Top 10 Best Nintendo Switch Games So Far

Top 10 Best Nintendo Switch Games So Far

10. Opening our list of the Top 10 Switch Games
Update is The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ Taking its roots from Edmund and Florian’s
Flash experiments in 2011, Isaac has come a long way since his basement explorer days. Undergoing a rapid rebirth on the PC, and
almost all of today’s major consoles, Isaac has found a new home in the recent Nintendo
Switch. Unluckily for him, his demons will haunt him
there too. A punishing roguelike experience, play as
the lonely Isaac as he tries to escape f from the clutches of his delusional mother. He makes his way out of her reach through
the endlessly treacherous halls of his basement. Face off against a horde of nightmarish monsters,
and use your cowardly tears to eliminate your foes. Much like any roguelike or roguelite games,
traverse through the infinite terrors of their randomly generated levels and the challenging
curse of permadeath. This expansion carries even more sinister
surprises with 6000 new rooms, 500 different items to choose from, and 50 basement beasts
to defeat. Meet new monsters, encounter deadly bosses,
and fight to live another day. It has a PlayScore of 8.13. 9. Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star This the third installment of one of Marvelous’
many well-known series. Making its premiere on Sony’s PlayStation
Vita, the servant action takes another step up with its recent move to the newest Nintendo
console. This warriors-type action game is set after
the events of the legendary Holy Grail War. Take up the mantle of master once again in
their newest escapade. This time, their victory in the war has granted
them power over a wish-granting computer, and the servants of their former enemy. With another man threatening to control them,
prove you’re the better master and fight with them against a multitude of foes. The game has over sixteen playable characters
to choose from, all of them divided over eight different classes. Explore each of their unique fighting styles,
and use your swords, magic, and violence against the malevolent foes that come before you. Or use their powerful transformations to instill
fear among your enemies. Packed with the same fast-paced combat, beautiful
visuals, and lovable cast of characters, it’s the musou game that we all came to expect. While it falls prey to the genre’s lack of
variety, it’s still as addictive as ever. It has a PlayScore of 8.16. 8. ARMS Nintendo has always had an affinity for oddball
ideas, and then making them work in an epic way. It’s this kind of creativity that made them
so popular in the first place. A plumber collecting coins and battling evil
turtles? Check. A puzzle-solving warrior who dives into dungeons
and destroys pots? Check. A fighting game involving lovable characters
and extendable arms? You’ve got it! Their most recent IP does a two-fold justice
to the company. Not only showcasing their inherent creativity,
but also the unfettered power of their newest console. With your JoyCons or a few extra pairs, gather
up to four of your friends for some knockout, splitscreen fun. This game will have you throwing literal punches
across the battlefield, in two different ways. Take your built in JoyCon pair and use their
motion controls to punch enemies with your own two hands, or share them with a buddy
of yours to swing jabs in the traditional controller method. That way, with just an extra pair you can
maximize your Switch’s multiplayer capabilities. There’s a handful of cool characters you
can try on, with a bunch of cooler arms to tinker with for every battle. Mix and match their extendable appendages,
and find the best combination to bring your opponents down. It’s a weird, yet creative take on the fighting
genre that only Nintendo could ever pull off. Go play yourself another match! It has a PlayScore of 8.19 7. Fast RMX An unexpected gift came for fans of F-Zero,
care of the folks at Shin’en Media. For anyone who’s been helplessly waiting for
years, this futuristic podracing game has everything you want in a F-Zero game, and
more. Offering to fill that void in your hearts,
this is an expanded version of the Wii U’s Fast Racing Neo. This RMX edition includes all the tracks and
DLC’s of the original game, with six new additions, for a total of 30 tracks overall. It brings the high octane speeds of its predecessor
to the Switch, letting you indulge in their whiplash-inducing modes, beautifully rendered
vehicles, and overall exhilarating gameplay. Putting aside the F-Zero similarities, RMX
has a little feature that differentiates it from the rest, and gives it a new layer of
depth. Speed past tracks and collect orbs to make
use of color-coded boost strips littered around its stages. The game also received a much needed graphical
makeover with its jump to the Switch. Enjoy their collection of stunning landscapes
with their 1080p resolutions in 60 frames per second. Despite the positive reviews, it has also
seen some criticisms because of its reported “lacking” online multiplayer that pits
you against strangers, with no option to play with friends. However, developers assures that a patch is
coming to improve it, along with an additional time attack mode. With competitive splitscreen and brutal hero
mode challenges, you don’t have to look any further for that racing fix. It receives a PlayScore of 8.3. 6. Snipperclips – Cut it out, together! One of Switch’s most beloved exclusives, Snipperclips
is a cut above the rest with its unique puzzle mechanics that fits the social gaming vision
of the portable console. Play as Snip and Clip and prove that two heads,
or four, are better than one as you solve a variety of papercraft riddles. While creativity is key for most puzzle games,
the game takes that to a whole new level, giving you the freedom to cut through each
other however you please. Overlap two areas, and snip away till you
get your desired shapes. Pop some balloons, carry objects, and catch
a few fireflies. Other than its main world, it also offers
a party mode that lets you work on puzzles together with up to four people, while Blitz
Mode offers a more competitive atmosphere, shooting hoops in Basketball, and scoring
goals in hockey. Snipperclips doesn’t exactly show off the
power of the console, but it’s one of the most unique and original games yet. With its vibrant colors, charming worlds,
and adorable characters, it does a good job of engaging children and adults alike. While not as expensive as other games in the
Switch’s lineup, it has been panned for a relative lack of content. You might be surprised to see you could complete
their main puzzles in as much as three hours, with no rewards and extra content for replays. Be that as it may, it’s still fantastically
delightful and satisfyingly puzzling game. It has a PlayScore of 8.36. 5. Splatoon 2 With the jawdropping success of their original
game on the Wii U, it’s no surprise that the Switch has geared us up for a revival on a
modern classic. The battle between Inkling versus Inkling
continues on as spatters of colored blots fill up your entire screen. Making a splash on the hybrid console, the
game offers a host of new features to enhance the ink-splatting misadventures. Enjoy a double dose of excitement with the
dual splat option, or level up your skills with your powerful abilities and powerups. But that’s not all that changed in Inkopolis. Set 2 years after the first game, the squids
have also come back with a collection of new weapons and gears, and a sweet fashion makeover. Return to their trademark tough turf wars
and shoot it out in a gruelling 4v4 that’s oozing with color and chaos. Take a splat with your ink-filled artillery
and choose from its wide variety of memorable characters. This time, the territorial feud goes askew. Brotherhood and friendships will be tested,
and families will be torn apart. You’ll also have a taste of a more personalized
shooting experience with their improved motion controls. Decimate the opposition with your improved
JoyCon aim, and watch them drown in the hues of courage and vengeance. It also offers a new mode called Salmon Run
that lets you team up with friends to survive an Onslaught of Salmonids. There’s a whole lotta things to love about
the newest Splatoon, and we talk about in more detail with our latest gameplay linked
below. It has a PlayScore of 8.4. 4. Puyo Puyo Tetris An unlikely combination of two iconic arcade
games, SEGA’s Puyo Puyo teams up with the ever popular Tetris to create another fast-paced
couch multiplayer for the Switch. This game is for anyone who either needs a
two-fold nostalgic treatment, or a light and colorful challenge. Go on Arcade Sprees by yourself in its single
player adventure mode or drop blocks and blobs with friends in a variety of multiplayer game
modes. Go 1v1 in the intense versus mode where you
pile up combos and tetris lines to send an enormous garbage their way. Or you could tackle the arcade-switching Swap
Mode that makes you play both Puyo and Tetris at the same time, or the hybrid fusion challenge,
or the lightning fast Big Bang mode for some next level competition. Check in on your ranks in the online leaderboards,
and beat thousands of other players in this hearty battle of bubbles and lines. Even with the game’s simplicity, the variety
of game modes ensures it a high level of replayability for you and your friends to enjoy. With both online, local, and solo gameplays
covered, it’s a worthy addition to anyone’s collection. This game’s weird mixture kind of worked,
and there’s no denying that. It has a PlayScore of 8.4 3. Disgaea 5 Complete With Nintendo Switch finally giving us a way
to play console quality games on the go, Nippon Ichi Software took their sixth Disgaea title
to the portable hemisphere. Since its release on the PS4 in 2015, it has
proven itself worthy of the attention as an addicting, and silly, strategy RPG. Now, with their port to the Switch, you’ll
be able to enjoy its tactical depth, as well as its laugh, wherever you go. Combining all their DLC releases into one
definitive package, this complete edition includes all 8 bonus scenarios, 3 character
classes, and the four additional fan-favorites. If you’re not familiar with the series, it
follows the tale of Kilia–a demon out in a quest for vengeance against the Netherworld
Emperor Void Dark. Fighting against the Void Dark’s army of one
million, the overworld lords have come together–given life and personality by its outstanding voice
actors. Despite its complex and dark themes, it maintains
a cool and humorous atmosphere complete with clever dialog and banter. It’s one of the things that made the series
popular in the first place. While it wasn’t much to look at on the PS4,
it seems Disgaea has made quite a graphical improvement with its move to the Switch. With the PS4’s 1080p visuals, Disgaea 5 rendering
looked drab and almost outdated. But, running in its native 720p on the Switch’s
portable mode, it received an instantaneous pop of color and sharpness. Reunite with your favorite lords, and relive
the joys of this wacky strategy. It has a PlayScore of 8.43. 2. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe The most adorable racing game has made a mad
dash to Nintendo’s newest platform to bring their own brand unmitigated fun and disaster. While it might be a little disappointing not
to have a whole new title for the Switch, it looks like this beautiful remaster has
been a productive one at least. The most renowned Mario Kart to date brings
in more surprises in the form of new features, characters, and improved battle modes. Unlike the Wii U Original, players can now
hold two items at once for twice as much high-speed chaos. And that’s just the beginning. Other than the standard 1080p resolution upgrade
that’s expected of all games, it also has a new smart-steering feature, making handling
much easier for beginners and veteran racers alike.Ride along new courses like Urchin Underpass
and Battle Stadium, along with new appearances from King Boo, Dry Bones, the Inklings, and
so much more. Originally criticized for the boring online
battle mode, this deluxe packs huge changes to the mode, giving it a whole new lease on
life. With 5 new game modes and eight custom arenas,
there’s plenty more room to ballon bomb your friends for hours on end. So grab your nifty Joy-Cons and set the pedal
to the metal. It has a PlayScore of 9.13 1. And the number one Nintendo Switch Game so
far is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild As if anything could rival the sheer majesty
of Nintendo’s latest Legend of Zelda title. Five months after the Switch’s launch, and
after its breathtaking debut, Breath of Wild remains the primary game for the console. While it might be a good thing that Breath
of the Wild, with its maddening perfection, has outclassed every release since its premiere,
it might also be a cause for concern. However you take it, it’s obvious that this
game is an absolute delight. Almost a year of waiting, and it did not disappoint
at all. Travel to the lush greens of the post-apocalyptic
Hyrule where, bound by destiny, Link wakes up from to find Kings, Queens, Champions and
kingdoms have fallen. Follow him as he fulfills the prophecies once
more to stop the evils of Calamity ganon. In the first ever Zelda game to offer an open-ended
experience, roam around its vast open world in a quest for discovery and answers. Do whatever you want, whenever you want, but
don’t expect it to be another cakewalk. With magnets, time-stoppers, bombs, and much
more, creativity is definitely a plus. Experiment with each of their effects, and
use them to solve puzzles in new, unexpected ways. Widely acclaimed across rating platforms and
review sites, Breath of the Wild has been pegged as this year’s Game of the Year. And there’s no denying that possibility. Thanks to their open-ended gameplay, innovative
mechanics, and beautiful environments, it has been a breakthrough for the modern videogame
industry. Now, with new DLC’s coming up for the game,
it looks like the adventure has just begun. It has a PlayScore of 9.32.


  1. Binding of EYE-ZACK is a horrible game and is trendy thanks to children getting off on the word afterbirth and the concept of living abortions.

  2. Lol Nintendo haters are mad. So much salt here in this comment section. What's wrong? Can't handle the truth that the Switch is selling and will continue to sell.

  3. Number 9….what? A Warriors like game that only has a single player experience? What kind of lonely weirdo you take me for hahaha, if it doesn't have local co-op on a warriors game its not really worth it for me.

  4. The part where they talk about Disgaea 5 is completely incorrect the PS4 version has better quality visuals than The switch in the colour as well as for all the "content" Disgaea switch costs around £60.00 (im UK) where on the PS4 it costs around £25.00 this is because on the switch your buying both the game and the DLC content. Where on the PS4 you buy the game at £25.00-£27.00 without the pass then you buy the pass and you get the exact same content.

    As for terms of graphics, they are wrong and I hope it was by "mistake" as I really don't like when people provide wrong information about games just to try and get you hooked on a console I could be wrong when I say that and it could have just been a simple mistake which I hope otherwise if I find any more mistakes like this while watching their vids they just lost a sub.

    Also, I currently own both versions of the game on Switch and PS4. I like the Disgaea series in general.

  5. i always love watching these videos. as a plus I enjoy the dumbass comment section blaming whatoplay for them stating facts of top ranked games of collective scores from the internet and not their own personal opinions as they state at the beginning of every. single. video. yet nobody listens and bitches questioning how their fav game/hated game was higher/lower than another……

  6. I though the switch only made 6 games no far. Mario Odessy
    Mario Kart
    Legend of Zelda
    1 2 Switch
    Wwe 2k17
    And lego undercover .

  7. Hell yea , I’ve been out of the console gaming for years and into pc , but it has always been a huge hobby of mine .In super excited about this system and it’s potential .

  8. This is your top ten list!? You suck. What is this wordly or trendy!? Wtf!? Be different be unique! Nothing else could top breath of the wild!? Wtf!? Of course not ( sarcasm)
    1. Doom
    2. Wolfenstein
    3. Resident evil revalations collection
    4. Ultra street fighter 2 the final challengers
    5. Sonic mania
    6. The legend of zelda breath of the wild ( it actually is a good game he runs and jumps but doesnt have to be #1)
    7.xenoblade 2
    8. Etc. You get the point

  9. There is nothing more annoying but hearing a narrator being so hyped for fucking nothing. Jeez, i almost cut the sound

  10. arms looks amazing, no doubt. However, unless it gets more modes other thann just battling a guy infant of you, like a group mode where you walk and capture and do stuff, then it won't live long because its boring. more modes then I will play it again cuz I bought it and left it aside

  11. I feel like I’m the only one who did not like the Zelda game. It’s not really a Zelda game, it’s the Witcher: PG edition.

  12. id say splatoon is good , if its net code weren't shit, no matter where i am i dc constantly only on that game no other online game have i disconnected so often it makes it unplayable. sad to say im prolly gonna trade it in soon

  13. "Finally giving us a way to play console quality games on the go…" You forgot about the Vita didn't you?

    That's ok… the Sony did as well.

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