The Ninja Gaiden 4 WE Want To See

Ninja Gaiden 4 how can Team Ninja
improve it and can Ninja Gaiden 4 be saved let’s talk some more about Ninja
Gaiden 4 and how Team Ninja and Tecmo can improve future games in the
franchise this video is part of a series where we find ideas and ways to bring
back Ninja Gaiden into the limelight first of all thank you all for leaving a
lot of valuable ideas and genuine comments on my last video overall it
showed that Ninja Gaiden has still a huge fanbase that would love to see Ryu
return that’s why I want to discuss some ideas you brought up in the second half
of this video but to truly understand why Ninja Gaiden has a hard time getting
a sequel we need to know what happened back in 2012 and this is on my mind for
a long time it’s been bugging me giving me restless nights and I’m losing sleep
over it of course I’m talking about the mismanagement of the Ninja Gaiden
franchise so if you’re familiar with gaming you probably at least have heard
of the Ninja Gaiden games a series known for its harsh difficulty and get
good mentality in order to master it that’s what kept the Ninja Gaiden series
alive for the last 30 years and can we talk about celebrating an anniversary
for a second just imagine you celebrating your 30th birthday and
nobody’s showing up isn’t that a sad thought is there anything announced to
celebrate this special occasion for Ninja Gaiden NO… no announcement of Ninja
Gaiden 4, no remaster or release on modern systems
Team Ninja and Tecmo have been silent about the Ninja Gaiden games since the
disastrous release of Ninja Gaiden Yaiba in 2014, for over 4 years we haven’t
heard a thing about our favorite ninja and the last entry in the series was a
spin-off title that burned and turned off a lot of the Ninja Gaiden fanbase so
it’s time to go back in time once again and why last time we talked about the
rise of Ninja Gaiden to fame and how great Ninja Gaiden Black
and Ninja Gaiden 2 are this time unfortunately we have to talk about the
fall of this series but before we get started grab yourself some pizza and a
Red Bull kick back and make yourself comfortable and let’s take a look at
real desperate struggle to survive your embrace of the evil way is consumed the ninja way knows neither good nor
evil In 2008 Ninja Gaiden 2 released to much critical and commercial acclaim and
marked a high point for the series after a successful reboot with Ninja Gaiden
2004 Ninja Gaiden 2 followed up as a worthy successor hopes were high that
Ryu would reign supreme over his opponents but during the development of
Ninja Gaiden 2 dark shadows loomed over the Team Ninja HQ and so it began the
beginning of the end the first two games were directed by Tomonobo Itagaki
visionary and strong leader of the Team Ninja clan his vision for the first two
games and his strongly brought the developers together and forged and now
beloved classics but during their development of Ninja Gaiden 2 he was
involved in a scandal and had to leave the company after finishing the game so
with the huge success of the first two games it was only a matter of time until
a third installment would go into development with Itagaki gone two
new directors had to take over in his place Fumihiko Yusada and Yosuke
Hayashi also a new writer was hired for a Ninja Gaiden 3 Masato Kato a series
veteran who’d been working on a classic Ninja Gaiden series with the new team
ninja setup development for Ninja Gaiden 3 started around 2009 a time for
realistic military shooters and easy to access story driven character action
games were dominating the market and the mainstream audience after the success of
a ninja gaiden one and two and in an effort to appeal to a new audience
Team Ninja stepped away from the classic Ninja Gaiden formula and the
over-the-top violence that define Ninja Gaiden 2 and instead focused on a more
story driven experience in Ninja Gaiden 3 at e3 2011 it was revealed that Ninja
Gaiden 3 would also include a multiplayer mode for up to 8 players so
all the boxes were checked for mass-market appeal and for reference and
before we continue the seems to be a clear warning sign for
every game franchise the focus on a mass-market means losing the core values
and identity that made a franchise unique but for Ninja Gaiden 3 it
wasn’t only the gameplay but the way the story progresses – Ninja Gaiden 1 and 2
had a straightforward plot this is the bad guy this is your motivation go Ninja
Gaiden 3 wanted to go away from the stoic and few world protagonists by
forcing in some unneeded and badly-written character development
focusing on Ryu and his personal struggles while having to deal with a
terrorist attack on a global scale and some real-world problems but not just a
story got an overhaul the gameplay suffered too little to no weapon variety
the upgrading system is much more streamlined and the save points are
replaced with a more realistic option Ninpos and items are pretty much
non-existent no healing items in just one ninpo that clears the screen ninja
gaiden was known for its fluid combo system with a variety of upgradeable
weapons it was brutal at first but finding the rhythm to the game was
rewarding and addicting that’s what made it great story was never a selling point
but Ninja Gaiden 3 detached itself from what made the series successful
half the fun was knowing what combos with what weapons worked on each enemy
all the weapons had a different rhythm to it knowing when to absorb the types
of essence was important for the old techniques countering blocking izuna
dropping memorizing combos that was the classic Ninja Gaiden formula there is
also an added stealth element in ninja gaiden 3 but stealth is not what I
think of when I hear Ninja Gaiden and the funny thing is it is only used in a
very restricted area at the beginning of the game with no use after that it feels
strangely similar to the footprint mechanic in Metal Gear Solid 1 we’re
outside the initial use it is never brought up again but contrary to Metal
Gear Solid 1 ninja gaiden 3 failed to tell an intriguing and coherent story
and have focused and interesting gameplay
mechanics and oh hey quick some events are back everyone left those in 2012
Ninja Gaiden 3 was a watered-down experience to appeal to a wider audience
and when the game shipped on March 2012 it underperformed fans of the series
hated it there was a reworked an upgraded version for Ninja Gaiden 3 called Razor’s Edge which addressed some of the issues but overall Ninja Gaiden
3 was just an average action game and those who survived the fires of Ninja
Gaiden 3 called the hardcore Ninja Gaiden fanboys only live to face a new
nightmare Ninja Gaiden Yaiba but that’s a
story for another video the problem here is Team Ninja and Tecmo
have been changing the formula too much and the sad thing is Ninja Gaiden could
be so much more in a time where single-player games are rising to the
top again with classic games returning like God of War and the upcoming Devil
May Cry 5 the holy trio of character action games could be united again but I
don’t want to give people the impression that Ninja Gaiden 3 or Yaiba killed
this series because it didn’t Ninja Gaiden is still a very strong franchise
it has a track record of great games yes it is at a low point right now but it’s
also the perfect time to give a new title in the series and fresh start with
that set let’s take a look at how we could improve Ninja Gaiden 4 it is a
shame that such a sword must go untouched such power unused alas I am
NOT at the dragon lineage the sword is not of my concern last time we
established that these five points are mandatory for Ninja Gaiden 4 and I asked
you what do you want to see in a new Ninja Gaiden game and first of all thank
you for the many responses and great conversations that we had in the
comments and on Twitter it seems like a lot of people still care about Ninja
Gaiden Tecmo so let’s discuss some comments here most of you guys wanted
either an HD collection or a completely new game in this series something I can
wholeheartedly agree this would be fairly easy to pull off Team Ninja because
Ninja Gaiden Black is running smooth like butter on Xbox one but let’s get
into the details devastators pissed one set multiple characters that can be used
in any level like Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor’s Edge that is a great idea I
would love to see some classic characters get some more screen time in
Ninja Gaiden 4 Murasame in Ninja Gaiden 2 looked freakin overpowered and would
be fun as a secret unlockable after beating Master difficulty or Murai with
his BS nunchuck attacks from the first boss fight in Ninja Gaiden Black
spamming these attacks would be so much fun or bring back Rachel’s abysmal
running animation from Ninja Gaiden Sigma like what is wrong with her legs just
for the goofs and laughs Lawliet Uchia said they should show more
of the backstory between him and Joe Hayabusa his dad and what the Hayabusa
clan got the legendary dragon sword a lot of you guys also mentioned that
Ninja Gaiden 3 killed a story for you while Ninja Gaiden 1 and 2 were more
fantasy based Ninja Gaiden 3 took the realistic approach I believe Ninja
Gaiden 4 should go back to the classic ninja gaiden setting a storytelling
while forming a bond with your dad sounds like fun I’m more into the second
thought how did the Hayabusa clan got a legendary dragon sword
in ancient times Dragons still roamed the earth
and in a struggle for power one of the Dragons betrayed the eyeless the Dark
Dragon the Dragons United and placed the remaining strength into one of their
fangs creating the ultimate weapon the dragon sword this divine weapon was
entrusted to the strongest and most spiritually pure warriors of mankind
creating the dragon lineage bloodline it was passed on over generations ending up
in the hands of the ultimate ninja Ryu Hayabusa another interesting plot could
be how the Hayabusa village and the castle of the Dragon came to be there is
a note to be found in Ninja Gaiden 2 which explains in short form how the
Hayabusa clan got entrusted with the safety of the land surrounding Mount
Fuji by Lord Nobunaga himself the dude that gets an arrow piercing in the
Onimusha intro this sounds like an amazing setting and time period for the
origin story of the Hayabusa clan just imagine having this medieval setting
with a semi-open world maybe some new weapons that bring back the verticality
from the previous titles a hook blade of sorts and just slashing and dashing
through hordes of fiends would be super awesome
just imagine real swinging around with his hook blade and riling up superfast
combos mid-air oh my god that would be got here I mean with Sekiro Shadows Die
Twice and Ghosts of Tsushima on the way the revival of them Asian medieval times
in gaming seem to be at grasp so it would be the perfect opportunity for
Team Ninja to rock the party with a new medieval Ninja Gaiden to finish things
up let’s take a quick look at what Team Ninja is working on right now Nioh 2
Japanese medieval Dark Souls Diablo grind fest the gameplay enemy design and
the medieval setting I’m a huge sucker for that is amazing I’m glad Team Ninja
found a footing and got another great franchise
modern systems running but Nioh feels a bit too close to Dark Souls while it’s
fun the overly grindy and step based
mechanics are a bit much at times a lot of modern action games go down this
route by giving you infinite micromanaging gameplay tasks manage your
base manage your Ork army manage your inventory spells weapon stats these are
mobile game mechanics and mindless tasks that make leveling up your character a
chore and that fun I don’t want to do hours of grinding only to progress the
story order to defeat a boss in true ninja gaiden fashion show me their
techniques and let me master them building a mission mode where I can’t
perfect my skills if I want to but don’t make the mandatory but what do you think
what are your predictions for Ninja Gaiden 4 and what do you want to see the
most new playable characters and you setting in the old ages an origin story
there is so much to talk about post your thoughts in the comments down below and
let me know if you want to see more Ninja Gaiden videos that’s it for me if
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get the kick out of gaming now this is ironic I never expected you
to come to the underworld

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