The Rise of Battle Royale

The Rise of Battle Royale

It’s inescapable at this point. Seems like everywhere I go, there are videos
after videos after videos and games after games after games that are being released
and all of them are bending over to the massive cash cow that’s being milked… SO HARD. Now, go to a completely random child and ask
them about what their favourite game is. Actually don’t do that, do not do that that’s
a bit red-flaggish, I do not endorse such behaviour. *sigh* Most children back in the early days,
or at least in my case, found their online entertainment through free gaming sites, you
know those sites that promised thousands upon millions of free online games you can play
with your family and friends? You know, Kongregate, Cool Maths Games, Miniclip,
Friv for the Brits. I found personal joy in playing cheap knockoffs
of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater on the PC, but I was fine with it because it was free and
I had fun. I also found entertainment in console gaming,
Spyro the Dragon, Crash Bandicoot, Jak and Daxter, PES, GTA. Those games were what took up my life and
probably took a lot of other children’s lives in a positive way, if that makes any
sense. We had those games and as we grew up, so did
the technology surrounding us all. Before when you were asking Santa for gifts,
you’d be asking for something actually reasonable like, I don’t know, a new jet powered UFO
or something even more reasonably like world peace. Now people are asking for iPhones and iPads
and Teslas and supercomputers shipped directly to them from IBM. Little kids have set their standards so high
for entertainment that just the prospect of actually watching television instead of watching
whatever the fuck this is is completely unheard of, ‘PlayStation 2? More like… GayStation Jew’. But what does this have to do with my earlier
statement. Well, look around you. There’s always one thing that’s plaguing
you, hidden in plain sight and when you look away from it you forget it exists until you
look back at it but it’s too late. Battle Royale games. These are everywhere now. No matter where you look or how much you want
to avoid it, there is always someone somewhere talking about the latest skin that they bought
with their parent’s credit card or when they managed to get themselves carried to
number one after 30 minutes of running around the map and looting. Battle royale games seem to have exploded
in popularity in the past year or so, you got your PlayerUnknown’s H1s and Fortgrounds
constantly on YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, fucking everywhere, and with E3 coming up,
we’re probably gonna get even more of these games… But why are they so popular? And why is this popularity eventually gonna
lead to a second gaming apocalypse? Well with my panel of experts and expertly
made panels, I’ll get to the bottom of this phenomenon. Battle royale is a genre that has taken the
world by storm, and it’s surge in popular culture arguably started in 1999 when Koushun
Takami wrote a novel simply named Battle Royale, which was a book that took place in a fictional
fascist Japanese state in the year 1997, and one of the programs that were set up by the
military of the Republic of Greater East Asia, was named as the Battle Experiment No. 68
program, a social experiment where 50 randomly selected classes of third-year high school
students are kidnapped, dropped into a remote location and are forced to kill one another
until only one student of each class remains. That’s basically all you need to know, if
you want more details you can buy the book or if you’re eyes are way too tired read
from right to left or from top the bottom you can ALTERNATIVELY just read the manga. Or just watch the film because no one cares
about the book, burn them all I say. The film was released in 2000 and it was quite
popular, it was produced by the guys who did Dragon Ball, must be super popular but lack
good writing and quality until near the end right? Anyway the director of the first film wanted
to make a new one then he died and his son finished the film and it wasn’t good but
you probably didn’t care about it to start with anyway. Now with everything made by the Japanese,
the Americans saw this franchise and thought to themselves ‘this series looks seriously
underrated. Absolutely no one has seen this outside of
Japan. We must remake it.’ So the Americans went into their bunker and
resurfaced in 2008 with The Hunger Games, a gripping story about a 16 year old who VOLUNTEERS
as a tribute to compete in a battle royale where you have to kill each other in order
to win, but THIS TIME, you wear cool clothes and you get fancy vfx and it’s broadcast
live to people in pubs around the world. This got a film adaptation and it made lots
of monies so game developers saw this success and went ‘this series looks seriously underrated. Absolutely no one has made a game like this
ever. We must make one’. So they went into their mother’s basement
and ARMA 3 surfaced in 2013! Tactics, tic-tacs and everything in between,
ARMA took realism and made it their BITCH. And one lad who went by the name of Player
Unknown, a mysterious entity who didn’t seem to have an identity outside of the gaming
world made a gamemode called Battle Royale. This battle royale game mode constituted a
very simple premise. 100 people (or in the case of Arma 2, around
30 people or else the servers will implode) all drop into a specific area, and fight each
other to the death until there’s one left and that person is crowned the winner. Pretty simple right? You got your guns, guns, tanks and guns and
you had to be the last one standing in a world that progressively got smaller. Then there was H1Z1. H1Z1 is pretty much a ghost town now, neglected
by the developers and neglected by pretty much everyone on the planet and left for dead
by the universe to father dust. The game was straightforward enough, you basically
had to survive against the waves of zombies and wolves, and you scavenge supplies, craft
items and build strongholds to defend against the zombie horde. The keyword in all of this is teamwork. You needed to work together in order to progress. And then they realised that no one gives a
shit about the zombie game because there are a million and one zombie survival games out
there, so they made a gamemode called Battle Royale, and THIS time, instead of working
together, you’re working against each other in order to be the last man standing; the
game was released as *sigh* an early access title in 2015 and at release, the game was
the definition of unfinished (which is probably why it’s called an early access title) with
glitches and voice chat issues plaguing the game. Despite this the game was quite popular, you
had to get supplies and super shiny weapons and kill everyone else on the map in order
to win as you need to run away from a green gas that’s closing in slowly FORCING you
to converse in close combat in order to win. The game was popular on YouTube, Twitch and
on Steam in general, with many people playing the game and enjoying their time on it UNTIL
they decided the best course of action is splitting the game into 2, King of the Kill
and Just Survive. Just Survive was the basic Vanilla H1Z1 where
you fight the Z-men, and work together, whereas King of the Kill was the one where you kill
everyone and die to someone hiding next to a bedroom door as you walk in and investigate-FUCK. It was simple and everyone seemed to be happy,
then everything changed when the Koreans attacked. Guess whos back, it’s your mans Brendan
Greene and with him comes a new battle royale experience, PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS. EXPLOSIONS, GREAT GUNPLAY, FAST CARS (HOW
FAST?) REALLY FUCKING FAST. Yeah. PUBG was the new kid on the block with all
the grenades and iPhone 12s in their jacket pockets, boasting amazing compatibility, stellar
graphics, smooth gameplay and satisfying guns. It was the unprecedented hit that took the
Steam market by storm; remember when Dota 2 was the most played game on Steam? Pfffff what’s Dota, we got 2 million concurrent
players LoL suck on that one WANKERS. H1Z1’s players all defected to PUBG like
moths to a flame when they saw that Bluehole actually cared about their player base, unlike
those DASTARDLY developers at Daybreak Entertainment. See, the mistake that H1Z1 made was thinking
that China doesn’t matter. China does matter. Always. PUBG had captured the attention of the Chinese,
for better or for worse, I’d leave it up to you to decide, but you cannot deny the
influence on the Chinese on the longevity of a film or a game. PUBG’s player base was MILES ahead of anyone
else’s mainly because the Chinese actually allowed the game to run from Steam or something
equivalent so that counted, but there were millions and millions of players all logging
into the PUBG servers… there were millions and millions of players all logging into the
PUBG servers… there were million- H1Z1 made the fatal mistake of naming their game, KING
OF THE KILL. In a country where the sight of a skeleton
will get you sent straight to the gulag, King of the Kill did not fly as a suitable name
for their game, so they had to rename the game to Just H1Z1. They didn’t include the Just, they swiped
the H1Z1 from their game which was ORIGINALLY CALLED H1Z1 and renamed it to Just Survive,
while the battle royale game retained the H1Z1 and was simply called, H1Z1. “But why does it have Z if there are no
zombies?” Anyway PUBG took the battle royale gamemode
and made it it’s BITCH. The game was straightforward enough, you had
to drop into a specific area, get loot and get silky smooth shiny weapons in order to
kill everyone else in the map and survive and be the last person standing while an ever
shrinking electric or energy thingy kills the people who are too slow or are too dumb
to catch up with the zone. The game brought a lot of entertainment with
the inclusion of proximity voice chat. If someone is nearby you, you can hear them
and chat with them if you wanted, that was a great mechanic that surely wasn’t abused
at all. PUBG dominated the Twitch market and utilised
the Unreal Engine really effectively, what with the massive map and the glorious visuals
that accompanied such exhilarating gameplay, why would anyone need another game when you’ve
got undisputed game of the year material right in front of you? PUBG came with a bunch of rip offs as well,
let’s not count them out, the most notable of them being the Chinese mobile game, Rules
of Survival. PUBG aren’t too happy with the existence
of this game and are actively working on suing them, and if you look at some of the details
surrounding the lawsuit, they sound really stupid: (courtroom) PUBG was also victim to
a lot of glitches around its release, but it could easily get past all of those criticisms
with the blowback that the game is an early access game… a £30 EARLY ACCESS GAME. Basically the get out of jail free card for
game developers. If your game has tons of bugs, unplayable
maps and game breaking glitches, just turn around, look at the player with an incredulous
look on your face and show them the massive sign-post that reads EARLY ACCESS, then watch
as they buy your game and numerous amounts of microtransactions in order to satisfy their
appetite, prompting you to never update your game for months and weeks on end. But it doesn’t matter because there’s
absolutely no competition, H1Z1’s dead and buried in the ground… as in look at the
game. Other games like The Culling have bit the
dust, it seems like PUBG would rain supreme for ever and ever… Looks like there’s a new kid on the block,
and while PUBG had it’s grenades and phones in their jacket pockets, Fortnite had a fucking
galaxy in their nutsack, they came, they saw and they sought to conquer. Developed by EPIC games, Fortnite was originally
like H1Z1, you fight endless hordes of the undead while worrying about a storm that’s
a brewing. Sounds like your standard run of the mill
zombie survival game, correct? (I mean yeah I guess so) But there’s a TWIST. (Of course there’s a twist) You have the
option to build forts in the night. That’s probably why it’s called Fortnite
(Einstein). As well as the standard guns and bombs and
whatever satisfied your needs, you ALSO had to worry about building around yourself in
order to fortify you and your team as you battle the hordes of zombies and saved the
world. Now because it’s a zombie game, it seemed
dead on arrival, priced as *sigh* an early access game, at a grand old price of £20. Then PUBG blew up and they realised they essentially
had lightning in a bottle with Fortnite. They saw how glitchy, buggy and horrid PUBG
was to run on an IBM machine, the energy bills people were reporting at the end of the month
were astronomical, and it was horrible to run if you didn’t have a PC that was manufactured
by God. So the developers made an Epic realisation
that they can make a better game: as in, they made the engine that PUBG and Fortnite run
on so it’s not even much of a struggle to fix things like optimisation when you make
the very thing the games run on (and you could even make your game run even better, you could
sabotage the developers of PUBG and have them run a purposely bugged version of Unreal Engine
in order to boost revenue from your game but I’m not suggesting you do that, that’s
a very naughty thing to do, who told you about that, the person who told you that is a dick. After switching around the game mechanics
a bit, Fortnite Battle Royale was born, boasting a smaller map, faster matches, a more optimised
system and fun creative colours. Now aside from the fact that the game was
pretty much partially made as waifu bait, I mean look at how thick the character models
are, they are literally begging people to get the character models and put them on SFMLab
13 hours after a model comes out. The game had one massive selling point over
PUBG, and it was the fact that the game came at a grand old price of £0. WHAT? A FREE TO PLAY GAME? IN 2018? Yes, Fortnite Battle Royale was completely
and utterly free, all you had to do is go onto the official website and download the
launcher from which you launch Fortnite and download and install the game and you are
in. Only problem is if you don’t want to be
bullied by pretty much everyone on the internet, you needed to buy microtransactions in order
to pimp out your character (audience disappointment). But that’s the thing though: there’s a
difference between something like this, and say something like Battlefront 2, the microtransactions
Fortnite have nothing to do with the game and how you play, the ONLY thing they help
you with is decking out how cool your character looks. The thing is that’s all a lie when this
bullshit can happen (ultra instinct dancing emote) By making the game cross platform and
free to play, Fortnite has taken over the entire world. 6 months ago if you mentioned Fortnite to
a passer by, they’d probably stare at you waiting for you to explain what’s going
to happen in 14 days and what school you’re planning on shooting up. Now if you mention Fortnite to someone in
the streets they’d probably break into an emote right in front of you. Fortnite has taken over the entire universe
and it doesn’t show signs of slowing down, which might be detrimental to the future of
the gaming industry. This doesn’t mean to say Fortnite is a bad
game, hell I’ve had more fun in playing 1 week of Fortnite than I have playing almost
a year of PUBG, and it may be down to the infectious visuals, how fast the games are
and how unbroken the game is; PUBG has its perks and there’s some sort of morbid comedy
in seeing a bike suddenly flying at 1,500 kph and having a good laugh with your friends
about it. Fortnite seems to be that kid in class that’s
too perfect and the only way you can insult them is by imitating them, which I will get
into later. Fortnite’s super frequent updates and addicting
gameplay changed the entertainment industry completely, with Fortnite references popping
up left right and centre, every musician’s played the game by now (apart from deadmau5
and post, they’re adamant on staying in the PUBG crowd) every director’s played
on the game to the point that blockbuster films are getting adapted in Fortnite. Twitch and YouTube channels who jumped ship
have had astronomical success in such a short time period with creators like Ninja becoming
extremely successful in a short time period. It can be safely argued that Fortnite essentially
saved gaming on YouTube and Twitch. But at what cost? People have seen the success that Fortnite
brought and they now want a piece of the pie. Cliffy B, known for the mega successful chart-topping
game LawBreakers decided he wanted a bit of that clout by creating Radical Heights, an
80s inspired, 100% capitalist copy of Fortnite but THIS time, you got bikes… and money…
that you can use to buy special weapons. Formatted like a game show, the concept looked
amazing on paper; making it like a game show would help with immersion and making it feel
like the Hunger Games film; there was only a slight problem. Cliffy B. I’m adamant that anyone else on
the entire planet (apart from Randy Pitchford) would be able to release the game and it gain
massive amounts of popularity, but since it was made by Cliffy B, it got memed in and
out of existence in the space of a minute. You’ve got the Darwin Project, which is
actually quite good for a game, a winter related battle royale introduced in only the best
fashion at E3. You may laugh, but at least it wasn’t as
bad as Peggle 2. With E3 a few weeks away from the billions
of years spent writing this fuckwad of a video, one can only guess the amount of battle royale
games that are going to come out. You could say that it’s not the day that
Battle Royales died, but it was the day that the gaming industry died. What day was it? Wednesday.


  1. Really interesting video dude. The quality was also very high. Maybe it‘s time to open up a Patreon account so the fans can support you financially. Keep up the great quality content!

  2. The author of The Hunger Games had never heard of battle royale until she submitted it for publication.
    Also there was a mine craft hunger games mod made in 2012 and just a week later after that Shootmania Storm had a closed alpha where one of the modes was an area where people spawned in, got to the center and then they activated an off-zone that shrinks in on the center and instantly kills anyone touching it.

  3. Fortnite memes run rampant at my summer camp and it's driving me insane cuz wherever you look some kid is running around like an idiot waving their hands in the air. Literally the other day there was a Simon Says-like competion going on related to monsters inc. (cuz its a summer camp with kids and stuff) and we had to do "Scary Feet" and one of the counselors says "Oh it's kinda like Fortnite" and I was ready to walk out of there

    God it already feels like a zombie virus has taken over the world
    I'm just sitting here
    in this dark room
    Enjoying my introverted gaming session with obscure games like Overgrowth and Alien Swarm Reactive Drop

    God i love my AI friends, no matter how stupid they are, i'll always love them

    Until they fucking screw me over like an asshole VEGAS YOU FUCKING IDIOT!
    If i ever do play fortnite, it's gonna be after the craze dies down
    And if i'm dead by then, fine, atleast i'll have made my own game by then and people with uninfected tastes can enjoy

  5. I had to pull my erect [REDACTED] out of my pants and slide it between the weird y-shaped hole in the front of my underpants because I’m laughing just that *hard* at your commentary

  6. People complain that there are so many cosmetics in the game and that you’re forced to buy micro transactions. All you’ve proved is that Epic Games has amazing character designers.

  7. God, you were right about me turning away and looking back at something to see Battle Royale shit

    I just thought about Danganronpa and Mirai Nikki and then realized they were battle royale shit
    I've been bamboozled

  8. I prefer DS3 PVP for the fact that that you can appreciate the imagination in people's builds, and the hard work they put into them obtaining the equipment. Better than spending money on cosmetics. But what do I know?

  9. everyday friking nerds in our school keeps talking bout' PUBG now i'm sick of it, they always like giving tips non-stop , like, "Oh do you know that when you aim a bit high above the head it hit the head?" "dude is the SCAR stronger than M4?" "I hear ppl talking then I SHOOT" "Pubg" "pUbG" "PUBG". smh. no one talks about racing games now :'(

    who likes rally games and bunrout? 😀

  10. The good news is I hardly hear anyone mention fortnite, and when they do its because they're complaining that apex legends is a better game despite me hearing absolutely nothing of it. I think it's bloody weird that battle royales blew up because lots of them get dragged down by shoddy thought patterns and logic. Like battlefield V and its stupid firestorm battle royale, it can be fun… When people aren't abusing mechanics that are only fair in the other multiplayer game modes. Personally I'm glad fortnite blew up, because eventually all of those kids will stop playing fortnite, and they will go look for another game. Who knows, it might have caused the gamer boomer wave.

  11. ARMA 3 is realistic in the same sense that having my Hunter flip over due to me hitting a sidewalk is just normal.

  12. the developers called it fortnite because it takes a fortnight to get your kid off the computer XD

  13. this is the video that taught me that i had known about the Battle Royale genre for many years


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