this addiction is ruining my life ❤️

this addiction is ruining my life ❤️

Natalie Nightwolf: A Day in the Life I’m gonna do a what I do in a day follow
me around for the day that’s the only thing that really gets me out of bed whoops
something popped I don’t want to show you my block because I have granny
panties huh literally he’s my grandma bought me these so I can never ever get
rid of him thanks grandma I was intending on editing some videos one
thing led to another amount of porn site I’m sorry but I’m turned on by Ben
Franklin the only person I’d be a prostitute for is Ben mother Franklin
let it be known mmm hi oh wow look at that mole rat I mean
oh well that’s me what hi time is 618 our line was set for 6:00 a.m. we snooze
did three times and now we’re here I’m gonna do a what’s it called I don’t know
what I do in a day follow me around for the day what I don’t do in a day first
things first I wake up finally I have to pee enough to actually get me out of
this bed that’s the only thing that really gets me out of bed favor and I actually wash my hands after
least about them you know I’m becoming one more like germaphobic and paranoid
and it’s just overtime it’s raining now I put some lotion on because I’m getting
older my face is drying cracking shriveling up like the monkey’s paw this
parts kind of cool I was in like a phase of trying to like get my house together
and I was spending all this money and then boom bada bing bada boom I wished I
had all the money back but hey Google turn the kitchen light on thanks sweetie
we have a really good relationship no I’m gonna make it a coffee all right now
the coffee is brewing I’m gonna pick what mug I want this one’s Cirque de
Soleil I have a wicked mug let’s see what oh oh great comet of 1812 that’s a
Broadway musical I have this one that says I’m feeling philosophical love
slots and then I got this guy I like the big guys this is a big guy this is a big
guy that’s a pretty big guy oh he’s a big guy I’ll take this one usually I use
this one and maybe I’ve sensitive mouth or teeth or tongue or whatever but I put
an ice cube in there cuz I’m just gonna black coffee
now all the coffee’s brewing I jungle I’m gonna stretch a little whoop
something popped I don’t want to show you my block because I have granny
panties on of course literally is my grandma bought me these so I can never
never get rid of them thanks grandma okay I’m sitting on my couch in my
computer and I got my coffee over here and I have this Tahoe down because I’ve
been known to spill things and I need to cover the couch with that because I’m a
disaster and now I’m gonna drink my coffee and like work on videos and check
my email and stuff like that create things basically the morning part
like want this part well I’m doing my coffee so it was actually like my best
most productive part of my day I was like working on computer stuff I guess
I also have a work from home job so I’m I also kind of multitask and do a little
bit of that yes this is actually pretty interesting
um filming my life for the day because I could see where I get sidetracked well I
was intending on editing some videos and then I got sidetracked watching some
YouTube videos one thing led to another I’m on a porn site trying to tackle that
addiction just kidding it’s not an addiction I’ve been really good with it
after that and there’s really no point to it you know I could consume porn like
I’m watching a movie and then I move on to the next thing like nothing happened
nothing comes of it you know literally so I don’t know why I watch it just rich
shits and giggles so watch some of that then started
editing a vlog in which I was in Boston I was standing with a Ben Franklin
statue Benjamin Franklin really makes my heart pitter-patter I’m sorry but I’m
turned on by Ben Franklin and I hear he’s a womanizer so here we go
googled what Ben Franklin hooker what popped up another person named Benjamin
Franklin hooker what was I actually looking for articles about Ben Franklin
and his prostitutes here’s an article it’s called Benjamin Franklin beloved
founding father dot dot and womanizer me I’m intrigued tell me all about it he
went after his friend’s mistress he had an illegitimate child he has an
insatiable libido this also speaks in heaps about me and
the way I think of myself because instead of me being like oh I’d like to
be Ben Franklin’s wife maybe she doesn’t get any of the action and that’s why I
don’t why I think I don’t want it but like I’m like well the only person I’d
be a prostitute for is Ben motherfucking Franklin
let it be known what so it’s 8 o’clock right now you know we started this quest
it’s you know 6:30 i sat down right it’s 807 right now and I haven’t really
edited a video I saw a fucking goddamn bronze statue of Ben Franklin in Boston
in a video that I’m editing and Here I am fantasizing about him a founding
father of our beautiful country and and and I’m and I’m just resorting him to
just man meat it’s crazy I’m just going to finish reading this
article really quick I’m sure it won’t lead to anything else off the track of
video editing update current time 8:21 yes Oh Ben Franklin he wrote a letter
entitled advice to a young man on the choice of a mistress you should prefer
old women to young ones he goes on to explain that with older women they tend
to have more discretion we’ll take care of you when you’re sick are cleaner than
prostitutes and that there’s no hazard of children he also offered that you
can’t really tell who is old or young when you’re in the dark so I intended on
going to the gym and putting makeup on and shooting videos and working my work
from home job this morning but I didn’t do any of that but I have been doing
really well at editing I edited the first run-through of a Boston vlog which
I think I’m going to call drunk in Boston which actually turned out really
good and then I edited another vlog well part of another vlog when I went back to
Boston I went to the melting pot and decided to edit that melting pot footage
with horror music in the background which
that was super funny and now it is 11 o’clock in Lebanon too and I’m having my
first meal which is just a chicken veggie burger spicy chicken veggie
burger burger and some grape Sevilla and this is the Trader Joe’s sweet chilli
sauce which is so good to dip it in because I am live streaming at 4 p.m. I
think I’m gonna keep my meal super light and maybe get some sushi and eat on my
livestream I like to eat on my live stream and sushi is pretty healthy
obviously I didn’t lose anyway which I hoped to lose weight today so I’m a
little bit bummed about that but maybe I’ll just have one big sushi meal and
then for dinner have like salad later if I need it ok so I definitely screwed up
in chronicling what I did today but I think the last time I left you I was on
the couch after having watched porn and talked about something about Ben
Franklin something something something being Ben Franklin’s prostitute yada
yada yada to catch you up with what happened since then and I’ll try to it
actually seemed like a lot happened yeah so I edited then I took a shower then I
put makeup on and then I shot a video unboxing some viewer mail which I got
some amazing items oh my god beautiful things mmm
authentic real marabou robes another zentai suit a skirt a couple gifts from
a buddy one shirt that said pizza slut an awesome umbrella that I want to use
as a prop so I shot that video then I tried to shoot a video for my patreon
where I did like a sneak peek of my Sailor Moon cosplay that equinox
generous viewer donated not sure that how that video went I want to check it
out I have a lot of editing to do now then I definitely picked up sushi and I
needed to do something at the post office and then I live streamed for
about an hour and a half and then I talked with my friend on the phone
and I shot a beer review so actually wasn’t too bad of a day it wasn’t too
unproductive right now I need to get back onto the couch because I have to
edit finish editing for tomorrow’s video hopefully get a patreon video up and I
also need to work at least 3 hours of my work from home job and it’s already 7
p.m. so I guess that kind of catches you up with everything I did today the main
things that I think about as I go about my day is have I worked out how
productive have I been having me made any money or any efforts towards making
a living and how much have I eaten so food wise I did good I did not make it
to the gym I did make a few bucks I made a sale on my mark re store and I got
some donations from some generous viewers on the live stream so yeah I’m
you know now I really need to get a patreon video out so that I can get more
patrons and keep the ones that I already have just John I got to not feel
overwhelmed you know anyway so yeah that’s basically what I do on any given
day but usually I’d make it to the gym let me know how you like this video and
please hit the notification about to be informed as soon as I post a new video
and I’ll see you guys soon thanks bye


  1. I hate feeling unproductive – what are some things that sidetrack you for your daily goals?
    ❤️ Subscribe and click that notification bell 🔔

  2. Always happy to see you. Sounds like your very busy and up to a lot. Dont let yourself overwhelmed. Sleep beautifully.

  3. As you read a little deeper into the life of Ben, you will notice that all this womanizing began .. after .. the incident with the kite, the thunderstorm, the lightning and the key.

  4. Good morning Miss Natalie. Now THAT was a reality show. You know what I learned from this? You're normal. I can relate to everything… well, maybe not the granny pants part. And definitely not the Ben Franklin part.

    Is it just me or do you talk differently when you have makeup on? Prolly just me. Or maybe you're more awake & the caffeine has kicked in. Have a lovely day!

  5. I love your deadpan, comedic take on things. BTW, almost all mugs hold 10 ounces without danger of spilling. They may look like they hold different amounts, but they're all the same. I actually checked mine with a measuring cup. A quick and easy coaster for your coffee is a piece of corrugated cardboard from one of the many boxes you receive – about 6 inches square does the job. Replace it after it's been spilled on a few times. My cat is always sloshing whatever I'm drinking by jumping on the side table where the mug is. And I agree with Ben Franklin. My first lover (when I was 21) was in her 30s. Haven't you heard of that old saying about you should choose an older woman because they don't tell, they don't yell, they don't swell, and they're grateful as hell! 😉😁 Of course, now that I'm older I'm looking at younger women. What's up with that? 🤔😉 Have a great day! 🤗😘

  6. Hello natalie i really like your videos you are a beautiful,wonderful and amazing person i love so much i wish you the best of luck in your life😊😊😊

  7. I found it interesting to see what you do in a day. I love the funny, crazy way that you make your videos. 👍

  8. If you are ruined Natalie then every other woman in the world needs to ruin themselves if they have even the faintest hopes of looking as pretty as you. They'd still be wasting their time though. You're way out of their league!

  9. You are such a sleepyhead in the morning! ..Te he !..So sweet! I always get sidetrack when I’m doing something productive at home, but I think you did pretty good , it was a busy day and you got some things accomplished, good job! Thanks for sharing that day with us……love ya.

  10. Loves it! Sometimes I feel so much guilt for taking so long to get things done. You made me feel like I’m not alone, thank you.

  11. Everyone has "bad" days so please dont stress, we love you and have confidence in you!!! 🙂 You and I have discovered how great Digiornos pizzas are so thats a plus! 🙂

  12. Hey. Don't sweat it too much. Show me someone who says they don't watch porn and I will show you a liar.

  13. And with prostitutes if you're lucky they'll only throw up on you and pee on on your front door steps.

  14. You are a very pretty women. Ben Franklin was a very sexual person. He took full advantage of this while in France getting money for our country…..

  15. Wow the ponytail in the air
    emanating out @ your Utube viewers. 👍😇cute hairdo flow 🌚🐺 stay healthy 💛🙏

  16. What a fabulous video Natalie. Really enjoyed it ❤️ love the accidentally fell onto porn comment.. literally me 🤣🤣

  17. Natalie: eres más hermosa sin maquillaje que con él. Me gustan mucho tus vídeos, especialmente cuando vistes látex o pantalones de vynil.

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