should do some more research instead of wallowing in your own ignorance like a retarded pig.

  46. One of the sad facts of this documentary is that many communities now rely on Prisons for jobs and money flow. To stop the present system of War on Drugs would be to create turmoil and upheaval in these communities so they will provide a lot of resistance. (Disclaimer: the documentary interviews prison guards who speak against this system)       

  47. Some great information in here. Not always  well presented. The music's typical overwrought "important doc' stuff. So tired. The first 1/2 hour's real slow.

  48. Reasons why I believe all drugs should be legalized:
    1) Freedom of choice, every person should be able to choose what they put into their bodies. This is public policy issue.

    2) Danger with even the most dangerous of drugs typically has more to do with purity and dosages which can be better controlled in regulated markets. This is pharmaceutical issue.

    3) Non-commercial markets encourage the lack of reporting help to underfund gun violence, burglaries, gang activity, and violent crime. This is an economics and criminality issue.

    4) Illegality creates and encourages a public perception about drug users that never before existed. They lose jobs and are publicly ostracized for something humans have done for thousands of years. They are often cherry picked vices looked at unfairly and not given chances. This is an interpersonal psychology issue.

    5) The study of these drugs and their affects will change. Our understanding of psychology will change as we gain new technologies to better see their affects. Illegality creates barriers to research. This is science and research issue.

    6) They can make you feel good. This is an underrated interpersonal psychology issue.

    7) Young people should be educated about how to control and moderate the joy happiness they feel in their lives instead they are taught to just say no, which in some cases can be a downright impossibility. This is similar to the sex education arguments which say to educate and teach birth control over abstinence only. It may be necessary to explain to people when they should focus more on saving money than spending it. Developing better value practices is a part of growing up and substance users face unrelenting charges of skewed values that cigarette smokers, alcohol drinkers, and even other much more expensive risky pastimes can be associated with. This is an education issue.

    8) There is historical culture of substance use which is traced back to most ancient civilization that will be extinct unless properly preserved. This is a historical issue.

    9) Drug illegality is the primary leverage against minorities and nonwhite communities, also, more general speaking communities of poverty and lower middle class. These sub-groups are unfairly targeted and ostracized for the habits of a larger socioeconomic class.  This is a community, racial issue

    10) Recovery and Treatment options for substance users and abusers are currently, for the most part reserved for individuals with the resources and support structure that is not availible to many poor and underpriveledged neighborhoods and people.  Reasearch has shown that these 'harm reduction" based appraches are cheaper on a state and easier/better for a populace than more putative approaches like jail.  Drug user should have opportunity for employment and standard of living same as anyone else.  This is a treatment and community concern issue.

  49. Guess we should just look the other way as thousands of young lives are lost to drugs and violence of selling and distribution.

  50. I love how Bush and Clinton talk about drugs. Both were huge importers. Clinton a coke head W Bush a coke head. Jeb a dealer.

  51. Just about done watching this film for a class. Everything said at the end is complete BS. We all have free will to do right or do wrong. Quit blaming your drug and drug selling addiction from being poor.

  52. With Trump the war on crime will be paramount

    The film is clear, at times slightly long, maybe repetitive, but clear as crystal. The war on drug was first declared by Richard Nixon in 1971 in the midst of the final sinking phase of the USA in Vietnam, of course to hide the shameful defeat in a war in which the USA should never have put their nose. […] Trump's war against anything illegal will necessarily victimize the poor and first of all the Blacks. They will go back to slavery in the concentration (or reservation) prisons before elimination (or extermination, also known as genocide) with a riot here and there from time to time. […]

  53. I’m a conservative but this is an issue that I totally am liberal about if someone is on drugs they should be sent to rehab not prison! Addiction is a symptom and the cure is not incarceration, the disease is depression, poverty, pain and those are things will never be treated by prison time and social scorn

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