[Pokémon video game music playing] -Shut up! [dainty music playing] -What the hell are you doing? -I’m snailing. You know, it’s where you make yourself look like a snail in really funny places. It’s way more hardcore than that stupid planking crap. -O…kay. Dude, check out what I got today. A Game Boy Color and Pokémon Blue. -But you already played the Red version. What’s the difference? -Uhh… this one’s blue. -And how are you gonna play it differently this time? -[devilishly]: I’m gonna catch them all! -And from that point on, Anthony made it his life goal to catch all 151 Pokémon. He was going to stop at nothing to catch ’em all and when he did– -Hey! Who the hell are you? -S–t! -Do you know that guy? -[distracted]: What? -I said, do you know that– -Shh! I’m trying to catch Jigglypuff. -Oh, so my mom wanted to know what you wanted for Christmas. -Mm-hmm. -It’s weird though, I mean, she doesn’t give me Christmas presents anymore. -Yeah. -Hey, dude, you’re going in the road. [dramatic music playing] -[gasps] Dude, car! -[humming, shaver buzzing] -Shiiiiiii– -(both) iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii– [tires screech] -Whew! [both scream] [thud!] -Hey, man. How are you holding up? -Oh. Hey man, thanks for coming. You know, you showing up really says a lot about how good of a friend you are. You dropped everything in your life to make sure I was okay. And that…that really means– -Yes! Oh, my God, dude, I just caught all 151 Pokémon. Aw man, I’m gonna get ’em all to level 100 now. -Time to change your bedpan. -This is amazing. I’m gonna go twat this. -Tweet this. -Toot? -Tweet. -Teet? -Tweet! -That’s what I said. All right, see you later, man. -The eagle has landed in the hen house. He’s done it, sir. He’s captured all 151 Pokémon. -He’s the one. I want him brought to me… alive. -Shall I take care of it, sir? -No. I’ve hired the best bounty hunter in the galaxy. -Boba Fett? -No, you goddamn idiot! That’s a fictional character! I hired… Spider-Man. [Spider-Man theme ringtone plays] -Uh… [beep] Ugh… Spider-Man here. Yeah, I’ll take care of him. [grunting] [action music playing] Stop right there, citizen. I’m kidnapping you and there’s nothing you can do about it. Uh… go web! [Silly String sprays] [grunts in frustration] Hmm… [laughs devilishly] I’m the best bounty hunter in the galaxy. [Anthony grunts] Got him, boss. -So, I see you’re quite the Pokémon master. -What do you want from me? -You have a certain set of skills that I require. In one way or another, Anthony… you’re gonna help me? -I’ll never help you! -If you don’t… I’ll kill Ian. -What? -I don’t care about him. -Wow, thanks a lot assh– [gunshot, groans] -Fine, I’ll shoot this really hot chick. -So? -[groans] [more gunshots] -[groans] Okay, fine. I’m gonna shoot a puppy, two babies, three nuns, a really nice pair of running shorts, and a polar bear. -Whatever. -And your Game Boy. -No! No! No, what do you want me to do? I’ll do anything! -Well, the thing is, Anthony, I– [sighs] I can’t catch Mewtwo. -Wait, so, you spent all this money to track me down, capture me, take me to this secret fortress on the middle of some random island just so you could ask me tips on how to catch Pokémon? -Well… yeah. -Why didn’t you just look at a walk-through on YouTube? -YouTube? I just thought that was a place for skateboarding dog videos. -[scoffs] Well… You just use a Master Ball to catch Mewtwo. -Ma-what? -The Master Ball. You know, the Poké Ball you only get once in the entire game. -My God, yeah, the Master Ball! Oh, I caught my cute little Pidgey with that. Pid-pidge, pid-pidge. [chuckles] -[yells] Why would you use the Master Ball to catch a Level 5 Pokémon?! You f–king idiot! [Spider-Man grunts] Ian’s mom? -And I would’ve gotten away with it if it wasn’t for you meddling kids. -But, that means you just killed your son. [gunshot, Ian groans] -Eh… I’m over it. Do you want to go snailing? -Yeah! -Yeah! -(both) –aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! [wind whistles] -This is so much fun. -I know! [giggles] Captioned by SpongeSebastian -To see behind-the-scenes and bloopers, click the link in the description below! -What? -Thanks for subscribing! -Shh! I’m trying to catch Jigglypuff. -[scoffs] Okay, I’m sorry.


  1. My first Pokemon game was Pokemon Y, and I wasted the Master Ball on a haunter, but I still caught Mewtwo pretty easy

  2. Нихера не понял но очень интересно уххх пустил слезу из за настольгии

  3. 5:07 waitttt you just did that to give that guy tips to catch mewtwo? Hovers over the X button of window NO WAIT PLOT TWISTS ARE REAL

  4. To get as many master balls as you want you need .a gameboy color .Pokemon first find the masterball
    Than reset gameboy color repeat

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