The Worst Fortnite Channel On YouTube

The Worst Fortnite Channel On YouTube

Hey Little Stinkers welcome back to the first and only channel on YouTube Um before we get into the video today I want to say that this video is actually sponsored by Fortnite. Which is awesome! Because I literally play this game all the time! I’ve never been more exited for a sponsor ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ If somehow you haven’t heard of Fortnite by now, it’s basically a game where a hundred different players jump out of a flying bus and the last person standing wins. It’s so much fun. you can download the game for free on your computer by clicking my link in the description–uh, it’s also available on PS4, Xbox One– I think it’s coming to mobile soon. This game’s taken over the world, so you better start playing it now. I’ll talk about the game a little bit more at the end of the video and show you guys clips from, pretty much my only good game I’ve ever played *le chuckles*. But it was a really good game. The funny thing about this sponsor is I was actually in the middle of editing this video– I was already making a video about Fortnite, about my favorite Fortnite YouTuber when they–when Epic Games reached out to me and I was like, “well of course I’ll do an ad for you guys this is awfully serendipitous!” So it works out perfectly but guys thank you so much for watching and enjoy (ᵔᴥᵔ). *le boing sound* Danny (red shirt): Um, I think most of that, because i talked to you about that ram’s i packed that sounds blow what’s a fuck that ramsoid pact that’s on–” *Drew (clumsy boy) breaks laws of physics* Other dude (Cody?): “WhaT THe FUcK” How did I spill the water? dududududdu How did i spill it? I’m looking, but I don’t SEE how I spilled it. I don’t know how i spilled the water! I don’t know how I spilled the water! I don’t know how I spilled the water! I don’t know I spilled the water. Maybe someone else did, but I didn’t spill the water ’cause I don’t know how I did and if did I don’t know how. Hello everybody and welcome back to Uh, my name is Drew Gooden. So I’m back home now. I just spent a week in LA, um, and in case you guys missed it i did a collab on Danny Gonzalez’s channel that we’re both really happy with. We had a blast making it, so check that out if you’ve missed it. As you saw in the beginning I was also on Cody Ko’s podcast and Danny and I are also supposed to appear in an Eddy Burback video… if he would finish editing it! Eddy-it-ting it… Eddy-ting. But anyway I’ve been back for a few days now and it feels good, to be home, although I’m not gonna lie to you guys, I’ve been getting way too distracted lately playing the game Fortnite. Um, I’m not proud of that. In fact, quite the opposite, but I can’t stop playing this game. Um, here’s what pretty much every day this week has looked like. “All right time to make a video. ‘What to react to’? Instagram? No. YouTube? No. i just, I just wanna *le instuments* Fortnite (Fortnite) Just, one game. Just one more game. Just one more game. Just one more game. Just one more game. Just one more game. The funny thing about that is–the best part, I’m not even good at it! I’ve spent hours and hours playing this game and have almost nothing to show for it. I’ve even spent real-life money on You, know like, outfits and stuff cuz… I gotta look good while i get 78th place but even though i suck at playing the game, I still love it. I don’t know why. I guess I just like, liked the idea of it? (peace out, this vid is too long) I don’t know like it looks good and i can get through every game with the false hope of maybe Winning even though i’ve only ever won like four games but i know i’m not alone in this because it’s like clearly the most popular game in the world right now everybody is either playing it or watching somebody else play it or getting mad that their boyfriend is playing as a result of my new obsession my youtube Recommendations have completely gone to shit they don’t even bother suggesting videos with real human beings anymore because they know i’m just gonna end up clicking on the Colorful pretend people i’m i’ve actually found quite a few channels i really enjoy but only one channel that i really love and that’s what today’s video is about i think this is my favorite youtube channel of all time not just for tonight just any youtube i can’t stop watching his videos his name is best Trends hey “how’s it going guys and welcome to best trends today we’re gonna be going over the top 7 hottest girl fortnight streamers” He’s gained 1.2, million followers in the past three months just from posting other people’s fortnight highlights but to be fair he does add very insightful commentary “50 versus 50, it was the 50 verse 50 clearly and he’d go into the game with the squad and then literally just leave just 50” “Verse 50. I can’t say it’s funny” “But i gotta say it’s pretty funny” A lot of you may have already heard of him from his video 5 fortnight youtubers who’ve sworn. “5 fortnight youtubers who’ve sworn” *gasp* now right away you’ll notice that best trends He has a way with words. “Who knows if he still says bad words” “outside of the videos but he used to swear a lot in the” “past and he used to say pretty much a lot of words that most people wouldn’t even say” “So let’s go take a look at some of the words that he used to say” There’s a couple really funny moments in this video like here where he sounds like he’s about to list off a bunch of youtubers “There is gonna be some pretty big youtubers in this video” “Such as all ea…. all very big youtubers” But then he just says the one “I gotta say it’s pretty funny” But this video isn’t Even his worst one. It by far has the worst like dislike ratio but really any one of his videos you’ll, you’ll, find One piece of comedy gold in there at least “So when your head’s out of the game you don’t take any dubs” “You just whine and you take an L. I love this guy. I love the way he talks. “It truly is as fun as it” “Looks” I love the way he words things “It probably is in the air for over a second and not” “To make it even crazier that the shot itself was insane as well” The way he forgets to edit out mistakes The updated user “Interface, the updated user interface. i personally like the new, i personally like the new …. It’d be similar to the normal pump sho” “It’d be similar to” “the normal pump shotgun” Or maybe he doesn’t forget to edit them out he just leaves them in because he’s always desperately trying to stretch his videos out to the 10-minute mark and that’s the other thing, all of his videos are exactly 10 minutes long maybe a few seconds longer and are you ready for this he puts four Mid-roll ads in every single one of them that means every two and a half minutes the video is interrupted to play an Advertisement so a lot has been made in the past of certain youtubers stretching their videos to the 10-minute mark and for those of you don’t know the reason for that is one because youtube recommends videos based on watch time. So the longer your video is, the more likely it is to get recommended but the more important reason why the 10-minute mark Specifically is so important is because you can add mid rolls like here’s my vlog parody video at 7 minutes and 13 seconds long i can monetize this video but i can’t put mid rolls in it whereas my first lifehack video that’s just barely longer than 10 minutes i could put 10 mid rolls in here if i wanted to to. You can just keep adding them so i think that’s more of a system that’s broken with youtube i don’t know why it’s not like a gradual scale but boy oh boy is he exploiting it now this is really like the only bad thing he does for the most part this video i just want to be in like good fun because i enjoy watching his videos Even if it’s not for the reason he intended them to be enjoyable “I gotta say it’s pretty funny” This is definitely one of my favorite 12 things you didn’t know you could do in fortnight so the entire list builds up to number one and i just want to share that with you because that was the Most insightful tip for me “So why not take a peek while you’re doing it… number one” “Decision-making” Ohh! i didn’t know you could make decisions “There’s the right time to do certain things” “All of you know this” This whole time i’ve been playing i just been hitting x over and over again and then i would just Keep jumping and then i would die in the storm and it wasn’t fun but now i’m learning that i couldn’t make Decision i could shoot a gun i could drink a potion i could reload i never knew that i could do all that The best part of this video i mentioned earlier how he he forgets to edit things out like he’ll make a mistake and then not edit it out this is his outro in this video i didn’t edit this i didn’t pick audio from another clip and throw it in this is what’s in this video that has 4.5, million views “Hope you guys did enjoy the video if you did be sure to smash that like button like always.. and” “Subscrii…” “Hope you guys did enjoy the video. if you did smash that like button like you always do and” “subscribe if you’re new with post notifications on that way you guys never miss another best trends video” “anyways though guys i’ll see you next time” “Anyway, so guys i’ll see you next time” Oh my god can you imagine having a youtube account with a million subscribers and giving this little of a shit about The quality of your video does he not watch them does he not watch them after he’s done editing? I cannot imagine being someone who’s just like whatever and just leaves in mistakes where it’s like it’s not it’s not that he’s stuttering or whatever he does it take Decides he doesn’t like it and then records it again So just delete the first one and put the second one in but he leaves them both in. This is what i mean this guy is so funny uh So here’s a clip from a video called kid starts crying after getting killed by hacker so they kid he’s playing he got mad and he threw his controller down and that’s pretty much the whole clip but then here what best Trends has to say about it “So let me know down below you guys 1” “to 10, how were his acting skills? I got, to give him 10 at 10 because” “He’s a legend. He definitely had to have been really really mad or jeez he looks super mad oh boy i was getting worried there” “no: “But just the side of the jokes i love how he tried to act in that video it was not very good acting but he’s” “trying and that’s what counts” “You can’t hate on someone who’s trying to start somewhere” “You got to start somewhere to get somewhere so everyone’s gonna start from the bottom and work their way up” “it sounds super cliche but that’s just the truth like this kid could be trying to become an actor in the future and he’s starting by” “Raging in fortnite videos. I don’t know what i’m even saying anymore” No one knows what you’re saying there’s a great moment in this video about the hottest stream girls or whatever “She’s also good friends with a really big youtuber named keemstar who runs drama alert an awesome news channel” An awesome news channel guys you heard it here first keemstar has an awesome news channel “I don’t know what i’m even saying anymore” right so i know you guys are wondering at this point who is this person who is this mystery person behind one of the greatest channels in youtube history well you’re in luck because he recently did a face reveal and i love the way He sets this up “So here it is you guys it is the face reveal. The thing that everyone’s been hounding me about” “we’ve teased it a couple of times so i” “understand why everyone wants it so bad. Nothing special just some normal kid.” Nothing special guys just a normal old face So it’s a funny way to like introduce your face just A normal old face but i guess i am the face who’s on youtube i love that he’s still Using his like watchmojo voice you know it makes sense with like his other videos because of the list format or whatever but with this it’s like now i’m wondering does he just talk like that all the time hey mom Hey dad, “hey” I just got home from school. “okay” “We can see that” You guys won’t believe the kind of awesome day i had At school today so let’s just jump into it number five pizza for lunch. But another thing he announces in his face reveal which was exciting enough but he announces a second youtube channel best trends business. “My name is wyatt and this is best trends business, i know the ins and outs of growing a youtube channel” “from literally nothing as well as maintaining a fan base that way you can rely on youtube as a full-time income” “Before founding best trends i was just an average 16 year old kid who ended up going to high school every single day” “Now nine months later i have a six digit salary that i make every single month just from youtube adsense” Six figures a month? Well i knew he was making a lot because of? his 100 mid rolls in every video but six figures holy shit dude that’s so funny though that like he’s been able to grow a channel from scratch while diluting all of, his videos with a million ads and It doesn’t affect him it actually seems to get him promoted more Because i think the youtube algorithm favors videos it makes youtube money and while he’s making all this money youtube is making a large percentage of that as well so youtube is promoting these videos that aren’t about the content they’re just about cranking shit out and getting money that really sucks though that you’re more likely to get your videos pushed Onto people’s home pages if you spam them with ads, but the thing is like i can sit here and make fun of Him all i want and and kind of laugh at the way he talks and the way he does his videos but the dude is a Genius i’m only making fun of him because it’s less about him and i think more about just like the state of youtube where someone like a 16 year old who doesn’t even seem that smart by the way he talks can just crack the code and become a millionaire he figured out the formula you come up with a vague channel name that sounds like it could be about anything but Really it’s just about one thing you curate lists of other people’s content so you don’t have to actually do anything and then you stretch them out To the 10-minute mark and not a second more by adding in repetitive commentary where you’re kind of just saying what’s happening in the video and then maybe repeating yourself and being like this is insane and it doesn’t even matter that you’re not saying anything at as long as you talk like this People will think you sound smart that’s all you have to do post everyday if you can slap 900 ads on every single video and give it like three months you’re a millionaire now it’s insane and honestly this kid has me rethinking everything i’m doing. I’m completely going about this the wrong way i think it’s time to branch out… Hey what’s up guys and welcome to very cool awesome stuff. today we’re gonna be counting down the top 5 ways to wash your own ass. it’s simple guys everybody has a butt, but sometimes Butts stink. *gasp* which is why it’s so important To wash your own ass. comment below how clean you’d like your ass to be, anyway guys let’s go ahead and get into the list number 5… the swipe everybody has a credit card, well except for little babies. hey baby how you get a credit card, i’m just kidding guys Seriously though all jokes aside identity theft is a huge problem right now. Alright guys well i think it’s time to end the video because i can’t stop talking like this i might be talking with this inflection For the rest of my life. Guys if you made it this far in the video be sure to comment “Drew i’m the littlest stinker but i’m also the biggest stinker so what does that make me i’m Confused on the size of stinker that i am” be sure to comment that so i know that you’re the true fans and i can Weed you guys out from the the lukewarm fans who i don’t really care about But it doesn’t matter that i said that because i didn’t see this part of the video anyway and that’s it guys thank you so much, for watching i’ll be back next week peace Guys, if you want to play for dine and get so good at it that best trends makes a video about you you’re in luck Because it’s free to download click my link in the description to download it for free on your computer it’s also available on xbox one? And ps4 which is where eddie burbank and i have been playing it way too much Basically it’s a massive 100 person pvp were the last man standing wins it’s hella intense it’s super satisfying when you start to get better the game and understand which guns are good for what situation and learning had incorporate building structures into combat Seriously it’s so much fun i can’t stop playing out dm me on twitter if you ever want to play a squads game with me And i’ll try to make it happen again free download link in the description thank you so much To epic games response er today’s video and making my favourite game in years thanks again for watching guys, see you next week?


  1. Drew: That means every two minutes the video is interrupted for an a-
    ad plays

    This actually happened to me

  2. Drew I'm the littlest stinker but I'm also the biggest stinker… So what does that make me? I'm confused on the size of stinker that I am.

  3. Drew, I'm the littlest stinker, but I'm also the biggest stinker. So, what does that make me? I'm confused about the size of stinker that I am.

  4. jokes on you mid-rolls, i'm watching this on the only acceptable console to watch youtube, the nintendo 2DS internet browser, which is too dumb to know what an ad is!

    (this was a pain to write these screens are so gosh dang small)

  5. drew, it's obvious that your stupid long finger knocked over the cup because you're clumsy and dumb. stop acting like it's some kind of mystery and own up to it like a man.

  6. Drew I’m the littlest skinner but I’m also the biggest stinker. So what does that make me? I’m confused on the size of stinker that I am.

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