The Sword of Ditto – PS4 Gameplay Demo | E3 2017

The Sword of Ditto – PS4 Gameplay Demo | E3 2017

>>Hello, my friends, and welcome back to PlayStation live from E3. To my left, Justin massson gill. To his left, Jonathan from one bit beyond. We are talking about swords of ditto. I didn’t know about the preparation. And there’s a sense of repetition in playing these microRPGs over and over again.>>Hence the ditto.>>Exactly. Tell me about the origin of that sort of structure and cyclical nature of your game.>>Yeah, sure, this is the first time we have many to talk about this. But the structure of the game, like you say, it’s micro-RPG. Instead of a really long story, 20, 30 hour. We’re getting people to play stories. We have gadgets and things to play, things to use. But we’ve condensed it down to two hour chunks. Instead what happens is you have a two-hour story, and each of the stories that come after, they all relate to each other, so when you finish the first story, that becomes the legend of the first story. So the people in the story, they talk about the deeds that you create — you did in the first one. They talk about this great hero who turned up with his vinyl Frisbee and vanquished Evil and saved the land. They erect a statue in the town. They’re all in reference to you.>>Is that linearly scripted or based on the play?>>Exactly. It depends on what happens during the first story. This is illustrated by the fact you might not win. People who play the game, it’s reasonably different. It looks cute, but it’s challenging. And if you fail, for generations, for a hundred years, Evil takes over the land and all the people, they live in an oppressed regime with evil, mayor know — Mormo who talks over the land. And Evil is easier to find. If you come in the second story, there’s guilt there. And you’re not feeling good about that.>>I messed up.>>Yeah. And again, you can try to save these people in the Island of Ditto.>>Sounds awesome.>>It’s right up our alley, man.>>This reminds me of half minute hero. That was micro, micro.>>We have a little bit more time.>>We’re seeing footage here, Jonathan. Maybe tell us a little bit about the art style. Let’s just put it out there. What made you guys to want take this direction? It’s so colorful, immediately gripping and engaging.>>We have heard from everyone, made the right choice. Didn’t to want look like any other game. That’s tough to do these days. But they have pixelated 2D graphics, it’s hard to stand out.>>Yeah.>>We wanted to make the most of HD display, we wanted the characters to be a big part of this game. Whether it was the good guys or the bad guys. Now we’ve got the chance to animate things in a very impressive manner. Facial expressions are prominent. There’s so much more character, and the world is just alive with the vibrancy, really. It’s quite an original kind of look. It’s very much like a cartoon show. This was what we were going for.>>And the thing I want to point out — which when we just passed store — there’s a lot of — I mean, this is a modern world, but with some bleeding into the fantasy realm. That’s something you don’t see in RPGs a lot unless you go full science fiction. It’s full fantasy or full science fiction. This is a nice twist that has its own unique groove, right?>>We want to do things differently. This is about pushing boundaries and doing it in a different direction. It’s just something that we wanted to try to veer away from. So a mixture of both styles.>>Yeah –>>We have satellite dishes, and people have Wi-Fi passwords and things. So it’s very, very much a modern RPG.>>Is that like a quest reward? Someone give use their Wi-Fi password?>>We were thinking about that, getting the map to the dungeon. Get the Wi-Fi password!>>And I know as a parent you were describing that you wanted to build a co-op game. You wanted families to be able to play with one another. How is that for designing something for co-op that can be with one or with others.>>It’s been fun. I’m a dad, I have been playing with them.>>Give a quick shoutout.>>Frankie and Louie. You’re all right. We play together, and the coop element at the top of the pile. We have had fun gaming sessions. For me, it was a no-brainer with the style to make this a cooperative adventure. Two kids working together. And it’s coming up in a second in the video. The way that the two kids work together. If you — if you’re partner goes down and loses all his health, which I think will happen shortly, then the other kid has to give him a very big hug.>>Oh, really?>>And you share your energy. Yeah. Brings you back to life.>>Is this only going to be local play?>>Only local play.>>You want the kids to pile on to the couch together and play.>>That’s right.>>Absolutely. And tell us a little bit about the combat. Like you said, you wanted to be accessible and cooperative. How do you balance out that sense of challenge and pushing a player forward with the combat system?>>Combat system — the game isn’t intentionally — we’re going to have the hug.>>Yes!>>Oh, my god, that’s so adorable.>>Do we have a cutest game award we can give out?>>We need to address that today.>>We’ll discuss it after the show. But you remember saying about the combat, how is it designed in the moment?>>So the combat really — we have this beautiful cute game, but we have made quite intricate, quite deep games. The games maybe for stealthing, Stealthing 2. And we worked with Nintendo on the fluidity games on 3DS and Wii. We have learned how to make puzzle games from them. We have made these really intricate, in-depth games. To hide the in-depth combat inside the cute shell, that’s a dream come true for me.>>There was melee combat, I saw critical hits happening.>>There’s a lot going on. There’s various elements in play as well. Literally you have fire, poison and this thing called “Ever.” Each interacts in different ways. It’s possible to dizzy opponents, gives you free critical attacks. There’s certain like frame windows in which you can do critical damage.>>This feels like a real like actual combination of the action-type game and the RPG-type game. Taking the best of both worlds and mashing them together.>>I feel there’s some RPGs that don’t do the deep combat. They are about the numbers and the leveling up. We’re very much about moment to moment. The controls. Everything runs really fluidly, really quickly. You have a role where you’re moving around, allows you to dash really quickly from enemy to enemy. Interrupt with an attack, straight into a combo. And gadgets that you can bring. They’re kind of like heavy weapons in a way. They give you an edge in the fight. We have various pillars. One of them is combat. The other is puzzles. You’re seeing some puzzle gameplay right now.>>What’s going on? I love it.>>There’s a lot to get there. There’s always randomly generated. And every is different each time. And the vinyl Frisbee, like a record player. It carries fire as well. So you can get fire at the torch and bring it back to you. There’s slots in the wall, allowed to pass through. Create very interesting puzzles with the elements and we randomize them, so every time you do this type of dungeon, it’s different. Different challenges. It’s kind of a trap room as well. And gives us the opportunity to — we’re varying what the play is doing. The dungeons that you find, they’re very much more focused than the world. It’s highly randomized, you can come across things, NPCs to talk to, and quests to go on. And rewards. And you can get stickers. They have magical stickers.>>I saw the sticker pack earlier.>>The sticker packs are magical. You can’t get inside of them, take them to the sticker collector. And he thinks this is and pulls it out.>>Knows the hollow graphic.>>We have limited edition stickers.>>Reminds me of opening booster packs when I was young.>>We’re going on that, really. And you can swap, give him the ones you want, and he’ll give you ones that you don’t have. It’s Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One: Scarifing on the kids an adventure thing.>>I think it’s one thing left to say, Justin. You have to shave your head and grow a beard so we can be all together.>>Let’s do this live on the air.>>Live from E3. Jonathan, the game looks amazing. Do you have any final thoughts or things that people should be looking forward to when you come out next year?>>I just hope that people really enjoy it. We made a game. It’s for anyone, really. should appeal to hardcore gamers and people with kids and families.>>Great having you on the show. Fantastic, Justin, always a pleasure. And a pleasure to have you guys watching. There you are. I see you over there. PlayStation live from E3. We have a whole day of programming ahead. All day tomorrow as well. So do not go anywhere. Stay with us.


  1. I just looked at a YouTube cross-play for Minecraft interview thing and I seen a comment that said you're going to get a lot of haters because you're not friends with Xbox you're letting down a hundred million people because I like Minecraft I play Everyday I'm just going to transfer to Xbox because this sucks who's with me if they like Minecraft like this

  2. Looks very funny, simple and beautiful 😍
    This remember me of "A Link to the Past" + Adventure Time.

  3. Cute and has local co-op. Definitely keeping an eye on this one. Seems like more and more games are getting rid of local co-op…

  4. i can,t stop to imagine a ditto, the pokemon, with a sword and helmet, but well, ditto finally will have another move than only transform, maybe can use bloodthirsty :v (sorry for the bad english, i speak spanish)

  5. Character art is a lot like Costume Quest. I'm feeling it. The environments look amazing, love the way it all looks and animates.

  6. This looks amazing, if you ever played fat princess adventures you know that co-op cartoon style rpgs can be pure fun

  7. Oh wow, this looks awesome! I'm really looking forward to it! It looks like a Zelda roguelite with couch co-op. I love that!

  8. Me lembra o Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom, que por sua vez me lembra o The Legend of Zelda: a Link to the Past.

  9. Thanks for not doing the pixelated 2d route. It is so tired. I hate that whole retro phase. I am in my 40's, it was cool then because that was all we could do, but not so cool now. At least do 16 bit, 8bit was the poor home version of arcade ports. So many games had misleading "arcade perfect" label.

  10. Well that's a huge dissapointment. Not everyone lives next door to their friends, some are not even able to be together since everyone lives in a different country. So not having online for a game like this was a huge letdown, was considering getting this game.
    Oh well, time to play another single player RPG. ;u;
    Not saying this game is bad, I'll probably buy it regardless even if I can't play online with other friends. After all I play The Binding of Isaac and am not complaining about it not having online.

  11. Indie devs always pass up their biggest audience on this type of game and then wonder why they have financial issues. Release it on Wii U or Switch and it would match the PS4/ONE sales combined just like other old school style indies that released on Wii U

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