These Designers Are Trying To Cure The Fashion Industry’s Water Addiction

– What really changed my
mind about the denim industry was learning that it took over
a thousand gallons of water to create just one pair of jeans. Andagain is a sustainable denim company. We focus on making jeans and jackets. We really try to focus on making the most exciting,
unique pieces possible only using recycled materials. – Fast fashion is tempting
to a lot of consumers and a lot of education needs to happen so that we consume things
in a more conscious level. At Uye Surana, we design lingerie that is both as comfortable
as it is beautiful. A lot of our pieces are made in New York, and we create samples in
small production runs here in our studio. – The more and more I became
involved in ready-to-wear, I just wanted to use our voice for good and really make sure that
if we’re going to be making and producing clothing in this world, at least we have a message and a point. – We try to think about the materials that go into our garments,
both in a functional purpose that they last for a long time and then we often try and re-source and re-incorporate materials
that are left over. – In many of our pieces, we
deconstruct vintage denim and we recreate it into other
jeans and jackets as well, so we’re using something
that’s already out in the world and just recreating it into something new. – We actually recycle a
lot of our fabric waste, and it either gets made into
other things by other makers or it gets recycled into
other materials entirely. – So our last collection
was about climate change and how to reduce our single-use plastic. We used all deadstock materials and we worked with a brand called 4ocean and we had models drinking
from reusable water bottles that they provided for us that I tie-dyed and then we had them
eating out of tupperware. And then we had Xiuhtezcatl Martinez doing a spoken word about
how we can better our planet. I think it’s about having a real conversation
with your consumer and being like, this
is where it comes from, this is where it’s made,
this is what material it is, this is how we got it. – Ideally I hope that the
future of sustainable fashion incorporates more reuse
and a lot more recycling. I think there’s so much that’s
already out in the world that can be recreated into something new. Recycling is the most sustainable thing we can do as an industry,
so I really hope to see more brands doing that in the future.

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