Tips and Tricks – 5 Tips for Dead Cells

Tips and Tricks – 5 Tips for Dead Cells

[XBOX SOUND] Ever wonder what it’d be like to be immortal? Well, in this rogue-lite
platformer, you are an indestructible green blob. Now, while you’re immortal, the body you’re
in control of is not. So every time you’re body is destroyed on
this adventure, your blob-of-a-self rolls back to the starting point and attaches itself
to a new body. This of course means you’re destined to
battle your way through this ever-changing castle again, and again. This game ain’t easy, and the untimely deaths
are sure to eat away at your sanity, so to help you avoid hurling your screen through
a wall, here are 5 tips for Dead Cells. Tip #1: Red, purple, green. These three colors represent the 3 main stats
for your character. Red represents Brutality, Purple represents
Tactics, and green represents Survival. Scrolls of power will award you a point to
place in one of these three stats which will alter your damage, health, and mutations (more
on that last one in a sec). Be smart about their placement. As you advance through the castle, there are
times one stat will be more important to increase than the others, so check yourself before
you wreck yourself. Point placement will also alter weapons and
skills of the same stat type, so pay attention to how it affects your gear. But also, don’t stress too much about placement
because stats reset each time you die – and you’re going to die. A lot. Tip #2: A case of the runs… At first glance, this make not seem like a
game of progress. When you’re killed, you lose all your items,
cells, and most of your money. The biggest trick to getting through this
game without breaking something IRL is to think of each life as an individual run — a
short-lived, highly-fragile run. When you find vendors, sell your stuff, spend
your gold, and use up those cells because you won’t get to carry anything useful from
one run to the next. Speaking of vendors, at each new zone, you’ll
talk to a fella who will allow you to pick up a mutation. These mutations cater to the 3 stats and scale
with the scrolls of power, so keep this in mind when choosing! Mutations also reset with each run – but
this is ultimately a good thing because it’ll give you the freedom to experiment with your
build. Oh and here’s a Quick Tip – there’s
always an item after the intro area of the Promenade of the Condemned. Each run, it will spawn a blueprint until
you use it- then it’ll spawn a gem. Tip #3: Perma-progress While permadeath is kind of the whole point
of Dead Cells, you’ll still be progressing. The key to progress is in the Blueprints,
which you’ll find throughout your adventure. When you meet the Collector, you can spend
your cells on these blueprints, unlocking permanent upgrades and spawn-able items. These can come in the form of new weapon drops
and even the amount of money you get to keep upon your death. These upgrades will appear in bottles above
your starting area – think of it like a trophy room – er, trophy…chandelier? Here’s another Quick Tip: After your 3rd
spawn, head left of the starting area and up the wall next to the dead king. Here you can snag yourself a blueprint for
a quick bow. Tip #4: Patterns This game has been described as “Souls-lite”
in combat, which means there are pattern-based enemies and bosses. Every hit hurts, so it’s important to properly
parry, roll, and react to the flashing indicators above the enemies’ heads. Other patterns to watch out for will be in
the castle layout itself. While the castle changes with each run, keep
an eye out for consistencies. There’s always a treasure chest somewhere
in the first area, and timed doors near the start of the levels after that. these should also help you navigate the castle’s
ever-shifting interior. Tip #5: Things that make you go “hmm”… Pay attention to peculiar things because they
likely stand out for a reason. Those blobs you’ll be prompted to ‘tickle’
are actually useful – that is, once you unlock the Vine Rune upgrade after defeating
the first mini-boss. You’ll also want to watch out for glistening
walls – smash those walls for obvious reasons. Doors are another thing. Timed doors encourage speed runs. The timer above the mini-map shows you how
much time has elapsed since the start of your run. Make it to a timed door before the specified
time, and you’ll earn some awesome items and cells. With gold doors, you can pay to open them,
or take your chances with knocking them down. Knocking them down will enrage the gods though,
and you’ll need to pay the price to lift the curse — just keep in mind this price
can’t be paid in gold. Cursed chests will act similar to smashing
gold doors, but can yield powerful weapons and gold to feed your greed. Regular ol’ treasure chests contain things
like Blueprints or specialty items. They’re *mostly* safe but can occasionally
release a trunk-load of angry demon bats, so, uh, just be careful, okay? Like we said before, Dead Cells isn’t easy
– but it IS fun, and incredibly addicting. This game took everyone by surprise with its
sudden rise to popularity, but that’s because it has everything you could want from a challenging
platformer – especially with that classic risk-reward conundrum. So what are you waiting for? Get your permadeath on with Dead Cells. [XBOX SOUND]


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