what is up everyone its Edd this is a
test video how does one commentary welp I’m also gonna have to learn how to turn
off tips later because this is literally like the first day I actually got uno
because friends are great oh so I don’t know if anyone’s ever gonna see this cuz
this is gonna be unlisted oh no no no stacking is enabled bye Luna got our ol’ pals al dusty AI pudding
never mind AI pudding is not my pal anymore we got our pals ala Luna and Al dusty I swear to god no no no I’ve been
friends with all these bots for years I’m a very lonely boy and thanks al
returning it to blue what do you even talk about in a commentary because I
hope I literally am playing with just thoughts I have no friends to joke about
with anyone I don’t okay good who’s gonna know because I have no
friends to like combat or like make any composition with I just Wow I’m never
gonna get a turn I just want to jump in I hope this game ends because this video
is probably gonna be long and again I don’t know if anyone’s even gonna see
this video because it’s gonna be unlisted oh oh I see how it is I really
don’t care who wins I just want this to end please this is more of a test to see of OBS can
handle games and I swear to God muda its market test to see if my
computer can have the games in if it can’t then I’m definitely gonna play
Deltarune soon since I have 4 likes on that one video and uh yeah my friend
does think that Hey yeah Deltarune is still kind of trending I mean I really
don’t care if it’s trending or not it’s people say it’s a pretty good game wow I
see and I’m excited to play it I hopefully get it out by early January or
even just more earlier but if not then early January like one to the- one through the fifth in someone please okay okay luna might win please i want this to end please have red please have a red oh
I should have put the blue na na blue the yellow the yellow green the yellow
green guys and he’s a yellow blue okay you better have the two I swear to gosh
no dusty dusty you bet you better win do not hurt dusty
yes yes I will help you what colors do you need even though BOTS cannot talk to
me I will help you I’m a gold green you better have a green
dusty swear to gosh I want this to end no I want this – oh wait no I have three
cards wait but I still don’t have anything great
how long has been oh I can see audacity it’s around five minutes oh great yeah
honestly I think I’m gonna end this like mid game this it’s gone on too long
I should have picked the Rabbids I should have picked a rabbit’s deck
because they have that uh card which makes it go faster like a hurry up
time’s running out where you have three seconds to play a card
I like that card because it makes it go faster but even then no one everyone
doesn’t have certain color we all go to Luna please when we’re going on six
minutes I’m I’m like internally crying right now no stuff do not pick red fur lumina she
has no Reds this is honestly I’ve been on a longer game do I care anymore
that’s the real question oh I have no clue this is even recording
us no dusty I just want someone win yeah I should
probably play for myself I should have picked to be – that would have made it
easier no I am literally considering stopping this mid game if if no one gets
to uno in the next if no one gets to know before this audio gets ten minutes
then I am definitely ending this Luna are you helping me can you actually have
voice recognition dusty please okay I think it’s they’re
slightly helping no please pudding stall okay we’re back to yellow something I
have yes yes okay okay now change it to a nine or plus to me that’s a six why
have you done this to me I don’t have blue
oh no we’re on nine minutes please Luna please Luna
full you can pass whatever the card is I’m just gonna keep it if I even get a
card no please you know I’m +2 or not dusty please no please don’t pull +4
okay okay we’re good yes yes yes
someone won I’m quitting I’m quitting I’m quitting live I’m quitting this game yes


  1. To the people who are on my channel for only art and HAVE NOT seen my Announcement video:

    I'm going to be doing more than just art on the channel, so beware of the gaming videos in the future. I will still be doing speedpaints and animation, but as those take up a lot of motivation from me, I decided to do another thing I enjoy, which is gaming. Please understand my decision, thanks. 🙂

    Also to those who enjoyed this video, what should I play next?

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