1. يدفنونه حجباً وهو حي حتى يتألم وتأكدي يصاب به كل فرد لكن لا يمتلكون علمية ذلك .

  2. At the beginning I feel him, I’m being serious, I can’t even count how many times kids at my school without disabilities have blatantly ignored me and it makes me feel sad. I speak loud enough, they don’t have disabilities but I still find myself always just getting ignored only two of my friends have never ignored the other 5 have only done it two times. When I try to start a conversation they sometimes just say nobody is listening.

  3. 8:31 she needs some milk.

    The reason I said this was not to insult anyone but the sound that came out of her mouth sounded like the meme.

  4. November 2, 2019 and I'm 29years old still single 😭🤣😂 hope next I see this video in my reccomendation me and my wife watching together 😄😆😔🤔

  5. I'm 21. When I was in high school I don't think anybody ever wanted to go out with me. All my friends were dating and I was like I wish that was me. I never went to homecoming or prom cause well I never could get a date really. One reason is probably I'm too shy around pretty girls it's probably why I've never dated anyone. Hopefully one day that guy is me. I know all the high school drama and I wanted to stay away from it

  6. that part when she tried her best to speak…my tears rolled! i felt her sincerity and love right there, and like the phrase at the end, it was not seen, heard or touched…it was felt! i know it's just acting but it got to me! huhu!

  7. The truth is nice girls, nice guys don't exist in what we call the bubble affect. Every one suffers personal identity and identifies themselves in there individual bubbles which defines who they/you/me are. What we like to eat, dress, do, the me/I affect. But what we compromise on is the many social bubbles that surrounds us. We get so attached to wanting to be part of somthing that we lose interest in our true bubble and sadly merge into others losing the I/me identify. Through out the film he survived in his ow n bubble but wanted to connect. Her bubble was her speaking disability but felt shamed becouse of the way she spoke. What it true about the film is this, they had there bubbles, stayed within there bubbles until they realised that merging together was going to be hard but through patiance they first identified each other.

  8. Same thing just happened with me too. I love inakali so much . For last one year I was making dreams of love with her but she spoke lie to me and she says that she is in a relationship with Mr. Jalali ( hir boyfriend ) so why did she not tell me early in the starting. I cried and fallen ill because of depression even thought for sucide many times. But now I am vanishing her all memories from my brain. But I love her till the end and will keep loving her. I love you Inakali. I miss you.

  9. If only This generation was like that guys want hot girls n doesnt treat then that well , girls want good looking guys with lots of money atleast most guys n girls true love is hard to find no days especially us disabled people I'm 15 but i was born with one of the most rare cases of eye problems it was even more to be born with mostly ppl in the ages if 40 gets it , its call uveitis n as a bonus I have glaucoma Catterick and pressure In my eyes n i became blind in my left my i can only tell if theres a light on or of wi5h my left eye n my right well i can barely see n i could go blind there too if I'm 15 n the world is this now how much worst will it be when i grow no girl is gonna wanna be with me like this
    I cant do an eye transplant cuz my nerves are damaged this made me abit to mature which is a giid thing and a bad thing i cant get too along with my age cuz they too immature so yeah this sucks Never wanted to die so badly

  10. Is it only me, but.. I WAS SO HAPPY FOR THEM I NEARLY RIPPED MY HAIR OUT in happiness ofcourse 😭😭😊😊😊

  11. The sadest part here that brought me tears Is when im whatching this vid in a very cheap cp icant see the convo its too blard .

  12. I think it is a really beautiful story but I don’t understand why the main character is jealous so quickly. If a guy sat next to you, it doesn’t mean that you are interested on him. I understand he loves her but he must have more confidence on the girl he loves

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