The New Look of Nicotine Addiction

The tobacco and vaping industries are
trying to hook our kids on nicotine. How? By using vaping
devices to attract them! One out of every five Massachusetts high school students reports they currently use
e-cigarettes. And almost half of high school
students have used them at least once. Vaping devices resemble pens, small
electronic devices such as USB sticks,
and other everyday items. These products are designed to be
used discretely, even in places like
schools or at home. Vaping devices use e-juices in flavors like grape, cotton candy, strawberry, and mint, which appeal to youth. The U.S. Surgeon General has even declared e-cigarette use among youth an epidemic. So, what can parents and concerned adults do? Get the facts. Vapes and e-cigarettes are
NOT harmless. They produce an aerosol that contains
nicotine and other harmful chemicals. It’s not water vapor. And they can cause nicotine addiction. Research shows that kids who
vape are more likely to use cigarettes
and other tobacco products potentially becoming lifelong
customers for the tobacco industry. And because young brains are still growing, nicotine can harm them, including their memory and the ability to learn. It can also increase their risk for mood disorders, such as depression. Learn what these products look like. They’re often called But don’t be fooled. The industry continually comes out with new products, new names, and new flavors. Vaping products are also sold widely
at places that kids visit, like Convenience Stores, Corner Stores,
Gas Stations, and even online. Talking with your kids about vaping is important. Kids are less likely to vape if they
know you disapprove of it. Vaping. It’s the New Look of Nicotine Addiction. Learn more about vapes, what’s in them,
and what you can do at

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