The twins are addicted to smart phones! Daddy’s harsh decision! [The Return of Superman /2017.06.04]

The twins are addicted to smart phones! Daddy’s harsh decision! [The Return of Superman /2017.06.04]

The twins look closer than ever today. What is keeping them so quiet? (It’s Hwijae’s smartphone.) (They are absorbed in a cartoon.) (Absorbed) Seoeon, let’s watch something else. – This one? / – No. – Shall we watch this one? / – Sure. Let’s watch that. It’s the monster. (Giggling) That’s funny. (Bouncing) (The sound effect is our specialty.) (A smartphone gives them happiness.) Hey, you aren’t watching videos online again, are you? We are watching videos on online. Come here, you. Come here. (I shouldn’t have said anything.) – Come here. / – We turned it off. I was watching videos online. Do you like watching videos more than me? Yes. Seojun, I will ask one more time. Do you like watching videos more than me? Yes, I do. (Hwijae gets upset.) I’m leaving the house. We were watching videos online. From the morning? It will ruin your eyesight. Do you know what worries me the most? It’s your eyes. Looking at a smartphone limits your field of vision. Do you even know how devastating that is? You have no idea. (Please let us watch it once.) You have been watching videos for too long. Let me think about it today. As the age of smartphone users continues to go down, parents worry about their children becoming addicted. (The twins are addicted to smartphones.) It’s so fun. (They ask to watch videos online in the morning.) (Hwijae has tried to limit their use.) (We are on our first video.) (They can’t put the smartphone down.) This must be the biggest worry for parents with five to six years old children. Since I have an eye condition, I am very much against it. I think I need to think of a solution. – Hello? / – Hello, Dr. Son. My kids are always watching videos online and playing games. Many parents are worried about this issue these days. – To help them understand the concept of time, / – Yes? – set a limit to how long they should use it. / – Okay. You also need to offer them another kind of amusement. You need to switch their interest to something else. The third one is the most basic approach to this issue. Set an example by not using a smartphone yourself. You should try not to use it in front of your kids. (Hwijae has a lot on his mind.) (Seoeon must have something to say to his dad.) I need to poo. Come here. I’ll go with you. (While Seoeon and Hwijae are gone to the bathroom…) While Seoeon and Hwijae are in the bathroom, Seojun seems to be acting very strangely. (He looks around for a moment.) (He sees his target.) (Excited) (Seojun gets a hold of Hwijae’s smartphone.) (He opens the application very naturally.) (But) (Hwijae has locked it.) (What is this?) (He tries to unlock the phone.) (At that moment,) (the camera makes a clicking sound.) (What was that sound?) (Why isn’t it working?) (Discouraged) What are you doing, Seojun? Did you touch my phone, or didn’t you? What? Why can’t you answer me properly? Did you touch my smartphone or not? What is this? Someone tried to unlock my phone. Come here, Seoeon. While you and I were in the bathroom, someone must’ve tried to unlock my phone. Who could that be? In one, two, three. Look at this. Who is this? Who is this? Who is this? Who do you think this is? It’s Seojun. It’s Seojun, right? (This person tried to access your smartphone.) The camera must’ve taken a photo of Seojun earlier. Seojun got caught in the act. This is such a strong evidence. What did you want to do? I wanted to watch videos online. Seoeon, do you want to watch videos online too? – Yes. / – For how long? – You can’t say it like that. / – Just this much. How much is that much? You need to be specific. What about this much? That’s not what’s important. Look at this. Look at this, you guys. This is called an hourglass. If you flip this around like this, it’ll take ten minutes for the sand to fall down. That means you guys can enjoy it for ten minutes. – Get ready. Just for ten minutes, okay? / – Okay. Now, start. (I shall not waste a single second.) I’m going to trust you guys. That’s all the time you get today. – Okay. / – Okay. (They slowly get immersed.) (Scratching) (He smells his hand and pretends like he didn’t.) – Wow, it’s so colorful. / – Incredible. – It’s pretty, too. / – Yes. (Scratching) (Smelling) (Time flies so quickly.) Are you guys almost done? No. Let’s see. We still have time. It’s not finished yet. The pink sand needs to fall down to the bottom, right? Dad, the pink sand is still there. It feels like it’s been ten minutes already. Not yet. – Trust us. / – Trust us. (Glancing) (He can’t take his eyes off the hourglass.) (Did time always go so quickly?) (Will this stop it from going down?) (He keeps looking at the hourglass.) (His lips are drying out from nervousness.) Time flies so quickly. I won’t be able to watch mine, then. I need to watch mine, too. When are you going to pass it to me? Once I’m done with this video. When that stops, I won’t be able to watch it. Ten minutes has come to an end. Will the twins keep their promise with their dad? (Seoeon looks at the hourglass and then avoids it.) (Surprised) (I can’t believe this.) (Wait a minute.) (Maybe if I do this…) (Time goes backwards for the twins.) (What a genius.) (Will Seojun choose to watch the video) (or keep his promise?) – Trust us. / – Trust us. (He puts it back to how it was.) Dad, time’s up now. (The twins kept their promise.) Really? I’m so proud of my sons. You did such a good job. Get up, you guys. Let’s clap three times. Let’s start. – One, two, three. / – Two, three. Seoeon and Seojun, you guys did a great job. (Regretting) This is so hard. Why? Go to the supermarket and buy what you want to eat. (Switch their interest to some other amusement.) – I want this one. / – Seoeon. Look at this. They sell this here. – Are you going to buy peanuts, too? / – This one. Yes. We like peanuts. This is enough. Dad said we could get two snacks. Let’s go. I’m going now. (He seems sad that he has to go home already.) (Knocking) Okay. What took you guys so long? We came later than expected, didn’t we? The supermarket is nearby. What took you so long? What did you guys do? Did you guys use a smartphone again? You promise? No, we accidentally did. You did? We did. But it was an accident. How can you accidentally use a smartphone? I’m sorry, Dad. We borrowed one and watched videos online. From who? We borrowed it from the lady who sells drinks. (They have snacks and a smartphone. Where are they?) On their way home from the supermarket, the twins visited their favorite cafe. (Who does this smartphone belong to?) Your five minutes is up now. May I have it back? Sorry? (Is it already time?) May I have my phone back? Can I have it back? Thank you. (He’s very upset.) The lady who sells drinks? The store lady? – No. / – Then who is it? The lady who gives us… (His voice gets smaller and smaller.) (There needs to be a solution for this problem.) – Hyunseok. / – Yes? Call me after two minutes. What? It’s the police. The police are calling. Yes, hello? I’m the father of Seoeon and Seojun. – We’ve received a report just now. / – Yes? A report? – Yes. / – Okay. Someone reported that a pair of five-year-old twins have been asking for a smartphone to watch videos. Are you their father? – I’m sorry. / – I’m sorry. Say, “We’ll never do it again.” – We’ll never do it again. / – We’ll never do it again. – Many kids who watch a lot of videos online / – Yes? – can end up having bad eyesight. / – Right? So we’re trying to protect that from happening. I totally agree with you. What should I do, then? First, please get rid of your smartphone for a while. (What?) You shouldn’t let them watch videos. Okay, Sir. I need to get rid of my smartphone, right? – Yes. / – Okay, Sir. Don’t get rid of your phone. Look carefully. Look. This is the phone that both of you love so much. I won’t have a phone starting from today. (Hwijae will be without his phone for a while.) No. Please. How long could I shut down my smartphone service? It’ll stay that way for as long as you wish. Okay. I don’t have a phone anymore. I know you have it. I don’t. It’s going to be hard for me, too. Okay? I’m doing this for you guys. (I’m doing this all for you guys.) You guys are acting as if you lost your country. Once this episode gets aired on TV, I won’t have a smartphone. Many of my friends have been trying to reach me. They keep asking if everything is okay. So I’d like to announce to my friends right now that I got rid of it for the well-being of my kids. Next week, episode 185 of The Return of Superman,


  1. Parent:I am worried about my twins watching videos and playing games on an electronic.

    Me:Im watching tv right now..

  2. Well, my friends before we say about the twins getting addicted to smartphone we should question ourselves as well even we should not get addicted to smartphones i always ask myself this question that why do i always get addicted to my smartphone??? As i have become a smartphone addicted person myself i cannot even leave my phone even for a second from me, because even if i keep it afar from me i feel empty without my smartphone but the problem is we all are getting addicted to mobile phones ourselves.
    I must state this fact to you guys that please limit the usage of smartphones, people from around the world are getting addicted to smartphones recently and are still continuing to do so and because of this we are getting cancer causing radiation in our eyes, brains and everywhere around our body but we are still using it, because of these smartphones people are becoming lazy, Every person's health is at stake. So please restrict using smartphones.
    Even the CEO's of Facebook, Apple or any other Company which created the smartphones or social networking sites don't allow their any family member or kids to use them
    So let us pleadge to Limit our own usage of smartphones.

  3. watching it agian. it makes me sad that children are now obsessed over smartphones that they forget to enjoy their childhood and do things like go outside and play. times really has changed. i got my first phone when i was 11 and that was only used to call my parents whenever i needed them. up until i reached my junior year of high school was when i got a smartphone. hwijae did a good thing by getting rid of it because the boys will just continue to use it until it's all that they think about.

  4. I dont know if i should be happy or sad but i just wanted to share Hwijae's ringtone is tell me what to do by SHINee

  5. He sacrificed 1 grand and got rid of it for the sake of his kids 😭 #fatheraward to Lee hwajae

  6. Smart as a whip!! Dad is gonna have to stay on his A Game with them cuz they are tag teaming him and twins do that…

  7. But isn't a problem to not have a phone as a parent and actir/celebrity ? What there is a problem with the kids or the family ?

    He could have made them believe he get rid of it… ( or at least take a model that can't watch videos of what ) x'))

  8. what kind of smartphone is that, I mean any brand or something like that? is it an application that record someone whos trying to open the phone?

  9. Does anyone know what app is used in hwijae's phone to have password on apps and take picture of the person tried to unlocked it? Hahahahahah

  10. *sigh* kids.. Parents.. HWIJAE YOU SHOULDNT HAVE HAD GIVEN 5 YEAR OLDS DEVICES!!! ughhhhhh can't stop him now..

  11. Had to stop watching this episode midway. I felt like Hwijae was scolding me.😂 I felt so guilty.

  12. It is true that if you keep using smartphones from day-night u might get some vision problems but it doesn't mean the children can't learn something and btw they can be focused if its actually good for them too. Who agrees?

  13. this is just like parents in the 80s and 90s worry about their children addicted to television back in the day, same concern different technology devices different era

  14. I'm always watching a video of yours everyday and ummmm my eyes well I gotta go to the eye doc;-;
    Edit:did you use a app so your phone takes a picture and tells you who tried to unlock? (I wanna know so I can use it)

  15. If I had a child I wouldn't buy them a phone until the age of 10
    I got my first phone 8 yrs old but nvm lol
    But I have seen lots of babies today addicted to phones a lot I have a 4 year old cousin and everytime I see her she is with her phone
    I have seen a lot of children also
    Glad I was born at 2007 before the smartphones
    I first saw a smartphone from at 2013
    And yes, my mother's one lol

  16. When I was their age I was attached to basically nothing, no toys no nothing just being bored.😒 If I'll ever have kids I think I'll remember how boring my childhood was and just end up giving them what they want 🤷‍♀️

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