1. Dan Schneider is a hero! I have watched this series two times already and was so moved by this story. One way to avoid addiction to pain killers is to seek chiropractic care rather than going to an MD (who can only prescribe medication or suggest surgery). Chiropractic care is effective and qualitatively higher value than seeing regular allopathic doctors.

  2. Dan schneider first I want to say how sorry about your son, my prayers are with you &your family. You are a hero in my eyes.God bless you

  3. Thank you for doing this and providing do you want me to charity of people who remain blinded and brainwashed by our medical and pharmaceutical systems that have gone awry!

  4. I can't quit shaking my head. So happy this broken hearted father had the tenacity to stick with this and get it uncovered. The whole thing was astounding but not really surprising, I'm sad to say. As for "Dr" Cleggett, trying to have you believe her intentions and behavior were altruistic then trying to make you feel sorry for her…boo hoo, karma can be a b.tch, sometimes fate deals the perfect comeuppance!

  5. Dan Schneider, an amazing man with a wonderful family, a brokenhearted father who sought a what for and kicked some butt! What better honor and memorial for his beloved son!

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