♪ (old-school video game music) ♪ – “Slapp-Me-Doo presents…” (heavy sigh) The Impossible Quiz. – “The Impossible Quiz?”
I’ve heard of this. I think I’ve seen PewDiePie play this. – I love this! I used to almost get all the way through. I think I know a lot of the answers. – I remember taking this years ago. I wonder if I still know how to do it. – I’m just gonna tell you guys right now we’re gonna be here for at least five hours. – I’m gonna fail, like, 20 times. – Let’s go!
– (record scratches) – “How many holes in a polo?” What? – I’m gonna say three,
’cause in the word “polo” there are three holes. I feel like this is that kind of quiz. – (gun shot)
– I’m wrong. – (gun shot)
– (puzzled) What? – A polo shirt, I’m assuming,
so, like, one, two, three? I’m gonna get this wrong. – (gun shot)
– I knew it. Two?
– (gun shot) No? Okay! (laughs) I’m already off to a terrible start. What? – (gun shot, screaming)
– Okay. – (gun shot)
– Son of a–. Two, one.
– (gun shot, screaming) – Well, I lost! (laughter)
I’m guessing four. – (ding)
– Four. – Eenie, meenie, miney, mo… My momma said to pick
the very best one and you are it, if I were done yet. Four. Yes! – Like the shirt? Then wouldn’t it be three if– no, wait. ‘Cause there’s a sleeve,
a sleeve, a neck– four. Four of the holes in the polo.
– (ding) – Four?! How? What? Oh my god!
The bottom hole. I’m such an idiot, okay. – “Can a match box?” I don’t wanna– you know what? I don’t want to think too much about this. My strategy is to just memorize. – (gun shot)
– Yes– no. – (gun shot, screaming)
– Okay, perfect. – “Can a match box?” – No, but a tin can!
I remember that. – (ding)
– (sighs) I hate that I know these. – “Dot…” (speaking gibberish). “Tennis elbow.”
– (gun shot) – Dang. – I can’t read this one
’cause it doesn’t make any sense. – I’m gonna say, “I don’t understand.”
– (gun shot, screaming) – The game’s over. It’s four.
– (ding) – Let’s just say “Tennis elbow.”
– (gun shot) – That’s wrong too.
I’m gonna say “What?” – (gun shot)
– That’s also wrong. This one’s right. – “Answer”… wait. Yeah, “Answer this question backwards.” I wanna say no. (laughs) O.K.
– (ding) – K.O.! Hwah! – “Click the answer.”
I don’t know. – “Out of order,
out of order, out of order?” – (gun shot, screaming)
– Okay, good. – “Click the–” oh. Everything’s out of order, but then…
this is the answer. That makes a lot of sense.
– (ding) – “Click THE answer.”
The answer. – This one, I feel like I have
to click it in some type of order, but I don’t– oh, “the answer”! Dang it! I knew–
I don’t know how I knew that! Vague clips of PewDiePie,
it’s so weird, in my memories. – “Put the mouse on here.” – “Don’t touch the blue.” (hushed) What the heck? – What if I just went around the thing? – I remember this. You have
to put it on the other side. – I remember it now! I used to play this
on Addicting Games all the time. – (ding)
– (snaps fingers) ‘Ey! – “The square root of an onion.” – Is this a math term
that I haven’t learned yet? I’m thinking 28. – (gun shot, screaming)
– I lost. – Onion’s a root. It’s a carrot– aw, come on.
– (gun shot) – A carrot’s a root.
– (gun shot, screaming) – Aww. (tsks) Darn it! – Is it a carrot? – (gun shot)
– DAH! I hate that sound. – I’m gonna do the “eenie, meenie,
miney, mo” thing again. – You are it, if I were done yet. – (ding)
– (gasps) I got it right. – I don’t know what shallots are. – (ding)
– I totally guessed on that one. – It’s 28.
– (gun shot) – It’s shall– okay,
I don’t even know what that is. – Shallots. – (ding)
– Yeah! What does that even mean? – “The answer is really big.” “Really big.”
– (gun shot, screaming) – What? – Uh, “answer.”
– (gun shot, screaming) – No, okay.
All right, it’s cool. – I’m saying “really big.” – (gun shot)
– Son of a bitch! (laughing) Aw, it’s a really big answer. – (gun shot, screaming)
– NO! What? [Bleep] impossible quiz. – These are all witty.
Which one am I supposed to pick? – (gun shot) (gun shot) (ding)
– It’s an elephant. – Infinity or an elephant.
– (gun shot) – It’s not that. An elephant.
– (ding) – I don’t know. I’m just gonna click. – (gun shot)
– DAH! I hate this game. – (ding)
– An elephant. “Search.” Ohp, no. – “Do not want. Sad face.
Keep looking.” Where’s the answer? – I kind of remember this.
Where is this? Oh, there we go. (sigh of relief)
– (ding) – Ah, there we go!
I saw it. I saw it. Oh yes. Okay. – (ding)
– Cool. – Okay. Wait, I found it. I found it. – (ding)
– Yes. (snaps fingers) There we go. “What was the answer to question two?” – Was it the one that was backwards? – (gun shot, screaming) – It wasn’t the one that was backwards. – (gun shot, screaming) – I got it wrong. – (gun shot)
– Ah. – (gun shot, screaming)
– Ah, shoot. Wait, wait, wait, wait.
I just need to see answer two again. That was four. Oh my gosh, I knew it was this one. – Okay, this is answer two.
It’s the bottom left one. – (gun shot) – That was the answer to question two! – The second one was “Can a match box?”
“No, but a tin can.” And it was this one,
but this arrow’s pointing to this one so it’s THIS one.
– (ding) – Yeah! Logic. – (ding)
– Oh my god! I didn’t even notice the arrows. – “Choose food.” Well, I can eat any of these. – What? What? – An eyeball?
– (gun shot) – No, okay. I mean– but none
of these answers make sense. – Eenie, meenie, miney, mo… if I were done yet.
– (gun shot, screaming) – I got it wrong. – I think we have
to look at the shadows, right? That looks kind of like lasagne, I guess. – (ding)
– (record scratches) – This one chews food, like C-H-E-W. – (ding)
– (record scratches) – Yeah, thank you. – The teeth thing, you chew with that, so, I mean, it could work. – (ding)
– (record scratches) – I was right. – What’s this? Skip?
Oh, I got a skip. – What does this mean?
Oh, I can skip a question. – “What follows December 2nd?” – A question mark? – (gun shot) (gun shot)
– Or a– I don’t know why I clicked on 142 dwarves. You know what?
What if this one isn’t a trick question? – (gun shot, screaming)
– It was a trick question though. – (gun shot, screaming)
– Aaah. – December 3rd. – (gun shot, screaming) – This game is impossible! That’s why they named it
The Impossible Quiz. All right, “No, but a tin can.” Bazing, bang, god– – (gun shot)
– FAH! I didn’t mean to do that! – December 3rd.
– (gun shot) – I knew this one too!
It’s… “n”? – (ding)
– Fff. – Which one did I not choose?
December 3rd. No, I didn’t choose this one.
– (ding) – “What follows December 2nd.” The N. – N? December Sec-N-d? N-d? I still don’t see it. Whatever. – Click the smallest. – (gun shot) (gun shot, screaming) (gun shot, screaming) – I clicked all of them. The smallest one
probably doesn’t– I knew it. – It’s the I in “click”. This is the worst day of my life. – It’s the I. I knew it! I knew it!
PewDiePie! – It’s this I. – (ding)
– Oh, I love this game. This is such a fun game,
but I hate it at the same time. – “What sound does a bell make?” – I’m just gonna close
my eyes and pick one. – (gun shot, screaming)
– I lost. Which one did I pick?
(laughing) I don’t even– That was a bad strategy. What does a bell make?
– (gun shot) – The most logical thing would be “F’Taang.” Oh, okay. – “F-Tiiing!” It’s, like, more f’ting. Ting, ting. I’m thinking it’s that. Yeah. – “What can you put
in a bucket to make it lighter? A torch? Oh, a hole. That makes sense.
– (gun shot) – A hole. – (gun shot, screaming)
– It’s starting to scare me. – “Gypsies, a hole…” – (gun shot)
– Nope, okay. Try again. – A torch? If I die, I’m gonna be so mad. – (ding)
– Ah, okay! – Oh, a torch to make it lighter. (sighs) – “Neigh! Whinny.” – “Sorry, no skipping?” – Oh, no skip– I was about to say,
maybe I could skip this one. It knows. PewDiePie is not helping me.
I don’t remember this one. – N?
– (gun shot) – M?
– (screaming) – Okay, we’ll start again. – Do I do an H ’cause
there’s a horse up here? – (click)
– Oh. Am I supposed to spell “horse”? – Horse?
– (clicking) – Uh, that’s a horse. Horse?
– (click) – Oh my god, “horse”. Okay. Uh, S-E.
– (ding) – Yay! “What is the 7th letter
of the alphabet.” – All right, I’m gonna have to do it. I’m gonna have to ♪ A, B, C, D, E, F, G ♪. – ♪ A, B, C, D, E, F, G ♪. G. But what if it’s not G? – It can’t be G.
They’re messing with me. It can’t be. I’m gonna lose a life
and I’ll have to start all over again. – (gun shot, screaming) – (gun shot) – I’m gonna flip this table in a minute. – (gun shot, screaming) – G is the 7th letter
of the alphabet, is it not? – The 7th letter of– oh!
What if it’s of “the alphabet”? Like, one, two, three,
four, five, six, seven. H. – (ding) – Oh, “the alphabet”.
It’s the phrase. H.
– (ding) 24 – 7… it’s “walrus”, obviously. Right? – (gun shot)
– Aw, come on. – It’s 17. That’s what it is. It’s math. It’s right or wrong,
but 17 isn’t on here. I’m gonna put 16–
– (gun shot) – It’s wrong. I’m gonna put “walrus”. – (gun shot, screaming)
– That was also wrong. – (sighs)
– (gun shot) – Okay, so it’s not that.
And it’s not that. – (gun shot, screaming)
– Oh, wow. It’s none of those. So it’s one of those answers.
Okay, four! – 24 – 7 is seven… seven– six? What?! No, it’s 17, right? It’s not– oh!
– (ding) – Smart! – (ding)
– It was the 17th question, so the answer was 17. I can’t do this any more. – Stop! Hammer time.
– (ding) – Hammer time.
– (ding) – “Color in the correct order.” What? How am I supposed–? Screw it. Bye.
– (ding) – How am I supposed to know
what the correct order is? I’m gonna have– trial and error. Trial.
– (gun shot) – It’s not yellow. It’s not green. (deep sigh) – (gun shot, screaming)
– Here we go! – He’s got green in him.
– (gun shot) – No, he doesn’t. He’s got yellow. – (gun shot, screaming) – Am I almost there? At all? – Can I start with blue?
– (paint splatters) – (sighs) Blue. (gasps) It’s like…
– (paint splatters) – Okay, blue!
Okay– oh! Blue, orange. – Blue, orange, green, green, yellow. – Yellow.
– (paint splatters) (ding)
– “Deal or no deal?” “Deal… no deal.”
“Seal, no seal.” See, why? What? – (gun shot, screaming)
– Aw, come on! – (gun shot)
– That’s wrong. Okay. – (gun shot)
– It’s one of these two. – (record scratches)
– Yes! – (record scratches)
– Yeah! – It’s gonna be “seal”.
Oh, okay. (laughs) – “Watch carefully.” – SON OF– I looked away! I didn’t think it was going to do anything. – (gun shot)
– (ding) – Hey! – (ding)
– All right. – (ding)
– Yeah! – “The choice is yours. +1 Life, -1 Life, Escape, +1 Skip.” Do I actually– do I get whatever choose? I’m gonna give myself a skip.
– (ding) – (sighs) Okay. – (gun shot, screaming) – One more.
– (ding) – I’m gonna skip this.
– (ding) – “+1 Life?” “+1 Skip.” – (gun shot) (ding)
– It was the skip. – “Save changes to ‘untitled’?” “Bran?”
(puzzlded) Bran? Like a muffin? – (gun shot)
– Yes. No. – (gun shot, screaming)
– No! There should be checkpoints.
– (ding) – “Yes.”
– (gun shot, screaming) – Why wouldn’t you want to save stuff? – “No!”
– (ding) – I have one life.
I’m gonna skip it. – Uh…
– (gun shot, screaming) – I died. I’m so done. I don’t wanna do this any more. – This is “no”. – (gun shot)
– No, it’s not. Okay, “bran”.
– (ding) – “Cancel.” Oh, come on. We’ll do “bran”. – “Bran”.
– (ding) – Yeah, it’s just random, bro. – I can’t skip this either?!
What is going– hold on. – What? Why? Okay. I can’t– I can’t do this. – So this is L, and then K. So I’m gonna find– C. So right now we have “Click.” – “Click the”– I think it says “click the”. – Oh, “click the V in”– oh. – “In lives.” So, it’s the green one. I should’ve just done this before. Okay. So this one. But you can’t click the V. – (groans) It has–
it says “click the V in”– Oh, the bottom one! Duh. – Oh. – (ding)
– Next. – Oh, the V in “lives”. Hoo! “How do you kill a werewolf?” – It’s a silver bullet, isn’t it? – (gun shot)
– Yeah, how stupid. – “Shoe polish, black pudding”– – (gun shot, screaming)
– (tsks) Dang it. – I don’t know. (laughs) “Black pudding.” Aw.
– (gun shot, screaming) – I messed up again! – Why not?
– (gun shot) – (sulkily) I don’t wanna
restart from the beginning. – (ding)
– (giggling) – Uh, did I click “shoe polish”? – (ding)
– Yeah, m’kay. – I think it’s shoe polish. Polish.
– (ding) – “Which of these place
names does not exist?” Probably “Germansweek”
’cause that’s the least weird. – (gun shot, screaming)
– Not Germansweek. Bye.
– (ding) – I bet this exists.
This exists somewhere in the world. – “Budd’s Titsons Twatt.”
I bet that exists. – (gun shot)
– Seriously?! I’m more disappointed in humans. – (gun shot, screaming) – Blue, orange, green–
– (gun shot) – I DIDN’T HIT YOU, PURPLE! You try to go quick,
and then it’s like you mess up. Nah, “no seal”. – (gun shot)
– It’s a seal! (groaning) There’s too many.
I’m skipping. – (gun shot)
– That one exists. And that one exi– oh my god. – (ding)
– (uncontrollable laughter) Okay! – “I hope you’ve been paying
attention to the question numbers!” Oh… oh… oh-oh-oh-oh. – (gun shot)
– Aw. – Let’s go to 26. – (gun shot, screaming)
– That– that wasn’t 26. – I know there’s one question
where it tells you to use all of your skips, but I’m
probably not gonna get to that one, so I’ll use my skip.
– (ding) – 26. 27. Wait, go to 28. – Skippity do-dah.
– (ding) – I forgot to look at the stupid thing! It’s gotta be 28. I think we passed 21 and 24, so it’s 28. – “What is this?”
Skip, all right. – I like “abundance,”
but it’s probably gonna be “cruel”. – (gun shot)
– All right, no. – (ding)
– Sure. – “Abundance!” That’s–
okay, I have to pick that one. – (ding)
– It’s so funny. – “What flavor is cardboard?” – “Talc.”
– (gun shot) – What do you want from me? – (gun shot, screaming) – It’s pork scra– aw. (chuckles) – I’m gonna lose this one for sure. It’s definitely not any of these three. But it’s probably not talc.
– (gun shot, screaming) – Yeah, okay. I guess I’m done for now. Until I go home and don’t study
for my physics exam so I can finish this. – This is one of those ones,
like, you don’t– – (gun shot)
– Pork scratch– – (screaming)
– Now I know which one it is. – “Egg mayonnaise.” – (ding)
– Whew. – “Put the mouse on here.” “Now don’t touch”– again?! No! – All right. Next question. – Nice and easy. (exhales)
– (ding) – Killin’ the game. – (dog) Woof!
– (startled gasp) – (dog) Woof!
– (snickers) – (dog) Woof! – That’s three woofs.
– (ding) – “What are the main ingredients of shampoo? – “Cricket crap.”
– (gun shot) – ShamPOO. It’s poo. ShamPOO.
Maybe it’s “human feces”. – (ding)
– It’s poo. Shampoo. I’m understanding now. – “How many letters in his hand?” – Five, six, seven, eight, nine. And it’s a severed hand. That’s nice. – (gun shot, screaming) – Okay, I’m done.
(headphones clatter) – Whatever, I don’t care.
– (gun shot, screaming) – Son of a– whatever. – Letters… in his hand.
The phrase “his hand”. Okay, this is becoming redundant. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. – (ding) (ding)
– Nice, seven. – (ding)
– Okay. (chuckles) “Elephants don’t like mice.” Wait, what do I– or… huh. – (ding)
– (chuckles) – Am I supposed to click somewhere? I’m afraid that if I click
something, I lose a life. – (clicks mouse)
– So… oh. Oh, they don’t like mice. – If I had my mouse out, he wouldn’t come. He’d run away. “If you press this button, it’s game over.” – (record scratches)
– Thanks. (chuckles) “What do you call a wingless fly?” – “A walk.” (snickers) – (ding)
– Classic. – “Can you get this question wrong?” – “Nope,” “Of course not,” “No way.” (sighs) Seriously? – Yeah, probably. Uh, let’s just give this.
– (ding) – Some of them, see,
they just don’t make sense. They’re just are like– all right. Here’s… [bleep] “nope”.
– (ding) – Yeah! That was cool. – “No way.”
– (ding) – (sighs) – “Mary Rose sat on a pin.” Bur–
– (gun shot) (screaming)
– Oh really? Oh really? – (gun shot) (screaming)
– No! I have to go through all of that again for that stupid joke
that I don’t even understand? – (gun shot) (ding) – “Mary Rose sat on a pin.” And then Mary rose. Oh, dang! I remember this one too. – “Cough drops.” – (gun shot)
– Aw. – (ding)
– No, it’s that. – There isn’t even a question. “Cylindrical adventures”
is probably my favorite pun. – (ding)
– Okay. – “Cylindrical adventures.” – “Don’t touch the pink. Hmm, if only you had a bridge.” How do you make a bridge? Oh! – Hey, I got a bridge! Impossible my butt. – I did have a bridge. Oh! – (ding)
– (duck squawks) – What? – (gun shot)
– What? (chuckles) Uh…
– (gun shot, screaming) – Aw, come on. – (duck squawks)
– I don’t care. – Afro. (chuckles softly) “What is the–” It’s just the most ridiculous answers. – “What is the answer to life,
the universe, and everything? Hint: it’s 42.” I bet it’s not 42. (tsks) – (gun shot) (gun shot) (gun shot, screaming)
– Aw, come on! What the heck? If I knew that answer, I would beat it. – (gun shot) – You have got to be kidding me. Do 42 42? – So that’s 40, so this is 42.
– (ding) – 40– 42.
– (ding) (sighs) “Bridget makes everyone…” I don’t what it is.
– (ding) – “Tom Cruise.”
– (ding) – I think you’ve just gotta go
with the most random answer. That’s what I’m going as.
This is probably a puzzle. – “Click…” Uh, here, somewhere. – (ding)
– Okay. – Oh, I gotta just click right here. – (ding)
– All right. Ah, “Flag, square”– [bleep] Wingdings. Skip this!
– (ding) – Nope. Okay, skip.
– (ding) – What’s happening here? – (gun shot, screaming) – I wanna try one more time, and that’s it. – I know what that is. – (chuckling) Oh my god. “F-U, kill Sonic– you bastard!” – (ding) – Vanish!
– (liquid spurts) (ding)
– Gotcha! – (ding)
– Red? Okay. “Snake, snake.”
– (ding) – SNAAAAAKE!!! – “Which one’s the correct spelling?” “Slap”– (gasps) Is this
the name of the company? It’s this one. I’m risking everything on– – (gun shot, screaming)
– Okay. I’m done with this. (wearily) I’ve had enough. – “Slap-me-do”–
– (gun shot) – “Splapp-me-do.”
– (ding) Okay. Blue, red, blue, yellow. – (ding) – All right.
– (punching) – GO! [Inaudible] THE CHAIR! (victorious cry) ♪ Do, do, do, do ♪ “Carrot!” Crap. Shoulda ate my vegetables. This looks like a carrot.
– (siren wails) – Look at him! “Marmite.” “Marmite, but pa might not!”
– (ding) You “shanghai”? Uh, no, about 20 centimeters off the ground. “What is the digestive system?”
– (clock ticks) – “A series of organs
designed to break down food and extract energy and nutrition”–
I don’t know if it’s “cheese”. “A game console”–
– (gun shot) – Dang, it’s cheese!
– (screaming) – NO!!! Ugh. Stupid bomb. I think I could beat it eventually if I have the patience
and the time to actually do it. Maybe I’ll just do it in my English class. – Thanks for watching us
play The Impossible Quiz on the React channel. – Like this episode if
our frustration caused you joy. – How far did you get
in The Impossible Quiz? Let us know in the comments. – See you next time. – That’s it! I quit! No more! Flips table! I’m out. Bye-bye. ♪ (old-school video game music) ♪


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