1. Ryan Reynolds should be banned by Hollywood for doing these annoying commercials. i feel like slapping him in the face every time i am forced to watch this adds.
    you lost a fan Renolds.

  2. Why am I the only one that does not feel comfortable with this advert? It is literally about being mean to a little girl because you are addicted to a game… I am not judging but I do not like it and it makes the game the least of my concern.

  3. Wait the game looks like crap but couldn’t of the developers use some of the millions of dollars they spent getting Ryan fucking renolds no affence here to improve the game its a dumb advertising choice what do the developers think ‘Oh people like famous people so if we put a famous person on a ad for a piece of shit game for two year olds people will buy it’ well stupid game at the wrong time I swear The game is just a shitty rip-off of candy Crush that’s my opinion I’m not saying there good you might as well pull it out of ass for I care 💖👉🏻🇦🇺

  4. By John Bowey do you hawk and you are somethings I am a super big fan of your YouTube videos my name is Colton I love Minecraft as much as you do

  5. I really hate this man he was rated one of the most rude and mean people next to jennifer lopez who made one of her clients up her dresses after she threw it on the floot

  6. On the bus, a girl named Merila was so mad because she lost Toon Blast. My sister asked, "Why are you so mad?" Merila answered with, "I lost Toon Blast!" she said it in a funny way. My sister then says, "Who are you, Ryan Reynolds?"

  7. I can't believe so many people are entertained by this horrible ad. A man swearing his mouth off in front of a kid because he lost a game, then telling her to go away. I can't let kids play games on my phone because this ad pops up on so many apps now.

  8. Happens to me too, i failed alot, and it makes me swear xD (but not that my brother/mom/dad comes into the room)

  9. Thanks Ryan Reynolds, thanks for countless hours wasted, carpal tunnel and I think divorce, not really sure (she was talking as I lost with one bubble left).

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