The Rise of the Crisis Actor Conspiracy Movement

The Rise of the Crisis Actor Conspiracy Movement


  1. We spoke to some of the proponents of false flag theories as well as some of the people targeted by hoax theories, including Lenny Pozner, whose son was killed in the Sandy Hook shooting, and David Hogg, who was accused of being a "crisis actor" following his calls for gun control after the mass shooting at his high school.

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  2. I saw the like to dislike ratio and was genuinely surprised. I know youtube is a right wing cesspool, but I didn’t realized just how many of these psychopaths actually exist. These comments are disgusting. I hope In the future there is some sort of punishment for those who keep saying these kids deaths aren’t real. You’re all sick disgusting people.

  3. Some people are so offensively crazy with their conspiracies that I'm not sure I would be able to stand witness to their harassment without resorting to physical violence. Save the victims the criminal record and anymore stress for…..knocking sense into those inferior idiots.

  4. David Hogg is such a foul mouthed little arrogant prick, you really couldn't find a better spokesperson for your cause??? You'll go nowhere when you have someone with a mouth like he has. Funny how he's had so many television appearances at his age, and even more suspect when his dad works for the CIA…yeah, there definitely can't be anything suspicious about that…no politics involved or anything right?!? Does anyone have ANY common sense anymore???

  5. David Hogg would be a lot more effective if he was well spoken, articulate and didn't say "fuck' every time he speaks. It's distracting and makes him look like a dumb punk. Just saying.
    I'm not a conspiracy guy but I do believe these people have the right to believe what they want to and discuss it among themselves, but harassing those involved in these tragedies is NOT cool and should not be tolerated.

  6. And a number of these fools are getting sued successfully for spewing their bike and slandering people like that preacher.

  7. In these survivors and parents situation I would kill those fuckers. Cannot believe how much they enrage me, and how they are getting traction all over the world. Humanity's weepiest sores… along with organ-thieves and date-rapists…. Opportunistic.

  8. Awe, David Hogg knows how to cuss. He must mean business, the fucking idiot! And I'm sure the only thing your little sister's friend could say was that she didn't wanna be another number. GTFOH!!

  9. That isn’t even David Hoggs sister there all actors there a fake family. And here’s the funny thing David Hogg goes to school in California not Florida. And he wasn’t even at the school the day the so called shooting went down

  10. I’ve had not one or two, but multiple people tell me to my face that what I saw in lower Manhattan on 9/11/01…didn’t actually happen, and that I didn’t actually see what I saw with my own eyes AND took pictures of! It’s frustrating and maddening enough for me to have to deal with that, but I’m only a witness, and everyone I knew that was there survived. I honestly cannot imagine what it would be like to have actually lost someone close to me that day, and be subjected to that kind of cruelty.

  11. Wait so if something terrible happens at their kids’ school is it fake?? Going by their ridiculous logic it’s hard to tell.

  12. What kinda kid txts their parents mid crisis …code red active shooter… Like a fucking FBI agent…any normal kid would be like mum I'm scared I love you etc these two kids I'm sorry are clearly well trained and who ses I don't want to be another number when close to possibly being shot ….why would you care about that your first thought would be I don't want to die. Wtf….

  13. How do members of the public learn such phrases ….class three body armor a very good description of the gun to say he was accoss the street… They speak like they are FBI agents …it's weird

  14. Did anyone see the sandy hook video where all the people were walking in a circle in and out of the school contaminating the crime seen, also the girl said that at this school they cleaned everything up quick because of how horrible it was makes no sense! Their the one's now pushing gun control. What about the kids at the supetbowl that looked just like the sandy hoax kids but older.

  15. In 1967, the CIA coined the term "conspiracy theorist" to attack and discredit anyone who questioned the official narrative. The CIA can thank VICE for doing their job for them, with this obviously slanted piece against anyone who questions anything different to the mainstream narrative. Just look at how poorly "conspiracy theorists" have been presented in this video.

  16. The agenda behind all these mass shootings has to do with more more than just gun control! They want to implement airport type security everywhere we go. When we drop off the kids at school, at the movies, at the game, at the concert, in church, in the casino, at the local Walmart, and on and on! It's a genius tactic scare to protect.

  17. Ok if not all shootings are fake wat about 9-11… if any1 believes 9-11 is real wat else can the government make us believe

  18. Here’s what I don’t get: How can a white boy, adolescent….walk into a black church, shoot 26 people and NOT ONE black brother jump up and stomp the piss out of that boy? Not one !

  19. The pastor looks a bit weird.. Never seen a pastor wearing what he was wearing.. I don't know that shooting but it is a bit sus some of the shootings.. I totally get serial killers cause you see the evidence but allot these shootings they never show proper evidence

  20. There's a lot of school shootings and there's an AR15 in every one. No AKs and no pistols. The gvt REALLY REALLY want the ARs banned. After what they did on 9/11 for the Patriot act, NSA, homeland security, Iraq, and Afghanistan, I'll not be shocked by anything.

  21. The mistake everyone makes is that they believe everything is a conspiracy or that everything is true. When in fact the truth is somewhere in between. Every event must be examined on it's own. There are nuts on both sides. Hogg's mother: "You fucked with the wrong mama bear" How would like a mother who talked like that in front of her children?

  22. That guy (and his gang of brainless morons) who's harassing the victims is a vile human being. They need to find a hobby. Anyone who believes all the conspiracy theories online are not well. Bunch of people with misplaced anger who should be banned on social media.

  23. These people have been so cast out from society, probably rightfully so, then they find the one thing that gives them a little sense of purpose, even if it causes others pain.

  24. As undeniably repulsive the typical "truther" often is, they cant remotely compare to those celebrity/media personality type scum who have made a fortune peddling these conspiracy theories to the weak-minded, the paranoid, and the mentally ill. Alex Jones and his whole crew of shitheads are the shining examples of what I am speaking to. They pander to the conspiracy community of every type from the deep state bullshit used as a scapegoat for fucked up partisan behavior touted by countless victim mentality Americans to the most niche conspiracy bullshit with just a handful of believers. Anything is ok so long as it gets idiots to listen and buy cheap supplements at excessively marked up prices.

  25. I do believe the all these mass shootings are MK ULTRA the elites in the government planning to kill the 85% of the usa population n plus they are gonna kill the 95% of the population around the world that's why we keep seeing so many mass shootings if we the people don't get United n work our differences so we can go after the ones who are been planning all these nonsense mass shootings n war's everything we see around the world all this it's the Satan its ready to destroy GOD CREATION between right n left they want us divided so they can destroy us much easier if we get United b much worse for the illuminati to kill us all
    it's time to stand up against any domestic n foreign TRAITOR'S I love these COUNTRY n I'm not gonna b sitting N waiting for these Satanist to kill us all Its time to fight against the rulers of the darkness no wander why they operated underground n secret what a coward's PLZ USA OPEN YOUR EYES N. DON'T LET THE illuminati to kill us all

  26. I’m not disrespecting any victims of any of the tragedies. If people would research the CIA operations that’s been developed to shape public opinion and fear. Government doesn’t see value in life but instead see’s the value of power and control. Innocent folks get caught up in the false flag massacres but not all tragedies are faked.

  27. Did you hear what this charlatan, David Hogg said? If you really pay attention to this narcissistic Flash Gumby looking preteen you will understand what he's really saying. He said he wanted to use his debate, speech, and journalism skills to his advantage to get his story out. I didn't know he was an expert in journalism due to working at McDonalds. I believe David Hogg is nothing but a liar and a scam artist and somebody will probably smack him in his face one day for being stupid and ugly. Now look at his hermaphrodite looking sister. She said during the shooting that she was thinking she just didn't want to be a number, well let me say this when bullets fly over your head I would hope the first thing you're thinking about is getting the hell out of there instead of worrying about getting your name in the news. This whole family is nothing but narcissistic scum. This is the reason and people like this family are the reason that Donald Trump will win his next election in 2020 and also when the state of Florida. Thank you David Hogg for exposing liberal bullshit and helping president Trump. Oh and by the way nobody likes you or believes you. Whatever happened to that Oompa Loompa looking girl that was running around with David Hogg.

  28. Even worse .. the rise of the mentally ill-equipped. People so detached from reality, that they believe that stricter guns, will somehow magically stop criminals from buying guns. It as those they actually think that someone selling guns from the trunk of their car .. will ask to see a gun license and do a background check. You'd have to have some pretty serious mental health problems, to want to live in a society where only the criminals will have guns.

  29. Yet the issue of putting the bullies on a pedestal. Wasn't it odd how "fighting against bullies" wasn't a them from sandy hook??

  30. Their eyes wide and staring. Totally addicted to the strength of their convictions. Note two offer promises of a reward.

    Clearly Alex jones shares some of the traits: Absolutely convinced by his own ideas. Wide eyes. A tense energy. Obsessive.

    Keep in mind that you too can be deluded. Almost nobody understands it when its happening to them.
    In "Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds." . L.L. Mackay describes numerous instances through history.
    There were also the salem witch trials. Very similar.
    I have also been the subject of a legal witch hunt. At trial, the judge compared it to a witch burning.
    That Russian asset theory. another perfect example. Nobody could decide what the crime was, but they were absolutely certain of his guit!
    In almost every case, there is a combination of confusion, self-deception, stubbornness, confusion and a a lapse in self awareness.

  31. No wonder David Hogg is so intolerable. His mother uses the most cringeworthy way to describe herself as a “momma bear”

  32. Daviddd hoggs dad works for the fbi specializing in creating crisis simulations. Look it up. Dont try and tell me thats a coincidence

  33. I wouldn’t put it past the government to actually kill many people in arranged massacres, they want us fighting. They want us afraid . Both sides here are playing the game.

  34. These people really need to understand that these families would not lie about their loved ones being killed.

  35. Does she realize how stupid she sounds saying mama bear out loud?
    I don't think that these things didn't happen, but I do believe that the media and government would pay people as basically lobbyist against guns. Which I do have an issue with.

    I think the biggest problem is the media, not these people. I think the actual fake news has bred these conspiracy nuts. You keep seeing and hearing enough shit that doesn't make sense, and you will think everything is fake news, even when it isn't

  36. 'We don't give a shit what You say, WE are not afraid.." seem hear the same slogans everywhere lately…anti-fa etc etc. Funny thing is, no one is trying to scare you so why are you scared ? Wonder how many claims have gone in for ptsd etc

  37. At 17:05 NO IT IS NOT THE MOST EFFECTIVE STRATEGY and the MINUTE you said that I didn't believe anything you said. The Hogg "family" has said they have ties to law enforcement . Any one that has any talks with law enforcement is TOLD QUITE CLEARLY when someone THREATENS you NOT TO TALK IN ANY WAY TO YOUR ABUSER. DUH! Also interesting – but not something I'm going to bash – she says the f word in front of her minor children. And at 16:55 NO WHERE IN THERE IS THERE A THREAT.

  38. We all create our own vision of what is true but one thing I do know is that in the beginning of 2019 I stopped watching main stream television and my life is a new reality. Take back your mind. Do not Let this mind control (tele)vision machine occupy your head. I discovered something very profound when I quit smoking earlier this year. You do not realize the time you spend thinking about having a smoke , it is time that you loose and never get back. Think about that. We’re all going to die, rethinking your daily reality is something you’ll never regret.

  39. these false flags are all about $$$. they receive hundreds of thousands of dollars for these fake events that only cost 10’s of thousands to make

  40. These people are truly morons. You can't get someone to keep a secret when a co-worker is pregnant, or a someone is cheating…. but you think you're going to get a bunch of teenagers, EMS, fire, police, teachers, and parents to all play along with some crazy conspiracy? No one ever gets drunk and talks? No one ever shares the secret with a blabbermouth? No one ever once spots any of the missing kids? Where are the missing kids, btw? Hidden away in some underground warehouse? Forever?
    Absolutely nothing about the conspiracy theories make sense. There are so many holes in it that I could go on for two hours, punching obvious holes in this conspiracy. That would be stupid though, because these idiots aren't worth my breath.

    Edit to add: btw David Hogg is a psychopathic liberal piece of crap attention-whore who is totally exploiting the situation. He's just as bad as the hoax nutcases.

  41. those 2 at the church are going about it the wrong way and very unprofessionally, also, i found it very strange that in order for the pastor to get restraing order he had to do it face to face first and has been waiting a whole month for it to happen, but then amazingly, there are cameras there when they eventually get together

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