The Mormon Manson (Drug Cartels vs. Mormons Part 2/7)

The Mormon Manson (Drug Cartels vs. Mormons Part 2/7)

MITT ROMNEY: My dad had been
born in Mexico and his family had to leave during the
Mexican Revolution. He had big dreams. We were Mormons and growing up
in Michigan, that might have seemed unusual or out of place,
but I really don’t remember it that way. My friends cared more about what
sports teams we followed than what church we went to. SHANE SMITH: So we’re on our
way down here to Colonial Juarez, which is in Northern
Mexico in Chihuahua state. A lot of people may know that
Romney and his family are actually from here. His father was actually born
here in a Mormon colony. But maybe what they don’t know
is that these Mormon colonies are still here. And they’re actually fighting
the narco cartels, the drug cartels, that run this
whole region. They’re standing up and
they’re fighting the kidnapping and the violence
and the crime. So the question is, what are
the Mormons doing down in Mexico in the first place? Mormons originally came down
to Mexico in the late 1800s after the American government
forced the Mormon church to ban polygamy. The problem with this is that
Joseph Smith, the prophet of the religion, held that polygamy
was actually a divine commandment. He believed that you could only
reach the highest level of the celestial kingdom, or
heaven, if you are actually a partner in a plural marriage. So basically, the more wives
you had, the better heaven would be. And rather than give up their
place in heaven, many moved down to Mexico to continue to
practice polygamy, and thereby assure their place
in the afterlife. Here in the seclusion of the
Mexican desert, they could practice all the standard Mormon
rituals, like baptizing the dead or wearing magic
underwear, but also the more controversial plural marriage. Or, as we were soon to find
out, the outright insane practice of blood atonement. So after about five hours of
some very nervous driving and a couple of very thorough stops
at military checkpoints, not to mention two stops at
drive-through liquor stores to calm our very jangly nerves,
we finally arrived at the Mormon promised land. We left Juarez, which
is very dirty and poor and very druggie. And then all of a sudden you
come over this hill, and there’s orchards and
golf courses. The streets are laid out nice,
they’ve got nice schools, kids are playing baseball,
and there’s angels. And it’s kind of like ah, we’ve
come to God’s country. Because it’s beautiful here and
they obviously have money. So this is why they’re being
targeted by the narcos, and this is why they have
to fight back. So now we’re going to go meet
some Mormons who are actually fighting the narco cartel. This is Brent LeBaron’s farm. They are sort of famously
secretive about their weapons, their fighting, because they
don’t want to be targeted anymore by the cartels. We’re going to go meet him and
see if he’ll show us around. Brent? BRENT LEBARON: Yeah,
how’s it going? SHANE SMITH: Shane Smith. BRENT LEBARON: Brent LeBaron. Nice to meet you. SHANE SMITH: Nice to meet
you, how you doing? BRENT LEBARON: I’m
very, very well. SHANE SMITH: This
is your farm? BRENT LEBARON: This
is my farm. We farm chili and a little bit
of wheat– all depends on the time of the season. SHANE SMITH: We’ve heard that
the LeBaron family, the LeBaron colony, has sort of been
standing up to some of the narco cartels. BRENT LEBARON: Yeah, we’ve had
a few run-ins with them. I don’t like to say too
much about them. But I’d love to show
you around. Let’s go. SHANE SMITH: Let’s do it. Now, I didn’t know what to
expect when I first met Brent. And when I did, he
seemed to me more American than most Americans. In fact, I wouldn’t have been
surprised if he told me he played linebacker for Alabama. But when he started to give me
the tour around the cemetery, I realized that his story
was anything but normal. BRENT LEBARON: This is a
graveyard where my grandfather and great grandfather
are buried. The original story is they come
down for the cause of plural marriage to
continue it– Mexico allowed it. SHANE SMITH: So they wanted
to continue polygamy? BRENT LEBARON: Yes. My great grandfather, being a
fundamentalist, he broke away from the Mormon church because
he had two wives. That’s when he went to establish
Colonial LeBaron. They established five or
six colonies down here. SHANE SMITH: The colony would
be like a family? BRENT LEBARON: A few families. SHANE SMITH: And then your
grandfather had 10 wives. BRENT LEBARON: Yes. Had children by eight
of those 10. SHANE SMITH: And how many
grand kids did he have? BRENT LEBARON: Between grandkids
and great grandkids, they’re probably pushing
the 400 mark right now. SHANE SMITH: Wow. All named LeBaron. BRENT LEBARON: All
named LeBaron. SHANE SMITH: Now, having more
than 400 grandchildren might seem extreme to some, but it’s
nothing compared to the shit that Brent’s Uncle
Ervil got up to. He was a straight up
fucking lunatic. Now Ervil not only had 13 wives
and over 50 children, but he also used his own family,
including his own kids, as assassins. Dubbed “The Mormon Manson,”
Ervil and his family were suspects in over 40 murders. Joel LeBaron was killed by his
own brother Ervil because of blood atonement? BRENT LEBARON: Yes. Well, Ervil tried to take over
the Church and he started claiming blood atonement,
the right to kill in the name of God. If you oppose him, he has
the right to kill you. Once Ervil snapped, he just
went on a killing spree. He had his daughters killed,
his wives killed, his sons killed and it just
went from there. He went haywire. SHANE SMITH: So Ervil goes on
this killing spree across Mexico and the United States. And at one point the Secret
Service is after him because he threatens to kill
President Carter. They finally captured Ervil in
1979 and sent him to prison, and all the killing
stops, right? Wrong. And then after he dies
in jail, people keep on killing for him. He killed up to 25 people after
he died because he left a sort of hit list, and they
just kept killing. BRENT LEBARON: They
kept killing. Yes, they did. SHANE SMITH: Now as Brent is
telling me all this, I had to keep in mind that this blood
atonement killing spree isn’t taking place in the 1880s
or anything, this is all happening in the 1980s. BRENT LEBARON: My grandfather
ran from him for probably 10 years. SHANE SMITH: Wow. BRENT LEBARON: I mean,
he chased my grandpa clear to Nicaragua. SHANE SMITH: Your great uncle
was trying to kill your grandfather? BRENT LEBARON: Yeah. Verlan M. LeBaron died in a
car accident right out of Mexico City. A lot of people have been
skeptical that actually Ervil had something to do with it. And his last recorded words were
“Brother, it looks like you’ve been ran off the road.” SHANE SMITH: That’s
some crazy shit. BRENT LEBARON: Yeah. That’s just a modern-day
Cain and Abel here. SHANE SMITH: Do you think that
that’s one of the reasons why, because you had this sort of
familial civil war, you got tighter as a family? So when the narcos came
after your family you were sort of tougher? BRENT LEBARON: Well, definitely everyone was a watchman. SHANE SMITH: Now what he’s
saying here is that because of Ervil, everyone in the LeBaron
clan watched out for everyone else. So when the cartels kidnapped
one of their own, they were ready. Eric LeBaron was only 16 when
he was abducted and held for $1 million ransom. And you didn’t pay the ransom? BRENT LEBARON: We didn’t
pay the ransom. SHANE SMITH: Even if you could
get the money and paid it, they’re just going
to keep doing it. BRENT LEBARON: Just going to
keep coming and keep doing it. SHANE SMITH: They’ll just use
the money to buy more guns and get more powerful. BRENT LEBARON: Exactly. If we don’t sever the head off
this monster right now, it’s just going to get worse. We had to go to the government
and say hey, you won’t allow us to bear arms, but you’re
supposed to protect us. SHANE SMITH: The protest forced
the government to put pressure on the kidnappers. And as is quite rare in these
situations, Eric was returned unharmed after paying
no ransom. However, it also served to
enrage the local drug lord named El Rikin, who only lived
eight miles down the road from Colonial LeBaron. Now, this is a narco who loves
drugs so much that he actually massacred 18 people trying to
get off the stuff at a drug rehab center. And now he’s after
the LeBarons. BRENT LEBARON: They had
threatened his family with a hand grenade. SHANE SMITH: So they said they’d
blow up the family with the grenade unless
he surrendered. BRENT LEBARON: Unless
he opened the door. MALE SPEAKER: They shot them
four times in the head each. 10 children under the age of
seven were left orphans when that happened.


  1. I am glad that the LeBaron person cleared up that his Grandpa "LEFT THE MORMON CHURCH, because he wanted to continue plural marriage" I guess nobody paid attention that that comment and people will continue to believe that MORMONS practice polygamy, when in fact they do not. It is "illegal" in the Mormon religion to have more than 1 wife.


  3. The Mormons have had a mafia since bring em young, the leader of the church would rob people that came into town for their saddle and horse. Read “hell upon earth” , but don’t let a Mormon get a hold of it, they’ll rip it up. But these people even today attack people, I’m one. Then when the other person they’re harassing finally snaps then the Mormons play the victim. They are an evil cult.

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  8. There’s more to this recent killing than the media is willing to disclose, to those in chihuahua the Lebarons are known as local drug lords so these people are competition of sorts to the cartels but the abductions of young girls and submitting them to their pedophile and polygamist ways, trying to claim local resources all to themselves, the disregard of their neighbors and many other factors that are best left in the dark all play a part in this Mormon cartel war and there’s a rumor going around that the women and kids were used as human shields

  9. Now the democrats want to disarm Americans, and take away thier ability to defend against Mexican drug lords (that the Mexican Army cant even handle) who have access to AR15s that can be manufactured there, and AK47s manufactured overseas!

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    Then switches to an offshoot of the LDS church while calling them both Mormons! This is why people get confused as to who's who. The Labaron's are NOT members of the church of Jesus Christ of latter day Saints.
    Don't show our Temples and then talk about the Labaron's in the same video. Totally different sects.

  17. This is a perfect example of why you can't trust the media or documentaries like these. They don't know the difference between the "mormons" and members of the church of Jesus Christ of latter day Saints.
    They make you think they are the same when nothing could be further from the truth.

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  25. May I please speak about "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints?" You all are due to your opinions and I respect each and every one of your comments. But please act reasonably when calling the victims criminals, they are grieving and have lost so much. How many of you have ever been charged with a criminal offense? Were you made out to be someone other than who you are by the prosecution? Society hears the word 'Polygamy' and immediately people have deemed them "Perverts, Pedophiles, etc…….. This group of people is no different than any other group of religious people. They all have these types of predators that you are speaking of. They all have ceremonies that to others may seem odd. Some have clothing that signifies faith. They were there in that valley far before the Cartel. It was their home and if approached about sharing resources with proper business ethics instead of threats, kidnappings, bloodshed, I am sure they would have shared. But it wasn't the natural resources they wanted, it was everything.

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