Top 10 Android Puzzle Games

10. Alphabear There’s nothing more adorable than a vocabulary
game mixed with bears. No, we’re not talking about their other
game that involves cute ninjas slicing evil demons, we’re talking about a puzzle game
that involves a smart way to learn simple syntax. Developer Spry Fox and their love for bears
presents this puzzle game that requires no complicated feature. Just try to come up with the best word you
could find in its tile-based gameplay and score the highest points to take over the
leaderboards. Utilize the presence of their bears and amass
the biggest multiplier with a biggest bear. Earn power-ups, extend the game’s timer,
and come up with the best word without opening a dictionary! It’s bear-y fun and it’s free on the PlayStore. Heh. It has a PlayScore of 8.71 9. You Must Build A Boat Why would you build a boat? What’s the point? These are but the few questions asked when
you play EightyEight Games’ sequel to the popular 1,000,000. It’s a ridiculous way of blending a match-three
gameplay with dungeon crawling mechanics. It’s both an RPG and a Puzzle Game. And as the title implies, the main setting
of the game is mostly on a boat. You’re gonna need a bigger one as you start
off slow. Travel to creepy dungeons and face off monsters
in a silly match-three combat. Attack, stave off and eliminate your threat
by matching the correct tiles. Pretty odd, huh? Well that’s what makes the game amazing
in the process. The goal is simple, build a boat large enough
to survive your journey. Expand from various rooms and meet new people
as it grows bigger and bigger. So sail away with your ship and you must build
a boat! Just recently, EigthyEight Games’ has teased
their upcoming game. So keep yourself updated! You Must Build A Boat has a PlayScore of 8.72 8. Blendoku 2 Android hasn’t seen a lot of original ideas
for a while, but the developers at Lonely Few sought to change that. With Blendoku, they created a game that marries
two of the most unlikely concepts: Sudoku and Colors. Use your wits to arrange the colors into a
seamless gradient of tint hues and shade. While a little daunting for the neophyte colorist,
the game’s intuitive controls make it a little less so, giving you confidence to conquer
the game’s 500 levels. It’s a simple game that challenges the mind,
and becomes an addicting diversion. As a sequel, it improves on the original with
a collection of brand new features. Zoom in and out, unlock new stages, and play
on two different modes to play with friends and paint like famous artists. It has a PlayScore of 8.84. 7. LIMBO PlayDead’s critically acclaimed puzzle-platformer
makes a debut to the Android. This multi-award winning game transcends the
boundaries of the conventional platformer with a deep and engaging story coupled with
complex physics-based puzzles. Play as a young boy as he tries to escape
in a bleak and gloomy world of LIMBO. This monochromatic side-scrolling platformer
doesn’t dazzle you much with its dark colors, but it captures you with an eerie atmosphere
with huge spiders, gory deaths and anti-gravity levels. As somber as the game develops itself, it’s
one of the most intriguing games of its time. Their follow-up game, INSIDE, has also dominated
the Gaming Charts but it’s only a matter of time before it hits Mobile soon! This game has a PlayScore of 8.86 6. Cut the Rope: Magic One of the pioneers of Android puzzle gaming
returns with a magical twist on their tested formula. In Cut the Rope: Magic, ZeptoLab takes the
adorable Om Nom on a quest against an evil wizard, taking all the precious candy. Thankfully, Om nom has the power of transformation
on his side, 6 of them to be exact. Use them to solve the puzzles that lie before
you in every stage. Turn into a bird and fly over traps and obstacles,
or into baby form to squeeze into tight spaces. Despite the daunting tasks that await, the
game remains as cute and addicting as ever. Refined, polished and challenging. With 960 million downloads overall, it’s one
of Cut the Rope’s most successful games yet. It has a PlayScore of 8.87. 5. Lara Croft GO Square Enix’s GO titles are a minimalistic
surprise that usually deviates from their original gameplays. Hitman and Deus EX GO’s gameplay revolves
around turn-based Diorama-looking set pieces in a playing field. Players must maneuver their character and
complete a set of objectives. Just like most GO Games, Lara Croft GO shares
the same style. Control Lara in her pre-Reboot look and find
the mysterious Queen of Venom treasure. Avoid deadly traps, find hidden treasures
and discover a long-lost history relic. The game is a success. It’s awarded for being the best mobile game
in its time due to its lush visuals and clever puzzle designs. It has over 101 puzzles and 6 chapters for
the adventure-seekers. If the game gets too monotonous, enjoy the
game’s soundtrack and unlock Lara’s popular skins. From the days of old to the modern times. It has a PlayScore of 8.90 4. Mini Metro Easy to manipulate, difficult to master. Dinosaur Polo Club’s minimalistic game tends
to eliminate the perils of mass transit while injecting fluid and simplistic polygons for
ease of access. But this kind of gameplay revolves around
building the most efficient transportation system in the world. Connect subway routes from all over the world
and make people’s lives easier. Subway Lines come in multiple shapes and colors
for easier User Interaction. Adapt to the situation quickly as the whole
system is constantly growing. How long can you last before the lines halt? It’s an award winning game due to its minimalist
themes and unique gameplay. It’s available on Steam, PC and Ubuntu. It has a PlayScore of 8.93 3. Threes! If you’re familiar with 2048, then this
is the game it drew inspiration from. Instead of multiples of 2, you’ll have to
pair off multiples of…you guessed it, threes! And, in lieu of 2048’s minimalist brown
and oranges, you get a surprisingly adorable design, complete with bright colors and wacky
faces the higher you go. In addition to its cute visuals, it also comes
with an enchanting soundtrack that makes your mathematical adventure an endlessly delightful
one. It’s no wonder that the game won an award
for Excellence in Design. Match numbers to combine them and create higher
numbers, and grow, grow, grow. You’re gonna need that strategic mind to
stop yourself from getting stuck in a claustrophobic mess of numbers. It’s incredibly simple and sneakily complex. While it’s not a free game, you’ll be
safe from dreadful in-app purchases once you buy it. It has a PlayScore of 8.93. 2. Monument Valley If you wanna talk about beautiful and mesmerizing
games, we have to talk about Monument Valley. It’s one of Android’s critically acclaimed
puzzle games with a mix of beauty, elegance and minimalist architecture. Take on a surreal adventure with the game’s
silent protagonist, Ida, as she travels between complex architectures with mind-boggling geometry. Guide her through monuments and dispel the
game’s illusion of movement. Outsmart the game’s enemies by just twisting
and dragging the world around you. Critics have praised the game’s brilliant
world design and smart audio cues for that immersive experience. The game just released its new addition called
Ida’s Dream which adds new chapters for a longer dream-like experience. Of course, it’s not free. This game has a PlayScore of 9.05 Here are the Runners-Up before we reveal the
number one: 11. The Sequence. A unique puzzle game that tangles you in a
digital world filled with binary cells and special modules. Try to solve the puzzles in its over 70 levels. It has a PlayScore of 8.66
12. Mekorama. Control a lone protagonist in a perilous quest
in multiple diorama-based levels. Manipulate the environment with its 3D-based
world. It has a PlayScore of 8.66
13. LYNE. As simple as the word LINE but with a “Y”,
connect Line-based levels in colorful fashion while escaping from life’s linearity. It has a PlayScore of 8.66
14. Badland. An atmospheric side-scrolling platformer that
oozes with gorgeous level designs and adorable creatures to control. It has a PlayScore of 8.63
15. Hitman GO. Square Enix’s Hitman-based entry to their
Mobile GO games. Aim with precision and solve turn-based puzzles
to complete objectives while executing your enemies. It has a PlayScore of 8.63 1. The Room Three One of Android’s best puzzle series comes
back with a third installment that will send even more shivers down your spine. In this BAFTA award-winning adventure, you
must navigate through a labyrinth of trials set by the mysterious “Craftsman”. It’s a mobile puzzle game like no other. It has realistic visuals and a backdrop of
ominous music for a truly immersive experience. Use your brilliant mind to escape the Grey
Holm mansion and the traps that lay beneath it. There’s plenty of layers in its intricate
storyline. If you’re not careful, you might find yourself
in the worse of its many endings. This game improves on the previous chapters
by adding a few new features. Aside from its expanded locations, there’s
an enhanced hint system and a new eyepiece feature which will allow you to study clues
and objects more closely. It has a PlayScore of 9.25. These games are ranked by PlayScore, a standard
rating that averages gamer and critic reviews. You can get these games right now by clicking
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