Tim Overcomes Heroin Addiction with Ibogaine Treatment

Tim Overcomes Heroin Addiction with Ibogaine Treatment

there Jonathan and i’m here with the
famous unbelievable to Tim actually forget that name right so
you’re doing awesome and you know right now how not how why we do the video so
that other people right yes like you can you know they’re searching online
looking around a googling researching you know what’s this place what is this
stuff this i begin stuff it’s crazy first they start looking into it more
and ultimately after all the time in hours they spend usually end up finding
the videos ibogaine clinical is the only clinic that these type of videos and
usually i’m not the one that doesn’t usually it’s david that does it but this is david jr for
this time doing it ok and you really exceeded my expectations during the
treatment tomorrow already but you’re doing
amazing you know you’re going to go back and do
amazing things when you get home is where my life starts playing enough for
me it’s not my video it’s your video about you man so tell me a little bit
about tell me all about your experience when you got here you know you’re
playing how you were feeling when you got here and while the plane the plane
ride was horrible it was deadly deadly I couldn’t marry I can’t wait to get here cannot I couldn’t wait to get here
you’re starting to feel the drawers i was withdrawn from heroin you know my
heroin addicts tell 1624 going on and you had a long flight right look you
like 10-12 hours to get along with girls like six hours layover and you don’t see
and I got here is the next day I started in on it amazing ibogaine is where its at.. that your heroin
addict the anything you need help just that’s a secret it’s literally the secret the secret off
thats that’s the secret the secret that we wish everybody know about her in
which everybody ways that I can tell for everybody’s watching this video right
now when you post this up your heroin addict you know are addicted anything he
does miracles America America that’s the only word I can put to it so
we started remember when we started the treatment actually took a little bit
longer because the the doctor was a little bit late getting there that day yeah I was it was established for you it
was rough but I got through it yeah and you are pretty short you’re
only in for you were only under 42 hours of them if i’m not mistaken yeah and you’re a little scared in that
second dose though I was definitely scared me i was i was frightened not
gonna lie it’s scary but no I guarantee you will come out feeling fuck great
when I promise you the way he promised me exactly what you promised me came
true i would feel bad you know at the time was like I wasn’t gonna come saying
you know what does not like this I wanna come home but i stuck through it and i’m
so glad i did you were tough i’m so glad i did these guys are Saints right here
is this clinic is the Saints like what like like like my dad says like david
says this is where just messengers man Scott’s medicine were just messenger
that’s all we want more blessed to be messengers for this this this amazing
thing that it does what it does is unexplainable it’s just unreal what it
does to people and how he does it unreal that’s what did you know I really give
props to my father for creating all these protocols and just collaborating
more and more on the treatment of I weekend now how he’s doing amazing
things with people and stuff you know it’s just it was under the safest
conditions i was under the safeties conditions 24-hour nurse there for
anybody wants to do this do it it’s not scary may seem like it first trust me you’re gonna want to do it
especially if you’re doing heroin anything good in life always seems scary
at first exactly you think that leads me to
believe you are you really brought to you by the way thank you it your follow-up dose you’re scared of
also your booster yeah I didn’t night i’m glad i took it i don’t want to say
you know what no I don’t want but I’m glad I did I’m glad I do absolutely start with our
books of shipping you off and send you back to the the real world real or
hopefully with the tools to start building the tools even stronger enough
to deal with all the crap that there is out in the world and stay strong you
know yeah and they did not have to go back to
my old ways you know because that’s just that’s no life no life yeah I could tell i could tell your head
was really clear today when we were playing with the music session remember
that oh yeah you’re playing was phenomenal by the way hey I’m guitar player over here and
maybe famous something like this video really worth something on looking
forward to you have an amazing life dude and you did amazing you should be proud
of yourself seriously online and only good things from here i got the world in
my hands now I began clinic we do these videos so that you can see real people
going through real detox through i became miraculously even though things
are still now I don’t like to use that the determiner oculus Lee because it
determines used in a lot of fads and but every patient every patient is unique
every patient that comes as their own story as there you know this deal with and somehow they
all end up with the same miraculous results the end the smile and the
brightness and the color in your face you are ghosts when you got here man you
were like white like Casper and right away I got the color on your face the
flushing your cheeks oh man we’re looking for him so your family’s gonna be as excited as
we are seeing ologies where you are now I’m talking to you husband wives parents
grandparents children brothers sisters are you waiting for his disaster and he
come and get the treatment described to us call us we can help you became we can
get this disease out of you you’re doing it for eight years 3,300 people


  1. My Brother! Good to hear your voice! It was great getting treated together and getting to know you! Hope you are doing well! Thank you David for what you do!

  2. I'm pretty sure this is one of my favorite testimonial videos on this channel. So good to see you Jonathan! Tim you look great! I am so glad you found us man..

  3. Is this for real? I thought Ibogaine had been discredited a few years ago. I actually considered trying this back then, but the guy who arranged some of these sessions was arrested for some of his adventures, but setup some place in Canada to try and do it there. Can't think of his name at the moment. it will come to me. Do any of you know about this guy I'm talking about?

  4. I need this so bad but I cant afford it. I think that what stops 99% of people who know about this treatment. We cant afford it. 5-6-7k$ is just impossible. Most people live paycheck to paycheck 🙁 This makes incredibly sad.

  5. I want to believe in this so badly. I am in the process of saving for this right now. Does anyone know if this is the best place?

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