Top 10 Favorite Kirby Copy Abilities

Top 10 Favorite Kirby Copy Abilities

Howdy-Doody everyone! Wambu here! And today, It’s finally time to talk about a franchise that I’ve neglected for far too long. That’s right after almost two years. I’m finally spotlighting the pink marshmallow Kirby, not only is the Kirby franchise one of my favorite Nintendo franchises but its titular character is one of my favorite characters ever. So what better way to show my love and by exploring my favorites from his expansive collection of copy abilities now in terms of the rules I’m going to be looking at these abilities mainly in their default kirby forms. That means no robobot forms or super abilities. I also won’t be including end game abilities nor will I be including the mixed abilities from Kirby 64. I’ll make that list another day. Hopefully I’ve made myself as clear as crystal shards because it’s time to begin. There are quite a lot of copy abilities that are basically situational novelties. Think abilities like high jump or laser. Abilities that can certainly be useful but typically work best when the level is designed around them. Ordinarily these Kinda abilities wouldn’t really leave a great impression on me due to the limited use. There was one that still stood out though. Starting things off real basic with this one. The wheel ability obviously enough turns Kirby into a jet plane where he can use his jet plane fists to punch all of his enemies to death. NAH you dummy *disproportionately mad* It turns me to a WHEEL obviously! In wheel form you press the button and dat dang heckin’ Kirby do a zoom It’s really complicated, okay? There’s a very high skill ceiling with this one. In all seriousness though this one’s just addicting as hell. While zooming along Kirby can only be damaged when he’s turning. While you’ve got the momentum though, you’re indestructible. Just avoid pits And your road killing rampage should go swimmingly. Later games have also added some little bells and whistles such as boosting, jumping, boost-jumping, and in the case of Squeak Squad, the ability to take on properties from the Trio of elements. There’s also the Wheelie partner in Superstar, which Kirby can actually board, and I’ll be honest, I don’t entirely know what the point of it is, but it’s cool anyway. Wheel isn’t the most practical ability. Like I said before the stage does still need these built around it somewhat. You could also be a dumbass like me and try to use it wherever though. And I dare you to just TRY and fight any boss or mini boss without looking like a fucking idiot. But when the circumstances are just right there’s nothing quite like breezing through levels with this thing while flattening everyone in your path. Bugs are fucking scary. Imagine that, a Chandelure that’s afraid of bugs. I’m a disgrace. To be fair though, I’m not terrified of them or anything. I just get a sense of discomfort when I’m in the same room as them. But as the beetle ability proves, it could always be a lot worse. At the very least I’ve never had a real-life bug or insect skewer me, piledrive me, and then skewer me again. Though that might be kind of awesome. Though it’d also be pretty painful. Yeah bugs are fine as is. Beetle is a brute. Possibly the most brutal brute of all copy abilities. With that big-ass horn, Kirby can slice dudes and a flurry similar to that of sword, but more notably he can jam these little bastards onto the spike, carry them around and throw them in a number of ways, kind of like Suplex and Backdrop. Then there’s also the ability to hover which is pretty much taken from Jet. Keep in mind I’m not really praising this ability for its originality. But in spite of the fact that it pretty much nicks almost all of it moves from other abilities, it still manages to keep to the whole bug motif really well. That and it’s a damn good combination of abilities. Not only is it a really combat efficient ability, but it’s also really practical. It’s horn can cut ropes and grass while it’s hard head slam attack can also punch down stakes. Now combat wise there are still some abilities that I find more satisfying, and unfortunately for beetle, It’s only been in one game, and it wasn’t even that common in said game. But if it ever came back in later games, who knows? It might just grow on me even further Let me get one thing out of the way: I loved Planet Robobot, but I don’t think it had a great selection of new abilities. I mean, I guess none of them were all that bad, but I don’t know. Poison is really good for taking out bosses, but it’s a bit of a chore to use on normal enemies and none of its attacks really seem to hit with any real impact. I like ESP a lot better, but even then there’s not all that much to it. That leaves us with Doctor, probably the most niche of the three, possibly the least practical of the three, and easily the dumbest of the three. SO BASICALLY I ADORE IT! As it turns out Nintendo characters make for shitty doctors, and if you think kirby is the exception to that, then I know just the guy to examine your head for you. Nintendo’s definition of a doctor is apparently pills, pills, and more pills. They’re not for ingesting, they’re for throwing at people you don’t like. (such as Caitbug


  1. YES some love for doctor! Honestly I wasn't so into the idea at first but this ability is adorable and hits HARD

  2. i find the doctor Kirby outfit kinda cute. (i am one of those people who find kirby adorable. Like many of his fans) And Doctor was just fun to use. However the was one thing you didn't mention which was the bandage whirl wind move in that ability.

  3. If you talk about OP tornado should be number 1. It is invulnerable to attacks from regular enemies, mid bosses and regular bosses, when activated while attacking enemies with multiple hits simultaneously. In squeak squad tornado is even more broken as you can pick up fire, ice and spar elements which allows it to increase it's size and therefore hitbox making it's combo attack land so much more. If you hold the B button you can actually levitate allowing you to hit flying enemies and control your flying so you can move out of the way in time for the ability to reset.

    Dark nebula went down in 1 minute
    metaknight went down in less than 1 minute
    Daroach went down in 40 seconds

    Probably the MOST underrated and underused ability but certainly the most powerful ability in all of kirby including master.

  4. "Long Reach and Plenty of power. A scary combination." – Rucks on the combination of Brusher Pikes and Calamity Cannons.

  5. My favorites:
    1. Spark
    2. Needle
    3. Stone
    4. Leaf
    5. Beetle
    6. Wing
    7. Cutter
    8. Ice
    9. Bell (though I did never play it)
    10. Water

  6. Wambu: If we got beetle back that would be awesome, but nothing would make me happier than seeing yo-yo again.

    Sakurai: Hold my beer.

  7. 4:39 Well they're not even actually trying to be actual doctors but rather making them do stuff like engage in combat only with a doctor theme, hence why they just do nothing but throw pills at their enemies

  8. cool fact: the unknow pokemon things on wanbu means….Wambu….yes I did do reserch….like Wambu said: Dat dang heckin' Kirby do a zoom….but take Kirby and put JK in its place

  9. So has it ever occurred to people that the only reason poison is in planet robobot is because the entire planet as been polluted by robots and shit? just saying but I think it was actually pretty neat for it to be in the game…

  10. Don’t u even hit my little boi he’s cute and his the name u should his the star of the show do not hit Kirby my boi

  11. Kirby can use fire, water and air

    It's about time we get earth (know what I mean)

    Edit: I forgot about the rock ability

  12. My two favorite copy ability's are better and web/spider/whatevertheheckinheckitwascalled.

    Edit: I meant to say Beatle instead of better… Also, thx for telling me what it was Called xXavierx498

  13. Did you know that there is a glitch in kirby superstar that makes you OP against any boss that uses the corners? Just find a wheel ability, go to a boss battle(example;fatty whale) press and hold B, then while holding B press and hold A until you get to the corner of the boss room, where you can let go of both buttons and stay invincible while doing lots of damage

  14. My favorites are beetle, bell, and mirror! I miss beetle and bell, those were fun abilities… And IMO mirror's new hat looks dumb. I liked his little jester hat. :>

  15. Did everyone forgot about U.F.O. Ability beeing the first fusion ability? (Beam, laser, the normal star-shooting from Kirby and also flying)

  16. I almost cried when Wambu had Hammer on the list at all, much less make it number 3 of all things. Literally no youtuber on the planet gets how busted yet fun this ability is. From one Kirby fan to another, good on you Wambu for giving Hammer the recognition it deserves.

  17. Love all those remixes. LEAF! 2 WORDS: PLANT MANIPULATION! I love any character with plant manipulation powers. and it's such an underused form of power. I love being able to use elements. Thus I also love water spark ice and fire. Then spear wheel fighter wing and uuuhhhh beetle is pretty cool.

  18. 11:08 Am I Really The Only Living Being That Adores The Cupid Ability (I Didn't Expirience Archer Myself But STILL!!)

  19. 17:25 why song of storms tho, I get it’s the link copy ability but maybe the main theme, but eh I like song of storms

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