The Rise of Mexican Black Tar Heroin

The Rise of Mexican Black Tar Heroin


  1. Watched too much narcos and i assume they (cartel) just gave the Govt an insignificant plantation for publicities.

  2. A sad situation!!even if he thinks to get rid of the damn thing, it's not possible. Only God can save these guys, unless the growing of Poppy is eradicated and trafficking is brought to an end!!!🤬🤬🤬

  3. Addiction makes whole world on other side make me alone forever… try to quit and i love my family too but addiction became first priority and thats the mental issues. . Every addictive person need help and addiction is the first step of crime

  4. Black tar. Has been around
    For decades. If you have the will and friends that will help you and you
    Really. Want to kick.
    You can How ever you
    Have to be.
    In vietnam.they China
    40 per cent.of vets
    Came home with a have
    These younger generation of people. Are week in mind, body and sperit
    I can't do it, I can't take
    The pain
    They make me sick
    PeeOns All

  5. Been clean for 20 years and it still gives me shivers watching someone inject it really poisonous to your soul

  6. I'm Mexican and I will tell the truth put a end to that plant wow we all can use money but not for the LIVES of others 💉😪😪🕯

  7. Black tar heroin, have you seen what has happened in Pakistan🇵🇰 and India 🇮🇳, Black tar heroin is destroying these countries.

  8. You’ve taped out all your routes when you muscle it. That’s some painful shit. Just missing a little is like 🔥! I’m glad I kicked the shit. Hard af but you can do it. Took 14 years maintenance treatments and relapses. You either get sick of it all or you never escape. Until you reach that point where enough is enough your forever in a cycle. I’ve done a lot of drugs. Nothing gripped me like opiates/opioids. It was my master of puppets.

  9. I been using prescription pills for years never thought twice about heroin and will never take from somebody for my habit and days I don’t have Imma still be productive it’s what I enjoy I hate weed I hate alcohol so my happy drug is Percocet prescription drugs don’t make people go to heroin it’s a fucking choice they choose to do it I been offered that shit and almost got in a fight for even coming at me bout some loser ass shit like heroin hate everybody try to put me in they realm when everyone know heroin is sum next level high shit next level addictive I promise if I was on heroin for years I’ll be singing a different tune

  10. If Trump had of built the wall himself drugs would have been cut down straight away but he doesn't care so no wall is there!

  11. I can’t help but think “this is all too fishy”. If it looks fishy, smells fishy and sounds fishy… well, I’ll be damned, it probably is.
    A former murderer (and with gruesome ways at that) that became a pastor, helps kids and houses/helps heroin addicts?… right…

  12. I’ve been a heroine addict since I was 19 I’ve been able to hide it very well, but I’ve been trying to stop since Ive started, I started doing pills when I was 12 and heroine when I was 16 and IV when I was 19. I’m a high functioning addict I’ve never stolen shit from anyone I’ve never taken things that weren’t mine. But I can say there isn’t help for us addicts, everyone is just trying to make money off us addicts being our methadone dispensers, making us goto counseling, and making us see the dr. I hear it costs my insurence 400$ everytime I see the dr at my clinic. I live on a reservation and if we try to stop they try to convince us to increase our dose so we have to stay stuck.. it’s bullshit, no one wants to help us, we can make them money.

  13. I’ve had a few non fatal ODs with bth. Usually just came to and did some more right away. Stuff is too good.

  14. All I see is Farmers trying to make a living feeding there families, no one ever put a gun to my head telling me to take this or that drug, maybe if the world didnt spend so much money on Wars Killing each other, ther wouldnt be so much poverty for everyday people like You and I

  15. so, mexico says they find less dope south of the border cause the US is producing their own now… Could that mean, I'm just asking, that the legalisation of ALL drugs means the end of all drug-related crime in mexico? Just a fuckin thought world, just a thought….

  16. This is not the Mexican's fault or even the drug lords like El Chapo. If Americans don't take drugs, the drug lords will be out of business.

  17. We all have problems but this is not the why to stop prblems i think this is for cawerd peaple. Losers. No production. Any acatastrofy to the world they are the fist to die

  18. This the shit and reasons Why the Americans ended up in the Secret War aka Vietnam war in SouthEast Asia. They have no reasons to get involve in that war in that side of the world, but knowing that side of the world was One of the biggest growers for Pure Organic opium grown on the mountain side. The pharmaceutial companies and american business trades wanted to get their hands on it and it was CHEAPer for them to make a huge profit!!

  19. Give the farmers an alternative, more lucrative culture, like Evo Morales did in Bolivia, give the necessary law enforcement to the locals, and eventually legalize any drugs. The cartels will lose all their business.

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  21. Legalize, tax and control all drugs. Stop the violence. We will never stop drug use. Use the money to educate, help, and treat drug addiction.

  22. Heroin has been coming from South America and Central America for well over 30 or 40 not sure why vice says around 20 yr.

  23. Mexicans are so corrupt!! And the corruption goes right to the top just like it does in America. All this showboating is to fool the foolish


  25. Im looking at a video..of who i was. Two decades ago. I was strung out on mexican black tar heroin. NEVER AGAIN. Its not easy to get clean…but once you do…its not that hard to stay clean. Just takes a little effort. I never tripped walking down a sidewalk…and ended up , face up , in a gutter, with a needle in my doesnt work that way. Its ALWAYS A CHOICE. Choose to get high OR choose to stay clean & sober

  26. Vice has more/better connections with all these people that the FBI or CIA could ever have lol

  27. Let me tell you guys that 9:06 was a shit show made just for the camera. Thet dont normally act that way at all

  28. They expect the government to show up and hand out jobs? Wouldn't that be forced labor?
    These people have no idea what "government" is, or does. They're just making bullshit excuses to continue being criminal scum.
    Anyone with half a brain can see the truth of what's going on here.

  29. Ke yo sepa no existe ningún cartel ke te obligue a cconsumir las drogas que eyos producen si no hubiera personas mañosas los carteles no existieran pero ay gente mañosa y susia kien dijo que las drogas son alimentos nadie asi que mueranse todos y todas los que consumen está mierda mortal

  30. Drug trafficking started since WW2 when the us army didn’t have the drugs to cure the army they come to Mexico and promoting the amapola marketing to the USA so the us it’s the only guilty and the planet issue

  31. vice is a short name from Vatican advisory.
    Vatican is the Lord of all drugs. not surprise they got so close with all drug lord around the world because this vice co-founders are the Vatican.

  32. Interesting fact. Guerrero has high percentage of Mexicans with Filipino ancestry. Back when Mexico and Philippines use to trade under Spain colonization, Filipino sailors migrated to Guerrero. Random I know but when I found out it blew my mind 😊

  33. But let’s have open borders….WAKE UP CALI…and yes I know…I’m on the front lines. How about pharmaceutical co ? Hahahah. Oh yeah they don’t count right. What a f—king disaster we are

  34. Decriminalize everything and handle this issue like civil adults who have morals instead of jailing and criminalizing people for having mental health issues because that's what it is if you want to do heroin every day your covering up deeper darker issues MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES but this wont happen because America is a hateful shithole country

  35. Two reason why illegal drugs is alive in the US :
    1. Evil Corrupt Liberal Democrats just about all of them who Don't see this as a Problem they love " Criminality " for them Crime is part of freedom and democracy.
    2. Go back to number number 1.

  36. Am a mexican and am gone said what all mexicans know the military till the police and gobernants work together with the cartel and 8 of 10 mexicans have suffer family kidnapping and never know and heard about and when i go to the police the thread u try to scare u and said its better for u to state quite ir other wise u will suffer same thing

  37. The reason that the people are leave in their houses in Mexico is because the cartels gives you very few options lead or money and if they want something they're going to take it because the government and the police law enforcement are the government and law enforcement during the day! But during the night the very same government and law enforcement AR the cartels during the night so the people are scared to make a report to the police and government because they know there's going to be repercussions that very same night and they cannot trust law enforcement because the government and law enforcement are actually the cartels and they know this so they don't report it and they just rather leave their homes behind and start all over again in order to live rather than dying it does them no good that's how it is being ran in Mexico! It's very sad but at the same time it's so very true! It's all about the money that's all they care about and they don't mind kidnap and killing raping intimidating bullying whatever they got to do they would do it to accomplish their missions and goals! I know this 1st and because I am from Mexico I have witness all of this stuff you make a report to the police officers and that very same night they are the very same ones dressed up as cartels picking you up from your house and then killing you for being a snitch but before they kill you they torture you cutting off your legs at the me your arms at the elbows your hands at the wrist cutting off your private part and then they sharpen their knives and from the belly button they cut you open as if they were killing a goat and they start pulling out your stomach intestines your organs cracking your ribs wide open while the person is yelling and screaming but nobody hears them because they have a rag in their mouth and they wrap their face in mouth with duct tape and they are in so much pain and bleeding to death and you're feeling everything and they're showing them their organs and then they rip their heart out and kicking it around on the ground and they leave the body right there where they did all that stuff so in the morning people can see it and they give in their free inseminated they're being bullied and they run for their lives! So sad!!!!

  38. Many addicts got their start with legal prescriptions but what is rarely said in these docs is most of those people manipulated doctors and were crushing, snorting or shooting their pills.
    Watch a Canadian documentary called Cottonland, it’s about Oxy abuse in my home town.
    All of the participants in that doc were addicts before going to the doctor but blame the doctors because they think they’ll get paid from the lawsuits.
    Legitimate pain patients aren’t the problem but they are the ones being punished because of addicts. With a few exceptions, doctors are not at fault either, they are not mind readers. When a person claims to have chronic pain doctors have to take their word for it.

  39. A Catholic country wasting all that money killing plants that their God says DIRECTLY , that he gave them. Shouldn't they be lookin to arrest God?(Genesis 1:29)

  40. 11:40, he's lying I've grown Opium, back in the 80s, no one got hurt, and no one turned it into Heroin®. Ever. They said the same thing back then, about Reefer, THAT also turned out to be government lies. All the police and Government do is lie lie lie, then lie some more!

  41. I had a friend in high school who was from La sienaga, her whole family had to flee Mexico because of the cartels threatening them. And she can never go back, because of the danger that they could be kidnapped/killed. It broke my heart when she told me, she was always such bright and cheerful person that you’d never guess her past was so scary.

  42. It's kind of funny that after 9/11 we had soldiers protecting poppy fields in afghanistan and Now we have a herion epidemic. Coincedence, I don't think so. Which party was in office after 9/11? Oh yeah, The Republicans. In essence Bush Jr. was expanding Daddy's drug connections.

  43. Just watching them shoot up almost made me throw up !! I hate to even getting my blood drawn !! It's so very sad to see this !! It breaks my heart 💔😢 to see people waste there lives this way !!

  44. They come here to get their dose, get their fix aaaaaaand………take their shits. Forgot that part.

  45. If the government didn't let them grow it and move it they wouldn't have anyone to arrest not dea to have people that push it traffic it or sell it it's all a crazy thing this world is just fucked

  46. Black is a terrible epidemic. I have several friends that lost the war against this drug. The coldest part was that they knew and were well away that they were expediting deaths process yet couldn't stop. This was a government conspiracy gone rouge🤦🏽‍♂️

  47. My grandma in Mexico used to grow them in her garden because the flowers looked pretty until one of her brothers told her what they were she took them out.

  48. Man, the afghans are so much better at slicing and collecting opium than these chumps. They at least make their slits vertical and not horizontal for easy collection.

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