Top 10 Best 3DS Strategy Games

Top 10 Best 3DS Strategy Games

10. Opening our list of Top 10 3DS Strategy
is Fire Emblem Fates: Special Edition When it comes to the ultimate Fire Emblem
Fates experience, this special edition should make you love this entry even more. Strapped
into this one cartridge are all three routes called Birthright, Conquest and Revelations.
Extra features also include an Artbook and a console accessory. Known for being the best RPG on the 3DS, Fire
Emblem Fates has exceeded everyone’s expectations due to their deep tactical turn based combat
and intriguing story. Customize your character and let it loose in an RPG adventure that
varies in each of the game’s routes. Birthright was meant to be a good starting place for
new players while Conquest was intended for the veterans. Revelations, however, serves
as the middle-ground. Among the routes, only Revelations is available
as a downloadable content while the others have their own physical release. Players who
own one of it isn’t required to buy the special edition. But for players who want
the complete experience, then this should give you more insight to the game’s bigger
picture as each route focuses on a different perspective. It’s a good opening to our list, and it
has a PlayScore of 7.80 9. Dillon’s Rolling Western: The Last Ranger It’s high noon yet again as Dillon the cowboy
armadillo rolls around for another bout of action-packed Grock smashing. A sequel to
Vanpool’s first Rolling Western title, The Last Ranger will look vastly familiar for
players of the first game. It offers almost the same gameplay, looks, and controls as
the original. But, while it looks similar, it also comes with a range of new, albeit
subtle improvements to enhance the desert-rolling experience. As the walking rock monsters head towards
the villages, it’s up to Dillon to save their precious cows from doom. While he’s always
ready to smash them with his speed and natural armor, you’ll still need a bit of strategy
to outwit the stubborn Grocks. Collect resources during the day, arm your towers with the best
weapons, and place them in optimized positions–all before the Grock’s arrival at dusk. While the game takes a dip into tedium, its
improved visuals, larger world, and charming personality is easily enough to win over the
strategy fans on the 3DS. It has a PlayScore of 7.8. 8. Pokemon Battle Trozei A sequel to the 2005 puzzle game from the
Nintendo DS, battle and collect Pokemon in this fast-paced puzzle-strategy game. At first,
nobody was expecting this and for a game that centers around turn-based elements, this was
really a surprise. Pokemon Battle Trozei or Pokemon Link Battle
is a match-three puzzle game similar to the Japanese mobile game Puzzle & Dragons. To
play the game, players must battle the Pokemon plastered on top of the grid. Using its elemental
weakness, use the appropriate element to take it down. It’s a rock-paper-scissor kind
of style but it uses Pokemon’s iconic elements. Featuring over 700 Pokemon including the one’s
from X and Y, there’s over multiple ways to take down each of them. Match 4 or more
to reap ultimate results, or simply summon Ditto to aid you in its strategic grid-based
puzzle. It receives a PlayScore 7.84 7. Mercenaries Saga 2 Inspired by the classic strategy RPGs, this
second title to the Mercenaries Saga does well enough to scratch your tactical itch.
Packed with the quirks and cliches of the genre, this turn-based strategy has no intentions
of reinventing the proverbial wheel. But for its price, it becomes a perfect substitute
for fans looking to fill in the void left by the beloved Final Fantasy Tactics. Playing as the Order of the Silver Eagle’s
captain, Claude, you must venture around the kingdom to find an atidote for the Prince’s
poison. Lead your troops up North, and help them fight against the men and beasts that
stand in your way. With its lush pixel visuals and intuitive UI, the game nails its target
aesthetics, giving us a feel of the classics while bringing something new to the table. While story seems a bit thin, and the same
can be said for its strategic mechanics, it succeeds in becoming a friendly introduction
for strategy starters on the console. With an addicting gameplay, and a low, low price,
this game is a steal. And it has a PlayScore of 7.89. 6. Quell Reflect The Nintendo eShop is also home to some super
interesting games. F K Digital’s “ice puzzle” game takes you to an interesting
zen-like experience. This keeps you on your toes as you lead every droplet of water collect
every bead of glass found in each level. You might think it’s gonna be easy, but as you
go along it’s 100 levels, it gets more and more complex. Using the 3DS’ stylus, navigate your way
through each of these perilous levels with a mind as relaxed as the tide. Sure, it gets
difficult in the long run, but the game’s tranquil pacing doesn’t really stress you
out. In a few minutes, you’ll be asking for more droplets to guide rather than throwing
your 3DS out of frustration. For only 4 dollars or less, enjoy a relaxing
puzzle experience that requires no hair-pulling emotions and other stress-inducing activities. It receives a PlayScore of 7.95 5. Code Name S.T.E.A.M. From the makers of the Fire Emblem, Intelligent
Systems brings new faces to the 3DS’ turn-based strategy lineup. Straying from the usual JRPG
style, their newest IP opts for a more western look. Of course, with their superpowered theme,
the cel-shaded artstyle is totally appropriate. Join the Agents of STEAM as they power through
alien-like forces in standard, comic book fashion. With their oddball cast of characters, hilarity
is an expected side-effect. Set in a fictional steampunk London, navigate through their narrative
and encounter familiar names–like Abraham, Peter Pan, Tom Sawyer and more–all intertwined
by a great civil war. Cloaked in their wacky suits and voiced by notable pop icons, the
game is an absolute joy to unravel. Memorable as their characters may be, the
game has received mixed reviews for its high difficulties and convoluted plot. However,
its rewarding mix of action, turn-based strategy, and utter silliness should be enough to balance
the weights. With your goofy characters, defending the earth is never a bore. It has a PlayScore
of 7.97. 4. Pocket Card Jockey Weird doesn’t always equal good, but this
unexpected hybrid of equine racing and solitaire seems to have hit all the right spots. But,
seeing as its headed by the developers of the pokemon series, it doesn’t seem so surprising.
Released just last year, the adorable card jockey has left quite a mark on its players
thank to its addicting, strategic gameplay. Playing as an amateur jockey, your way up
the leaderboard begins by mastering the art of solitaire. Using a simplified form of the
popular cardgame, clear the cards on the screen and use the stockpile to get yourself out
of corner. Your success and failure determine your horse’s attitude, letting you place horses
in the best position for victory or having them run loose on the field. Level up, retire,
breed, then do it all over again. It’s an exciting cycle of enjoyment. Just
one more level, and next thing you know, you’ve been playing for hours on end. Simple, fun,
and ultimately rewarding. It receives a PlayScore of 8.25. 3. Stella Glow The fight between good and evil is blurred
in this game filled with Witches. Stella Glow introduces a unique gameplay element not commonly
found in the JRPG scene: building relationships with your party members. As far as the story is concerned — an Evil
witch is cursing your entire village — the most important is how you engage your friends.
Your relationships with them will decide how the game progresses and how it ends. It’s
as strategic as building impenetrable defenses and attacking the enemy front lines. Along with his friend Lisette, he must unite
the four elemental witches with his extraordinary powers. Fight monsters, explore the world,
and acquaint yourself with the songs of the witches. It’s the final game to come from the creators
of Luminous Arc and it’s a worthy send off as the company files for bankruptcy. It receives a PlayScore of 8.65 2. Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 Record
Breaker With the success of the Digital Devil and
Persona series, the Megami Tensei universe from ATLUS is continuously growing with more
and more games. The Devil Survivor series is among its latest spin-offs. Just like your
regular Megami Tensei game, follow a group of high-school students in a post-apocalyptic
Japan invaded by demons. They work together by summoning their very own demons using their
cell phones to save the world of Record Breaker. This game doubles the entire content from
the original Devil Survivor 2 game such as a new female character, fully voiced acting,
a harder difficulty setting and a new scenario that takes place during the game’s key moment. Make difficult choices, go on a demonic killing
spree, and collect various demons throughout the game. It has a PlayScore of 8.82 Here are the Runners-up before we reveal the
number one: 11. Toki Tori 3D. Tickle your brain with the
mind-bending puzzles of the world’s cutest chicken. Jump around platforms, and experience
the definitive Toki Tori game. It has a PlayScore of 7.78.
12. Dillon’s Rolling Western. The feisty armadillo’s first entrance to the strategic cowboy adventure.
Fight against the evil grocks, and help those cows live another day. It has a PlayScore
of 7.73. 13. Hey! PIKMIN. A deviation from the traditional
Pikmin game. Go on a platforming adventure with the color-coded Pikmins in this worthy
spinoff. It has a PlayScore of 7.72. 14. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars.
Tom Clancy’s turn-based strategy in the style of the classic XCOM series. Play your
roles in battle as Gunners, Snipers, and Medics. It has a PlayScore of 7.68.
15. The Delusions of Von Sottendorff and His Square Mind. One of the 3DS’ quirkiest titles,
help the titular find his way out his large manor with the power of wit. Packed with interesting
visuals and thought-provoking puzzles,It has a PlayScore of 7.54. 1. And the best Strategy Game on the 3DS so
far is SteamWorld Heist In this turn-based strategy game, journey
across the seven galaxies along with the nebula’s greatest mechanical pirates. Enter a steampunk
world populated by sentient automatons. As a band of do-gooding buccaneers, invade a
collection of randomly generated ships filled with conniving villains and their clueless
minions. Running off with their treasure’s won’t
be easy though. Enter the sidescrolling battlefield and shoot it out in dynamic turn-based combat.
Get into position, take aim, and let your bullets ricochet off walls and unsuspecting
foes. Luck isn’t a winner’s weapon, so use your strategic skills to take them down…or
upgrade your weapon to make life easier. Despite its simplicity, it’s ingenious concept
has won the hearts of critics and gamers alike. It brings both style and substance to the
SteamWorld series, and it receives a PlayScore of 8.96


  1. "known for being the best RPG on the 3ds, fire emblem fates…"


    "exceeded people's expectations"


    "intriguing story"

    if by that you mean a story so bad that it is laughed at, then yes.


  2. The only good games in this list is Fire Emblem, Stella Glowa and SMT. Fates below all theses games is the reason I don't care about score.

    What about FE: Awakening, Gotta Protectors, SMT:DS, FE: Echoes, Lord of Magna: Maidem Heaven… and others.

    Also, Dillon Rolling in the list but no Rune Factory 4!? Heresy.

  3. Currently playing Stella glow and to be honest this could be one of my favorite srpg games of all time along side fire emblem

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  5. Playnig SMT:DS2 right now and I have one question, Where is Awakening ans lord of magna? Those are my favorite gems.

  6. Fates over Awakening and Echoes makes no sense and I can't believe that Fates got a higher play score than Awakening. It is one of the worst FE titles released state side.

  7. where are project x zone 1 & 2 and fire emblem echoes
    The best strategy games are :

    fire emblem echoes
    stella glow
    Project x zone 2
    Project x zone
    fire emblem awakening
    fire emblem fate
    inazuma eleven 3
    code name steam
    hey! pikmin

  8. I tried Stella Glow. It's alright, but very disappointing. I wasn't looking for a relationship game. I just want a pure tactics game. To me FF Tactics on the PS1 is the gold standard. After Stella Glow I bought a gameboy player for the Gamecube, and I'm playing FF Tactics Advance. It is so much more fun.

    I would like to try some of these other 3DS tactics games (especially the ones on carts), but if Stella Glow is the best the 3DS can do, then I'll have to pass.

  9. Yaaayyy Devil Survivor was on this list! This game is HUGE and Awesome seriously there are lots of different endings, complex characters, good voice acting and good gameplay….how come that so few people know this game…

  10. I'm so glad Stella Glow is actually know by some! It is probably the one of the best games I ever played! It's hard to find a game that excels in both story and combat, normally it's one or the other. But Stella Glow pulled both off effortlessly. It's such a huge shame that such an awesome game is so underrated though…

  11. Why does steam world heist look like a successor to the game “worms”, except does not include the “hallelujah”

  12. None of these games is a stratagy. The only game that I managed to find on this console, which is similar to the stratagy – "GLORY OF GENERALS".

  13. Apperently you guys dont know how to rate games. Fire Emblem Echoes is 20 times better than all of these, and Fire Emblem Awakening and Fates are waaaayyy better than Mercenary Saga and most of the others on this list. Infact, the Fire Emblem games on the 3ds are the best Strategy games on the 3ds. I think all the Fire Emblem games on the 3ds are equally good, and its dissapointing seeing you rating such great games so low. When you rate games, please dont overlook the ACTUAL good ones.

  14. If someone is thinking about getting Stella Glow for the story, don't. The game shines on the gameplay alone. If you've seen your share of adventure/action shonen anime, you can see the main plot twists coming from VERY far away. The story, the characters and their roles are so overly done that it becomes painful to read through the texts.
    That said, it's gameplay is pretty fun. It combines a lot of elements from other Strategy JRPGs to make one good mix out of them. The units turns are individual, depending on their last action and speed: If the unit is fast and didn't attack, it'll probably have 2 turns before everyone moves, or if it's super slow and used a special move, it'll wait a lot more and will have to sustain a lot more damage than normal. All units also have a set of skills, passive and active that all make a lot of difference at the way you approach them. And all the units at your controll feel very different from each other, each with a very specific role, amplifying the effects of the mechanics listed above.
    Oh, by the way, if you played games like Disgaea with default configurations, you might have a bit of a hard time with this one, as you can't siwtch the D-Pad cursor's direction. It's a pain, at least for me, but you have to deal with it. And also, you need custom firmware to play it undubbed.

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  16. are you an idiot? This TOP doesn't have any strategy game at all… Tactical RPG's is not strategy games if you don't know that…

  17. is fate better than awakenings?
    something annoys me tho, those are more like rpg/tactics games for the most part, strategy games used to be games like romance of the three kingdoms, nobunaga's ambition, P.T.O. or panzer generals, even the DS Wars games.. that genre seems to be dead, there are a couple on the eshop, by independent developers, but none by big companies, at least not in english (they released some of the romance of the 3 kingdoms and nobunaga's ambition games in japanese)

  18. how do i get more time i play pc ps4 2ds and watch anime and read alot
    when i have school, homework, chores, sleep. i need atleast 15h extra in 1 day

  19. lol these strategy games are for 10 year olds when i think of strategy i think hearts of iron command and conquer and civilization these strategy games are a COMPLETE JOKE!!!

  20. I didn't saw ANY strategy game! Tactics, puzzles, RPG's, PLATFORMER, but not any single STRATEGY. Dislike! Idiots…

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