Top 10 Bodybuilding Addicts That Went Too Far 2017

Top 10 Bodybuilding Addicts That Went Too Far 2017

At some point or the other we have all craved
for those pumped up muscles, slender bodies and well toned legs. After all, the bulky physique oozes health
and determination to endure years of training. Maybe that’s not always the case. Ever wondered what would happen to your body
if you took the whole bodybuilding thing to another level? That’s what we are here for! We present to you 10 bodybuilders who got
so addicted to their sport that they went completely off track! Ronnie Coleman
This 8 time Mr Olympia Champion had the physique to die for, till the side effects of anabolic
steroid abuse began to show. Ever heard of a condition called ‘Gynecomastia’? It occurs when exogenous testosterone from
drugs enters the body, only to be converted into estrogen causing breast formation. This development of ‘bitch tits’ as they
are popularly called affected Ronnie Coleman and mind it, that’s not a pretty sight! Markus Ruhl
After a knee injury while playing football, Markus was advised for strength training and
five years later at the age of 23, he was already a pro! His strong physique can be a contribution
of his 6 day training a week, along with supplements but it was human growth hormone that made
all the difference. Along with the hulk like body, stomach distension
came complimentary. Beer gut, as is better known looks less flattering! Greg Kovacs
Would you believe us if we say that this WWE superstar weighed 420 pounds? With that massive a weight, you would only
imagine a sumo wrestler but Greg Kovacs had a 70 inch chest to go with his 25 inch arms
and 35 inch legs, all towering on his 6’4” height! So was it all healthy? We guess not, for he died of a massive heart
attack in 2013 few weeks prior to his 45th birthday! Candice Armstrong
The journey from a cute blonde girl to a manly brunette moves through anabolic steroid consumption. The changes began with acne and excessive
facial hair but things got out of hand when her clitoris transformed into a mini penis. Though she knows it is her steroid intake
to blame for, she does not want to quit because she feels that no matter what her feminine
features are not coming back. ‘Embracing your body the way it is’, she
has gone too far with it! Gordon Kimbrough
Do you know what can happen when you overdo the entire steroid and drug game to pump up
your muscles? You might end up in jail and sorry, not for
doing drugs! Gordon had no idea that the steroids he has
been using to enhance his shape are somewhere altering his personality for he turned from
a shy guy into a killer when in a rage he ‘finished’ his fiancé! Greg Plitt
This former model and actor owned a body, you could only dream and it wasn’t the steroids
helping him! Then why is he on this list when his body
was all natural? Well he went a bit too far while advertising
for an energy drink, for he felt that his body and the drink would help him race a train. Did we forget to tell you that he was running
on the train tracks? Poor judgment on his part is all we can say! Romario Dos Santos Alves
Not all bodybuilders rely on steroids for their pumped up muscles, some train hard while
others just embrace synthol! Alves was one of those who injected this chemical
in his body to give the appearance of large muscles, reaching 25 inch biceps. But sadly both his arms had to be amputated
when the synthol hardened in his arms. What a terrible backfire! Gregg Valentino
The name is not new in the bodybuilding world and had also held the record for the world’s
largest biceps. That is some serious training and diet, you
would say. But sadly, his biceps had to be cut due to
excess of pus in them. The credit can be given to his unhealthily
injecting steroids, not so natural then! Alexandra Rudenko
This Russian bodybuilder posted pictures of her transformation on social media, without
impressing many! As per her pictures, before she began her
stressful workout she owned lovely blonde locks which turned into grey wig like hair
soon after. People feel that instead of moving towards
a healthy youth through her regime, she is slipping into ageing and she must stop now! Andreas Münzer
A fan of Arnold Schwartzenegger, Münzer decided to follow his footsteps and enter the world
of bodybuilding and later came to be known for extremely low body fat. But at the young age of 31 he died of dystrophic
multiple organ failure when the doctors were operating him for an internally bleeding stomach. His autopsy revealed that his liver was tumour
infested, had a fatal lack of subcutaneous fat and his body housed over 20 different
drugs! Passion or obsession, what do you think about
these bodybuilders? Tell us in the comment section. And while you’re here, check out our other
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  1. Bodybuilding is an obsession. I heard one professional FBB (can't remember who she was) say she has never met another professional FBB who hasn't had serious emotional issues. Every sport I know of has clearly defined rules and a definite and clear way to know the winner. Bodybuilding contests have methods of judging closer to a beauty contest than a sport.

    Footnote: All obsessions show underlying serious emotional issues. I'm not just singling out bodybuilding.

  2. non of these ppl had these side effects from steroid except the females it was diareticss and other drug look up them yourself fail video trol get your fact staight

  3. the pictures you are showing for Candice Armstrong is in fact RENE CAMPBELL .get your information right and not shame this fine British lady.

  4. There are so many things wrong here. Ronnie Coleman"s hip replacement had nothing to do with steroid use, it was from years of competitive powerlifting before his bodybuilding career began and the continued go heavy routines he endured as a top level pro.You did absolutely no research before posting this ridiculous video. The editing was high school at best, which is probably an insult to high schoolers.

  5. Dude…Ronnie Coleman was hospitalized because he had massive problems with his back and it was not his first surgery. He had multiple times destroyed his body and that's the reason he landed in hospital. Do your research before you put up some shit video.

  6. romario dos antos the guy at 3.03, did he really get his arms amputated because in other synthol videos with him in, they talked about if he doesn't stop injecting then they'll have to cut his arms off… so did he not listen and his arms were finally amputated? if so then that sucks for him… he's an idiot for not listening to the doctors, they told him over and over "dude you look ugly and weird, KNOCK it OFF" some don't listen

  7. Ronnies problems were due to his hip joints and back being knackered from years of very heavy lifting. His drug use wasn't his issue. If maybe he had trained a bit wiser he wouldn't have had the surgeries he ended up having. But then he may never have been so successful…

  8. Look it's simple. eat right drink your protein shakes take some creatine drink lots of water stay healthy and pump some fucking iron!

  9. You're a fucking idiot. "Ever heard of a condition called gene-a-coma-stina" no, can't say that I have…

  10. "2 minute facts" video is over 5 minutes long. The script is awful, as well. It sounds like it was poorly translated from another language.

  11. Can someone please tell me, is computer-generated speech getting this good now? Because I think this sounds like a real person speaking but some things he says sound like it comes from a translation program. A few other things sound not quite right as well.

  12. Yo have know idea, GH, beer gut ahahahahah.. Its called bubble gut ! And its not just GH, its all the the gear….

  13. Jeenocomestia…? No. Gynocomastia. And he was hospitalized because his spine and hips were ruined from years of abuse/deadlifting 800 for reps. Get your fucking facts straight

  14. Dos santos Alves didn't have amputation. They said if he didn't stop, teyd have to. Did you just read 1/4 of an article then fill in the rest? You are a fucking moron.

  15. What kind of garbage is this? Another "for the views" videos. I'm telling everyone I know to not subscribe to this shit and I'm putting 2 Minute Facts on blast.

  16. I think people should do the research before they take any supplement or eat any food since studies done in the 60s prove the intake of animal protein contain certain fats that have been know to cause Heart disease, so a heart attack in a body builder? go figure

  17. You mispronounced Gynocomastia lol

    Also the synthol freak didnt have his arms amputated. The Doctors cut him open and just found that they can clear the build up though he was initially told that they would have to amputate.

    And nobody gets hospitalized foe Gyno unless they're having surgery done to remove it lol

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