This is a BILLION Photos! — DONG

This is a BILLION Photos! — DONG

Hey Vsauce, I’m Jake and have you heard about
how this guy forces his wife to dress in a garbage bag for the next three years … .com?
If you’re unsure use yes, no, maybe to help come to a decision. But I have 21 more DONGs
just for you…things you can do online now, guys. The Faces of Facebook project by Natalie Rojas
creates a mosaic of the over 1.2 billion profile pictures on Facebook. You can zoom into clusters
of photos and the images are organized chronologically so you can see who created the first Facebook
profile or what position you are in. Then use Facebook statuses and tweets to find
out who is ill in your area. Sick Weather uses certain phrases from people’s social
media to create a Doppler-esque map, tracking who may be getting ill so you can avoid them.
If you start feeling hot, it’s probably because you’re Super Hot. Super Hot is an immensely
fun first person shooter where time only moves when you do. Take down your enemies, take
their weapons, and, most importantly, take your time. While blasting away get some background music
with, an internet radio that recreates a computer’s terminal. Type in what you want
to hear and get those old school jams pumping. But let’s get current with Tesla Defense,
a tower defense game where you zap your opponents to dust before they shoot you down. However
the game should probably be called Edison Defense since Thomas Edison was known for
electrocuting animals to death in an effort to, wrongly, show the public how dangerous
Tesla’s alternating current technology was. You can save yourself from animal harm by
asking one simple question…does the dog die .com? A website that ranks movies based
on if our furry companions bark up the wrong tree or not. But let’s play with an animal instead in sloth
adventure. A game where you have to get the sloth to his leaf…eventually. Come on…you
can do it. Sloth, why you so slow? SLOTH. (SLOTH! SLOTH! SLOTHHHHHHHHHHH) Gah, my attention span is too short for thi–
oh look a giant floating shiny knot! It uses google street view and whatever location you
give it to create a really cool reflection on your environment all on said floating shiny
knot. But let’s do some extreme exploration with Map Dive. It useses Google Maps to generate
levels based on landmarks. You skydive collecting stars and hitting your target. If it starts to rain when you’re outside get
inside insides, a website full of magnetic resonance imaging of foods like lychees, passion
fruit, and a pumpkin tree. If you want to experience the rain without
getting wet try this rainy day simulator. And then add some sound effects with these
noise machines from Create your own sound generator to make the perfect rain
noise with just the right amount of thunder or a fire burning with just the right amount
of crackling. While you’re curled up to your computer, listening to the sweet sounds of
your virtual fire, play Ultimate Tic Tac Toe with a friend. You send them a unique URL
and once they join, dominate them with your fierce X and O skills. If you want a little color in your life search
for it with Multicolr Search. Once you pick the color you want, it goes through a collection
of 10 million photos choosing ones that predominantly match your selection. Or just stick with one
color in Red, an addicting game where you have to protect your base by shooting at giant
balls falling from the sky, using the force of the collision to knock them off their path
of destruction. Then create a neurological path with Axon.
This fast paced game has you clicking on different proteins within your circle as quickly as
you can. There are special proteins that create bigger spheres, slow down time or create a
quick path for you. Just be sure to click on a circle before it gets stolen. But lets go on a different path entirely with It slowly recreates the paths of New York City train lines using real time departures,
all while you play the chords the lines form, creating something like this… Maybe making music isn’t something you want,
but maybe it’s what Icarus Needs, a really engaging interactive story that has you searching
and uncovering the mystery of what Icarus really needs. If you have google chrome and a smartphone
then you have to try Roll It, probably the coolest skee-ball game ever. You sync your
phone to your computer’s browser and then use it as the ball. The faster your move your
phone filled hand, the further the ball will go, so you can hit bigger Numbers. Number is similar to Cookie Clicker where
you just click forever. The more you click the faster the numbers go up and then click
again and they go even faster…and then again…and again…and again..and again For even more numbers, there is How Many Earths?
An extremely interesting guide that puts into perspective how many exoplanets there are
and how we go about detecting and discovering them. While you’re exploring these DONGs I made a new Just Awesome Music leanback for you, a JAM over on WEsauce. To check it out click Michael’s face, or Kevin’s face or even my face. Every face. There is also
a link at the top of the description if you are on mobile and, as always, thanks for watching.


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