The Visual Signs Of Meth Abuse

The Visual Signs Of Meth Abuse

Hi I’m Elora Murray and thanks for joining
us at the Miramar News Network. Today we are discussing visual signs of meth abuse. To start, sine 1996 more
than 13 million people in the US over the age of 12 have used meth.In 2012
it was reported that the average age of a new meth user was 19.7 years old.A meth user
will have skin that becomes excessively dry and itchy, causing acne and sores to appear
on the face.In addition, tooth enamel is eroded by the harsh chemicals in meth.Also, constricted
blood vessels, dry mouth and tooth grinding contribute to advanced tooth decay.Futhermore, meth
users can suffer from severe weight loss due to increased physical activity and malnutrition.Premature
aging also takes place, due to loss of muscle tissue and facial fat.Meth users also have
a gaunt, pale and sickly appearance due to a weakened immune system. If you or someone
you love is struggling with a meth addiction there are drug rehab professionals, like those
at Miramar, who are ready and willing to help you overcome your addiction and move on to
a healthier and better life. Once again, I’m Elora Murray with the Miramar News Network, thanks for joining us.


  1. meth eats u up inside out…plus it makes u feel stupid i dont know why people like feeling stupid its made with battery acid…

  2. Really average age 19.7? Who the fuck has ever told some one yeah i'm 19.7 years old. I'm just 3 months shy of becoming a Average meth user I'm 19.4 years old want to check my teeth?

  3. Also yellow teeth and grinded down or chipped teeth doesn't mean meth addiction it could be extreme stress, anxiety and severe depression

  4. I thought she was making a comedy video in the beginning then I realized that is how she real acts…. That chick is super weird.

  5. Wow. Thanks for sharing.I have a music video called,"Fallen Angel". It is about drug overdose. This needs to stop.

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