The Swords of Ditto – PS4 Gameplay | PlayStation Underground

The Swords of Ditto – PS4 Gameplay | PlayStation Underground

RYAN: JR, I could play
this for the rest of the day, so I will. Now PlayStation Underground — JR: We’re canceling all
other folks coming in today
to just play this. [INTRO MUSIC PLAYING] RYAN: Hello, my friends, and welcome back to
PlayStation Underground. On today’s show we are playing
Swords of Ditto which is coming
to PS4 on April 24th. I am joined by JR from Devolver. JR, welcome to the program. JR: Thanks for having me. RYAN: It’s good
to have you here. This game is adorable. JR: It is, isn’t it? RYAN: We are about
to play a little bit. Is this towards the beginning? JR: This is the very beginning. You’re waking up on an island. It’s pretty
traditional of your RPGs, right? But this one is a
little different, right? It’s a bite-size or
compact action RPG. It’s all procedurally generated,
and you can do it with a friend; either alone or with a friend. It’s very balanced.
You can drop in and drop out. And, yeah, just kind of get into it and
show you what it’s all about. RYAN: Please. This is coming from
studio Onebitbeyond, is that correct? JR: That’s correct. Onebitbeyond, it’s about
five guys out in the UK. RYAN: Yeah. Look at me.
I am so cute. JR: Let’s follow that
sword up to the left. RYAN: Fine, I guess. Can I sprint? JR: Not yet. So what we’re doing right
now is an intro to the town. We’re on the island
of Ditto and yeah. So we’re basically — everything
that you see in this town, every playthrough basically
will be procedurally generated, so it’s a new town every time. The shops will
switch around positions. Right now we’ve got to
head over to that statue, and that’s the last
hero of the world, of the overworld basically. And we are gonna go take
the sword out of the stone essentially and become
the heroes of the story. RYAN: That sounds familiar,
removing a sword from a stone. I think I’ve heard
this tale before. JR: It’s very, very familiar. But the journey is
a lot different. RYAN: I feel like
you’re faster than me. JR: I just kind of know what I’m
doing here, Ryan. [LAUGHTER] RYAN: Oh, man. I did not know what I was
signing up for with this
recording today. JR: It’s all good. Now you’re going to be able
to roll around and attack. RYAN: Yay.
It’s so cute. Everything is so
cute about this game. I believe when Justin and I, I
think it was when we interviewed someone from
Onebitbeyond before. JR: It was Jonathan Biddle. Bidds, we call him Bidds.
He’s the design director. RYAN: When we
spoke to Bidds before, I believe one of the things that
was important to the team was creating a very
family-friendly RPG, something that you could play
with your kids or your siblings. JR: Yeah.
He’s got kids of his own. And they just wanted to have
that kind of — RYAN: Lead the way. JR: — nostalgic factor of games
we’ve all played growing up but also make it
accessible to everyone. So you can sit with
your son, your daughter, your sibling, whatever,
but at the same time make it challenging for
us adults I guess. RYAN: Your little cousin, Frank.
Can’t forget about Frank. Nobody’s going to
forget about Frank. JR: I love Frankie. RYAN: Little Frankie. JR: So this is kind of
our first encounter, if you will, in terms
of battling the enemy. And, again, every
time you play this, you’re going to
encounter different enemies. And it’s kind of on a
hundred-year cycle. So once you die,
there’s some permadeath, right? But a new hero
appears ever hundred years, and then you go and
get the sword again, and you start the
story over, the cycle. RYAN: The combat
already feels really nice. I love action RPGs because you
get all the great qualities that come with level
building, story telling, subsystems, but then you
also, the action part, get the fun of a
tactile button press. You can actually move around
on the screen in realtime, and I think that’s — it’s hard
for me sometimes to go back to the more
traditional turn-based RPGs. It was a
different era back then. It requires a more
patient mind than I have now. JR: It’s a little
bit more streamlined. Let’s go in here.
Check out the evil witch, Mormo. This kind of sets the whole tone
or story of what we’re going to be encountering or
fighting for actually. RYAN: Let’s see.
I see a dog bone. There’s actually a lot of bones. Oh, sorry.
Classic error. Classic. JR: So some of
these enemy types, again, they’re going to be
different every time you play unless you kind of jumped out of
your playthrough and didn’t die. So if you hit triangle, all your special weapons are
mapped to your D pad. So if you hit left or right,
you have different options and different attacks
with different weapons. RYAN: Oh my gosh.
Yes! It’s a yo-yo with spikes. Not safe for children. JR: It’s very quirky. RYAN: This is the cutest. JR, I could play this
for the rest of the day. So I will. Now PlayStation Underground — JR: We’re canceling all other
folks coming in today to just play this. RYAN: Yeah.
This is really, really nice. I like that there’s —
well, I’m a terrible shot, but it’s nice that there’s some
light shooter elements here. The projectile weaponry. JR: Yeah. If you hold the
triangle button down, you can aim. RYAN: What is this? Oh my gosh.
What was that? JR: Giant foot. RYAN: Giant foot.
I was not expecting that. JR: There’s a lot
of quirky weapons. The developers are quirky folks. So they like to
just make it fun. It’s not your
traditional weapons. RYAN: So, JR, I’m like miserable
to say we are almost out of time. JR: That’s okay.
I understand. RYAN: This is — I did it again. JR: That’s fine. RYAN: One more time. Yeah.
We got this. This has been a very short but
very sweet and sensual look at Swords of Ditto which is
coming to PS4 on April 24th. If you are a fan of RPGs or you
want to game a little bit with the little one in your
life, little sibling, little kid, I think
this is a great start. And also if you
don’t mind me saying, good for falling off
cliffs like I just did. And again. JR: And to add to that, we are
coming out April 24th with this, and preorder is live. And you get 20% off if
you’re a PS Plus member. RYAN: There you go. Preorder is available
now on PlayStation Store. JR from Devolver, thank you
so much for joining us on the program. JR: Thanks, Ryan. RYAN: This has been a
look at Swords of the Ditto, and we’ll see you
next time, folks. [OUTRO MUSIC PLAYING]


  1. I'm sure it used to be called something else, but the name wasn't approved because it didn't go with the guidelines.

  2. It looks great. Nintendo audience would give it what it deserves, so bad it’s a playstation exclusive

  3. I can't imagine wasting my time playing this on a large scale screen…

    A midrange android phone can handle those graphics…

    I'll pass on this…

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