The Photographer Documenting The Carnage of Duterte’s Drug War (HBO)

The Photographer Documenting The Carnage of Duterte’s Drug War (HBO)


  1. "We get 15 to 18 bodies, and before it was 5…And then there's the summer executions with their hands and feet bound and their gag."

  2. In our country people say that this is unfair and that the police where going too far, but what about the criminal that had killed many people raped people and ruined peoples lives because of drugs they deserve death more than anything

  3. Why is it so easy to neglect or forget about how many more thousands of lives were taken and will be taken by drugs. Why is it ok to allow drugs to kill people but not bullets? How would you like it if one of these dealers got YOUR DAUGHTER addicted?

  4. How about they take a pic of the 8month old baby who get raped and killed by the addicts/pushers .
    Then caption it "This is what drugs do to people."

  5. Soo many edgy ass kids and adults thinking they’re hard af. deadass a good beating or two is the only medication for these types of people

  6. Rodrigo Duterte sheds innocent blood as he mocks God while having all homeless children murdered by his death squads.

    God is not mocked.

    That is the truth In his pride Rodrigo Duterte shall be destroyed for shedding innocent blood due to a haughty spirit which comes before the fall.

    It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.

    Rodrigo Duterte do you not fear God?

    Am I therefore become your enemy because I tell you the truth?

  7. Sorry to disappoint this photographer. Whatever message you want to portray against our president is not in unison with Filipinos' opinion. We woulf be happy seing criminals die than letting them live and kill or victimize innocent civilian. No foreigner have the right to judge wether what our president does for us. You don't know what we went through before Duterte became president. Before it's very unsafe to walk beyond 8 pm at night without being robbed or raped. But now, everywhere you go, whatever time it is yoy can always see policmen. Though it's quote imposible to get rid of crime 100% but at least the president made us feel safer now. Conduct a survey now and you will see that majority of us are in favor. Only those oligarchs would disagree.

  8. People who are making this documentary are trying to destroy the fight against drug by Duterte…there are always consequences to clean up the society that includes death!!!….. What do you guys recommend to wipe out the use of drugs in the Philippines? Any idea? None of the people criticize Duterte to fight drugs has no solution whatsoever especially the other parties…to be honest, I will line up all the druggist on the streets and shoot them all…bad people who don't belong to this planet to live wastes of money to rehabilitate them they are not going to learn especially the poor people who have no brain whatsoever….call me heartless Gid give us brain to choose right from wrong some they chose the wrong path…The Philippines is overcrowded killing the suggests, terrorists and killers us a good idea won't put any dent on their population….same applies to other countries who had drug problems bad people on the general kill them all so we can live happily on this planet

  9. Lesson to fear the drugs addict and drug users it's right to kill criminals to not harm inoccent people.sorry for the family drugs users die…

  10. Look at the automatons in the comment section incapable of thinking critically. Meanwhile, in the civilized world, places like Uruguay and Portugal solved their drug crisis without shedding blood – they used actual medical treatment.

  11. American criticism? We have no room to question any other countries methods hell all the bullshit we got over here hell.

  12. The press always shows the bad side but not the good side of the war on drugs…its all rubbish to destroy the efforts of Duterte to make the Philippines a safe haven for all the Filipinos and the world….the generation of the Filipinos today are smart and care about the country…don't let thus rubbish propaganda brainwashed you….don't repeat the history of Marcos his people the Filipino betrayed him for what? For Benigno who didn't do a thing to your country an example of a leader that will do anything to make American politicians happy he did he let them use his death to destroy Marcos regime for the sake of American politicians…They didn't do anything to your country but used as bases during the cold war with the Soviet Union because of the Philippines geographical locations…and the English language no infrastructure or anything but all about politics just like in the US they never stop! Politicizing to each other the only difference America has developed the Philippines is not…used to be during the Marcos era destination for other race to relocate for better future oh well learned from history

  13. This will solve nothing .. the drug problem will come back one day cuz in a few years there will be another president and after years another and another1 so much death for nothing. There is no such thing as democracy in the philippines there is only one big polyarchy.

  14. Fake news. There's nothing such as what the media is reporting "the catnage of dutetete". The international media is trying to damage the reputation of the Philippines and to our strong beloved Pres.Duterte. Int'l media STOP spreading fake news. Most of creatures working in int'l media are gay. STOP SPREADING FAKE NEWS.

  15. not all drug suspects died or kill are punishable… some are innocents knowing that they are only a victims of that drugs…im from the philippines..and i see that in evrey drug users killed by many familys are destroyed.. lord jesus christ only was the one can take our lives.. not our hands..

  16. Good job Pres Duterte. Kill those drug Lords and addicts out there prove to them that you’re the leader and they should obey 👍

  17. The west? All the EU and USa are doing wrongs thing.  Duterte is righ. Hope EU become West Oblast, Russia.

  18. Free for all killing,it's a good way to kill your drug dealing competition, murder people you don't like by setting them up,and police to kill whomever they don't like too. Sure,he's getting rid of them,but a lot of innocent people are being murdered by not having trials to see if they are actually guilty of anything. In a corrupt system fair play doesn't exist. Basically just criminals killing other (drug dealing) criminals.

  19. Nothing more satysfying than seeing druggies laying in a pool of their own blood and filth. Long live Duterte!!!

  20. its about time! this drug dealer and addicts have been causing harm not only to the young but all through out the country. we are proud that we have duterte as our president period!

  21. Keep in mind people that multiple innocent children all the way down to 3-4 year olds have been killed and Duterte fanboys still think the government isn't on the wrong here because it'll hurt their pride. 🤷‍♂️

  22. I'd Liken president Duterte to Lapu Lapu the great Filipino hero that killed Megellan the Conquistador , an invasive virus ! Lapu Lapu hero to all pre- Colombian cultures !

    President Duterte everyone is not one of those Liberal Americans ! I just hope they are all guilty of the crime !

  23. The war on drugs makes and feels Filipinos safer and stronger. We support the president. If you have to kill one person ti save 108,000,000 Filipinos, why not? And about those innocent people who got killed, that is either by stupid and foolish policemen or paid by politicians.

  24. The philippino elect their pre, and choose to do this.

    This is the wishes of philippino peoples.

    Support from China,  And I wish all the death penalty to drug dealer and sumggler in China as well, no more mercy.

    inject them with what ever they salling at once, and get them high

  25. If you have a relative who was raped, murdered and gets chopped and burned by criminals, you would understand. Death is too good for drug criminals.

  26. Why is the western media against Duterte s war on drugs? Because the drug trade keeps money flowing to the banks owned by the same guys who own these media outlets that keep barking at Duterte. The western media is angry because their employers (the bankers who benefit from the dirty money of drugs) are angry. Big banks in America and Europe are deeply involved in money laundring and making alot of money from the drugs money and some of them were caught red handed like Wachovia bank.

    Countries like Mexico with drug epidemic need to learn from Duterte how to face drug lords decisively.

  27. Hell is where Rodrigo Will Go after His death … Remb Mr President Our lord jesus Christ Never Said To take smone life even If he is wrong .. God will judge u At the end When U die…

  28. It’s amazing how journalism can create a horror atmosphere in the Philippines status while the majority of law abiding filipino citizens now enjoy a safer environment in contrast. What a beautiful day here. No more druggies ruling the streets


  30. So what's the problem ? Drugs are ripping your country apart from the inside. Play that game and win your trophy. Death. Bad part is there has to be higher up govt people involved too. I like dutertes war on drugs. Pushers need to be killed. Users commit crimes to buy from pushers. It wont end. Ever. Trial by death is the punishment. Your jails are way overcrowded now and run by drug lords, corrupt politicians. Just kill them. Play stupid games and win stupid prizes. I dont think duterte should be accused of human right violations. Drugs violate everyone's human rights.

  31. It is appropriate to be done this way… In this country with full of criminals around… They deserve to die! And i dont give a shit to them!

  32. If it were only drug addicts and dealers who were dying, I would say, let it continue.

    Unfortunately, it is almost guaranteed that innocent humans are killed in the crossfire, or just murdered to take advantage of the confusion. That case at the end makes it seem feasible to me that corrupt police might have had that bus driver killed for standing up against abuse.

    The extermination process ought to be precise. The whole reason for such an extermination should be so that sober, law-abiding citizens may live in a safer, cleaner, more just world. Obviously, that is not happening in the Phillipines.

  33. Thou Shalt Not Kill – Moronic Black Pope puppets.. this will spread because the Jesuit Black Pope; loves the killing and blood sacrifice to Satan.. you poor; ignorant; uneducated; cannon fodder.. now you know it's the end of the world!.. I could say more but I will hold my peace. it's just so low and vile.. only a demonically possessed Black Pope; with his daddy; Lucifer; say; hey; you thought I wouldn't destroy the world? LOL- WATCH!!

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