Top 10 BEST .io GAMES You Need To See | NEW INCLUDED

Top 10 dot i o games you must play! these
popular and addictive games can be played in a web browser, or you can download them
on your android devices. this list is based on users recommendations, and also contains
new games, that are about to be popular. number 10. wormate dot IO. Wormate is basically a
Slither styled game, but with a twist, this game features cool power ups, a lot more customization’s,
and awesome food graphics, that make them look extra tasty, even to the pickiest of
worms. number 9. power line dot IO. This game will let you develop your own strategies,
to eliminate other players. Trap them in a corner, and then, close them inside your long
tail! staying close to bigger players will give you boost, and then eliminate them like
a boss! number 8. As you may of guessed from the title, Brains is a zombie
survival game. and its a bunch of fun! Each server can have up-to 50 players. 1 starts
as the zombie, and his objectives is to spread the infections, by tagging humans. The humans
objective of course, have to survive the entire match! but, its hard to out run them! so,
it is recommended to barricade yourself, some where safe with other players! number 7! mope
dot io. Mope is a foraging, survival game, set in a colourful environment. You start
off as a mouse, and aim to make your way up the food chain. Your objective is simply survival.
do this by progressing up the food chain, and avoiding predators.number 6!
bonk is a fast paced multiplayer game! knock your enemies off the screen, and be the last
one standing to win!
number 5! Wormax! this is an awesome game, just like wormate, you start off as a small
snake, and aim to get bigger through eating food. One of the biggest distinguishing features
in Wormax, is the power ups! number 4! Splix! In the world of Splix, you control a coloured
line, and own a piece of territory. this area can be expanded by drawing shapes with the
line, and connecting them back to your existing territory. While doing this, you will be surrounded
by opponents attempting to do the same thing, you can attack, or be attacked in this game,
by crashing into the line being drawn! number 3! brutal! is an online game, from
the creator of Wings dot io. Control your car, and throw your flail against
other players! Grab energy from various sources to grow your flail, become number 1, and dominate
the arena. but don’t get swallowed by a black hole.
number 2! Agario! Agario, or agar dot io, is the original io game that started the craze!
You play as a cell, and absorb other smaller cells to grow!
number 1! slither dot io. this is “free for all” battle arena type game. definitely one
of the more popular io games around currently. here, you play as a snake! eat other players,
and dominate the server like a pro!

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