The Science of Pornography Addiction (SFW)

The Science of Pornography Addiction (SFW)

Sexual tastes of vary from person to
person. But with the current pornography epidemic as some call it. One has to
wonder how exactly this may effect our desires and perception of sexuality.
Moreover, how does it affect our sex lives. Pornography constitutes about twenty
five percent of all search engine requests, and is the fourth most common
reason people give for going on the internet. And well may seem to simply
facilitate an instinctual sexual response linked to millions of years of
evolution. The truth is pornography has dynamically changed over time ultimately
molding our tastes and desires. The not so shocking truth is that pornography has
profound consequences for the brain and acts in many ways like a drug. With prolonged exposure your tolerance is
increased and many often find themselves addicted. Though it is not a physical substance,
it leads to the same general loss of control, the compulsiveness to seek out
the activity despite negative consequences and withdrawl when it goes away. Much like
that of gambling or running for example. The issue is that continued exposure can
cause long-term or even lifelong neuro-plastic change in the brain. Dopamine is
released as a reward whenever we accomplish something whether it be
eating to sustain life or sexual activity to produce future life. And this dopamine consolidates neural
connections in order to drive us to perform the same activity in the future.
In other words, it alters and forms the brain cells to motivate certain actions.
It rewires your brain. The national institutes of health
measure drug addictiveness by testing rats. The rat is trained to press a button
in order to get a drug, and the harder it works indicates how addictive the
substance is. It turns out that the more addictive a drug is the more to
dopamine we see released. And while there is unfortunately no rat porn
that we can give to them, we do know that dopamine is also released during sexual
excitement which pornography plays right into. The more time you spend doing it,
the more dopamine gets released which reinforces the behavior and makes you
not only desire it in the future but require it. And as you begin to imagine
these images away from the computer or while having sex, they become reinforced.
Furthermore each orgasm releases even more dopamine which consolidates the
connections made during the session. It’s a feedback loop that becomes harder to
escape and just like a drug your tolerance for visual stimulation has now
compounded, making it more difficult to be turned on by reality. Pornography
addiction can often lead to finding your mate less attractive, the good news is
it doesn’t have to be permanent. Usually when people understand the mechanism and
realize it’s affecting their relationships, they can stop. The brain is often described as a use
it or lose it system because the neural connections you stimulate grow
stronger and desire to be activated while the ones you ignore become weakened. Much like your muscles which if sitting
still all day itch for activity but after prolonged non-use they become
complacent. Luckily, because of this “use it or lose it” brain, the same neuro-plastic
system that proliferate these habits can also be used to acquire healthier ones. Got a burning question you wanr answered?
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  1. Music has been shown to be more addictive than porn. In addition, Going without ANY music for 2 months creates more withdrawal symptoms than than doing without porn. There was some study a couple years ago showing that.

  2. I think it is better to teach these in school so that all the students be aware of it .
    Even though in my religion it is illegal that can also cause not to watch porn

  3. So I started watching legit porn at the age of 12 which is really young for a girl. It kind of just happened I was on some dodgy sites and the next thing you know it I'm on Porn Hub. And I started too explore categories and found it amusing then at the age of like 13 I started to masturbate more and now I'm 15 and have a full on addiction I now go on sites like xnxx but yh I think it's bad for me because I go to school and stuff but my addiction is getting worse day by day🤷‍♀️

  4. if i watch porn and mastrubate to it like twice a week will that be so bad or slightly bad ( please i have asked this question for like years now )

  5. without an analysis of how this notion of "addition" is a social construct enacted to regulate social behavior, this reactionary "scientific" explanation that merely explains how our brain responds to all dopamine enhancers is totally inadequate.

  6. Could you make a video on Nymphomania? I think the term needs some clarification🤔 im curious of the science behind it

  7. I hate to watch porn because I'm a Christians even night clubs and s###ty slugfights then I accidentally got brainwashed by them today. It sucks and it's horrible.


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  9. Makes sense why Jesus said when your look with lust you have already committed adultery in your heart. Images affect you deeply. Sin is sin. Glad this is at least being seen for what it really is. Ultimately though you can't just run from it. You have to have a new nature. A forgien righteousness that only comes from the God-man, JESUS. Repent and live!

  10. Can someone offer advice on how to cope with this addiction? I just realized this is affecting me…I stopped watching porn a while ago but still can't get back to normal…

  11. Wait these guys are Canadian Yes finally people who I know aren't fat lying little fucks we call american

  12. Nipple porn is just too good, don’t think I’ll ever break away from it as a whole. Oh well 🤷‍♂️

  13. It ducks I’ve been watching it for years, luckily not daily but I watch it often it’s very addictive I wish I never started in the first place it’s like cigars once you start it’s very hard to stop maybe someday I can stop

  14. This is a very serious issue. Just out of pure curiosity, if there was a pill that would cure this addiction instantly, what would you be willing to pay for that? Me probably $1000 at least :/

  15. Man I can whack off to almost anything even distantly resembling a big booty. This is going to be hard but I'll not fap for the entirety of this June. I already deleted all my porn/screenshots, unfollowed every THOT on Twitter etc.

  16. Having lustful thoughts and watching porn is a sin! That doesn’t mean you’re not going to heaven anymore… because remember, Jesus died on the cross so all of our sins can be forgiven.
    But you should still repent!
    All it is is a habit. I’m not sure if you are Christian or not but I encourage you to seek God and read the Bible. Try fasting as well. You can abstain from food, drinks, or even electronics! Instead of eating or using these electronics, use that time to talk to God and read the Word.
    Here’s a few steps to help you as well
    1. Acknowledge and admit you are doing it.
    2. Be accountable for your actions and tell someone older than you about it. (It May be your mom or dad, siblings and even Pastors.) It’s the best step you can take.
    3. Accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior and trust me, IT’S THE BEST DECISION YOU WILL EVER MAKE!
    4. Try Porn blockers for your phone.

    I hope this helped! 😊
    Good luck for your journey ahead! You got this😁😉

  17. Its easy to lesve that addiction. You just have to want to and actually dont give up because its too hard. I got lodt of it. I dont watch that shit anymore and i dont give it to my self either

  18. I do t think I'll ever be recovered it's summer 2019! I got nothing should if been recovered months ago ex and I broke up sept 2017 .

  19. I'd like to point out that the addiction is more fueled by INTERNET porn specifically. Don't say all porn, because the likelihood of becoming addicted to print, and/or actual video is far. The old media had healthy limitations. You had to seek it out, had to buy it, and even then you only had so many pages or scenes. It had healthy cutoff lines.

  20. Ya, I tried quitting once. I lasted a week. I ended up giving in because I literally couldn’t study for my finals. I did see some benefits that week like increased confidence. Also being horny all day kind of felt like edging. At the end of the day, I wasn’t going to fail my exams over masturbation withdrawal.

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