The Shocking Thing Man Who Says He’s In Love With Miranda Lambert Did When He Learned She Got Mar…

The Shocking Thing Man Who Says He’s In Love With Miranda Lambert Did When He Learned She Got Mar…

When I learned that Miranda Lambert got married, I got crushed. I made a suicide video to show how much it hurt. This is the way I set it up, my suicide video. I’m in my garage and I had set up a stool, because I didn’t want to make a mess in the house. I brought in a cap gun which is empty. This is my .38, which is also empty, and this does shoot bullets. I sat on my stool and I had one bullet in the chamber and took the rest out. And then I rotated the barrel on the gun so that the bullet wasn’t actually going to fire. In the video, I basically said, sorry for the mess that I made, that I love my kids, and Miranda, I’m sorry but you really hurt me and I have to do this. I cocked the hammer back, (clicking)
like so, and I held that one down by my side. And that was the one that made the noise. I took this one and put it underneath my chin and I fired this one, which made the noise, to make it look like I was blowing my head off. (banging) And then I fell to the floor and then I shut my phone off. You know, I wanted to get her attention and to show that there’s people out there that may be doing this type of thing because they fall in love with a celebrity and they can’t be with them. Were you aware?
No. I’ve never seen that. What do you think about it? I think it’s crazy. Your daughter Joy is joining us on Polycom, this is news to you? Yeah, it is. What’s your thought? I don’t know why he would ever do that. You know, you are my dad and I need you. What do you say to your daughter? Sorry I did that, I just got too involved with it and like I said, I don’t know what happened to me to feel that way, to even feel the way I did about her. I mean, you know, I’m married to Shirley and we have a, had a great relationship, and I just don’t know what came over me to do this. You said that you explained in the video, this is because you hurt me. I said that because of, again, when I was talking to one of the imposters online, thinking it was her, and they came back after I did all this because I got in trouble with her security guy. Not only was there a video, but there was a suicide note sent to her email address, which is also monitored by her brother. And I sent a note to Miranda Lambert herself, and I put it in her mailbox, which is also a federal offense, which I didn’t really know about. And her security guy had called me up and told me that I can’t be doing that. Those are federal offenses and I coulda spent six years in jail. You see that this creates pain in your wife, you see that it creates pain in your daughter. Does that have any impact on you? It has an impact on me and that’s why Shirley wrote into your show, because I don’t know what to do.


  1. This clip is the 3rd one I’ve watched about this episode. Until this one, I was thinking “How can someone his age, be so gullible”? This one makes me realize that he’s a very serious danger to everyone, not only himself. Anyone that thinks like this – making a fake Suicide video – is not playing with a full deck

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