The Sims 4 Mod That Adds Drugs

The Sims 4 Mod That Adds Drugs

You can’t smoke weed in the Sims. Until now! One modder is bringing pot and other drugs to the game, earning thousands in donations. Filip says he downloaded
The Sims 4 last May to help remodel his kitchen. After he stumbled onto some drug-related clutter objects, he wondered if he could make a drug mod that really works. I downloaded some cocaine lines and I thought, okay, what if I can make the sim walk over to the lines and click on them and they disappear?
And then it just kind of grew from there. The mod known, as Basementa, adds four different drugs: cocaine, mdma, amphetamines and weed, that Sims can buy, sell, or use. First, you need to give a Sim the “Drug Dealer” trait and move them to your neighborhood
so Sims can buy from them. Once Sims have the drugs in their inventory they can use them–sometimes of their own free will. Sims will experience the highs and lows of drug use, get hangovers, form addictions, and have fatal and non-fatal overdoses. Raquel, a Sim we made to test the mod,
moved to the big city to be a writer. She then started buying weed and MDMA
from Travis, the dealer next door. They started dating, and soon she was dealing too,
selling cocaine to her friends and fellow partiers She still writes occasionally,
but she’s mostly doing lines of cocaine, popping molly, going to the club,
then sleeping it all off. She’s even been arrested. If Raquel has molly in her inventory, she will automatically take another pill when she comes down, meaning she’s high pretty much 24/7. All the drug-fueled sex has strengthened her
relationship, and now Raquel and Travis are engaged. You can’t tell these stories in the unmodded version of The Sims, and there’s an appeal to them. After Filip released the first version of Basemental, someone suggest he start a Patreon. His highest goal was $500, and as of now he’s making $6000 a month from Patreon donations, and the mod has been
translated into multiple languages. Basemental doesn’t feel judgemental about drug use, but Sims definitely feel the downsides of drugs I don’t really want to make this
mod into a glorification of drug use. That’s why it was important to have the addiction system, to have non-fatal and fatal overdoses.” Filip also said he wouldn’t be adding heroin to his game anytime soon because he doesn’t
find it interesting. Besides, he still needs to
add some more basic features. Basemental doesn’t work in every game of The Sims, but we’ve enjoyed what we’ve played so far. It adds an instability that makes for some interesting complications. As Filip adds more features, the possibilities for the kind of trouble sims can get into will only grow.


  1. For more info, check out this piece by our own Gita Jackson. Gameplay/words are all by her:

  2. This is hilarious!

    Well done. Nothing interesting about a heroin junkie, unless you want a ten minute story about trying to eat a bowl of cereal, and almost nodding off into the bowl. Life or death type of stuff. 🤙

  3. He should make addictions affect pregnancies… That would be really gnarly, plus it would demonstrate how the dark side of addictions is about more than just hangovers.

  4. lol. sex mod, drug mod, what else huh? violence mod?

    and why this popular game n animation news portal/community share us about this thing?

  5. great mod, don't forget to add the loss of control, memory, accidental injury, unwanted pregnancy, miscarriage, the birth of children with down syndrome, poor health, depression, life imprisonment, murder in a state of hallucinations and spontaneous suicide with the automatic deletion of game and formatting for realism

  6. hey, i got a problem with growing my own plants lately. everytime i put seeds in the ground they just disapear. is this part of a new update or something?

  7. Why don't they having drugs like injections, hash, pot marwanah stuff like that I'm the Sims 4 mod to add zest to the game.

  8. Why is it I share and sell and I never get paid well I never have enough weed for my sim to sell she still. Growing it.

  9. some of my mod is working like doing coke lines but i cant sell to other sims since there is no option button. what can i do?

  10. Honestly, adding heroin could be pretty interesting: everything’s going great for your Sim, but one day her dealer disappears … who knows where, jailed, murdered, or just skipped town for no reason … and suddenly she’s in a panic for 36 hrs., first seeking out a stopgap solution online, but darknet delivery would take too long plus half the dealers look like scammers, and just converting her money to Monero will take days, she scouts some N.A. meetings for a new connect, but those sanctimonious f**wits won’t help, f** ‘em, she even drives slowly through the west side at random looking for corner boys, knowing she sticks out so bad the cops’ll bust her just for being white in the wrong neighborhood, and everyone in K-town who sees her driving 5mph knows exactly why she’s there, but to her misfortune the city held one of its big symbolic roundups just the month before, so every entrepreneur in the neighborhood has become discreet for the next several months and she’s not hep enough to know what door to knock on, or even where the new open air hotspot might be, she never really hung out with other junkies, she only shot up alone, in private, to endure the pain of managing the ingrate-staffed business she started while dealing with her mentally ill dysfunctional family, not to mention her ever-increasing chronic physical pain, she fears she has cancer, and she hasn’t had health insurance in years, and then withdrawal hits: the animations of her shivering in bed, unable to hold down a saltine, only able to get up to run to the bathroom for bouts of diarrhea, tossing and turning and soaking her blankets in sweat … then, when she starts to come around a week later, having to explain where she disappeared to, her employees wonder, her family couldn’t reach her, but she pays them all off and their concern disappears just as soon as their checks clear, but she still looks pallid, she hasn’t slept right in days, then weeks, she’s distracted all the time and has no appetite and no interest in holding a conversation, and GOOD GOD everything hurts, every! little! thing! and being sober isn’t sunshine and roses, the interminable hours, just … endless, endless hours with nothing to fill them, no joy, no color, no food of any flavor, no peace, no laughter, not even the thrill of hunting down that one fat, juicy vein she hadn’t tapped dry yet, that she just knew must be buried in her leg, behind her knee somewhere … all there is is blankness, gray endless blankness, that and the physical pain, and all she sees are an endless string of days like this one stretching out before her, this is her life now, this crushing deadweight of anomie and despair squeezing the very life out of her lungs, this is all that the ten million days stretching out before her in dreary succession will be like from now on… And then her dealer reappears! He texts out of the blue, he’s sorry he was away, but he’s got some FIRE product and he can hook her up: same rate as before, despite the lapse in time, because he’s feeling generous tonight. She resists for a few days, but then relents. It feels so good to be driving to the Pizza Hut parking lot again, he looks good, he’s stylin’ all new clothes, he’s always so nice, he’s her favorite person, how could she ever have been angry those times he was late or charged her double or delivered shoddy product, and the baggies feel so good in her hand as she speeds home, she can’t wait, she’ll shoot up later but for now at a stoplight she tears a dimebag open and jams a straw in and whfffffff OMG it hits so quick, all the limberness returns to her arms and legs as the blood rushes through her, she feels full of sugar water and cotton candy, she could lick the red of the stoplight, everyone is smiling at her, the next car over is playing music just for her, it’s her favorite song she’s never heard it before but it’s her favorite, her head tilts back and she laughs, sings, her heart is full, the light turns green GO GO GO and never stop, she’s heading home and her syringe will be waiting why did she ever quit in the first place now everything is going so well again … then three months later, once more, one day her dealer disappears … who knows where, jailed, murdered, or just skipped town for no reason … and suddenly she’s in a panic…

    I WOULD BUY THAT MOD!!!! 🔥💉❤️ I would play it over, and over, and over, and over…

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