1. Instead of the Govt passing out free Narcan to druggies, how about passing out free Insulin to diabetics? It’s the druggies choice, diabetics have no choice!

  2. I almost forgot to not use drugs. Thanks for reminding me!
    How about saying, our hearts go out to the family members and friends of the victims of these deadly drugs .

  3. Why waste any time or money in these people if it was self inflicted?

    Let em go and move on, if they dint care for themselves then that's their fault!haha

  4. I had visited Pittsburgh a decade ago, there was a heroin epidemic then, such a great historic area
    to be brought to its knees so sad

  5. Clearly Putin and Trump paid Kavanaugh to distribute this in the neighborhood and out only hope is Bernie Sandars who will borrow us out of debt and save the climate change epidemic by giving everyone solar powered flashlights.

  6. I’m surprised this made news only 3 people died from it in a big city in one incident lol We get more than that drop from H in One day an it’s rural asf here. Nothin new junkies being junkies

  7. Vague as possible. How can Fox News even consider this as a "news story" ? Really? What drug? Symptoms of those who allegedly OD?

  8. Probably bad opiates of some sort or bad ecstasy cut with dangerous crap. Stick to the only safe substances there are. Hallucinogenic drugs Psilocybin, Mescaline, MDMA, DMT, LSD, Marijuana.
    All the others especially alcohol are downright God awful and offer no medicinal benefits, but can get you into the morgue pretty quickly.

  9. Democrats will start campaigning for tax- payer funded injection sites to stop this sort of thing from happening! 🙄🙄🙄🙄 Which would accomplish nothing. However, the more drug addicted citizens you have the easier they are to control.

  10. I wonder how many new cases like this will 'happen' in all the poor communities of America now the police etc have this to fall back on as an excuse?

  11. It looks like they need to find out where are these drugs came from what cartel is responsible in getting those drugs to that particular locationbecause right now it sounds like someone got one of the cartels wanting to take vengeance

  12. So did I miss the part that it was illegal drugs or is this just another propaganda reporting? If it was prescription opiods all news would be yelling it. But then, people have been so condioned to automatically think prescription opiods when news talks about drugs. That's why we now have approximately 50 million left to suffer a great deal 24/7 & why you shouldn't be expecting much more than an ibuprofen strength pain reliever after surgery. Ignore the real problem & keep taking away from those who truly have a need.

  13. liberals crying about vaping but silence on drug overdoses..yet they are legalizing drugs in their poverty stricken homeless cities and legalizing crimes

  14. Common in Pennsylvania, they did "cocaine" which was actually fenytnal. Why is this on mainstream media news? Must be rich kids. Pennsylvania has the top 2 drug overdoses in the country. Yet only these rich white kids are on the news. So no matter what background you come from. Good people don't do drugs and go to clubs. You do street drugs in Pennsylvania it's highly likely it's laced with fenytnal like this was. I guess money doesn't buy intelligence.

  15. Let’s start with the drug dealers in lab coats , who caused the problem in the first place or maybe the liberals who promote that crap. By the way, the wall that’s already built, is shown to have reduced these things in the surrounding areas. Magic or no magic.

  16. The pushers need to be killed by the state after being found guilty in the court of law. They are in fact murderers for profit.

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